Milky Chance – Unknown Song feat. Paulina Eisenberg

Milky Chance - Unknown Song feat. Paulina Eisenberg
Milky Chance
Unknown Song feat. Paulina Eisenberg

Gathering deserving momentum with their infections and honest approach inclusive to both lyrics and melody, Milky Chance is on their way to solidify their presence in 2015 with a brand new single “Unknown Song” featuring Paulina Eisenberg. And while the season has passed, this song very much feels like a Christmas present.

The German duo released their debut studio album, Sadnecessary on October 2013 and the month that followed brought them critical acclaim with singles “Stolen Dance” and “Down By the River” leading the way. “Unknown Song” follows similar themes to their light hearted styles and emphasis on conducive rhythms present in songs like “Flashed Junk Mind” but with a lighter percussions making wave for the real hero, the leading harmonica to shine between verses.

It feels good so good to start the year this way. Enjoy!

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[Indie] Milo Greene – Heartless + Tour Info

Milo Greene

Los Angeles-based outfitMilo Greene has this effortless air to them. Seemingly bending genres, harnessing elements of soul, R&B, folk, and indie rock, this multi-faceted act can envelop you with their sounds, and today is no different.

Releasing just a few days back, “Heartless” is set to pave the way for a new album, new tour, and new year. It definitely falls into the more somber category as far as lyrics go, but it’s still completely entrancing, allowing the the listener to pick their own journey. While we hear the glorious vocal melodies and backing percussion-style vocal hums flirt back and forth with the crunchy guitar riffs and powerful drumming, others may link onto the meaning of the lyrics, experiencing something entirely different.

Regardless of what you’re drawn to, the fact remains that you’re drawn to it. Now just imagine hearing it live.

Feb. 10 – Santa Barbara, CA – soHo
Feb. 11 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
Feb. 13 – Doug Fir – Portland, OR
Feb. 15 – Electric Owl – Seattle, WA
February 19 – El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
February 26 – The State Room – Salt Lake City, UT
February 27 – Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
February 28 – The Record Bar – Kansas City, MO
March 1 – Duck Room @ Blueberry Hill – St. Louis, MO
March 3 – The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
March 4 – Fine Line Music Café – Minneapolis, MN
March 5 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
March 6 – Old National Centre – Indianapolis, IN
March 7 – Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
March 11 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA
March 12 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY
March 13 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
March 14 – Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA
March 15 – Rock & Roll Hotel – Washington, DC

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[Indie] Rude – Heatbreaker

Heartbreaker </3

Don’t you just love it when you come across an act that leaves your completely enamored? You know the ones. It’s those bands that you’re waiting with bated breath, meticulously checking their soundcloud, facebook, and twitter in painful anticipation. Well, get ready for another one, because Rude is ready to make another splash in the blogosphere with their second release, “Heartbreaker.”

We’ve been head-over-heels for this funky act since we stumbled onto the eccentric tune, “Disco.” That tune and all of its quirky stylings have been burned into our brains permanently with a musical branding iron, and we couldn’t be happier. To throw a cherry on top of this Rude swoon-fest, we’re beaming to bring you an early glance at this newest tune.

Taking a departure from the happy-go-lucky indie pop vibes from their debut, this intriguing British act has a more sobering message to share. Set to the backbeat of a near drum and bass soundscape, Rude carries brooding, whispery vocals over buzzing basslines and chattering percussion. It carries stern intensity, yet still maintains acheivable elements of everyday listenability.

“Heartbreaker”, not surprisingly, is available on iTunes on Valentines Day (14th February 2015).

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[Dance] GEMOLOGY – First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix) [TMN Premiere]

First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix)

Back in September we had the blissful opportunity to debut the first ever release (and one of our favorite singles in 2014), “First & Last” from Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff’s stirring synth-pop project GEMOLOGY. The tune, with its schooled instrumentation and clinging assortment of eclectic electronic sounds was a sitting duck for remixers across all genres to try their hands at, and the first entry into GEMOLOGY’s remix catalog comes from another TMN mainstay; German born Glastrophobie, in the form of another welcome ‘TMN Premiere’. The clearly schooled dance-smith equips the tune with a delicate balance of the original’s alluring hook with another pattern of airy uplifting synths that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Kygo remix. Furthermore, Joanie Wolkoff’s vocals echo across as initmately as ever amongst Glastrophobie’s sonic sound kit; sounding as close as a shared conversation across a pillow. It’s lovely to see a tune’s original soul kept intact while also shifting cadence and mood simultaneously, which to us solidifies Glastrophobie’s grasp on a developing and unique sound. Stream Glastrophobie’s remix of “First & Last” above, and check out more sounds from the budding artist here.

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[Gorgeous] The Night VI – Too Late To Lie

Too Late To Lie

London’s The Night VI have been making waves in the blogosphere with releases like their cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking Bout You,” the emotive “Sienna,” and of course, their massive tune “Thinking of You.” Now, back at it with the start of a new year on the horizon, this classic pop six-piece is bringing us a fresh new tune with “Too Late To Lie.”

This time, the band has chosen to release a surging piano-driven ballad that showcases their raw musical aptitude. Not too say that the instrumentation overshadows the passion displayed, more so that the two compliment each other in perfect harmony. The vocals lead with a strong heft, caressing those oh so dreamy ivories, ultimately leading into charging percussion work and low, tremolo notes from the guitar. It’s downright enchanting.

The band is releasing their next 6-song EP on September 29th. If you pre-order today, you’ll get a free MP3 version of “Too Late to Lie,” and every other song revealed until the EP release.

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Best of 2014 – TMN Editors’ Picks


2014 is finally drawing to a close, meaning it’s time to look back on the year that was. As music bloggers, most of our reflection is done through music. This year we’ve decided to bypass the obligatory rankings and lists that lead to inevitable disagreement and argument. Instead, four of our most noble editors took upon the task of arbitrarily selecting their favorites from the past twelve months and decided to share their picks with all of you. Think of it as one final gift from us for your continued support throughout 2014. We hope you enjoy the massive playlists we have below, and wish you a Happy New Years!
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[Indie/Rock] Mesita – Heard You’re Happy

The Phoenix- Mesita
Heard You're Happy

Recorded in Littleton, CO, ‘Heard You’re Happy’ is the lead track on the brand new digital album, The Phoenix, from Mesita. This one grows with intensity and shows off some wicked personality. The extended tune is layered rather well and is a great report of what it feels like when distancing yourself from someone important. As I continue to listen, the more I enjoy the elegant piano keys and stimulating guitar riffs. I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into The PhoenixYou can find the full album on Bandcamp.

Read the below note posted by Mesita on Facebook in anticipation for the December 30th, 2014 release.

This one has been difficult…

Been working on this album for a long time now, and it feels off. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a bad headspace, and the new songs really reflect that. It’s bitter and it’s negative and not who I am or want to be. So much time and effort’s been put into it, so it needs to be released. But it comes almost as catharsis. “This is what it was, what’s next?”

For 2015, the aim’s to get back into the groove that drove me to make music in the first place. Have a few different things in the pipeline. I’ve had an idea stewing around for a bit, and the time feels right for it. The next album that I’ll begin work on will be a direct sequel, Here’s To Nowhere 2.

Thank you all for sticking around while I get sorted out. I love you all, man. Can’t begin to emphasize that enough.

The Phoenix out Tuesday on

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