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Meltybrains? – Step [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Time and time again the word “experimental” gets used incorrectly. However, it’s groups like Meltybrains? that end up somehow eschewing and bolstering that label at the same time with their absolute defiance of coloring inside the lines. “Step” is the latest from this eccentric band, fraught with auto-tuned and veiled vocals bouncing around crashing drums and a nearly impossible to follow rhythm, but it isn’t off-putting in any regard. They’ve developed an entrancing nature that’s reflected throughout their dark and mirrored video, and by the time it ends, you find yourself slightly confused yet more than satisfied.

There are no boundaries or conventions followed by Meltybrains? (which is an apt name, by the way), and their thorough disregard for both is what has created such an intriguing exploration into the farthest reaches of what experimental music can truly accomplish. “Step” is the second offering from their upcoming Kiss Yourself EP, and if you’re digging this strange yet absorbing sound, be on the lookout for the rest of their new project on November 18th.

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[TMN PREMIERE] Bells and Robes – Dreamin’ ft. Miranda Realino (Ascendants Remix)

Bells And Robes
Dreamin' Feat. Miranda Realino (Ascendants Remix)

Ascendants are back and better than ever with one of the slickest house tunes we’ve heard in a hot minute. They’ve made their signature mark on “Dreamin'” by Bells and Robes with an irresistible and elegant rendition that is just as much essential pop listening as it is a stellar example of what good house music can accomplish. Short but sweet flourishes of xylophone flutter over the deep groove and swirling synths cooked up by Ascendants while Miranda Realino holds her own with a vibrant vocal, bringing the whole song together in a clean and cohesive fashion. There’s an air of experience within this remix that you don’t always feel this early in a career, and Ascendants’ simpler but dynamic approach continues to be refreshing.

Following up their debut performance at III Points in Miami, this Florida-based duo is already showing up strong by reinforcing this initially calm Bells and Robes original into a fluid formulation of R&B, pop, and electronic music that’s primed and ready for countless listens and endless dancing. If you’re looking to keep the party going, be sure to check out their own original, “Drifting”, also!

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[Electronic Soul] Zuma – Ruby (ft. Lenis Kim & YNGDRGN)

ruby (ft. lenis kim & yngdrgn)

What do you get when you combine the best aspects of dancehall, electronic music, and R&B? There’s no punchline (not that it was a joke in the first place), but Zuma‘s newest song fits that description exactly. Enlisting the vocals of Lenis Kim and YNGDRGN, Zuma has crafted an incredibly smooth and wavy original that’s primed and ready for your evening enjoyment. From Lenis’ sultry delivery to YNGDRGN’s undeniable sense of swagger, every element of “Ruby” is an essential contribution.

Zuma has no problem sharing the spotlight with his promising features, and he’s scaled back on his normal complexities in his production to allow for these two to do their thing to the fullest. The whole tone of this song is erupting with sensuality, and we can pretty much guarantee it’ll find its own special place in your late night playlists. If that sort of thing isn’t on the to-do list and you’re just looking to chill, “Ruby” is still a great listen for that too. Give it a spin tonight, and don’t miss out on the free download HERE.

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[Electronic] Jai Wolf – Like It’s Over (feat. MNDR)

Jai Wolf
Like It's Over feat. MNDR

The rise of Jai Wolf continues. His debut EP, Kindred Spirits, has finally been announced, and today marks the first sampling of this highly anticipated project with “Like It’s Over”. The Moving Castle and Foreign Family Collective member truly has fine-tuned his sound into a genuine and organic exploration of emotive lyrics delivered by impressive features and a penchant for catharsis that is masterfully built within his ethereal production. MNDR provides a resounding vigor that expertly complements the thrilling instrumentation and elevates the song to a completely new level while, at the same time. showcasing her impressive range. Needless to say, if you weren’t planning on getting emotional any time soon, that’s probably about to change.

Jai Wolf creates music that gives you hope. He’s done it previously, and he’ll continue to do it with Kindred Spirits. Even as we navigate through difficult times, songs such as “Like It’s Over” provide us with an opportunity for an unbridled feeling that everything truly can be alright, which is tough to come by some days. Thank you for that, Jai Wolf.

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[Electronic Soul] SRNO – Stay Sane (ft. Naaz)

Stay Sane (ft. Naaz)

“Stay Sane” is the latest release from Majestic Casual, and it perfectly encapsulates the type of material we’ve grown to know and enjoy from the label. SRNO continues his streak of notable releases with this appetizing balance of R&B and electronic influence that tactfully shares the spotlight with Naaz‘s magnificent voice. It’s the sort of song that pairs wonderfully with brisk fall weather, and watching the leaves fall while the seasons shift just makes sense while it’s playing. All of you Galimatias and Alina Baraz fans out there will definitely resonate with this one, as the piano-centric production bolsters Naaz’s vocals into an enticing and lush tune that honestly wouldn’t feel out of place if it was on Urban Flora. Find yourself some time on a slow evening to enjoy “Stay Sane” to the fullest.

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[Indie Electronic] The Odds x Bronze Whale – Best

The Odds x Bronze Whale

It goes without saying that a new tune from Bronze Whale is cause for excitement. Following up the highly enjoyable “Hear Me” comes a collaboration with another distinct and captivating vocalist looking to kick off his musical career on an undisputed high note. The Odds may be new to SoundCloud, but his performance on “Best” suggests anything but.

A sense of vulnerability weaves throughout the song among every single element. From The Odds’ yearning and earnest voice and lyrics to Bronze Whale’s singular formulation of electronic, indie, and pop music, this song is a provocative listen into what to expect from Bronze Whale’s upcoming EP and future releases from The Odds. After their previous work with Khai, it isn’t surprising in any way that Bronze Whale knows how to find and work extremely well with fantastic vocalists. You’ll definitely be catching a few feelings listening to this one. Don’t miss out on the free download.

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[Pop] Mark Johns – Molino

Mark Johns

From Next Wave and Moving Castle to Skrillex’s OWSLA imprint, Mark Johns has covered a lot of ground since her first cover over a year ago. She’s been featured on some outstanding tracks with artists such as Alexander Lewis and Bearson previously, and now we’re finally getting the first taste of her upcoming EP, Molino. You may notice an abrupt change in tone from Mark Johns’ earlier releases, and it’s definitely intentional. She addressed this in her recent interview with Rolling Stone, where she stated:

I wrote “Molino” out of frustration more than anything. I was like, “Well, this is all taking so long, and I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m so scared. How do I feel about all of this? I’m a songwriter, I should be able to write about it.” So from that song, I kind of made that shift.

It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed in an entirely new city, and this song expands on that difficult (but also exciting) change in scenery. You’re constantly meeting someone new and exploring an unfamiliar space while working on making a home for yourself. Even among all of this, this song chronicles the part of the journey that shows you can be still alone in a city full of people, but there’s always going to be the opportunity to make something great with the people you do end up meeting. Mark Johns has certainly done that, and there’s no doubt she will continue to do so. Be sure to listen to “Before You” from the Molino EP also and look out for the full project on October 28th.

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