[Smooth] Mario – Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix)

Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix)

Mario. Where has THAT guy been? Tim Gunter decided to remind us about his 2004 jam in a fresh way with his newest remix. Scaling back on his bigger sound, Tim just added an essential Valentine’s Day jam to your playlist, whether you’re holding it down solo or spending it with that special someone. The already smooth tune is aided by new and lush synths, big 808s and an almost tropical groove that brings the R&B classic into 2015 with a new swagger. The Austin native never falls short on his remixes, and he certainly did us all a service with this recent take on Mario.

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[Experimental Hip-Hop] Conrad Clifton – Skyliight

Conrad Clifton

Not too much slips past our radar here, but somehow this dude Conrad Clifton almost made his way through the cracks. Having contributed on Eminem’s SHADYXV compilation for Yelawolf’s track “Down”, it’s a bit weird how low-key this Brooklyn-based producer is. After being heavily involved in hip-hop production, Conrad’s decided to give dance music a shot – we’re not mad about it.

Mad is actually the complete opposite of how this track makes us feel. In fact, if you’re feeling a bit disgruntled, this may be the perfect track for you. The spacey, atmospheric vibes on this tune will relieve those feelings of stress, and replace them with an uplifting energy.

Don’t get mad, get glad and grab the free download of “Skyliight.”


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[Future] Drake – Just Hold On We’re Going Home (LUCA LUSH Remix ft. Kim Vallido)

Just Hold On We're Going Home (LUCA LUSH Remix ft. Kim Vallido)

There’s no telling what LUCA LUSH is going to do next. A good Drake remix is always welcome, and he has supplied exactly that. The main single from Nothing Was The Same only gets flipped by LUCA LUSH, but covered by the breezy vocal prowess of Kim Vallido, who holds down her duties with ease.

Shedding the almost slow house feel of the original, this rendition opts for more of a spacey, hip-hop approach. The synths twinkle and growl while the drums bring some bite through the low end, resulting in a textbook LUCA LUSH flip. We’re no stranger to his remixing capabilities, and the use of a vocalist provided yet another tool that he has proven he can master. Grab the download via ToneDen below:

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A-1 – Doing The Most (prod. Mikos Da Gawd & Left Lane) [TMN Premiere]

Doing The Most (Produced by Mikos Da Gawd & Left Lane)

Bay Area hip-hop, with its unique style, slang and sound, has long been a pioneering force within the genre. Casual fans may be most familiar with the explosion of the hyphy movement in the 2000s, but the scope of the Bay’s influence goes back much further than that and continues to expand on the foundations laid by the scene’s legends including Hieroglyphics, Souls of Mischief, Mac Dre, Andre Nickatina, E-40, Too $hort, The Jacka (RIP) and many more. San Francisco native, A-1has been carrying on that legacy for quite some time pushing the music of his predecessors forward all the while fusing elements of electronic music into his sound. As he prepares for his upcoming album, A-1 has been putting out new content every Thursday and we’re excited to be premiering the latest in that series.

“Doing the Most,” titled after a common Bay Area term for letting your guard down and being yourself to the fullest, features a minimal instrumental driven by steel drums, rolling percussion and rumbling 808s crafted by fellow San Francisco natives Left Lane and Soulection‘s Mikos Da GawdThe backdrop fits A-1’s style to a key and, unsurprisingly, everything about the track is delightfully Bay, from the lyrics and production to A-1’s vocal inflections and delivery. Although “Doing the Most” definitely fits the party vibe, there are more serious undertones about being proud of who you are in the song, further enforced by an airy, thought-provoking monologue about the human experience during the outro. It comes as little surprise that Mac Dre served as an inspiration for this track, and more broadly for A-1’s music–read what he has to say about the late legend below:

Mac Dre was sort of like a teacher to my generation on how to be yourself and do whatever the hell you want to do in the name of fun. As youngsters he showed us that we could wear whatever we want, dance however we want, and speak however we please as long as it makes us feel good, and as long as people in the Bay live their lives that way his legacy will always live on. Whenever you hear me in a rap song at my silliest, goofiest moments, that’s something I got from the Mac.

Slap this one above and look out for more tracks from A-1 in the coming weeks leading up to the release of his album, Thurlian, on March 5th. Head to A-1’s website for some more content and info.

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[Future R&B] starRo – Emotion EP

starRo - Emotion - hq

A key member of the eclectic Soulection crew, starRo has been a fixture in our Sunday Night Soul series (which we recently just revived by the way), often capturing our hearts with his vibrant and imaginative R&B remixes. However, for his latest EP the LA via Tokyo transplant chose to diverge from his typical approach. Opting for a much more ambient vibe, Emotion is comprised of expansive beats that resonate with the listener and provide room for contemplation. Choosing his collaborators carefully, contributions on the tape come from TMN favorite Jarrell Perry, along with a few more unfamiliar names like Greg Grease, Christian Crow and Vib. Being that this is a much more personal project for him, the talented producer had the following to say about his mindset when he created the EP:

Emotion might betray expectations of listeners who are familiar with my past works. In contrast to my typical sound which is more soul R&B influenced music, I ventured to present my versatility as an artist. I wanted to pursue a more electronic accessible vibe that emphasizes the pieces as “songs” rather than just the “tracks”.

As the title suggests, this EP creates a portrait; a symphony of emotions and can take you back to moments of intimacy that never escaped your lips.

Stream the entire EP below, and follow the download link to purchase the EP from starRo’s official Bandcamp page.

DOWNLOAD: starRo – Emotion EP

Particle Of Silent View (ft. Greg Grease)
Its Over (ft. Jarell Perry)
Emotion (ft. Christian Crow)
Closer To You (ft. Vib)
Making Love
Tainted (ft. Jarell Perry)
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[Indie Electronic] Gnash – lil tokyo (disposable)

disposable art 1
lil tokyo (disposable)

Gnash is most known as of late for his coffee shop rendition of O.T. Genasis’ “CoCo,” but he is back with a brand new and equally airy original, “lil tokyo (disposable).” The tune actually kicks off with a disposable camera charge and click sample, and then jumps right into the lush keys as Gnash leads a hook that will be stuck in your head after the first listen.

Straddling a line between pop and hip-hop, this tune holds an intricate balance between the two genres, and, while its message of truly moving on is one we’ve heard previously, the tangible example of a disposable camera makes for a thought provoking comparison. Gnash hits a flawless medium here with his comforting delivery and you can easily feel the emotion behind this tune. Don’t expect to listen to this and not catch any feelings, because this tune is filled to brim with them. We all need that at some point, and Gnash gives us a superb song to explore them with.

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[Future/Electro-House] Lil Jon – Get Low (PatrickReza Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.24.28 AM
Lil Jon
Get Low (PatrickReza Remix) (Free Download)

Don’t sit there and say you don’t the words to “Get Low.” Whether we like to admit it or not, it’s a Lil Jon standard, and Patrick Reza just unapologetically brought it back into 2015 as a bone crushing house rendition. The raspy vocals of Lil Jon and Ying Yang Twins are right at home with the rage worthy lasers and festival ready production, especially considering Lil Jon’s recent work with DJ Snake that we are all too familiar with. Patrick has been on a roll with these last two reimaginations of hip-hop tunes, and this revamped version of “Get Low” is hump day remedy that you need to jump back into the right gear and finish up your week strong. Don’t miss the free download available through his Facebook!

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