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[Deep House] Sonny Fodera & Billon Drop Remixes For Jonas Blue

When a handful of “By Your Side” remixes came across the internet, we thought that was the end of it. However, Jonas Blue couldn’t get enough, so now we have two more remixes to his hit collaboration with RAYE. One we get from Sonny Fodera and the other from Billon.

Sonny’s remix showcases a proper understanding of what it takes to put together a smashing house record. From the minimalist grooves to the overall pacing to the crisp nature of the percussion, Sonny checked any and all boxes we could come up with. We thought things couldn’t get any better, then Billon’s take on “By Your Side” blew us away. It’s intro is a bit less playful than Sonny’s, but the chorus is much more so. Both are great tracks; evenly worthy of a full listen through. You won’t regret it.

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Jonas Blue – By Your Side (Two Can Remix) [TMN Premiere]

It’s not Christmas quite yet, but do we have a special present for you today. Your ears get the pleasure of having the first listen to a brand new remix from our friends Two Can, who took on the official task of flipping “By Your Side” from Jonas Blue. Nothing like one of our favorite premieres to help close out the year!

Two Can are known around the world for their expressive, exciting music. Ever since they came to the fold, they’ve put forth nothing but great tunes and this remix is certainly one of their best. They take a bit of a different approach than they usually do with the result being nothing short of spectacular. Their vibrant chords and vocal chops play together to perfection and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much good stuff in this one, you’ll be listening through on repeat just to appreciate every little detail. Stream today, and enjoy!

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[Trap] Ray Volpe – By Your Side (CRAY Remix)

By Your Side (CRAY Remix)

The Ninjas are fans of Ray Volpe. The Ninjas are also fans of up and coming producers remixing each others work, which is why we’re hopping on this CRAY flip of “By Your Side.” The pizza loving Los Angeles producer trapped out the heavy dub original, taking a step away from her future sound. We’re glad she did, because what she came up with is an extra dirty gem. Both drops have distinct, memorable sounds that have a high chance of getting stuck in your head. Chances are also high for you to boogie down to the bass; in fact, we’d venture to say that it’s near 100% likely that will happen. CRAY’s remix of “By Your Side” has been released for $0. Download it here.

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