[Indie Pop] The High Wire – Under a Spell

Underapell v2
Under A Spell

UK based indie pop outfit The High Wire has just dialed up one hell of a catchy tune with their 4 day old track, “Under a Spell.” Much like the lyrics, this mashup of 60′s folk and 90′s soul has us under a spell. With guest vocals from London soul & gospel legend Nicky Brown (Primal Scream, Madonna) and seasoned soul singer Ladonna Harley-Peters (Florence & the Machine, Groove Armada), this tune is going to be one that crawls under your skin and refuses to let go. And we couldn’t be happier about that.

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[Garage Band Grown-Up] She Might Bite – The Key

She Might Bite
She Might Bite
The Key

There’s a little bit of filth, and a little bit of punk, don’t forget the blues sound and oh yeah, the garage rock roughness. All of those words have been used to describe Tara Kimes voice and her band She Might Bite. Started in 2011 the band has gone through a few member changes but has continued to keep the wonderful sound that fans know and admire. Kimes voice is thick and a little rough around the edges but full of life and intensity. Off their upcoming EP out October 27th, “Don’t Entertain”, they released “The Key” a song full of beautiful guitar melodies and stunning vocals by Kimes mixed in with percussion. Add in a dusting of tambourine and Kime’s Lotetta Lynn sound carries this wonderful song.

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[MP3 Playlist} Indie Dojo (September 2013 Round #4)



In a music lull? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. Even though we are constantly inundated with new music at every moment, we damn well know quantity does not equal quality. But no need to fret, being the ninjas we are we like to scour around the internets looking for that one new song to reignite your dying flame. And if not this week, try again next week. Our persistence is bound to pay off at some point…..


Ciaran Lavery
Awful Love
Daniel James
A Lonely Man
Super Food
Carpet Burns
Dog Is Dead
Get Low
Joshua Burnside
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[Gorgeous] Fractures – Cadence


Sultry, seductive, and overwhelmingly inviting are just a few of the things we could use to describe this latest release from Fractures. We find ourselves getting deeply lost in the emotion rich lyrics and soft repetitious guitars. It’s beautifully simple, yet layered and well produced.

Instrumentals aside, we can’t help but feel a deep connection with the lead singer’s voice. He’s painfully remembering a situtation that’s familiar to any guy. Coupled with the ethereal back up harmonies, this is a soulfully charged tune that begs for a set of headphones, glass of bourbon and some deep reflection.

I’ve got you stuck on mind,
and it’s driving me crazy.
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[Indie] Lorde – Tennis Court (The Kite String Tangle Cover)

Tennis Court (The Kite String Tangle Cover)

With a level of talent like 17 year old sensation Lorde, it’s only natural to expect an onslaught of remixes and covers to follow. Her razor sharp lyrics are infectious and meticulously crafted, which offers up an opportunity for others artists to pay tribute to her with their own take on her work.

While “Tennis Courts” initially was a hip hop inspired electro-pop tune, The Kite String Tangle saw it in a much different light. The experimental solo project of alternative electronic artist and producer, Danny Harley, crafted a melodically rich downtempo interpretation. Letting his heaven like vocals be the star in this cover, it’s an absolutely stunning take that we just can’t stop listening to.

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[NEW] Phantogram – Celebrating Nothing

Celebrating Nothing

Phantogram returned to our our radar earlier this month with the release of their single, “Black Out Days.” After one successful single in September though, the band isn’t quite ready to throw a party. We think they definitely deserve one after listening to their follow-up number, “Celebrating Nothing.” The band produces a dreamy, yet enamoring soundscape here that allows Sara Barthel’s yearning vocals room to breathe, while gripping lyrics like, “Give me a reason to stay alive/I’ve got the feeling we’re gonna die,” help power through the track. While there’s no word on a release date for Phantogram’s sophomore album, Voices, we are excited for their self-titled EP set to drop next week on September 30th.

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[Delicious] FLXXDS- Two Coins (City & Colour Cover)

FLXXDS- Two Coins (City & Colour Cover)

It takes a lot to take on an iconic track. On one hand, you want to pay a special tribute to the original artist and maintain some semblance of their artistry. On the other hand you really want to put your own spin on it, and make it truly your own. Just a few days ago, newcomer FLXXDS (pronounced floods) dropped his interpretation of City and Colour’s “Two Coins.” Not only does it pay ample respects to the original, but it takes on a whole new feel.

FLXXDS turned “Two Coins” on its head (pun intended) giving a soulful, garage influenced makeover to the well known indie folk tune. The bass line is sexy, seductive, and welcoming – the type of bass line that’s perfect for a chill night with your significant other. The vocals are sultry and flirt heavily with the acoustic guitar picks, which bring everything back to the original. It’s gorgeously rethought, and exquisitely redone. No wonder the blogosphere is ablaze with this gem of a cover.

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