Wednesday Workout Playlist [Vol. 6]

With so many great festivals this summer, we want to keep feeding you the best and freshest finds to get you excited for some massive sets. In addition, we know how exhausting a single day at a festival can be, so why not conquer the night time fatigue by building up the endurance before hand? To help you all boost that stamina, we curated a playlist that will keep you guys going even longer during those exercise regimens. By the time your favorite artist’s set begins, you’ll still have as much energy as when you arrived.

’Deep End’
’Carnage ft. Young Thug and Shakka – Don’t Call Me’
’Ghostboy Feat. Claire Ridgely’
’Fade Out ft. Gavin Turek’
’Coolwater Set & RAC – The Coast ft. Jvzel’
’Hudson Mohawke – Chimes (Alexander Lewis X Y2K Flip)’
’RKCB – Elevated (Nikö Blank Remix)’
’Manila Killa – Youth ft. Satica (k?d Remix)’
’In My Head (ft. RKCB)’
’Tired of talking (ATrak & Cory Enemy Remix)’
’Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence’
’Selena Gomez – Hands To Myself (Anders Young Remix)’
’MAX – Lights Down Low (Two Friends Remix)’
’manila killa – youth feat. satica (qrion remix)’
’Fabian Mazur & LUUDE – Right Now’
’rick ross & skrillex – purple lamborghini (gill chang edit)’
’Jumpa & Bad Paris Feat. Reece – Don’t Go’
’Duskus – On My Own’
’PatrickReza – Let U Fall (Feat. Aubren Elaine)’
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[Mini-Mix] PatrickReza – W(≈)MPS FOR WATER

PatrickReza: W(≈)MPS FOR WATER

We’ve had the pleasure of watching PatrickReza evolve over the years, continually relishing in his inventive tunes, regardless of genre. Now, we get to see the next step in his evolution, as he turns his attention onto providing clean water for people in Kenya, Uganda, India and Haiti.

Fans of Reza won’t want to miss the opportunity to win a pair of his signed SOL REPUBLIC headphones. On top of the chance to pick up this legendary piece of memorabilia, each entry will buy water filters which can provide a person with clean water for a year. Think about it this way – if you contribute the minimum ($2), you’ll provide 40,000 gallons of clean water to those in need. Pretty insane, right?

To highlight his recent campaign with our buddies over at Cadence & Cause, Mr. Reza has dialed up an absolutely filthy mix, which includes a few unreleased tunes, as well as some of his favorites at the moment. If you’re really feeling it, you can get it for free by entering to win his headphones. That’s also the only way you can figure out what the tracklist is too.

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[Dubstep] PatrickReza – Take Me Away (feat Jilian)

Take Me Away (Featuring Jilian) (Free Download)

Today, PatrickReza dropped an original song “Take Me Away” featuring Jilian. The song is full of everything Reza, a beautiful seductive melody with the right amount of electric drops and intense beats to carry this song far away. Jilian’s voice is one that we can expect to hear on more tracks, she has a delicate alto sound with a delicate tenderness to her singing. Reza’s song flows from each measure with the right sound to make the listener feel like they are being taken away with each sound.

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[Dubstep] Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (PatrickReza Remix)

Lana Del Rey
Young & Beautiful (PatrickReza Remix)

Not too long ago, Producer/DJ PatrickReza released his first all original EP, The Woods. We loved the darker nature that his original work brought to the blogosphere, mixing beautiful melodies with razor sharp synths and devastating drops. And while that had kept our attention for a while, we’re admittedly really excited for this tune today.

When we first stumbled onto PatrickReza, it was on his debut remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans.” Nearly two years later, and a coverage of every single one of his tunes, we find ourselves once again talking about Patrick remixing one of Lana’s tracks. In his take on “Young and Beautiful,” Patrick takes a step back from the more aggressive structures and focuses in on a melodic chillstep remix that accents Lana’s voice. It’s calming, beautifully produced, and we’re brought back to the first day we heard this young producer’s work.

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[Dubstep] PatrickReza – The Woods EP

It is into The Woods with this new EP released today by one of our young favorites PatrickReza. This four track EP is the unique sound and electronic/dubstep melody we have come to love from Reza.

He starts out with “Ritual”, a song that reminds me of dancing around a fire in the middle of the woods. It is a strong melody with repetitive vocals and intense drum beats and drops with the help of guitar chords. The next song, “Prey”, is the sound of background music to be played if you were being hunted in the woods. Dark and haunting electronic sounds cater this song with the pace constantly speeding up and slowing down, just like running footprints on a wooded path. “The Woods” and “Tribe” are solid songs, again, Reza shows his ability to mix any electronic sound with any dubstep sound and make some music magic. This is one little trip to the forest you won’t want to miss out on, just watch out for a wolf in a red cape.

’The Woods’
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[Dubstep] Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (PatrickReza Remix)


It is a catchy tune to begin with, then add the powerful jumpy beats of PatrickReza and this hard remix of “D.a.n.c.e” by Justice, is one to add to the summer playlist. Reza stays true to himself and his sound when remixing and this song is no exception. He adds a lot of likeable drumbeats and violins and electric melodies to make this song carry a heaviness but does not at all take away from the urge to dance. Turn it up and get ready to want to dance all over the room, head, body and feet.

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[Dubstep] Destroid – Raise Your Fist (PatrickReza Remix)

Raise Your Fist (PatrickReza Remix)

Shout out to one of our favorite young dubstep artists, PatrickReza, for this insane remix of Destroid’s “Raise Your Fist”. Reza takes this intense song and makes it very much mold into his own sound, with bouncy beats and strong melodies. Reza keeps the intensity of any and all Destroid songs though, with the machine talking throughout the whole piece telling all listeners it is time to raise your fist ::holding mine up in the air::
Reza made this song as part of a contest so if you love it, go show him that love by following the link below to vote. Voting begins June 25th.

Good luck Reza!

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