[Alternative] Fyfe – St Tropez

Fyfe set the internet ablaze last month when the mysterious young singer released his excellent single, “Solace” with nothing else but a rear headshot. After his unexpected success, the Londoner has finally revealed some more information about himself, identifying himself as 23-year-old Paul Dixon, an artist who previously recorded under the moniker, David Lyre.

“St Tropez” starts out with a rather mellow vibe before a sense of urgency takes over as Fyfe begins to plead “Take me home, it’s not our home here.” As the song shuffles between fleeting orchestral horns and subdued guitar riffs, Fyfe is able to balance out the transitions with his stellar vocals, crafting a stirring yet congruent melody. If I truly had to make a comparison here, I’d probably say it reminds me of both Thom Yorke and Miguel, which really gives you an idea of the range he’s able to display. I’ve heard plenty of other comparisons as well though, and I’m curious to see who he reminds you all of when his debut EP Solace drops  on April 7th.

St Tropez
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2013 Round #4)

What is the Indie Dojo good for? For those days when your eyes have been glued to a computer screen for an obscene amount of hours. When the whites of your eyes look like you confused Red Color 40 for Visine and it feels as if there are a million tiny men with lit torches running around in circles. In times of a much needed break from our technology driven world, we suggest this. Hit play on the Dojo, turn off your computer monitor or dim your laptop screen, lean back, and let your ears take the next shift.

The Lonely Wild
Buried In the Murder
Mt Royal
Missing Reward
The Senators
The Sea and Its Floor
Anyones Guess
The Novel Ideas
Saint Marie



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[Denver Event] Maserati – 2/26 Hi Dive

It’s inevitable. There’s always a few times a year that seem to be overrun by absolutely amazing shows. Here in Denver, that time is now. Tomorrow is one of those nights where we’re faced to make a decision, and we’re opting to catch the psychedelic rock stylings of Maserati.

This Georgia based four piece is touring and promoting their latest album Maserati VII. The album marks the band’s first release with new drummer Mike Albanese who replaced Jerry Fuchs after his untimely passing. While Mike will be sorely missed, we know that the band will bring their usual driving rhythms, lengthy tracks, and psych-dance-rock good times. If you’re in the need of a great show to catch, head down to the Hi Dive

The Eliminator
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[Album Stream] Youth Lagoon – Wondrous Bughouse

In the last few weeks we’ve been previewing Youth Lagoon‘s sophomore album, Wondrous Bughouse, with tracks like the kooky “Dropla” and the dreamy “Mute”. Considering his debut album The Year Of Hibernation was such a success, the anticipation surrounding the new LP has only built with every passing week. But wait no more, ninjas: it is now online for your streaming pleasure a week before it’s official release date (March 5 via Fat Possum).

Stream Youth Lagoon’s Wondrous Bughouse in its entirety via NPR.

Youth Lagoon Mute
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[NEW] Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

Not too long ago I posted Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ “Maps” as I got all nostalgic and antsy for new music. Luckily for me and all you avid music fans out there, 2013 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for the industry in terms of comebacks, reunions and the like. The band, led by the always kooky and effervescent Karen O, will put out their fourth album Mosquito on April 16th, and today, BBC Radio’s Zane Lowe premiered this ultra, ultra new single called “Sacrilege”. Hit play, get excited, and start the countdown.

via Stereogum

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[Indie Rock] La Luz – Sure as Spring

Watch out contemporary music scene, there are some ladies from the Pacific Northwest that are imposing their will. “Sure as Spring” from La Luz is a great contribution to the world of indie psych-rock. The track has a unique balance of electricity and musicality. Based in Seattle and currently only signed by tape label Burger Records, I foresee the ladies of La Luz growing into their own within the next year and beyond. Keep an eye out. Until then, spin “Sure as Spring” and the rest of the Damp Face EP whenever you see fit.

La Luz
Sure as Spring
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[Album Stream] Josh Ritter – The Beast In Its Tracks

Likely to be his most personal album yet — as it was written during a particularly trying time in his marriage — The Beast In Its Tracks by Josh Ritter is a record we’ve been anxiously waiting for. But now we don’t need to look any further, as the entire LP is currently streaming a week before it officially drops! A bunch of new tunes from a gifted singer-songwriter that has the power to move and captivate with just his voice and a couple of guitar strums? Count us in.

Stream Josh Ritter’s The Beast In Its Tracks via NPR.

Joy To You Baby
from The Beast in Its Tracks
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