[Beautiful] RHODES – What If Love

What If Love (Live Demo)

This may be the most beautiful song I have heard for quite some time.
Rhodes ‘What If Love’ is a hauntingly hopeful song, off his upcoming EP ‘Home’ out Oct. 19th, that asks the ultimate question regarding love; what if love is a feeling to believe in, and is that so wrong? Rhodes shows a divine intimacy that hits the heart of any listener. With everyone trying to put the definition of love and being in love in a box, Rhodes asks us to simply remember that love is a grand and beautiful feeling that we all need to remember to believe in. With his voice and a piano, Rhodes opens his heart to touch the hearts of his listeners, asking them to just feel and believe in that silly little thing we call love. With one of the most gorgeous voices, Rhodes will lead you down a musical path that there is no return from, prepare your heart and your head.

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Glass Caves

Known for their relentless touring tactics, this super-charged UK rock act has been not only taking their own country by storm, but also garnering tremendous success with the blogosphere as well. The best part? Glass Caves have done that with just a few songs, one of which, we’re featuring today.

Coming off their debut album, “Go” is featured as the first song in the collection, and what a song to kick things off. Simply put, this is a three minute thrill ride which is carried by flawless and intricate guitar work, cymbal-heavy percussion, and encompassing chorus driven by the powerful, yet grainy vocals. It boasts instant nostalgia, which is saying a lot for a band getting ready to release their first album (10/27).

The music video for “Go” takes a classic approach, displaying the bands energetic persona as they shred through verses and choruses, instantly connecting the viewer to what the live show would be like. Luckily for some of our readers, you won’t have to wonder for long. Head over to their facebook page and see when you can catch these guys live.

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[Pop] VÉRITÉ – Echo


The New York artist who captivated us with her sassy sound and intoxicating lyrics is back with the third single off her upcoming EP. VÉRITÉ’s single ‘Echo’, which also doubles as her debut EP title, is a captivating mix of pop with a twist of alternative rock. The song tells the story of the familiar echo of a love long gone and the constant reminders of him/her that remain. After listening to this song, I can hear the echo of her delicious voice and punchy melody lines. Cannot wait for her whole EP to be out, keep an eye and ear out for it.

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[Alternative/Rock] Wonder Wonder – Shark

Wonder Wonder

Everyone loves a little mystery when it comes to an artist or group.
Let me introduce you to Wonder Wonder, a musical duo from London who are keeping pretty hush hush on details of themselves. What we do know is the group is made up of a man and a woman, they are releasing a new song every month for a year starting last month, and their second song ‘Shark’ is such a beautiful tale of love that it makes us feel close to tears. “My wave, my shark, my demon in the dark…are you going to be my love?” are just a few of the catchy and sophisticated lyrics this group embeds into your head. The soft melody mixed with their quietly beautiful voices give life and lust to their sound. Look for their next song to drop in a month.

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[Ticket Giveaway] Bahamas – Larimer Lounge – Oct 7th


If you’re a Bahamas fan and you haven’t had the chance to see them play live, we highly recommend you do so. If you don’t know who Bahamas is, and you’ve also never seen them live, then we highly recommend you do so. If you live in Colorado, or in a neighboring state, here’s your chance to score some free tickets.

Promoting their recently released album, Bahamas is Afie, this Toronto based indie outfit are making their way to Denver, stopping in at one of our all time favorite venues. Having seen this tremendous act on two different occasions, we can assure you that we’re not only excited to catch them in an intimate setting, but we’re also excited to give people the opportunity to catch this soon-to-be-rare occurrence. So, if you’d like to snag one of two pairs of tickets to the show, all you have to do is enter your email address below.

We will pick winners on Monday, October 6th at 3:00PM Mountain Time. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL.

There are a few rules, of course:
- You must be 18 or over to enter.
- You are responsible for transportation.
- You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at will call.


Stronger Than That
Little Record Girl
All The Time
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Kid Moxie – Museum Motel (Kid Moxie & The Gaslamp Killer) [TMN Premiere]

Kid Moxie - Museum Motel
Kid Moxie
Museum Motel (Kid Moxie & The Gaslamp Killer)

Greek-born LA-based singer Elena Charbila, who goes by the name of Kid Moxie, is coming out with a much anticipated album titled 1888. Collaborating with talented producers like Angelo Badalamenti and The Gaslamp Killer, Kid Moxie is set to take over the electronic pop genre with such diversity in her bag of tricks.

Here we have a track titled “Museum Motel”, which is one of the two collaborations The Gaslamp Killer has contributed in producing. The Los Angeles-based DJ has been a renowned producer for his unpredictable and wide range of electronic style. Providing a classical and epic approach to this song, the two musicians put together something so catchy and jaw-dropping that we just can’t get enough of. From the heavy dependence of strings, classical style drum beats and a variety of brass and woodwind instruments, the unique sound is something right off of a movie soundtrack, or something of that caliber. The riff from the flute almost resembles and reminds us of the infamous Kill Bill featured “The Lonely Shepherd”. Kid Moxie’s muffled and sustained vocals mix together perfectly with the track by giving it an ominous and mysterious feel. There is no doubt that although her vocals are not the highlights of this track, the minimalist approach of her supporting vocals totally elevate the desired effect of the distinctive sound of distinctive tune.

With that said, make sure to check out Kid Moxie and The Gaslamp Killer, and stay tuned for the upcoming 1888 album that’s coming out on 12/2. Trust me, you do not want to miss that!

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[Yes.] Espa – Your Ghost

Premiere: Espa
Your Ghost

New girl crush alert.
Besides having the hands down coolest hair I have ever seen, Espa has a voice that beckons to be heard. Sexy, seductive, deep, and stunning, this artist’s voice is one that will stay in your mind long after hearing her music. With the latest release off her debut EP ‘150th & Broadway’ due out later this year, her song ‘Ghost’ tells the haunting story of a lover whose ghost and image Espa cannot erase from her mind or her heart. Anyone who has ever felt this way will feel a certain connection with Espa’s lyrics, and her heartfelt plea to the ghost of this once love. Expect to hear so much more from this talented artist and her remarkable voice.

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