[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2012 Round #5)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaThe day after a 3 day weekend feels way worse than a regular Monday. It’s like a double craptastic Monday. But, lets take a look at the brighter side. We’ve got a shorter week heading into the next weekend and we’ve got an indie dojo to get us through the rest of it.

Les Enfants
The Beauty Surrounds
Simple Kids
Siôn Russell Jones
So Long
Leif Vollebekk
Off the Main Drag
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[Folk/Pop] Imaginary Friend – Fire Escape


Four months ago we missed out on something truly incredible. We missed out on four months of ethereal, heavenly vocal harmonies. We missed out on emotionally crafted lyrics. We missed out on an amazing new artist. We flat out missed out.

Summer is here, and it’s definitely our favorite season. There’s no doubt about it. For some reason, every summer there’s seemingly endless amounts of solid folk music. While we’re always more than happy to hear the onslaught of acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics, this time around we have something truly special for you.

Enter Imaginary Friend. While there’s not much information out on this overwhelmingly audibly pleasing folk pop ensemble, know this: they deserve a spot in your regular rotation. Just take one listen, and try to argue with us. If you get past “Thick and the Thin” with your argument still ready, we’ll buy you a round of shots. Soon after said shots, we’ll listen to “Thick and the Thin,” and hug it out.

The Thick and the Thin
Fire Escape
The Well
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[Dream-Pop] Saskatchewan – Spellbound


Chandler Strang’s Orlando based ethereal-pop collective Saskatchewan has been quietly garnering widespread critical attention and acclaim from the blogosphere and mainstream media outlets alike in early 2013, especially after the April 30 release of debut long-player Occasion. Comparisons have already been drawn as wide as early New Order, to the late 80′s/early 90′s melodic vitality of “indie” bands like Wire and Roxy Music. Those are all really coveted comparisons in case you were wondering, or if that was too far of a reach back for our hip readers. Last night, Saskatchewan gave to the world another gift in the form of  single, “Spellbound”off of Occasion. It is an ambient, diamond of a track encapsulated in primal emotion, simple but powerful guitar progressions and rife with what has now become one of shoegaze/dream-pop’s most utilized components; a sprinkling of hazy reverb. Saskatchewan’s sound feels like dream-pop that was made for a more typical  pop-centric listener, and “Spellbound” falls in line with that description almost perfectly. Give it a listen above and do your cochlear cavities a solid by picking up Occasion out now on Father/Daughter Records.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2013 Round #5)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaWe all have those songs that we find eeeeextremely annoying the first time we hear them. So annoying that we publicly swear we will never listen to it again.  But then someway, somehow, they magically creep into our world and we find ourselves enjoying it more than we ever hated it. You know the one. The song that we blast in our cars and then the moment our friend gets in we quickly hit the next button while expressing how stupid it is.  The funny this is, those friends are probably secretly wishing you would have kept it on. And honestly, why should we be embarrassed of our musical taste? Everyone has got that one stupid song or 100 stupid songs for that matter. So be a ninja. Stand tall and let your musical taste fly free…..

Milky Chance
Down by the River
Goodbye And Goodbye And Goodbye And Goodbye
Bipolar Sunshine
Worry Dolls
Put a Ring On It (Beyonce Cover)


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[TICKET GIVEAWAY] The Presets/Dragonette/Classixx – Denver 5/18

the presets-01

Holy shit! What a line up. There’s not really a whole lot to say here other than the fact that if you’re in Denver, you should be at this show. Being the nice bloggers that we are, we’ve asked our friends over at Awesome Factory to hook our fans up with a pair of tickets. Being the nice guys they are, they obliged to our offer. So, find out how to enter below, and get to it!

The Presets
This Boys In Love
My Legs
All Youre Waiting For (Feat. Nancy Whang)

How to enter:

1) Like The Music Ninja on FB

2) Like The Presets on facebook:

3) Like Dragonette on facebook:

4) Like Classixx on facebook:

5) Comment below this post and tell us what is your favorite track from either The Presets, Dragonette, or Classixx.

Contest ends Friday May 17th at 12pm Eastern. Prizes include only 2 tickets to the show. No travel will be provided in this contest. You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the show. Winners will be notified through this comment stream via FB so please pay attention! Good Luck!

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[Gorgeous] Badlands – Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

One of our favorite parts of being music bloggers is stumbling across relatively unknown artists. Don’t get us wrong, we love hearing stuff from our favorites, but there’s also something about hearing someone completely new that’s just downright exciting.

Meet Badlands. This is their first song. The lead singer’s voice and harmonies carry effortlessly over the dark shoegazey rythmic drumming. Her repetitious use of “I’ll dream for you” helps create an atmospheric vibe that’s both welcoming and haunting. Badlands truly creates an experience with their track “Sleeping Beauty,” which is more than impressive for their first release.

Definitely keep your ears open for these guys, as we’re sure you’ll be hearing more from them as time goes on.

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[Dream-Pop] The 1975 – fallingforyou

The 1975

Thank goodness we didn’t have to wait long for the latest offering from Manchester minimal-poppers The 1975 and their forthcoming EP IV which is set to release May 20, with freshly minted single “fallingforyou”.  Last week, we gave you Ninjas the drop on the dreary cut “Haunt // Bed”, and today follows suit with that slow-burning aesthetic spearheaded by Matthew Healy’s longing coo, steeped in a blanket of shoegazey reverb. At the heart of “fallingforyou”, beats a faint, driving synth just audible enough to get your hips swinging while lost in The 1975’s stimulating wave of melancholia. It is a track recalling some of The xx’s earliest and best work, but is also completely unique on its own. It seems with every release The 1975 are becoming more confident in building their sound, and haven’t once missed the mark production wise. Stream “fallingforyou” above and check out their latest North American tour dates in support of The Neighbourhood here.

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