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[Future] Free n Losh – Rose (ft. Bethea)

Free n Losh
Rose (ft. Bethea)

Perhaps the most soulful future track we’ve heard “Rose” is the new single from the Free n Losh boys. They enlisted Bethea of Toronto to bring her exquisite vocal work to the track, along with Nick Ferraro of Busty and The Bass who dropped some hot sax on the production. It’s almost too dreamy to handle. It makes you feel as though you are above cloud nine. I can’t think of a track this beautiful off the top of my head that has came out this year. “Rose” will captivate audiences both within and outside electronic music as it has strong crossover qualities. Free n Losh have put out some amazing records, but this one is on a whole new level. Do yourself a favor and throw this on repeat for a super solid start to the week.

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[Hip-Hop] Nas – Life’s a Bitch (feat. AZ) (Free n Losh Remix)

Life's A Bitch feat. AZ (Free n Losh Remix)

Successfully remixing a song from one of the greatest rap albums of all time is no easy task, but Free n Losh prove it is possible with their latest take on Nas‘s classic “Life’s a Bitch.” The talented Canadian production duo replace the original instrumental with a vibrant bass-line, smooth piano and various soul samples. During the legendary chorus, Free n Losh layer a high-pitched portamento synth reminiscent of the G-Funk era. As a result, the song ends up sounding a bit like if the Illmatic anthem had west-coast production, with a splash of young Kanye West‘s soul sample skills. Check it out above and head to their Facebook page for a free download.

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[Chill/Future/Trap] The Weeknd – Often (Free n Losh Remix)

The Weeknd
Often (Free n Losh Remix)

Rolling off of the wave of success experienced on their first original release, “Lost”, Free n Losh have returned to remix “Often” from one of R&B’s most intriguing artists, and a favorite of quite a few Ninjas here; The Weeknd. Perhaps some of the most versatile electronic producers at the moment with credits on Mac Miller tunes, an official Pretty Lights remix and multiple trips to the almighty Hype Machine Top Ten charts through gleaming and cutting edge takes on dance genres; Free n Losh have peeled back yet another layer of their collective production psyche with this latest remix. The Canadian duo blends a distinct steel drum over a luscious two-step melody and  and layer it all seductively amongst a sea of contorted snare kicks and hi-claps for a sound completely their own. With every passing release Free n Losh continually impress the hell out of our ears, and this cut might be one of our favorite from their entire catalogue. Grab the free download here, and slip into something sexy for this one, it might get a little hot.


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