[NEW] Snakehips & Tory Lanez – Dímelo

Snakehips x Tory Lanez
Dímelo #songsfromscratch

Corporate involvement in music often comes under scrutiny, but Adidas Originals’ partnership with Yours Truly for the #SongsFromScratch series has been one of the most important recent endeavors in music. Uniting artists who typically wouldn’t collaborate, the program has churned out some of the most prolific creations in recent memory. The latest entry in the series is an international affair, as we find Canadian extraordinaire Tory Lanez striking up a partnership with the UK’s Snakehips for “Dímelo.”

“Dímelo” is a perfect blending of both Tory’s and Snakehips’ individual styles. “Dímelo” shares much of the whimsical charm of a typical Snakehips production but with an added hip-hop flare. Tory on the other hand abandons his grittier, more lo-fi sound in favor of something a bit more upbeat, though his swagger remains tightly intact.

Listen to the tune above and make sure to watch the process that went behind the single at the official Songs From Scratch website. Also feel free to check out our recent interview with Tory Lanez as well.

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[Event Preview] CRSSD Festival – San Diego 3/14-3/15

CRSSD Preview

Spring is around the corner, which means that it’s almost festival season! As one of our first stops, TMN is going to the CRSSD festival in San Diego. Taken place at the Waterfront Park on March 14 and 15, CRSSD fest features some of the frontrunners and up-and-comers in today’s electronic music. Powerhouses including Empire of the Sun, Chromeo, Odesza, Flight Facilities are headlining the festival at the “Ocean View Live” stage, while deeper acts like Kaytranada, Thomas Jack, Bakermat and Bixel Boys will try to win the crowd at “The Palms” stage.

The three-stage set up will definitely give a refreshing feel to all festival-goers. Thousands will gather at Waterfront Park and dance their pants off while overseeing the beautiful city of San Diego. With its popularity rising at such a high rate, CRSSD festival is representing sunny San Diego by stepping its game up. We are very excited to be able to witness the very first debut of the festival, as there will be many more in the future.

Make sure to check out this playlist we put together in advance to the festival. If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, and want to have a good time with laid back vibes all around, go to CRSSD festival and we promise you will not be disappointed!

Slow Magic
Still Life
Something New (Amtrac Remix)
Drive Me Crazy (featuring Vic Mensa)
White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)
Teach Me (Original Mix)
Gabriel Rios
Gold (Thomas Jack Remix)
All Youre Waiting For (Feat. Nancy Whang)
Theophilus London Feat. Jesse Boykins III
Tribe (Bixel Boys Remix)
Flight Facilities
Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)
George Maple
Talk Talk


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[Hip-Hop] Heems – Home (ft. Dev Hynes)

Home (ft. Dev Hynes)

NYC emcee, Heems, formerly of Das Racist, is preparing to drop his solo album next month and, if the releases thus far are any indication, it promises to be a great one. Earlier this morning, Heems dropped off one of the the most anticipated collaborations from the project, with Dev Hynes, of Blood Orange. “Home” proves a mellow, yet heart-wrenching, track with a gorgeous instrumental to match Heems’s unique delivery recounting a lost relationship. It’s an interesting contrast with the last single, the more upbeat “Sometimes,” allowing the talented emcees versatility to shine alongside Hynes’s phenomenal production. Give this one a listen above–Eat Pray Thug is due out on March 10th and can be pre-ordered via iTunes now.

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[Hip-Hop] GoldLink & Falcons – Vroom

Vroom single
GoldLink & Falcons

After a meteoric rise in 2014 and co-sign from Rick Rubin, D.C. artist GoldLink is poised for stardom and, today, we get his first release of the year, a phenomenal collaboration with LA-based producer Falcons. On “Vroom,” Falcons crafts a silky smooth instrumental that fits perfectly into Link’s self-described “future bounce” style allowing the innovative emcee to navigate lyrically in only ways he knows how. A Missy Elliott vocal sample serves as a pleasant surprise blending in perfectly perhaps because, in some ways, this song mirrors the bounce on the classic Missy beats crafted by Timbaland. “Vroom” proves a testament to GL’s originality, which has allowed him to be arguably the most successful artist yet in combining dance music with hip-hop. After an official announcement on VSCO of his partnership with Rick Rubin, we could not be more excited for what 2015 has in store for GoldLink. In the meantime, this uniquely infectious jam will be in heavy rotation–listen for yourself and grab a free download above.

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[Nu-Disco] That’s Nice ft. Josh Moriarty – Holiday (Keljet Remix)

That's Nice ft. Josh Moriarty - Holiday (Keljet Remix)
That's Nice (Official)
Holiday ft. Josh Moriarty (Keljet Remix)

What’s not to love about a feel-good tune dressed up in an indie dance outfit? The funky original by Mario Rdz a.k.a That’s Nice is getting remixed by Dutch producer Keljet., who spiced it up with a heavy disco vibe that works wonders. The vocals by Miami Horror’s lead singer Josh Mariarty are almost the perfect complement to the joyful instrumental by giving it a casual and summery approach and further accentuating the indie elements of the track. It’s one of those tunes where you’d absolutely fall in love with after the first listen.

This might just be your next favorite jam. If you want to get through the mid-week struggle, listen to this song and let it bring a smile to your face. Make sure to support these talented artists, as we’re beyond excited to see where their music is going.

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[Hip-Hop/Soul] Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – Lady Friend

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment
Lady Friend

We were expecting a few surprises this Valentine’s Day, but we could not have seen this one coming. In honor of the romantic holiday, Chance The Rapper has released a special dedication to his “Lady Friend.” Backed by live instrumentation from his band The Social Experiment, Chances spends a majority of the tune crooning about a special someone who doesn’t seem to be a girlfriend, but is most certainly a lady and a friend. The jazzy number features additional vocals from two very talented females in Kiara Lanier and Kehlani. “Lady Friend” is an incredibly sweet tune, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face. There’s no clue yet as to if this will be featured on Surf, but we appreciate the new material nonetheless. Stream the track above, and click the download button to snag a copy for your special “Lady Friend.”

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Tory Lanez Talks SwaveNation, Al Pacino & Valentine’s Day [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Ever since Kanye West dropped 808s & Heartbreaks it seems as if the line between rapper and singer has become increasingly blurred. Guys who followed his lead, like Drake and Kid Cudi, only pushed the boundary further, influencing a whole generation of up and coming artists who now take inspiration from their examples. Similarly, the idea of a rapper-producer is no longer a foreign concept either. J. Cole and Big K.R.I.T. are two names that come to mind in that realm. Because of this, the whole idea of an artist becoming completely self sufficient is no longer entirely novel. Until now though, it can be argued we had never encountered anyone who was equally talented at all aspects of their craft. That’s where Tory Lanez comes in.

As a musician, Tory refuses to be classified. While all of the artists we mentioned are probably best known for one aspect of their skill sets, Tory prefers to be recognized for everything he does. Rather than being known as a rapper or a singer, for lack of a better term, Tory classifies his music as “Swavey,” which is basically the idea of fusing together all aspects of his art and striving to be the best at everything.

The Toronto native has been labeled “next” for quite awhile now. While that term is vague to begin with, there is no doubt that a certain level of expectation comes with the title. To his credit though, Tory never lets any of that get to his head. If you ever have the chance to watch him live, you’ll notice that he has undeniable charisma, and brings a raw energy to his performances, yet he still retains a certain sense of humility that keeps him grounded through it all. What’s even more special though is that Tory doesn’t draw a line between him and his fans, instead choosing to embrace them as family. After each show he’ll hold meet and greet session where he gives everybody the time of day–no rushed photographs, no quick autographs, no fake smiles. He will have legitimate conversations with every single person until he is essentially forced out of the venue.

Before his recent show in Chicago, we had a chance to catch up with Tory and discuss his upbringing, his mindset in the studio, and find out what truly separates him from the rest of the pack. If you have the opportunity to check out Tory live, we highly recommend it. His next show is this Sunday in Denver, but you can find the remaining dates for his Lost Cause tour on his official website.

Tory Lanez
Diego (Prod. Tory Lanez x Play Picasso x Ozhora Miyagi x Mr. Punisher)

TMN: This is basically the second leg of your Lost Cause tour, with the first ending last fall. How has the experience been so far, and what does it feel like to be headlining your own shows?

Tory Lanez: It feels amazing man. This is the second leg, so basically the second tour I’ve ever really headlined myself, and I’m just blessed to see fans–well, I should never call them fans, I always make that mistake. I’m so sorry to the SwaveNation for that. I call them citizens, and I’m glad to see citizens in every place. It shows me that this SwaveNation thing is really real, it’s really a nation. When I see so many different people in different spots, it’s like we’re really all a movement, so it’s just a blessing to be in my own setting, to inspire them and to lead them with direction when I go onstage.

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