[Electronic] Chelsea Lankes – Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)

Chelsea Lankes
Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)

L.A. via Texas pop vocalist Chelsea Lankes has most recently been permeating radio and blog waves with her latest single “Down For Whatever”. While the original is your proto-typical pop sound of modern day youth and the eager desire to live in the moment, another pair of L.A. inhabitants, and a duo whom has grown near and dear to our hearts over the years, Carousel, injects new life within Lankes’ original. Rather than follow an airy synth-pop blueprint as one might have expected from the former Berklee students, Carousel walks “Down For Whatever” into a two-step drum pattern and weighty synths, dipping into deeper, late night harkening instrumentation. We love seeing this more aphotic side of Jackson Philips and Kevin Friedman’s constantly evolving project, and here’s to hoping we get some more of that brooding take on pop from their machine filled studio in the near future. Stream Carousel’s “Down For Whatever” remix above.

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[Synth-Pop] PHOX – 1936 (Carousel Remix)

1936 (Carousel Remix)

Carousel have certainly made a resonant impact here at TMN over the years and continue to be an act we call upon with regularity to deliver a healthy dose of happy-dance inflamed pop music; whether it’s through their sterling original productions or pliable, John Hughes soundtrack-esque remixes. Today the highly schooled duo have taken on Phox‘s folk-pop ditty “1936” and completely shifted perspective towards a slice of 80’s electro-pop. When listening to both tracks, it becomes even more impressive that Carousel so easily took a beautiful tune with zero electronic influence and turned in a version we would have thought was the original had we not been in the know. Their airy synths punctuate a sea of leisurely percussion, and Phox’s vocal track plays in perfect harmony to the pair’s sophisticated instrumentation, marking yet another gem added to the Carousel palate. Let’s get a little vibey on this beautiful Friday. Stream Carousel’s “1936” remix above.

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[Nu-Disco] Carousel – My New Friend (Avenue Remix)

My New Friend (Avenue Remix)

One of our favorite synthy pop tunes of 2014, Carousel’s “My New Friend” received a welcome and worthy makeover from 19 year-old Toronto based dance producer Avenue, and we still haven’t managed to shake those clubby rhythms from our consciousness since we gave it a first spin. It’s always inspiring to hear a tune from an act you love undergo a transformation through the lens of another artist’s perspective; especially when the result is as warm and bubbly as this. Avenue shifts cadence from the original towards a more club-friendly stride with a strong focus on an expanse of  uplifting airy synths to surely pull a bit of hip-wiggle and an insuppressible grin from its listener. This one’s being gifted as a free download, so nab a copy here, listen above and be on the prowl for more Avenue material in the near future.

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[Synth-Pop] Carousel – My New Friend

My New Friend

Something about L.A. duo Carousel and their pensive brand of brooding, but sticky sweet take on pop music has had a most resonant affect on much of the staff here at TMN since their debut EP 26 Allston. After recently wrapping up a much revered country wide tour in support of Cherub, the former Berklee School of Music students finally had the chance to pen another original, and once again we were struck by the simplistic beauty of Carousel’s sound. “My New Friend” gets behind a Jackson Phillip’s keyed synth line delivered with all of the careful bombast of an early 80’s Duran Duran hook, but with the type of indie sensibility that could be found on a Neon Indian composition. The pair’s subdued vocal incantations echo harmoniously off of each other, invoking the kind of contented nostalgia that has its listener harkening back to their first middle-school make out session, which depending on your experience should be a mostly good thing. It’s safe to say, the boys hit the mark, and with Summer nipping at our heels, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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[Electro-Pop] Racing Glaciers – Moths (Carousel Remix)

Racing Glaciers
Moths (Carousel Remix)

It’s been a bit since we’ve had the pleasure of featuring our favorite synth-heavy happy-dance duo in the music landscape, L.A. based Carousel, and that is quite a shame as their sophisticated brand of electronica always seems to pull a warm smile from most of our staff here at TMN. This morning, much to our delight, Carousel unveiled their latest addition to the remix pool; molding Brit Racing Glaciers’ slightly folky ballad into a whirlwind of atmospheric MIDI jabs and sunny, playful percussion. The pair’s slick instrumentation jives wonderfully with Tim Monaghan’s original vocal track, inspiring some desirable visions of the impending Spring and Summer seasons. Quite honestly we’ve just been looping this tune on repeat (wishing we were beach side with one of those fruity umbrella drinks) since our first listen and their pristine sound never once let its grasp loosen from our ears. Carousel’s remix comes as part of Racing Glaciers’ forthcoming Moths EP which can be purchased here, but for the stream-only type, do yourself a favor by hitting the play button, slinking back and unwinding after your long day.

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[Video] Carousel – Another Day

Another Day

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from our favorite Happy-Dance duo Carousel, as they have been on tour or locked inside of their studio for the past handful of months, so when their brand new music video for one of our favorite singles off of their recent Palms EP, “Another Day”came across our desks, it was met with a beaming grin. The video, directed by Felipe Torres Urso, follows a very fraternity-associated looking young man into a Summer pool party as through the eyes of a very young girl and her dolls and then on a day with a beautiful girl, which conceptually unfolds quite well in an artistic and simple manner. Enjoy the official music video for “Another Day” below and if you haven’t already picked up a copy of the excellent Palms you can do so after the jump for the price of just your e-mail.

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[Synth-Pop] Carousel – Before You

Before You

For the past few weeks synth-pop savantes Jackson Philips and Kevin Friedman, better known to most as Carousel, have been dropping tastes of their impending extended play Palms, which is getting all glossed up and mastered as we speak in time for an early August release. So far we’ve had the pleasure of premiering “Wolf’s Awake” and “Not Enough”; both of which made an appearance in the Hype Machine Top-Ten charts and as they say good things come in threes. So today, Carousel gifts to the world “Before You”, the third single to leak off of Palms. “Before You” follows a slow burning path, resulting in a tune that could quite honestly fall under a “dream-pop” tag. While most of their music is written to make you move, we cherish these ballads as songs we can hold onto and consume in a secluded bedroom. You should probably do the same, perhaps even with a special girl or boy.

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