[Indie-Pop/Shoegaze] Day Wave – Nothing At All

Day Wave
Nothing At All

L.A. synth-poppers Carousel have long been a darling of more than a few writers here at TMN. So when one-half of that project, lead vocalist and melody mutator Jackson Philips, came forth with his newest solo project Day Wave, we approached it with fairly high expectations. Fortunately, Day Wave’s debut single “Nothing At All” comes armed with as much polish and enlightened instrumentation as anything he’s done with Carousel. Gone however, is the gadgetry structured pop-wave sounds in favor of a much more lo-fi indie approach; relying mostly on a more live sounding recording technique. A lightly picked lead guitar, live drums, a more deliberate, masculine approach to his vocal track and a slightly more introspective, pensive weight applied to his lyrics shape Day Wave’s backbone, at least from this first single. Philips has certainly set the bar high with Day Wave’s first release, and we’re pretty damn eager to hear what else is brought out under his companionless handle.

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Áine Aura – Uncover [TMN PREMIERE]

Áine Aura

There are few things that we love more than debuting an artist. Something about being the first to share a person’s gift with the world is overwhelmingly enticing. While it doesn’t happen very often, we’re always chomping at the bit to get that opportunity. Luckily for us, that opportunity came to us by way of Rip City.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Áine Aura (pronounced: awn + ye aura) is ready to flaunt her vocal prowess in front of the masses, bringing us her debut single, “Uncover.” This electro-pop gem is truly radiant, providing a ethereal glow through it’s Chet Faker-style build (notice the humming harmonies similar to “Drop the Game”). Production wise, EXROYALE knocked it out of the park, crafting a surging melody that walks effortlessly along a booming bassline. The clean and simplistic percussion work, comprised of claps and light hi-hat hits, fit perfectly, creating the proper space for the listener to focus on Aura’s stunning vocals.

Speaking of those vocals – good lord. How long will it take these to get on the radio? Days? Hours? Minutes? We wouldn’t be surprised to hear it booming over speakers in a public place later today. Gushing of a music nerd aside, she truly does have a unique tone and a range that flirts effortlessly between haunting deep lows and heavenly highs, leaving us grinning ear-to-ear.

This gem of a tune will be available on iTunes next week. Mark your calendar.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2014 Round #2)


Mother Nature is all about the weather extremes this week. Whether she is dumping snow in the middle of November or allowing you to get away with wearing Ugg boots and scarves in 70 degree weather, she’s all over the place. No matter the conditions though, sleet or snow, rain or shine, the Indie Dojo will be right here, every Tuesday morning (or any other day of the week you happen to land on us) just waiting to warm you up or cool you down. Unless your electricity happens to go out or something…..then you’re on your own, buddies. We’ll just promise to be here when you get back.

Twin Hidden
Join Hands
Tusk Vegas
I Cant Figure You Out
The Districts
Alex Highton
You Dont Own This Life
Leon Bridges
Coming Home
Public School
Dont Wake Me Up


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There’s really nothing to prepare oneself for winter’s icy grip. The chilling winds, the piling snow, and the frost covered branches will be a mainstay for the next few months. While the dark and dreary may make you cringe, DEATHS are embracing it with their second release, “Sold”.

Following up on their successful debut release, “Lonewolves,” which garnered a top spot in the Hype Machine’s popular charts, this Berlin-based act is having us premier not only this single, but the music video as well. Once again, we find ourselves in a haunting soundscape, floating along a delicate, minimalistic drumbeat. The monastery style vocals echo throughout, flirting with dark, woeful guitar riffs and light plucks of a harp, creating feelings of sorrow and abandonment.

The music video embodies these deep, introspective desertion, as we wander through city void of human interaction. Consistently focusing on the element of light throughout the video, we can only guess that the vision was to display the possibility of humanity, without every really experiencing it. While it is dreadful to think about, the video does evoke a very raw and real set of emotions, which we applaud.

At the start of next year, DEATHS will be giving away a very limited run of ltd ed. LONEWOLVES/SOLD vinyls to some of their lucky fans. Head over to their website and sign up for their mailing list to enter for a chance to win one. Not only will it be a tremendous keepsake, but we’re damn certain these tracks will sound wonderful on vinyl.

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[NEW] Lorde – Flicker (Kanye West Rework)

Flicker (Kanye West Rework)

With the help of Lorde‘s curation, the soundtrack for the latest installment of The Hunger Games is shaping up to be quite a compilation featuring a diverse selection of artists including CHVRCHES, Raury, Major Lazer and HAIM among others. The latest release from the soundtrack brings together two of music’s most dynamic superstars as Kanye West puts his spin on one of Lorde’s contributions to the album, “Yellow Flicker Beat.” As always, ‘Ye stuns creating an ominously spectacular progression accentuating the original’s powerful vocals.

This one bodes well for the upcoming Kanye West album that we’ve been hearing rumors about recently. While the overarching sound of his most recent album, Yeezus, is certainly evoked, West continues to march forward sonically incorporating his more experimental projects in perfect doses as he grows artistically. In some ways, his current position parallels the 808s & Heartbreak days in the sense that he’s finding ways to reinvent himself, absorb what works and incorporate it as a creative tool moving forward.  

Enjoy the re-work, appropriately called “Flicker,” above. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 is in theaters November 21st and its soundtrack, which can be pre-ordered here, is out on November 17th.

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[Denver Giveaway] SOHN – 11/10 – Larimer Lounge

The Chase

Vienna-based Londoner SOHN‘s name has been one synonymous with TMN’s softer and emotive side since his premiere single “The Wheel” back in 2012, and since then what was once a snowball’s worth of hype has accumulated into a full fledged avalanche which has seen his moniker attached to projects like Banks & Angel Haze, releases on classic indie labels like 4AD, and countless other distinctions. So when SOHN’s ambient palate of electronicism touches down tomorrow, Monday the 10th at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, we wanted at least a few of our Ninja friends there representing. We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to the show, and as always, entering is beyond simple. To set the mood and stack the odds in your favor, listen to “The Chase” from SOHN above.

There are a few rules, of course:
- You must be 18+ to enter.
- You are responsible for transportation.
- You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at will call.
-You ABSOLUTELY MUST be ready to get lost in a constant state of swoon, completely lost in the dreamy nature of SOHN’s music


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Hillström & Billy – Keys in the Lake [TMN PREMIERE]

Hillström & Billy
Keys In The Lake

The indie scene is alive and well in Stockholm, and the musical collective known as Hillström & Billy are living proof of it. Debuting today here on TMN, “Keys in the Lake” is a first glance at this outfit’s upcoming album. Already garnering some success from their previous four albums, we’re getting a fresh glance at these guys after an 18-month hiatus. While a break may often sound negative for a band, the reason for this hiatus is a positive one, simply needing some time to harness their craft.

The artistic growth in taking Hillström & Billy from a one-man band to a musical collective of fellow musicians in that hiatus is displayed in this glowing tune, which holds the ideals of unity, collaboration, and being held back.

Musically, “Keys in the Lake” boasts a truly dreamy and cinematic soundscape, carried on the back of rolling percussion work. Couple in some larger-than-life piano chords and wavering guitar riffs, and the rich, layered melody starts to form together, creating the perfect compliment to lead singer Petter Hillström’s inspiring vocals. It’s a tune that one can get easily lost in, which should be the perfect remedy for those middle of the week blues.

This song can be found on their upcoming album, which is expected to drop Spring 2015. Follow them on Facebook to keep tabs on when it does.

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