[TMN PREMIERE] Matthew Koma – One Night (Vicetone Remix)

Matthew Koma
One Night (Vicetone Remix) [OUT NOW]

Sometimes, musicians come along out of nowhere and overnight they have found a place in the heart of electronic music fans everywhere. It has been a little over one year since Vicetone, a duo of 20-year-olds from the Netherlands, released their first piece of music and since then they have gathered support from the likes of Nicky Romero and Hardwell not to mention fans across the globe. Today, TMN is honored to premiere their latest track a remix of Matthew Koma’s “One Night”. The boys start up with the great lyrics of Koma, “Chew my love under your tongue, like it’s your bubblegum…” and continue with their own driven melodies. The song is a beauty of an electronic mix with all the hype and dance beats that make these songs so loveable. TMN has a lot of love for these young producers and hope you enjoy this sure to be summer hit.

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Zedd – Clarity (Album Review)

Zedd‘s newest album Clarity is definitely one of the greatest albums of its kind this year. Track after track proves to have a phenomenal quality. Each hold its own weight and doesn’t sound as though it was just thrown into the tracklisting as filler, which isn’t something you often see in electronic albums. Usually there are three or four solid hits, while the rest feels like generic electro. However, Clarity is in no way like this.

If you want to invest in an electronic album that will cover a lot of ground genre-wise and will light up a dance floor, this is definitely it, hands down. The spectrum of electronic music genres on it is pretty large, with many of the songs representing the different genres very well. From heavy electro house tracks like “Codec” and “Stache” to lighter progressive pieces such as “Lost At Sea” and “Follow You Down,” and everything in between, Zedd knows when and how to use vocals and chords perfectly. My favorites are “Spectrum” and “Fall Into The Sky” featuring Ellie Goulding (how can you go wrong with that?).

Clarity flows so well that it can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what genre of electronic music they like or even if they don’t care for it at all. Zedd has showed a tremendous amount of skill with this debut and he’s only going to get better. You can stream some samples below and pick up the album on iTunes here. It will be available on Beatport on October 9th.

’Zedd – Hourglass (ft. Liz)’
’Zedd –  Shave It Up’
’Zedd – Spectrum (ft. Matthew Koma)’
’Zedd –  Lost at Sea (ft. Ryan Tedder)’
’Zedd – Clarity (ft. Foxes)’
’Zedd –  Codec’
’Zedd – Stache’
’Zedd – Fall Into The Sky (ft. Ellie Goulding)’
’Zedd – Follow You Down (ft. Bright Lights)’
’Zedd – Epos’
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[Electro House] Zedd ft. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (Congorock Remix)

The progressive house anthem that Zedd laid out for the world to hear recently is just more proof of why he is one of the true rising producers right now. Upon hearing this song, though, the Los Angeles producer Congorock just decided it didn’t have enough debauchery going on, so Rocco Rampino, the man behind Congorock, threw in a little dash of his typical in-your-face flair. I say a little dash because he did an amazing job of just complimenting the track on this remix — not wreaking total havoc, but still giving the listener a fine amount of world rocking.

Saturating every synth he could get his hands on, this song takes on a very satisfying amount of raw electro beef. Compared to his most recent releases, “Agarta” and “Ivory”, which we have shown you on this site, this “Spectrum” remix shows Congorock taking a different approach than one would come to expect. While he hasn’t smashed any speakers in the making of this rework, it hardly means his signature power and energy have been left on his computer for the next project. It’ll still get you uncontrollably breaking out your dance moves. Snag the whole Spectrum EP, featuring this remix and others by Monsta, A-Trak and more, off Beatport here.

’Zedd Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma – (Congorock Remix)’
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] 3LAU Interview + Spectrum Remix

At first glance, what most people notice about Justin Blau is that he’s a young producer that writes some incredible mashups. While this is enough for some people to know, we wouldn’t be very good bloggers if we didn’t try to shed more light on this up-and-coming producer. There’s way more to 3LAU than meets the eyes or ears. Yes, he is a talented producer making party-inducing mashups with top 40 vocals and filthy beats, but sitting down with him for 20 minutes opened our eyes to the depth of his artistry.

We met up with Justin at Global Dance Festival at Red Rocks Ampitheater two weekends ago. Here’s what he had to say.

’Zedd feat. Matthew Koma – Spectrum (3LAU Remix)’

TMN: Welcome to Colorado, and most importantly, one of the most amazing venues in the world at one of the best events in EDM.How does it feel to be here at this Red Rocks, playing at Global Dance Festival?

3LAU: Thank you. I didn’t even realize that Global Dance Festival was at Red Rocks until a couple of weeks ago when I was like “Oh, I have Global Dance Festival, let me check this out.” Obviously I had heard of Red Rocks and I’ve never been here . I’ve heard only the most amazing things, and then I show up here and it’s mind blowing. The opportunity is incredible, thanks to Ha and all the Triad Dragon guys for doing this.

TMN: You also had a chance to be on Beatport live this afternoon down in Denver with Krewella. Talk to us about that experience a little.

3LAU: That was a lot of fun. I had never done a streaming set in a situation where there wasn’t a crowd, so it was kind of different for me. It was reminiscent of me when I was first practicing DJing. The Beatport guys were unbelievably hospitable. Matt, the owner, was so awesome.They gave me a pair of the III Beatport headphones, which was super nice of them. I got to play a bunch of my friends new tracks, and some of my new tracks. I think the feedback was pretty good for the most part.

TMN: As you tour and get to experience more cities all over the US, is there any particular difference between playing on the east coast as opposed to the west coast?

3LAU: Everything is so different. The way people interact with the music, what they like, and not just geographically. I play for so many different types of crowds. From the younger kids to the college kids to the rage heads even. I kind of play poppy music so I often cater my sets in different ways. I think though, the top differentiating factor is age. The second is geographic location. I think that the northeast is pretty into dance music, I think the west coast is into dance music, and I think that everywhere else is still learning.

TMN: (Grinning) Except for Denver, right?

3LAU: (Laughing) Yeah yeah. Except for Colorado. And Chicago.
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[Fresh] Zedd – Spectrum (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix)

Most people familiar with Zedd know that he not only is he an undeniably talented DJ/producer but also an incredible musician, as evidenced by a recent YouTube upload of a piano cover of his latest single “Spectrum”. In Dead C∆t Bounce’s remix of said track we see Zedd’s musicianship accentuated by their addition of fresh orchestral elements and a gritty bassline while retaining Matthew Koma’s soaring and haunting vocals. What this duo from Luxembourg does intelligently is take Zedd’s skill and tweak it in a way that is refreshing yet still sounds like the good ‘ol Zedd we know and love. If you like this remix check out their remix of “You and I” by Medina or an original called “Not For Use” on their Soundcloud.

Zedd – Spectrum (Dead C∆T Bounce Remix) [For some reason they deleted this track from their own soundcloud]

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Zedd – Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma) [Preview]

Electro House prodigy Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, is gearing up rip the Beatport charts once again with the release of Spectrum. The young German producer, signed to OWSLA, took the electronic scene in blitzkrieg fashion drawing influences from Progressive house, Complextro and Dubstep, ultimately pioneering his unique style.

Now that an official preview for ‘Spectrum’ is finally out, speculations for the single have been rendered mute. It is a confirmed banger. Featuring long-winded vocals, a shower of filtered synths and a larger than life drop, ‘Spectrum’ captivates in its full range.

’Zedd – Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma)’

‘Spectrum’ will be released on June 4 on OWSLA.

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