[Indie Rock] Redspencer – Ride It Out

Ride It Out

Melbourne-based three piece Redspencer sure do have a warm, memorable, and iconic sound with their latest release, “Ride It Out.” It calls on associations of so much of that post-punk goodness we came to know and love during our musical discovery phase (which, we’re pretty sure we’re still in.)

Blogger jokes aside, this Aussie trio is the perfect accompaniment to a drive through rainy city streets, winding mountain roads or a sunny California highway. In all actuality, the echoing guitar notes casually flirt with the lead singer’s vocals, making a dreary yet enticing listening experience for whatever situation you find yourself in.

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Pearl Lion
Big Sky

Remember that saying “Never judge a book by its cover?” It was ingrained into us at a very early age and with good reason. Today, we have something that exemplifies that, as we dig deep into the music of the unassuming Pearl Lion.

Looking at this independent act’s SoundCloud profile wouldn’t allude to the storied musical history that goes along with it. There are a couple of tracks uploaded, one casually adorned with a unmastered tag, leading the casual browser somewhat uninterested in what this artist has to offer. That is, until our premiere of “Big Sky.”

Jared Scharff, aka Pearl Lion, has a rich history in the world of music. There’s a long, winding, and incredibly action-packed background that has lead him to this point, starting out in his school’s band. Fast forward a few years, we find this youngster at French Woods, a performing arts camp where he met and played with Adam Levine and Jesse Charmichael from Maroon 5. Shortly after graduation, Scharff went to NYU to study music, where he started his stint with a band called Carbondale, who were signed to RCA Records. Eventually leaving the band for personal reasons, he found himself entering into what he’s currently doing now, which is playing for the Saturday Night Live Band. In fact, if you’ve watched a monologue or commercial cut scene in the past seven years, you’ve seen him back there.

SNL isn’t the only thing he’s been up to over the past seven years though. This uber-accomplished musician has also played with Sting, Elton John, Brunce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Bruno Mars, and James Taylor. In addition to that, he was a part of the CBS fashion Rocks House band, where he has performed with have Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce. In addition to that, he has played in the Pete Seeger Clearwater Concert House Band, performing with Pete Seeger, Emmy Lou Harris, Steve Earle, and Arlo Guthrie. And one last notable mention, he subbed for James Valentine in Maroon 5 once. Whew.

So here we are. Pearl Lion is me pursuing a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. A dream to make modern, accessible, instrumental music. I miss the days of the classic guitar heroes that pushed the envelope like Hendrix, Page, Clapton in Cream. And it’s rare to find that these days, with the exception of a few people (Jack White, St. Vincent, etc). So I’m putting my name in the hat to occupy that role. I’ll carry the torch. Ive wanted to my entire life. – Jared Scharff

You see what we mean by not judging a book by its cover? Musical accomplishments aside, today we’re here to highlight Scharff’s personal project, as we bring you a look at “Big Sky.” The song stems from a video he was doing in LA for a new guitar pedal called “Big Sky.” While he was in LA for this shoot, he came up with the main guitar melody, which is why the song is named as such.

It’s a cinematic listening experience, calling on associations of both modern electronic ambient artists such as Tycho or Bonobo, yet bringing elements of more classical style guitar work, like Buckethead. Rich, textural, and enveloping layers create a soundscape that’s easily remembered, one that listeners could easily identify at a live show. Which, to us, is always a strong point of importance when it comes to instrumental acts.

Make sure to keep an eye on Pearl Lion by following him on SoundCloud. With an EP coming out sometime this summer or early fall, he’s an artist you won’t want to lose track of.

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[Indie] Cheers Elephant – Airliner

Cheers Elephant

The Philly-bred now California-based Cheers Elephant has delivered another gem. “Airliner” comes to us just a month after the band released “Speak Think”. Both singles play to a jangly power pop hunger, but where “Speak Think” airs on the safe side, “Airliner” caters to a more psychedelic world. Crafty guitar licks combed over with 60s-esque vocal harmonies and tasteful claps, this tune is destined to be the opening credits of a happy-go-lucky summer flick. Warning, it will be stuck in your head for days.

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[Indie] Stonefox – Arrow

Single Art

As we slowly drag ourselves back into normal life, after spending a full three days off, we’re anxiously staring down an inbox teeming with submissions. Luckily for us, one of the first emails we came across was an absolute gem. If you’re having trouble assimilating into non-weekend life, press play above. It will help assuage what’s ailing you.

Last year, Melbourne indie-pop trio Stonefox released their debut single “All I Want”, which saw tremendous success amongst bloggers and music lovers alike. The self-produced, charmingly lo-fi track racked up an impressive 180k listens and we’re pretty sure “Arrow” is well on its way to a similar fate.

Dropping just hours ago, “Arrow” is an emotive, ambient creation, rife with memorable lyric and heavenly vocal harmonies. It’s gentle, easing the listener into a welcoming listening experience, reminding us of the beautiful simplicity we appreciate with lo-fi tracks like this.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2015 Round #4)


Right now it might seem like there is nothing worse than the day after a three day weekend. But really, there ain’t nothing better than a short week ahead and an Indie Dojo to make sure you start it off right. Just a little reminder to look on the brighter side of life. Sometimes it makes things a little easier.

William Abigail
The Shoreline
Gwilym Gold
Vlad Vs Clover
Westward The Tide
Young Bodies
Beta Radio
On The Frame
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[Denver Giveaway/Event Preview] Miami Horror w/ De Lux – 5/26 – Larimer Lounge

Miami Horror
Love Like Mine feat. Cleopold + Denver Giveaway!

It’s our favorite time again friends, as we’ve got another great show put together for the fair city of Denver. The Music Ninja, along with our friends at Souls In Action, are proud to present flag-bearing Melbourne synth-rock & dance troupe Miami Horror and L.A. rising alt-poppers De Lux next Tuesday, May 26, at one of our most cherished and intimate Mile High venues, the Larimer Lounge. Of course, we haven’t just come today to toot our own horn; as always, we wanted to get you Ninjas in on the action as well. We’ll be giving away a pair of free tickets to one lucky winner to join us early next week for what will certainly be a night featuring incredible music, an educated and lively crowd and lots of libations (unless of course you are under the legal US drinking age as this is a 16+ event).

Entering our contest is beyond simple. Just “like” both The Music Ninja & Miami Horror on Facebook, and comment on the post below with your favorite Miami Horror song (we’ve even made it easy by including their single “Love Like Mine” above)  and boom! You’re entered. For those of you who’d rather secure their spots at the show, you can punch your ticket the old fashioned way here too. Good luck Ninjas!

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[Electro/Synth-Pop] Elohim – She Talks Too Much

She Talks Too Much

When one spends a majority of their time perusing through countless press blasts, blog rolls and Soundcloud posts; those moments in which an unknown artist surfaces out of the blue with a complex and thought-out debut tune tend to be the most special. Currently stationed in Los Angeles, Elohim stirred up one of those aforementioned moments within this writer by way of her first single, “She Talks Too Much”. Comparisons have been drawn by a couple of us TMN staffers already to early Dragonette, but most importantly, Elohim carries a sound of her own. Blending luscious synth hooks over a rolling 80’s drum kit at its base, “She Talks Too Much” simultaneously wields an obviously vocal driven focal point. Elohim’s buoyant but penetrating refrain inches its way into every nook and cranny of the pop driven melody, resulting in an admirable introduction to the world. “She Talks Too Much” will see release on a 12″ vinyl A/B side, featuring backing single “Xanax” as well, via B3SCI Records, which you can pre-order here, and you can bet we’ll be on the line for more from Elohim in the near future.

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