[Remix] Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Feat. R. Kelly)

R.Kelly - Phoenix
Trying To Be Cool feat. R Kelly

After joining forces together at Coachella, we knew it was only time before something substantial came out of a pairing between R. Kelly and Phoenix. While we would have settled for an official recording of their mashup of “1901” and “Ignition (Remix),” this might be an even better prize. The Bankrupt! single makes the transformation from a song that was “Trying To Be Cool” to one that truly is with Kels now featured on the track. It’s not like the original was a slouch, but anytime you add R. Kelly into the mix, you automatically bump yourself up a few notches on the “coolness” meter. Just ask Aziz Ansari. Stream the single above, and make sure to grab yourself a copy. This one’s definitely a must have.

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[Indie] Malpas – Charlemagne


Where beauty meets the beats, this sparkling new track from Malpas is the love child of a lustful honeyed vocal set upon a heavily textured backdrop of mechanical beats, synth-laden pop and a myriad of dreamy nu-gaze soundscapes. There’s no collision in this seemingly effortless collaboration, cultivated by songwriter Ali Forbes and producer Andy Savours (My Bloody Valentine fans insert nod here).

“Charlemagne” fuses acoustic electronica and mechanical drum beats with a contemplative and melodic vocal. Their roles interchange throughout: the voice being both the spine and heart of this track, carrying waves of regretful nostalgia, whilst remaining sincere in its sentiments. Meanwhile the versatile backdrop acts as an industrial support and a sound-shifting chameleon whose composition alters. The product is a beautifully reliant and seamlessly blended structure, in which one can’t exist as strongly without the other component.

Charlemagne has a wide frame of reference in regard to its influences, and its output is demonstrative of clearly competent and fresh composers. It’d be reductive to continue outlining the attributes that produced this triumph, but let’s just say the outcome is impeccable.

Charlemagne is first in line for release from the EP Promise. 23rd September- Killing Moon.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2013 Round #2)


Things never go as planned nor do things ever stay the same. Sometimes the reality of that sucks and sometimes it can be extremely awesome. Whatever it is, we all come to accept change at some point in our life. But, if you aren’t ready for that point of acceptance, come meet us here, at this spot, every Tuesday. We’ve got a weekly playlist to share, where the only things a-changin’ are last weeks awesome songs being replaced with this weeks awesome songs.

When We Were Small
The Janks
Separation From Your Body
The Dreamer
Birds and Arrows
Stay (Rihanna Cover Le Mouv)
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[NEW] John Mayer – Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

Paradise Valley
John Mayer
Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

While this pairing may seem out of the ordinary at first, John Mayer and Frank Ocean are no strangers to collaborating with one another. Those well acquainted with last year’s highly praised channel ORANGE may recall that Mayer laid down the guitar work for two of the album’s tracks, “Pyramids” and “White.” Now, Frank returns the favor by lacing this terse ballad with his soothing, effortless vocals. The track is a little too short for our tastes, but we’ll take whatever we can get from the duo.

Beware of the title by the way, as it’s easy to mistake this for a remix to the single that Mayer dropped a month back. While that track will play as an introduction to his upcoming sixth studio album, Paradise Valley, this one will be used as more of an interlude. For those interested in hearing the project in its entirety, it’s currently streaming for free on iTunes prior to its release on August 20th.

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[Electronic] James Young – “Dark Star” + Milkman Remix


 Jaymes Young came across our desks here at TMN seemingly out of nowhere, but carried with him more credibility than many artists who have been playing together for years. As a first ever live performance, Young opened for a band who should need no introduction to any level of music consumer, The Rolling Stones, at the revered Hyde Park in London. Quite a way to introduce oneself to the world, and thankfully a glimmering dose of musical integrity is there to back up all of that deserved hype, at least that is how we feel about it. On August 20, James Young will release a mixtape of sorts featuring 13 original tracks including this juicy cut “Dark Star”. “Dark Star” mixes a dubstep drum pattern on a much more melodic and connective level, utilizing familiar instrumentation with guitar and piano stabs rolling the beat right along. A quick glance at Young’s Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter reveals not much of anything, including a current location, which all feels like a move made to let the music speak for itself. It is becoming increasingly rare to see an artist emerge without the support of a giant P.R. firm maintaining their delicate image and interviews, so this was a release in which we were enamored with for that very reason.

In addition to Jaymes Young’s original version of “Dark Star”, we’ve also included an electro remix from San Diego’s Milkman. Milkman has gained notoriety playing main support already to the likes of Skrillex, Diplo and Dada Life, so it was a symbiotic pairing for TMN and this choice remix. Listen to both tracks below, and get your Monday night in order right now.

Dark Star
Jaymes Young
Dark Star (Milkman Remix)
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[MEGA SUMMER PLAYLIST] Volume 1 – Indie Rock/Folk


As summer starts to wind down, it’s important that we make the most out of the few sun soaked weeks that we have. Here at Music Ninja, you know we care about you having the best possible music to jam out to, but we felt with chillier weather approaching, we really needed to dial it up a notch.

With that in mind, we have created four summer time mega playlists for your listening enjoyment. The first consists of all indie rock, folk and alternative. The second will be all hip hop, the third is alternative, and the fourth will send your summer off in style with all EDM.

We hope this makes the last section of your summer the best that it can be. So press play, through on those Wayfarers, and get ready to enjoy some amazing music.

- TMN Staff

Golden Youth
We Are Alive
Gentlemen Hall
Sail Into The Sun
Young Dreams
Young Dreams
Vampire Weekend
Painted Palms
Los Encantados
St Tropez
Cold War Kids
Miracle Mile
Your Soul
Farewell Luna
By The Morning
The 1975
Imaginary Friend
The Thick and the Thin
Bruno Merz
When You Found Me
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Wont Back Down (Tom Petty Cover)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
In The Open
Josh Shroeder
Bluebird Avenue
Beach House
Patrick Watson
Adventures in Your Own Backyard
Opus Orange
Out Of The Shadows
Sky Barbarick
Island Of Mine
Andy Shauf
Two Little Clouds
Hung On Tight
Mazzy Star
Whole, Wide, World
Still Parade
Hotel Mexico
A.I. In Dreams
mutual benefit
advanced falconry
Old Man Canyon
Phantoms and Friends
Plaid Dragons
Dog Physics
Johnny Swim
Surfer Blood
Weird Shapes
Field Mouse
Kings of Leon
Eliza and the Bear
Trails and Ways
Como Te Vas
I Will
Wild Combination
Whole Lotta Truth
Smith Westerns
Iwan Rheon
Bang! Bang!
Wild Nothing
The Body In Rainfall
San Cisco
San Cisco
Fred Astaire
Whole, Wide, World
Someone New (Roosevelt Rmx)
Open Arms
The Naked And Famous
Hearts Like Ours
Wild Combination
Great Expectations
Roadkill Ghost Choir
Beggars Guild
The 1975

The 1975

Time (Radio Edit)
Midi Matilda
Just My Imagination (Temptations Cover)
Join the Riot
Queen Marmalade
New Desert Blues
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Nightwater Girlfriend
Pacific Air
Float (RAC Mix)
Part Time
I Want to Go
Hunter Hunted
Keep Together
Spectral Park
Lappel du Vide
Ha Ha Tonka
Colorful Kids
TV On The Radio
Ways To Go
Franz Ferdinand
Right Action
Little Comets
Cant Afford It All
Oliver Wilde
Frankie Rose
Gossip Culture
Waiting (feat. Quincy McCrary)
Bear Mountain
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
If You Didnt See Me (Then You Werent On The Dancefloor)
Widlife Control
Analog or Digital
Percy and the Gunslingers
Gunslinger Shuffle
Mason Jar
Of Monsters and Men
Mountain Sound
The Concept
On Our Way
Put a Light On
The Stroll
She & Him
Never Wanted Your Love
Kurt Vile
Never Run Away
Ski Lodge
Just To Be Like You
Falling Outta Love
I Wont Be Long
Demon To Lean On
Young Man
In A Sense (From Beyond Was All Around Me)
Parade of Flights
Were The Kids
Walk the Moon
Beach Fossils
Taking Off
Portugal. The Man
Purple Yellow Red and Blue
Strange Talk
Picking Up All The Pieces
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[Indie] Fè – Time (Radio Edit)

Time (Radio Edit)

If we’re clinging to the cusp of summer, then Fé’s debut track is the perfect soundscape to accompany the closure.

Don’t expect big crescendos from this London duo. They’ve avoided peaking and troughing as much as they’ve dodged the try-hard vibe. Here lies four minutes of ethereal authenticity: a myriad of instrumental talent masquerading as a modest and quietly stunning pop piece. Demure in it’s execution, the multi-faceted backdrop simmers with muted energy and the track is carried along on a melodic and at times melancholic vocal, featuring a guitar piece Modest Mouse would be proud of. Fé are rumoured to have been creating perfection for some time. Now their atmospheric euphoria has been unveiled, go enjoy it with a residue of sunshine.

Fé may have busked their way around the tube trains, but they’re yet to perform their first show. Check them out in London next month!

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