[House] Eric Sharp – A Little More (ft. Spencer Ludwig & Shandra Dixon)

Eric Sharp - A Little More
Eric Sharp
A Little More ft. Spencer Ludwig & Shandra Dixon

Here’s your tune of the day. “A Little More” is a combination of creative genius and a perfect display of genre-bending production. LA-based producer Eric Sharp envisioned a house tune that has the ability to stand out among the pack. He was inspired by the current electronic dance scene and decided to combine various musical elements to the making of this track.

The tune features eloquent trumpet work by Capital Cities trumpeter Spencer Ludwig, and gospel-style vocals by Shandra Dixon. The deep bassline gives the impression of a deep house track, but the trumpet comes as a surprise and provides us with melodic maneuvers. This unique fusion will definitely put you in a mood to dance your pants off.

Make sure to grab a free download if you dig the track. It’s always refreshing to see multiple musicians collaborating together on tracks that defy genres.

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[Future Bass] Andrew Luce & Graves – Up To You (feat. Chelsea Cutler)

Andrew Luce & graves - Up To You (feat. Chelsea Cutler)
Andrew Luce & graves
Up To You (feat. Chelsea Cutler) [Daruma]

Very few “Soundcloud producers” out there can switch up their style and create hit tracks in a heartbeat, and Andrew Luce can do just that. He’s also stepped out of the Soundcloud circle and recently made a name for himself after launching Daruma label. How many other 18-year-olds are able to accomplish what Andrew has done?

Collaborating with his labelmate Graves and singer Chelsea Cutler, Andrew Luce takes on a future bass tune that encompasses some catchy vocals and a melody-driven drop. To our surprise, “Up To You” is a complete 180 turn from what we usually hear, and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air. With so many tricks up his sleeves, Andrew Luce is set to take over the dance scene in the near future.


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[Folk] Someday River – Sleeping Sideways

Someday River
Sleeping Sideways

There’s no doubt about it – summer is peeking her sunny head around the corner, beckoning on those who are looking forward to a few months filled with road trips, late night camping sessions, and the necessary backyard BBQs. Per usual, we’ve already started our hunt for warm-weather indie folk tunes to populate our playlists, and Orlando-based Someday River just added a doozy into the mix.

Led by Greyson Charnock, this encapsulating outfit draws listeners in with stunning guitar work, sweeping drum patterns, and groovy basslines, all of which are rooted in a delightfully familiar folk structure. It’s the kind of music you picture as the soundtrack to your warm-weather adventures, casually tapping you on the shoulder to let you know you had one hell of a time.

Follow Someday River on Facebook to get updates on their upcoming EP, which is where you’ll find this dazzling little gem.

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ill-esha – Crash Landing [TMN Premiere]

Crash Landing

Denver’s ill-esha has started to unveil her Wordless EP, with the second single, “Crash Landing,” being available for a first listen through this Music Ninja Premiere. Her take on future is unique and off-the-wall in the best way possible. She has a sort of trippy, ethereal vibe that penetrates her productions, which is just what we get with “Crash Landing.”

With the second single off Wordless, ill-esha offers up a more atmospheric tune than the title track. The style fits just in line with her Hebinomichi crew, who are some of the best underground producers in the game. ill-esha’s holding her own and even surpassing a lot of the future bass fellas that are trying to establish themselves in the genre. “Crash Landing” is an example of her sound that is anything but watered down, as well as an example of her acoustic sensibilities. She’s more than just a producer, and you’ll get a sense of that with this song. Stream it here first, and get yourself ready for the full Wordless EP to come out in the near future.

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Humboldt – From Above [TMN MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE]

h u m b o l d t
From Above

Grief. Regret. Dispair. Obsession. It’s safe to say that we’ve all experienced the wave of emotions that comes with a break-up. It’s one of the most powerful events we go through as human beings, bringing uncontrollable surges, followed up devastating lulls for weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

Humboldt, a Berlin-based songwriter, DJ, has certainly has tugged on our heartstrings today, showcasing a beautifully painful scene between two lovers. Interestingly enough, though, it’s gorgeously juxtaposed with his calming, rhythmic, and ethereal track “From Above.” The counter-balance between the powerful message, both through the visuals and lyrics, and his calculated arrangement of airy percussion, alluring piano melody, and engaging vocal hums create quite the experience, start-to-finish.

This up and coming artist gained a strong following through stellar remixes of both Alt-J and Still Parade, but now has his sites set on an original body of work, Mamihlapinatapai. Look for its release on Ove Records, Humboldt’s very own imprint, later this spring.

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the mysterious and downright infectious WEIRDO. We first covered him, or them, or these aliens, or this robot trained to play music a few months back, instantly falling in love with the quirky nature of “BUTTER.”

“ARMANIO” once again brings us a taste of the delightful pop aura that caught our hearts and ears the first time, complete with a funky bassline, impressive percussion, and bizarre synths that seemingly fit perfectly into the overall vibe. Most of all, though, we find ourselves stopping our wicked office dance moves to swoon over the lead singer’s swagger-rich voice that bring the catchy-as-hell chorus to life.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to share some more information on WEIRDO soon, but until then, keep tabs on this up-and-coming act by following them on SoundCloud.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2016 Round #1)


Crazy day already? We’ve got a pretty chillax Indie Dojo for you, all queued up and ready to go. Go ahead…Take a listen. It’ll probably be good for you.

’Two Feet – You’re So Cold’
’The Beegles – Semaphore’
’Alexander Biggs – Out In The Dark’
’Wild Honey – This Time’
’Samson The Truest – Real’
’The Land Below – Hand In My Pocket (Alanis Morissette)’
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