[TMN Resident Artist] Celldweller’s Top 5 Songs Right Now

Another month, another amazing artist we say goodbye to. Celldweller has filled all of our ears and heads with some incredible beats and inspired us to keep pursuing our dreams no matter what. Celldweller showed us that behind the amazing hair, he is just a guy doing what he loves, making music and helping other aspiring artists do the same. But before we say goodbye for the time being, we asked Celldweller to send us over his five favorite tracks right now. Hope you enjoy them as much as he does!

Barretso – Chase
Sister Crayon – Cynic
Tycho – Hours
Lazerhawk – Electric Groove
Gojira – Toxic Garbage Island
’Barresto – Chase’
’Sister Crayon – Cynic’
’Tycho – Hours’
’Lazerhawk – Electric Groove’

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[TMN Resident Artist Interview] How Celldweller’s persistence paid off

I See Stars
Filth Friends Unite (Celldweller Remix)

TMN: Today I have the pleasure of interviewing our wonderful June resident artist Celldweller, or as he is known to friends and fans alike, Klayton. Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down and answer some questions, where are you writing to us from today?

K: A place that goes often completely unused – the lounge of my studio. (That would require relaxing and I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet.)

TMN: Let’s start from the beginning, before there was Celldweller, before the red hawked hair, let’s go all the way back to when you were a kid. Many artists talk about their musical upbringings. Did you have any music in your house or were you exposed to any instruments or singing early on in life?

K: Yes and no. Definitely surrounded by music, but not necessarily instruments. My grandfather had a massive collection of vinyl and the highlight of my childhood was when I was able to visit, getting to sit in his “music room” and put on headphones and listen to anything from classical to disco to the progressive electronic music of the 70’s & 80’s.

TMN: Do you remember what was the first tape or record or CD that you owned?

K: Hard to say. I wasn’t permitted to listen to the radio due to my parents trying to protect me from the evil messages of modern lyricists, but I did remember sneaking in some early Billy Joel, Queen & eventually Judas Priest’s “Screaming for Vengeance” vinyl which I had to hide outside in my shed so I didn’t get in trouble. (Just for the record, I love my folks and they did an awesome job raising me, although they still can’t figure out why I have a red Mohawk. I blame Judas Priest.)

TMN: Who was your musical idol as a kid?

K: If I had to go back to when I was discovering the music that I was initially trying to emulate in my teen band days, as generic as it sounds, it was Metallica. I was a drummer first, so Lars was the man.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Celebrating 10 years of Celldweller

In any industry there are huge accomplishments to achieve. Whether it is winning a gold medal, being recognized nationally for your talents, or taking home numerous awards, each person in these industries has goals and dreams they wish to reach. Ten years ago, Celldweller released his first cd of music for the world to experience and since then, his popularity has only grown and the love for his music has flourished among his numerous fans. Today, Celldweller has released a ten year anniversary edition to celebrate his great accomplishments and to show his fans just how much he appreciates their support over the years.
Check out this amazing behind the scenes mini documentary on the making of this ten-year edition and enjoy the insane beats that Celldweller continues to master up to this day. Already at #10 on the electronic charts in iTunes since being released this morning, this collection is sure to keep rocking for ten more years to come.

’Cell #1’
’Stay With Me (Unlikely)’
’The Last Firstborn’
’Under My Feet’
’I Believe You’
’Afraid This Time’
’Cell #2’
’So Sorry To Say’
’Own Little World’
’Unlikely (Stay With Me)’
’One Good Reason’
’The Stars Of Orion’
’Cell #3’
’Welcome To The End’
’Ghosts (Feat. Tom Salta)’
’Goodbye (Remixed by Klayton)’
’The Last Firstborn (Remixed by Klayton)’
’Frozen (CPR Remix By Copy Paste Repeat)’
’Switchback (Remixed by Klayton)’
’Atmospheric Light (Demo Redux)’
’Own Little World (Remixed by Blue Stahli)’
’Shapeshifter (Remixed by Klayton)’
’Waiting (Unreleased Demo 2005)’
’Waiting For So Long (Unreleased Demo 2006)’
’Blood From the Stone (Unreleased Demo 2006)’
’IRIA (Unreleased Demo 2005)’
’Switchback (Dead By Dawn Remix by No I’m Not)’
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[TMN Resident Artist for June] Dwelling with Celldweller

Start with a person. Or, more specific, a musician. Now, add in different types of music. A little dubstep, a little drub & bass, a little electro, some aggressive rock & metal and then to make things really interesting, a dash of orchestral elements. And let’s amp up the musician to take the titles of producer, songwriter, programmer, re-mixer and of course, performer. Combine all the of these elements and who emerges but a highly talented artist who has been changing the face of electronic music for almost a decade now.

Enter Celldweller, our new resident artist for the month of June. To all of his loyal fans, he is known as Klayton, the heart, mind and soul behind the red haired musician Celldweller and the man who constantly is changing the game when it comes to music.

Klayton calls Detroit home, a city with electronic music history flowing through its streets. It was here that Celldweller first released his debut album back in 2003, “Celldweller” which immediately caught the attention of fans and critics who praised Klayton for his unique and undeniably talented sound. From there, Klayton has only grown in his popularity and has taken his own music and his love for the music scene to the next level. Klayton is the proud founder of FiXT, a rapidly growing media company that works as a record label, an online music and merchandise outlet, a publicity wing, and as a film/television/game licensing department. One of the reasons FiXT covers all of these aspects is because Celldweller’s own music has been used numerous time in television shows, movies and especially in video games. Wouldn’t it get you more psyched up to destroy a few aliens with the sounds of Celldweller blasting through your headphones?

Klayton’s sound is distinctive; he brings a lot of his rock and metal passions to the table when making his music. That is something that makes him a truly diverse musician and producer, keeping true to the music of his roots but then throwing in a complete new electronic sound that captivates all of his listeners.

As we begin the new month with this red Mohawk artist, we are honored to be premiering one of his songs that is going to be released next week on Celldweller’s tenth anniversary deluxe addition cd.

Sit back and get ready for some out-of-this-world experiences with our new resident artist.

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Celldweller – Cellout (Winter Mix 2012) [Dubstep]

Cellout (Winter Mix 2012)

You can always count on Celldweller to bring it. The Detroit-based producer whose fascinations include fusing heavier elements of electronic rock into multifaceted layers of instrumentation and uncompromising baselines.

‘Cellout’ is an hour long mix including Klayton’s own productions, Celldweller remixes and hand picked fresh tracks of the last couple of week. With a heavy emphasis on dubstep, the mix still packs an exciting array of tracks that continue to keep the with as much energy as possible.

1. Celldweller – The Complete Cellout
2. Faith No More – Epic (Synchronice Remix)
3. Tristan Garner – Digital Rocker
4. Culprate – Diablo
5. Celldweller – Tainted (DJ Set)
6. Skism – Experts
7. Hirshee & Sue Cho – Hold On To Love (KillaGraham Remix)
8. Emma Hewitt – Rewind (KATFYR Remix)
9. Josh Money – Let Go With You (Drivepilot Remix)
10. Adventure Club feat. Krewella – Rise And Fall (At Dawn We Rage Remix)
11. Celldweller – Louder Than Words (Bare Remix)
12. Miss Murder’s Personal Jesus (Celldweller Klash-Up)
– AFI ” Miss Murder ”
– Depeche Mode ” Personal Jesus ”
13. Schoolboy – Aftershock
14. Icona Pop – I Love It (Case & Point Bootleg)
15. Celldweller – Frozen (DJ Set)
16. Tommy Noble & Celldweller – Meteorite
17. Kill The Noise – Thumbs Up (Dub Mix)
18. Doctor P – Flying Spaghetti Monster
19. Documenet One – Body Pump (D is for Document One)
20. Protohype – Vile (Rekoil Remix)
21. Zomboy – Nuclear (Hands Up)
22. Mediks & Texas – Fast Lane
23. Netsky – We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) feat. Billie (Camo & Krooked Remix)

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Help us vote Beta Nightclub as a Top 100 Club!

Our love for Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado should come as no surprise to any of you. Not only do all music ninjas get in for FREE by simply showing our “This week in Beta” posts, but thanks to our close relationship with them we have been able to bring you interviews from Chris Lake, Moguai, Fedde Le Grand, Jack Beats and Celldweller amongst many others.

Not many nightclubs reach out to the emerging music blog scene and few are able to really come up with exciting ways to give music fans what they deserve. DJMAG is putting up their yearly contest of the top 100 clubs and through our relationship with them, and the many new upcoming artist they promote every week, we are confident in saying Beta deserves a top spot on the list.

Help us vote for Beta (whether you live in Denver or not) click here
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[TMN Exclusive] Celldweller Interview

’Miss Murders Personal Jesus (Celldweller Klash
Up) (Free Download)’

’Disposable War Pigs (Celldweller Klash
Up) (Free Download)’

One look at Celldweller is more than enough to make you think this is an interesting person. Aside from the edgy metal look, the sci-fi album covers, and an overwhelming dedication to his fans, his musical style is enough to spend a few hours talking about.

We first stumbled on Celldweller with his Klash-Up (spelled with a K for his name, Klayton) of famed Metal gods Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne. Since that day, it’s been a whirlwind of releases which all encompass his signature sound. If you’ve never spent any time listening to him, now is the time. Klayton’s style is truly unique, blending dubstep, drum and bass, and elements of metal into perfectly crafted tracks. Seeing him live only made us more impressed with this sound, as hundreds of club goers switched back and forth from dancing to head banging. It’s truly a sight to see.

We had a chance to sit down with Celldweller at Beta Nightclub and talk about everything from to when he first heard about Beta to how he feels about his own music.

TMN: Welcome to Colorado, Klayton. Is this your first time performing here?

CD: It is not. I played the Marquis maybe a year ago, on a Tuesday night, and was really impressed with how vibrant the scene was. That was more of my rock iteration of my show which is like a DJ set meets a rock band.

For a Tuesday night, I was pretty impressed at the Denver scene. Electronic music is thriving here.

TMN: Your career as an electronica artist is relatively young. What does it feel like to play at such a highly revered club such as Beta?

CD: I’ve always been electronically minded, I just grew up playing instruments so that’s always been a part of my sound. I’m a musician, I’m not really comfortable with just getting up there and pushing buttons. I’ve always gotta be doing something.

Playing instruments is where I’m most naturally comfortable. I know how to play all those instruments, I could write a hundred songs like that, but it’s much more challenging for me to try and get a different tone for drums and synths and different textures for every sound that I create. So what I did is really complicate my own life. That’s what gets me off.

TMN: What does it mean specifically to play at a club like Beta though?

CD: It means a lot. When I found out that I was playing here, especially with Bare, I was really excited be here at Beta. I actually had a conversation with BT about a year ago, he said, “Have you ever played at Beta, because that place is insane.” Then now to actually be here, and to be playing with Bare, I’m lovin’ it. And you can tell that people here are really into the music.

TMN: We were just up there for your set and people were going insane. You’re like a rock star personified into a DJ.

CD: Well, I never considered myself a rock star, but if you want to use that term. I actually was a “rock star”, so that’s where it came from. I actually didn’t feel like I was moving around that much tonight, but that’s because I rehearsed really hard last night and my neck is really sore.

TMN: We were stoked on one of your very first “Klash-ups” Disposable War Pigs. Do you feel that track was kind of a game changer for you?

CD: No. I actually just did it with no pretense. I just did it because I love both bands. I knew I wanted to do something, and I knew that the Sabbath song was wide open. I could just program around that thing for days because there was huge open sections around Ozzy’s voice. I actually did it thinking no one would care. In a really short amount of time we started finding out that a lot of people reacted to it. We found out that Excision was closing out his sets with my track on his tour when he came back for his encore.

I always create pretending that no one in the world cares what I’m doing. Because I’m really doing this for me anyways, so I can’t base my judgements or decisions based on what someone else wants to hear.

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