[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2013 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIt’s the holiday season, which usually means we’re melting our credit cards from overuse and finding nothing but fuzz in our emptied pockets. Buying for everyone on your list can definitely get exhausting, so why not take some time to yourself before/during or after braving the world of mass consumerism. You won’t need your wallet and you won’t have a million people in your bubble. Sounds like total bliss…doesn’t it? We think so. So….go ahead, hit play. We’ll take the “showering with gifts” from here..

Body Language
Im a Mess
Connan Mockasin
Im The Man, That Will Find You
Dinosaur Bones
Spins in Circles
Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
They Told Me
Crazy In Love (Beyoncé Cover)
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[Good Lord] James Vincent McMorrow – Red

James Vincent McMorrow
Red Dust

Call it a man crush. Call me a fan boy. Whatever you want to label my affinity with James Vincent McMorrow’s heavenly voice is fine with me. I’ll calmly dodge your verbal arrows as I enjoy the other worldly experience that is listening to him sing.

In one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2014 (in my eyes, at least) we’re offered up another sampling of what’s to come from this Dubliner. With a slow strike of a bass drum, haunting vocal samples and some understated piano keys, James once again is able to take us away from all of our troubles, slowly melting away the week with his incredible voice.

Post Tropical is out on January 14th, and is guaranteed to be nothing short of sensational. With a voice like that, it’s hard to think that it would be anything less.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2013 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaIt’s freaking cold outside. For some of us at least. And then there are some of you that are spending your December days in minimal clothing. Either way, there’s nothing like curling up or dressing down to a Indie Dojo playlist. We’ve been warming hearts and chillin’ vibes since 2011.

The Phoncurves
Good Morning, Sunshine
Bleeding Heart Pigeons
Flat Bones
Coastal Cities
Little Racer
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[Indie] Kins – Opsimplistic

Opsimplistic (b-side)

Concocted during the bands debut album recording sessions, Brighton based Kins are delivering a pensive new track Opsimplistic: a flip side to the previously released Aimless.

Brimming with delicate atmospherics, Opsimplistic (b-side) depicts tales of late night bedroom loneliness, mirrored in its echoic soundscapes and reverberating the vastness of the coastal scenery in which it was crafted. Produced in a Brighton (UK) basement, the isolation of its self created context is evident in its harrowing and eloquently melodic sound.

Thematically, the expected exploration of optimism and simplicity are visible, alongside interwoven ideas of loss and dislocation. Encompassed in a yearning vocal and a slow burning instrumental backdrop, Kins manage to marry their motifs in a hybrid of concept, lyricism and sound.

Not for the inattentive, Kins contemplative and considered approach demands some room for resonance.

Opsimplistic is free to download on Soundcloud. It’s counterpart Aimless is taken from Kins self-titled debut album, available to stream on Soundcloud, or available to buy from iTunes.

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[Folk] Opus Orange – Balance

Rhythmic, folkish, and fun, Opus Orange‘s brand new song, “Balance” embodies just the right amount of each said quality to create a lush soundscape, reflective of their Californian roots.
The track may only be 2 minutes and 45 seconds, but within a minute, I already found myself enjoying the song and effortlessly whistling along. Take a listen, and let me know if it had the same effect on you. With the new year just a few weeks away, we eagerly anticipate when Opus Orange will be releasing their upcoming “Balance” EP early 2014.
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (Demember 2013 Round #1)




As the holidays fall upon us, the stress of finding the right gifts for our loved ones lingers over our heads and seeps into our wallets. If you’re looking for something cheap and meaningful, why not drop an Indie Dojo playlist in their lives? It’s free and gives the impression that it came right from your heart. And no matter if you are shopping for 1 or 50, we’ve got enough playlists for your sister’s cousins grandma’s best friend. Just head up to the menu bar at the top of this page, click “Playlists” —-> “Indie Dojo”, and you’ve got a bag full or goodies for all the little girls and boys.

World Dont Shine
Reilly Fitzalan
Your Stars
Jesse Davidson
Big Bois Gotta Eat
The Feathers
What If
Yourself In Peace
The Slavic Soul
Abram Shook
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[Gorgeous] Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Interestingly named, Vancouver Sleep Clinic is far from Canada, producing soulful tunes from Brisbane, Australia. The adopted moniker of 17 year-old Tim Bettinson illustrates a vision of REM fueled visions with his name alone. Adding in the dreamy tune, “Collape,” only embodies what this youngster is going for.

With slow kicks, tapping tom hits and slow building chords, this tune relys heavily on the vocals. In all honesty, we couldn’t picture it any other way. The ethereal tone calls on association of RY X, Taped Rai and Bon Iver. While associations are sometimes necessary, this adolescent is well on his way of having people compare other acts to him.

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