[HOT] Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Is it too late to add “Kemosabe” to the Top Songs of 2012 list? Shredding guitars and zippy percussion mix in with a soaring, sky-high chorus full of pretty falsettos, an unbelievable hook, and the kind of oomph that’ll make you want to punch the air with your fist. During the bridge, when the song shifts gears for just a second, the way it transitions and allows a momentary breath is mesmerizing. But really, Manchester art-rockers Everything Everything pack a sharp, attacking energy that, from start to finish, keeps the track from losing even just a hint of momentum and keeps you on what feels like an exhilarating roller coaster ride.

Everything Everything

“Kemosabe” is the new single off the band’s forthcoming album, Arc, out January 14th.

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[Indie] HAIM – Send Me Down

The new song from Los Angeles-based HAIM starts off with trickling bursts of percussion, sounding like newly lit firecrackers. It then eases into a bit of a start-stop, indie pop crawl lined with dark, heralding synths, which are perfectly balanced out by the lovely and strong vocals of the sisterly trio. After sharing the irresistible synth pop track “Don’t Save Me” about a month ago, and now “Send Me Down,” the buzz around the three piece is at an all-time high and we eagerly await to hear what’s next.

Send Me Down
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[NEW] Beach House – Wild (Video)


Indie dream-poppers Beach House released a new music video for the track “Wild”. Directed by Johan Renck, it’s a series of powerful and dramatic moments concerning friendships and relationships. The song is off the band’s fourth full-length, Bloom, which came out in May via Sub Pop.

Beach House
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[Indie] Alt-J feat. Mountain Man – Buffalo

The indie-pop foursome Alt-J took the world by storm with their September debut, An Awesome Wave, which recently snagged the esteemed Mercury Prize. For all curious but haven’t yet tried it: if you press alt-J on your keyboard it makes the Greek symbol for change. That’s what the name means. ∆ join Mountain Man (three Vermont folk singers who previously backed Feist) in this track set to appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming film Silver Lining Playbook. It’s the synthetic, syncopated beats we love from Alt-J, combined with thicker (and higher) vocal harmonies from their collaborating female voices. They mix in some playful brass, major-minor switchbacks, and witty wordplay around the track’s title.

Hear Alt-J’s cinematic debut and check out Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen November 21st.

J feat. Mountain Man
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[Folk Rock] The Amazing – Gentle Stream (Album Review)

The Amazing, a band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden is tough to categorize.  Their sound places them somewhere between a folk band and a jam band, producing an all-together unique sound. Interwoven guitars create beautiful melodies, punctuated by horns and wind instruments, and anchored with masterful drumming. The vocals drift effortlessly through each track, complementing the instruments perfectly. While The Amazing’s songs seem to draw from folk music, they are almost certainly a jam band. Out of the nine tracks on their album, Gentle Stream, five of them are six-plus minutes long. “Gentle Stream,” the title track of the album, which you can listen to below, is a perfect example.  At just over seven minutes in length, the song steadily builds to a melodic crescendo of electric guitars, horns, and drums.

While The Amazing may not produce songs that instantly draw you in with catchy pop hooks and predictable melodies, they make a different kind of music, the kind that is crafted down to every detail to provide the best listening experience possible. So, give them a shot and allow yourself to be taken in to the world of The Amazing.

The Amazing
Gentle Stream

Gentle Stream is out now via Partisan Records. Purchase it via iTunes.

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[Stream] Björk – bastards (Biophilia Remix Album)

The profound and nearly indescribable Björk released her seventh album, Biophilia, last October. On November 19th, she puts out its remix album entitled bastards via One Little Indian. The 13-track collection includes work by folks like Hudson Mohawke, Death Grips, These New Puritans and more. You can check out two of its songs below and then stream all of bastards via the lovely folks at The Guardian.

Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Rework)

Sacrifice (Death Grips Remix)
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[Indie] Griz Adams – The Struggle

With fall in full swing and winter right around the corner, it’s easy to overlook summery gems like this. It’s got lyrics that you’re bound to catch yourself singing along with. Back that with simple guitar work, contagious organ chords, and smooth synths and you’ve got “The Struggle”. Los Angeles-based band Griz Adams is the new side project of Adam Roth and Fredrik Eriksson. They haven’t released any other tracks under the moniker but be sure to keep a look out for them to crank out more indie pop rock goodness.

The Struggle (Indian Summer PRE
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