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[House] MOUNT. – Melody feat. Bright Sparks

Melody(ft. Bright Sparks)

Everyone loves a good melody. Ultra Records has released plenty of tracks with memorable ones and now they have a full on track called “Melody” by MOUNT and Bright Sparks. As you would expect from a song with this name, it’s got some catchy melodies that aren’t easy to forget.

“Melody” doesn’t just rely on one single tonal structure to make up its composition. Sometimes when artists focus too much on the melody, that’s all there is, but MOUNT gives us that and more, while Bright Sparks delivers a hot topline that we’ve been singing in the dojo over the weekend since its release date on Friday. Let it takeover your ears and windpipes as it has done to ours and make sure to get a copy of the track if you’d like to support it.

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[House] Oliver Heldens – Melody (Steven Lee Remix)

Oliver Heldens
Melody (StevenLee Remix)

“Melody” by Oliver Heldens got swooped up by the New Yorker Steven Lee whose name should be familiar to fans of the duo Lee Cabrera. On his own, Steven worked up a cool take of “Melody,” fusing electro and deep house for a cool club sound. Of course, you’ve gotta throw a melody in a song with that very name, and we’d fair to say that his is even more catchy than the original’s. It’s a deceivingly simple track that has subtle components that really do a lot for the song, even if they aren’t the main elements; for example, the growly pad in the chorus that hits on one. It seems as though Steven is just getting started with a big push for the top. The time has come for his next musical chapter, and this is a page in that book. It’s one you can download for no charge.

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[House] Oliver Heldens – Melody

Oliver Heldens
Melody (Original Mix) Out March 16

There’s not many people who we can equate Oliver Heldens to, as far as quickly-garnered success and intense adoration. With an unprecedented five Beatport #1 singles to his name, and his latest original, “Last All Night (Koala)” continuing to dominate the radio airwaves, there’s a damn good reason why he’s quickly risen to the top.

Tracks like “Gecko (Overdrive)” and his remix of Martin Garrix’s “Animals” helped pave the way for a future house, and Heldens was at the forefront as he brought his unique blend of melodic, bass-heavy, house music to the scene. Success like that is hard to follow up, but his latest track, “Melody,” doesn’t disappoint one bit.

The talented youngster shows off his immense musical background and talent at bringing together multiple elements of a song to create something special. Heldens artfully works string arrangements and piano melodies together over a big, booming bass line that characterizes Heldens’ style, ultimately getting us overwhelmingly excited for his set at Ultra.

“Melody” is out March 16th, so make sure to get your copy when it drops!

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