[Indie] The Score – Oh My Love

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The Score Official
Oh My Love

I’ve never lived anywhere else, personally. I’ve always found everything that I need in life to be right here in the Mile High City. However, for some, a change of pace can bring new vibes, new possibilities, and in this case, new sounds.

Having built their lives in the Big Apple, Eddie and Edan (The Score) then set their sites on the best coast, and haven’t looked back since. Their sunny disposition rings through their sound sharply, providing a feel-good listening experience that makes listeners want to smile, sing, and dance along.

“Oh My Love” is a pure embodiment of sheer glee, harnessing elements of country rock, gospel, and good ol’ fashioned Americana. It’s the type of tune you’d throw on at a BBQ, expertly balancing a full beer and a plate of grilled goodness. Something about the combination of twinkling ivories, booming basslines and kick drums, and percussive vocal harmonies all add up to something that’s patriotic, infectious, and grin-inducing.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January Round #5)


Sometimes all we need in life is a pair of headphones and a playlist……and would you look at that. We’ve got one of the 2 right down below. Sometimes life can be so simple….

Pilot Rouge
Zach Winters
Sun Culture
Crooked Line
William Wild  
Republic Cucumber Magazine
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[Alternative] Death Cab For Cutie – Black Sun

Death Cab for Cutie
Black Sun

Death Cab For Cutie is back! Not only did they release a brand new single, but they also tacked on great news of an album release, Kintsugi, slotted for March 31st. Following up the shimmering Codes and Keys, Death Cab gives us Black Sun, a slight electronic progression (It’s extremely subtle.) from previous work for the band, with hints of Ben Gibbard’s past project, The Postal Service. It’s a perfectly low key affair, as we’ve grown to love from this band, and trickling synth work along with a simple, crisp guitar line molds the melody into an encouraging first look into the new project. In support of Kintsugi, Death Cab has also announced a HUGE tour that’s set to kick off this April. The presale for tickets  is opening up this week on Wednesday, January 28th, so check out the dates below to see if Death Cab is going to be in your city and kick off your week on a serene note with the stream of Black Sun above!

North American Tour Dates
04/23/15 Kansas City, MO Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
04/27/15 Atlanta, GA The Fox Theatre
04/29/15 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
04/30/15 Chicago, IL The Chicago Theatre
05/02/15 Minneapolis, MN Northrop
05/04/15 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theater
05/07/15 Toronto, ON Sony Centre
05/08/15 Montreal, QC Metropolis
05/09/15 Portland, ME State Theatre
05/12/15 Louisville, KY Iroquois Amphitheater
05/13/15 St Louis, MO The Pageant
07/12/15 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Bowl
10/03/15 Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre

UK/ European Dates
06/08/15 London, UK 02 Shepherds Bush Empire
06/09/15 London, UK 02 Shepherds Bush Empire
06/13/15 Oslo, Norway Rockerfeller
06/14/15 Bergen, Norway Bergen FestivaL
06/15/15 Stockholm, Sweden Müchenbryggeriet
06/23/15 Zagreb, Croatia INmusic Fest
06/25/15 Paris, France Bataclan
06/27/15 Dusseldorf, Germany Open Source Festival

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Vienna Ditto – Hammer And A Nail [TMN PREMIERE]

Vienna Ditto
Hammer And A Nail

After one listen through Vienna Ditto’s “Hammer And A Nail,” we were ready to wrap up any music blogging we had left and switch gears into creative writing for the next few hours. In between the haunting vocals, the steady bassline, and rich, atmospheric layering, we couldn’t help but get lost in our own minds, slowly beginning to craft a story to fit this encapsulating tune.

Hailing from London, this outfit isn’t the easiest to describe. They definitely have strong electronic elements influencing them, but they also infuse traditional instrumentation and stylings, providing the listener with electronic pop, classic Americana and Rockabilly undertones. At times, they do take on a bit of a Parov Stellar sound, whom are well known for their impressively crafted electro swing sounds.

“Hammer And A Nail” comes out officially on February 23rd, but you’re getting an advanced peek here on TMN. It boasts a multitude of influences, as mentioned before, culminating in a swirling, intoxicating listening experience. Including playful country strums on an acoustic guitar, a glowing organ arrangement, accentuating brass, and a big, buzzing beat, you’ll have more than enough to let your mind wander. Just don’t let it wander too far. It is Monday, after all.

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[Alternative] Tor Miller- ‘Hold The Phone’ & ‘Midnight’

Tor Miller

Experience the talents of Brooklyn based Tor Miller with two cuts from his Headlights EP coming Feb. 2 on Glassnote Records. With his genuine pen and natural tone, this twenty year old is on his way to major success. These imaginative tunes are spirited and true. You’ll find yourself lost in the extraordinary piano work and gladly carrying the weight of Miller’s vocals on ‘Hold The Phone’ & ‘Midnight’. It’s easy to enjoy and support music with such backbone. In addition to Zane Lowe premiering ‘Midnight’ on BBC Radio 1, Billboard provided the initial online coverage, labeling it as a “stirring ballad.” His debut EP is sure to attract plenty of attention. It’s not everyday we learn of such a talented piano player.

Hold The Phone
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Voli – The Wander Years [TMN PREMIERE]

The Wall - Voli
The Wander Years

It’s been a long time since Voli has appeared on our radar. Last time we heard from the talented emcee he was tearing apart the instrumental for Drake’s “5 AM In Toronto.” Finally emerging from his cocoon a year and a half later though, it’s obvious that the Jersey native has evolved into something much more.

After getting a chance to listen through his upcoming album The Wall, it’s safe to say Voli can no longer be simply referred to as a rapper. That’s not a knock on his skills behind the mic, rather it’s an allusion to the fact that his musical aspirations align with being something transcendent. Nowhere is this more apparent than with his brand new single, “The Wander Years.” Our best descriptor for the powerfully uplifting piece would be electro-reggae-pop-rock, but there’s really no true way to define it. One thing that is abundantly clear is that Voli spent his months away honing a sound that’s distinctly unique, allowing him to craft meaningful music that draws influence from a variety of different genres and is able to connect with a broad audience.

“The Wander Years” is the type of record that inspires you to abandon conventions and rebel to stand up for what is yours. Though, if you have a little trouble figuring out what exactly that entails, the gifted musician may be able to help,

Being a rebel is as simple as doing what you honestly want to do. As an artist you’re constantly putting yourself out there for major criticism. Me, personally—I’m stubborn. The second someone tells me I can’t do something or that I’m not good at something, I’m going to prove them wrong. That’s where the rebellion comes in. I don’t think it has to be tied to anger—for me, it’s not. I’m just gonna do what I’m gonna do. People are always gonna try to fit you into their little box, but you can’t let that happen. You can’t let anyone else determine what kind of artist you should be.

Listen to the track above, and make sure to check out Voli’s upcoming album, The Wall, which you can pre-order on iTunes before it drops on February 24th

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[NEW] Toro y Moi – Empty Nesters

Toro Y Moi
Empty Nesters

Toro y Moi‘s Anything in Return was easily one of our favorite albums of 2013, remaining in heavy rotation well over a year later. After taking a brief hiatus from Toro to focus on Les Sins in 2014, Chaz Bundick recently announced that he will be putting out a new Toro y Moi album later this year. Today, we get the first single from the project, which was first premiered yesterday on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show. “Empty Nesters” carries the care-free, breezy vibrations we’ve come to expect from Toro y Moi, but relies more heavily on guitar melodies than usual resulting in a winning combination of slacker pop and funk. Bundick has proven himself as one of the most versatile musicians of his generation and “Empty Nesters” seems to be yet another iteration in his artistic evolution. Enjoy this one above–Toro y Moi’s What for?  is due out on April 7th via Carpark Records.

[via Pitchfork]

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