[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2014 Round #4)


It’s Tuesday morning. It’s almost summer. It’s time for an Indie Dojo.

’Tora – Overcome feat. Potato Potato’
’Jack + Eliza – Hold The Line’
’Bootleg Rascal – Overflow’
’The Code – 9.46’
’Nouv Shy – Self’
’Henrik José – Fallacy (Exclusive)’


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[Indie Rock] Misty Miller – Rabbits

Misty Miller

We’ve been a little heavy on EDM today, but fortunately for all of you indie rock lovers out there, we have a delightfully dreary song coming your way from UK based singer-songwriter Misty Miller. While this may not be the tune you’ll throw on to rev you up for a wild night out, it’s certainly worth throwing on for a night at the house.

At just the young age of 19, this newcomer only has two demos out and has already been picked up by a label (Relentless Records). Sporting a fusion of blues, surf rock, shoegaze and Americana, she encompasses a beautiful blend of artistry. “Rabbits” just came out nine hours ago, and we’ve found ourselves enamored with the wavering, wearisome guitar chords that perfectly counter-balance Misty’s vocals. Her voice is quite unique, fluctuating between brittle moments and some that are rather penetrating, keeping you fully engaged through the entire experience.

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Erin Fein & Ryne Estwing – Tunnels [TMN PREMIERE]

Erin Fein & Ryne Estwing

It’s one thing to have a publisher that adores its artist’s music. It’s another thing to have a publisher that encourages rostermates to interact with each other. It’s pretty much unheard of for a publisher to send members from each band on its roster to a gorgeous setting for a week of inter-label songwriting. That is unless you’re Red Brick Songs.

Two years ago we found ourselves wildly enamored with the quality of music Red Brick put out with their Casablanca Sessions on Lake Couchiching. The second we went through their playlist, we knew that this little Canadian indie publisher had created something special.

Flash forward two years, and we’re now ready to start checking out the product of their latest songwriter’s retreat. Fortunately for us, we’re bringing you the very first release off of The Red Album. “Tunnels” was crafted by Erin Fein (Psychic Twin), Ryne Estwing (ON AN ON) and Nygel Asselin (producer of Half Moon Run), and takes listeners on a surreal voyage, carried through by alternating vocalists and stunning harmonies. Coupled with some booming percussion, a light yet playful bassline and some ethereal synth melodies, “Tunnels” has us lost in some delectable daydreams.

As the weeks go on, Red Brick Songs will be releasing tunes from this incredible retreat which brought fifteen songwriters from all over North America to Deerhurst Resort. Expect to hear some fantastic stuff from members of ON AN ON, Psychic Twin, JMR, Los Encantados, EXROYALE, Andy Shauf, STACEY, Library Voices, In-Flight Safety, Cuff The Duke and Oh Travioso

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[Synth-Pop] Olympic Ayres – Control

Olympic Ayres

There’s no denying that here at TMN we’ve been huge fans of the Australian indie scene in general with one of our favorite writers even residing Down Under, and behind such prominent labels like Future Classic and Popfrenzy it seems like every day we’re exposed to more exciting acts, most notably of the indie and synth-pop persuasion. Recently, behind prim and polished singles “Magic” and “Take Flight”, Sydney’s Olympic Ayres, have assumed their place as the undisputed apple of this writer’s eye… or ear for that matter, and their latest effort easily has worked its way onto our office playlist. “Control”, Kamaliza Salamba and Nathan Mifsud’s second single from impending debut EP Leisureplex, plays like a breezy slice of funk and disco fueled pop music. Behind what sounds a Nile Rodger’s leaning lead guitar, and a beautifully swung 80’s synth and bass line, “Control” is slightly more restrained than their past offerings but with the same amount of aural and emotional impact we’ve come to expect from the talented pair. Olympic Ayres debut EP Leisureplex is set for release Sept 17th stateside and on the 18th in Australia, and we’re hoping to get at least one more taste before its anticipated release. Stream “Control” above, and pick it up on iTunes here before we get to hear Leisureplex in its entirety.


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Kodacrome – Strike The Gold (Luke Neher Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]


Bearing the moniker of a classic Paul Simon song and a Kodak product from the 30’s (with a slightly different spelling), Brooklyn-based Elissa & Ryan together form a up-and-coming project called Kodacrome. Featuring dreamy soundscapes and sultry subdued vocals, this duo made a splash two years ago with their EP, Perla. Since then, they’ve released a few other tracks, including a shimmering, electronic-soul tune called “Strike the Gold.”

With the calming synth-driven backdrop and Elissa’s understated vocals, we were eager to hear what a few remixers could do with these engaging elements. Coming from the land down under, Melbourne DJ/Producer Luke Neher, of Naysayer & Gilsun, has stepped up and re-interpreted “Strike the Gold,” giving it rich, textural elements and a slowly building synth progression to create a lo-fi pop remix.

Calling on associations of Lana Del Rey, Portishead, and The XX, this remix is perfect for a laid back Sunday, or a long summer drive. Luckily for you, this tune is available as a free download on their Soundcloud page.

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[Soul] Nick Hakim – Cold


A slow melody carries you into a place of pure music ecstasy and then, if the quiet groove of the music didn’t capture your mind already, Nick Hakim starts to sing.
And his voice, oh his sexy and tantalizing voice that speaks directly to the soul, leaves goose bumps along every centimeter of your body. ‘Cold’ is a teaser song which Hakim performed with Yours Truly to promote his upcoming debut EP Where Will We Go Part I. The song breaths life into a relationship that no longer exists. Hakim sings a sad story of a love who has turned cold and who will never return to him. His intoxicating vocals seduce even the coldest of hearts, lamenting over her eyes, and her mouth, and her body, Hakim turns to the hypnotic beats of his music to feel warm again. Looking forward to hearing what this crooner has in store on his full EP.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (June 2014 Round #2)


How many times a month do you completely shut off from the world? No phone calls, no emails, no text messages, no nothing. Just you, yourself, and maybe an awesome playlist playing in the background. Hardly ever you say? Well here it is….Your opportunity to hang out with yourself for a little while. We promise it’s not that bad.

’Our Mother – Fire Fire’
’Blackbird Blackbird – Rare Candy’
’Kimberly Anne – Show Me Love’
’Hugo – Dark Days’
’Beat Connection – Silver Screen (Slight Return)’
’She The Monster – Dream’
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