[Electro-Pop/Dance] Tori Kelly – Should’ve Been Us (Lincoln Jesser Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Tori Kelly
Should've Been Us (Lincoln Jesser Remix)

For years now we’ve been falling head over heels for L.A. native Lincoln Jesser‘s smooth, saccharine-sweet brand of downtempo synth-pop. Whether we were gleefully consuming the majority of Jesser’s thoughtfully crafted singles & covers, or devouring his debut LP Modern Color with the careful listening precision it truly deserved; it’s safe to say the multifaceted producer has carved out a soft spot within our Ninja hearts.

After the recent release of his successful Ministry of Sound debut, “In My Place,” which echoed a club atmosphere more than we’d ever experienced with the production chameleon, he’s brandished the remixer hat for Tori Kelly’s “Should’ve Been Us” and we’ve got it before any other outlet. Again, we’ve become privy to yet another piece to Lincoln Jesser’s evolution as this time around the soundscape he’s crafted touches on numerous sonic aesthetics. Jesser imbues Tori Kelly’s boy-band hearkening original with a contemporary electronic hip-hop swing and pop sensibility that has us drawing up comparisons to pre-radio AlunaGeorge. Buzzy leads and pitched vocals give the tune’s strong melody all of the necessary breathing room to blossom into a blissed-out revision, and it delivers in spades. We’ve also gotten word that Lincoln Jesser’s already back in the studio working on more original material to follow on this latest angle to his rapidly developing sound. 

Stream Lincoln Jesser’s “Should’ve Been Us” remix above.

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[Indie Rock] The Hunna – Bonfire/She’s Casual

11224014_1664599180419407_7154297041995486511_o (1)

It seems to happen when we least expect it. We spend hours sifting through music in dozens of different avenues, from SoundCloud, to email submissions, to random tweets from artists, and so on. We find tunes that we enjoy on a daily basis, casually putting them in our list for possible posts to happen in the following week. Every once in a while, though, maybe twice a year, we come across something that leaves us with a cartoonishly gaping jaw and trembling fingers, giving us the instantaneous urge to write it up. Ninjas and ninjettes, that’s exactly what we have here today.

The Hunna are a Hertfordshire four-piece consisting of Ryan (Vocals/Guitar), Dan (Lead Guitar), Jermaine (Bass) and Jack (Drums). This is more than likely the first time you’ve heard of them, given the fact that “Bonfire” and “She’s Casual” only came out two days ago. Upon pressing play, you’ll quickly realize this is a name that you’ll soon hear a lot more of in the near future.

First up in this two-track collection is “Bonfire,” which was produced by Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey, Halsey) and mixed by Dan Grech (Wolf Alice, Circa Waves). It’s frenetic, yet extremely polished, carrying the heft of a band that’s been writing songs for decades. Drenched in anthemic nature, it immediately insights the need to start singing along, which is incredibly rare for a debut release.

The B-side to this tune is “She’s Casual,” dials back the intensity a bit, showcasing an impressive lyrical ability and cadence that lures listeners in within seconds. The track then switches back and forth effortlessly, showcasing larger-than-life crescendos and calming breaks rife with playful hums paired with a steady kick.

With a debut release as impressive as these, we have to imagine that the live show is equally as impressive. Check out their tour schedule below the players, and pick up some tickets ASAP.

Shes Casual

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[Denver Event Preview] Autre Ne Veut @ Lost Lake – 10/16/15


When Arthur Ashin’s Autre Ne Veut project announced its followup LP to 2013’s excellent Anxiety in the form of the gleefully frantic Age of Transparency (which you can listen to in all of its glory below via Spotify), we perked up in preparation to devour every last piece as it was revealed. In advance of Age of Transparency’s October 2nd release a few weeks back, we had the chance to hear singles “Panic Room” & “World War pt. 2″ and even crafted an entertaining and lovely conversation with him last month, which all only served to stoke our flame for a live experience. Luckily for us, Autre Ne Veut’s just three dates into an album supporting North American tour, and for our Denver based Ninjas, TMN will be out in full force this Friday at Lost Lake Lounge for the show.

The night won’t be short of talent either, with an opening set provided by the talented, L.A. via DC duo of Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John Usher, known simply as GEMS. GEMS have been carving an impressive sonic niche over the last few years, and with their debut on Carpark Records slated for an October 30th release right around the corner (pre-order here) we’re urging our readers to get there early for an amazing night of music.

Stream Autre Ne Veut’s latest LP, Age of Transparency, below, and for the rest of our friends around the country, check out the remaining tour dates underneath the Spotify player.

Oct 13 – Seattle, WA @ Barboza
Oct 16 – Denver, CO @ Lost Lake
Oct 18 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall
Oct 20 – Toronto, ON @ The Hoxton
Oct 21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
Oct 22 – Boston, MA @ Middle East Downstairs
Oct 23 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
Oct 26 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (October 2015 Round #2)

There comes a time in the season where the thought of stepping foot outside is terrifying. But unlike Summer FOMO, we have absolutely NO guilt in holing ourselves up when the temperature drops to ungodly degrees. Really though, what is the point of going outside when we have a sweet Indie Dojo to cuddle up to?

Oyster Kids
Kyler Slater
Black Eyes
Lewis Del Mar
Kalle Mattson
Hotline Bling (Drake Cover)
Brain Operator
Solo Hunter.
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Naj Wareham

Our affinity with TOTEM pre-dates anything you’ll find on this incredibly gifted, NYC-based crooner’s soundcloud page. We did some digging, and our earliest posts feature songs that are, well, no longer featured. Sad as it may be, fear not, as we have some good news for you. October 9th brings another tasty selection of tunes from this golden-voiced indie artist, giving fans a few more reasons to swoon.

As we said before, Echoes drops in only a matter of days, and “Heartease” is the fourth and final song to come out ahead of it’s full, official release. Joining “All Falls Down”, “Unrequited” and “Comfortable,” all of which have already come out via SoundCloud, this emotionally charged ride highlights TOTEM’s powerful yet delicate vocals, set to the cinematic backdrop of soaring piano chords, understated percussion, and a provocative bassline.

One of the first songs I ever wrote and definitely a sentimental favorite of mine. It’s about a very specific person and a very specific time I just needed to just get away from her for the sake of my own emotional well-being. I was feeling a lot all at once and I stumbled across a book entitled “Give My Poor Heart Ease: Voices of the Mississippi Blues”. The blues was what I had and I felt exactly that my heart was in dire need of a break. Writing this song helped give me a little bit of perspective, thankfully.

If you’re digging this tune, we highly recommend heading over to iTunes and pre-ordering the full EP. In fact, you should pry just do it now, so you won’t forget.

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[Indie-Dance/Nu- Disco] PHASES – I’m In Love With My Life (Eau Claire Remix)

I'm In Love With My Life (Eau Claire Remix)

D.C. based Eau Claire has seen her star rise like very few other acts in the world of underground dance music in the last year. Between touring across the US and Mexico to releasing chart topping remixes including a groovy revision of Saint Motel’s “My Type” on Elektra Records and disco sprinkled take on Midnight Pool Party’s “Disease”; Eau Calire maintains a firm spot near the top of the hardest working up-and-comers list in 2015. Today, our favorite indie-dance and deep-disco purveyor brings out her major label debut in the form of a remix for L.A. pop-funk troupe PHASES’ (who you might know better individually as Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), Z Berg (The Like) and Michael Runion) hit single “I’m In Love With My Life” on Warner Brothers Records. Eau Claire injects plenty of that expected disco shimmer into PHASES’ original, using a sterling set of glossy synths, and punchy kicks to push it closer to the dancefloor while keeping that signature feelgood atmosphere completely intact. Needless to say, she’s hit the mark yet again and we couldn’t wait to share it. Stream Eau Claire’s “I’m In Love With My Life” remix above.

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[Singer/Songwriter] Matt Corby – Monday

matt corby img (1)

Instantly hypnotised, we fall into a trance guided by his faultless vocal harmonies, as Matt Corby finds us subdued by this wave of ambiance. His angelic approach to ‘Monday’ undoubtedly includes gospel elements, a genre in which he was massively influenced by at a young age in Australia.

The bellowing kick drum is an empowering pendulum, accompanied by unified claps, offering an authentic rawness within the song. This organic style of music is amplified by the use of a loop-station, allowing Matt to layer his soulful vocals and instruments in order to achieve complex textural patterns, the beauty of which can be perfectly re-produced throughout a live performance. He sings of losing faith in The Bible and states “Monday is about being able to appreciate where you are, and thinking that maybe you don’t need anything much to depend on, you just need to accept what’s going on right now”. The recurring falsetto pattern within the vocal melody, provides a pleasing release from elements of tension amidst his lyricism, as he completely sits back into the song, re-addressing the fundamental idea of accepting life as it is.

Born in Sydney, Matt made his official stamp on the industry at the young age of 18 when he travelled to London, having felt bewildered and directionless towards his late teens. His music is honest and organic, manipulating his magnificent vocals and creating awesome sounds and tones, such as within a crowd favourite, ‘Brother’. Therefore it’s fantastic to recognise that this authenticity has been retained throughout his most recent work, whilst realising an assured maturity as an artist.

Matt Corby will be performing worldwide over the coming months, to which I highly recommend you all attend; I know I’ll be heading over in London! Check out the link below for dates and locations!


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