[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2013 Round #1)

It seems like just yesterday the 1st indie dojo was posted.  But really “just yesterday” means 59 Tuesdays ago. Which means 59 playlists multiplied by the average song count of 6 quals approximately 352 wrangled songs that just happened to be floating around the internets at the right time. We hope you’ve enjoyed at least one if not multiple songs at this point and if you haven’t, well, here’s another 8 for you to try.  Ninjas never give up.

Santah - Springfield
Jason Diaz
All the Way Down
The Gospel Whiskey Runners
Hold On
Open the Doors
Song Preservation Society - Circus
Liz Lawrence
When I Was Younger
Tell Me Ida
Matthew E. White
One of These Days


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[NEW] Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)


2013 is shaping up to be the year of comebacks. With Destiny’s Child reuniting at the Super Bowl, and Justin Timberlake debuting some new songs live in New Orleans, 2013 is beginning to look more like 2003. In their roaring return, Fall Out Boy display that they’ve certainly matured during the years apart as they piece together an epic, riveting new single. It’s a definite shift in sound for Pete Wentz and crew. They represent that change in the accompanying visuals, where guest star 2 Chainz and a few friends symbolically burn down the group’s instruments and records. While some fans may miss the familiar sound of the past, this seems like a step in the right direction for the band. Fall Out Boy look poised to Save Rock and Roll, but we’ll have to wait until May 6th to find out if they succeed.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
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[Indie Pop] Young Dreams – First Days Of Something

It’s only the beginning of February, but after listening to “First Days Of Something”, it’ll feel as though we’re on the brink of Spring. The Norwegian outfit Young Dreams pack their latest single with sunny indie pop, peppered with playful, bouncy guitar lines and the warmest Beach Boys-esque harmonies. Mondays can be a real bummer, so brighten up your day with this track. Check it out below.

Young Dreams’ debut LP, Between Places, drops March 1 (AUS)/March 4 (UK,EU)/March 5 (US) via Modular Recordings.

Young Dreams
First Days Of Something
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Wolf Alice – White Leather [Indie]

Just after the release of ‘Fluffy’ earlier in January, Wolf Alice, the charming four-piece form London, has another delicate story for us. It’s somber but not depressing B-side ‘White Leather’, powered by the smooth and relaxing vocals of Ellie Roswell, will be along with the single on February 11th via Chess Club Records.

White Leather
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[Indie] Vondelpark – California Analog Dream

While R&S Records has been known to boast a range of electronically minded artists (Airhead, James Blake, Aphex Twin), they’ve got the ear for sparse, straightforward indie rock. Case in point: London three-piece Vondelpark. Their new song, “California Analog Dream” reads like a coaxing, late-night drive along an empty and dark highway. It’s not loud or boisterous, but it hardly needs to be; its hushed quality is its best quality. Add in the velvety vocals that wrap you up like a cozy security blanket and you’ve got a track that’ll keep your attention night or day.

California Analog Dream

Vondelpark’s new album, Seabed, comes out April 1st.

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[NEW] Iron and Wine – Lovers’ Revolution

Sam Beam, aka Iron and Wine, has been known for his delicate folk rock and heart-wrenching tales — my personal LP favorites being 2002′s The Creek Drank The Cradle and and 2004′s Our Endless Numbered Days — nearly leading and inspiring that niche corner of music for good chunks of time. But on his newest song, “Lovers’ Revolution,” he shifts away from that sound, instead dabbling in brass-heavy arrangements perfect for a free-form night at the local jazz club. It’s an interesting change, and one that longtime fans might have to get used to, but it shows that Beam hasn’t lost one drop of that creative blood that propelled his career in the first place. Listen in below.

Iron and Wine
Lovers Revolution

Iron and Wine’s fifth album, Ghost on Ghost, comes out April 16th on Nonesuch Records.

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[Indie Rock] Caveman – In The City

Pulsing synths and stirring tribal percussion line this new groovy indie rock track from New York five-piece Caveman. The simmering golden melodies and frontman Matthew Iwanusa’s soaring vocals throughout “In The City,” in particular, really sweep you off your feet and transport you to another place — a place that’s awash in endless welcoming, feel-good vibes. Listen in below and let it take over you.

In The City

The band — who we’ve covered before — drop their new self-titled album April 2nd via Fat Possum.

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