[Giveaway] Mad Decent Block Party – Chicago 9/26

Chicagoans! Mad Decent Block Party is coming to town this Saturday and we’re giving you a chance to snag a free pair of tickets before the weekend! With a lineup that includes Major Lazer, Grandtheft, Martin Solveig, Klingande, Party Favor, Thomas Jack, Towkio and UZ, you will not want to miss out. Here’s how to enter. All you need to do is submit your email address below along with your first and last name. It’s as simple as that. Entrants must be 18 and over to enter. Winners will be notified by email with instructions on how to obtain their tickets. Please remember to bring a valid photo ID with you to the event in order to redeem your prize.

If you would like to find out more info about Mad Decent Block Party or purchase tickets yourself, make sure to head over to the official event page and follow React Presents on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud to keep up with all the latest news and announcements.

Mad Decent Block Party in Chicago

’Grandtheft & Sleepy Tom – Hold On’
’Klingande Feat. Broken Back – RIVA (Restart the game) Original Mix’
’Major Lazer – Lost feat. MØ (Frank Ocean cover)’
’Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated’
’Party Favor – Booty Loose (feat. Fly Boi Keno)’
’Thomas Jack – Rivers’
’Towkio – Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane)’
’Gia – Only A Girl (UZ Remix)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Klingande’s top 5 songs to get down to

Another month has come and gone and we have to say goodbye to our resident artist Klingande. We enjoyed getting to know this amazing artist a little bit more in our interview, loved the insane mini-mix he threw down, and for a final treat asked him what top 5 songs he has on his mind these days to get down to. His choice of artists is tickling our ears, you might find yourself liking some of these less mainstream artists, lord knows we are enjoying each and every one of them.

I am already jamming to these hot little numbers and I am sure you will be do. Au revoir Klingande, excited to hear more amazing music from you and thanks for being part of the ninja family.

’Monkeyneck – Brown Skin’
’Babel – Incredibly Close feat. Wrenn’
’Felix Jaehn – Ain’t Nobody (feat. Jasmine Thompson)’
’Syn Cole – Bright Lights (Sam Feldt Remix)’
’Kungs – We’ll Meet Again (ft. Emma Carn)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] Klingande talks about his music history, tribute to Sweden, and love of France

Another month, another amazing artist to take over the Music Ninja realm. Today I got to chat with our September artist Klingande about his music origins, his adoration for Swedish words, and what we get to look forward to from him in the upcoming year.

TMN: Cédric! Hello and thank you so much for being our resident artist this month, real honor to have you. Let’s start from the beginning and work our way up to today ok? As a child, you studied music theory, not exactly a typical thing for a young person to do. Tell us how you got into that study and what something from that experience that you still carry with you today?

K: Hey! It’s an honor for me to be your resident artist 🙂 Thanks for welcoming me. Actually when I was a child I first got into music by DJing in my room like a lot of teenagers do now; first on my computer, then on CDJ 900 my parents bought me for Christmas. I was playing only for myself and wanted to go further. That’s how I came to production and to production school three years ago. I really wanted to play my sounds, even if it was just for me and a few friends, I liked it, just for fun. This experience of music production school in London brought me a larger musical culture. At the time I was listening EDM big room things like Swedish House Mafia, Avicii and more. I loved it and in London I met people which brought me to other kind of music, where I discovered Deep House. That’s the main thing which remains, and lead me to do this kind of music.

TMN: You really got into electronic music as a teenager (which seems to be a typical time for most young people to experience electronic music), do you remember who was the first group or artist you heard? All it takes is one really amazing song to speak to you.

K: As I said, I was fan of EDM, but at the same time, I was and still am fan of pop like Coldplay, Oasis… I think this is what brought me to do electronic music with acoustic instruments and songs in it. The song which stays for me is “Wonderwall” from Oasis, it’s not very original, but this song still does something for me.

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[TMN Resident Artist for September] Welcome Klingande to the Ninja family

Ah, September. The beginning of fall, the season of football, apple spiced drinks, and the brisk sunny days. Along with the change in seasons comes the change of a new resident artist. With that being said, let me introduce the young and talented producer Klingande. Born Cédric in northern France, he studied music theory as a child but later became immersed in electronic music as a teenager. Initially a DJ, he son also began to work on his own original productions. After only a year at a production and music school in London, he came back to produce ‘Jubel’ and ‘Punga’ in 2013 with one of his friends. His unique name originates from the Swedish word for sounding, a tribute to his love of the nation’s house music. Klingande spent most of the past year touring throughout Europe but has been back in the studio preparing new singles and an EP due out later this year. We are beyond excited to have this artist take the reigns and show us just how much he loves electronic music. Get ready fall, you’ve seen nothing yet until you’ve spent the month with Klingande!

’Sigma ft. Paloma Faith – Changing (Klingande Remix)’
’Klingande – Jubel (Original mix)’
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[Tropical House] Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)

Following the release of his Noosa remix, Floridian producer Thero came out with a remix of this Wet’s tune titled “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. Looking to set off this tropical house craze even more, Thero is definitely one of the front runners in the genre.

The synths are consonant with the original song and they always bring a smile to your face. It’s so pleasurable to listen to, you can imagine it being used in a Donkey Kong video game, or played at a Hawaiian beach restaurant. Similar to most of his other mixes, Thero always seals the deal with that killer saxophone sample throughout the song and leaving you in infatuation. The bar is set pretty high in the revival movement of tropical music, soon enough he’ll be mentioned together with names like Kygo and Klingande. Needless to say, Thero is an exciting artist to watch for.

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Klingande – Jubel (Tube & Berger Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Jubel (Tube & Berger Remix)

Something about Pre-Friday just gets us all aflutter. Oh, you don’t know what Pre-Friday is? Well, given the close proximity to the weekend, we’ve decided to rename Thursdays as Pre-Fridays. It sounds like it’s so much closer to the weekend when you put it like that, right? Feel free to use that one, if you’d like.

As we dip our toes into the refreshing pool that is the almost-weekend, we’re of course looking for those vibe heavy tracks to get us primed and ready. Luckily for us, we have the opportunity to premiere this take on one of the hottest songs at the moment, “Jubel,” originally created by French deep house producer/DJ Klingande.

Deutschland duo Tube & Berger dialed up a completely different look and feel on this Ultra release, infusing a hollow kick drum, bolstered by rising pads to start things off. The beautiful bass line swings into deeper territory with all the pop danceability from the original, providing some almost nu-disco vibes to the mix. The original vocals, which were once light and airy, get pitched down with an almost masculine feel, creating the perfect compliment for the driving, deep synths you would expect in a club like Berlin’s Berghain.

Songs like this pair perfectly with a frosty adult beverage for your Pre-Friday festivities. Press play, take a sip, and relax – the weekend is almost here.

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