[Event Preview] Felix Jaehn, Wayward, & Louis Vivet At Avalon – LA


Looking for something to do on a Saturday night? Well, we have got the answer. Tonight, Hollywood’s Avalon will host Tropical House extraordinaire, Felix Jaehn, to the stage in Hollywood. Accompanying Felix at Avalon will be fellow DJs, Wayward and Louis Vivet. It’s nearly impossible not to recognize these production power-houses with such big hits like Jaehn’s radio hit remix of Omni’s “Cheerleader,” Wayward’s funky “I Can’t Dance,” and Vivet’s melodious cover of “Save Tonight.” Sound pretty enticing, right? Then make sure you score yourselves tickets here before it’s too late!

Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)
I Cant Dance
Save Tonight (Feat. Gavrielle & Nick Goldston)
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[Electronic] Vindata – Through Time and Space (EP Stream)

Wide Awake Ft. Kenzie May

LA production duo Vindata are veterans of the electronic music scene who have maintained a refreshing sound through the genre’s various twists and turns. With backgrounds in hip-hop production they were onto elements of the EDM Trap sound long before the sub-genre existed but, at the same time, were pioneers in straight electro music as well–I can still recall blasting their remix of Band Of Skulls’ “Fires” out of my dorm room 5 years ago. Over the last couple years, they’ve been particularly prolific with both originals and remixes (their take on Odesza’s “Without You” being a personal favorite) culminating in their latest EP–Through Time and Space.

The project spans, and builds on, their various sonic explorations proving a fascinating combination of sounds cataloguing their journey as artists thus far. The EP opens with the booming “Spirals,” a straight electro banger that long-time fans will appreciate. Following that enormous intro, as its name promises, the EP takes the listener on a journey with upbeat, R&B-influenced cuts like “Own Life” and “Gypsy” to more chilled-out, atmospheric tracks like the closer “Can’t Say No.” The track “Wide Awake” stands out as the catchiest tune with its beautifully screeching chorus but, as with all the songs, its emotional power is accentuated in the context of what is a truly cohesive project.

Through Time and Space is out now via OWSLA— you can stream it in full below and grab a copy over at iTunes here.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 160)


The week is finally over, and the Friday Party Playlist is here. Let’s get things going, shall we? We start things off with Tommie Sunshine and KANDY, along with a Grant Lazo mashup of some classic records to get the mood just right for tonight. Then, we take “Uber” to the party where Kastra, Choppa Dunks, YOOK!E and more turn things up for a solid night of good tunes from both the house and bass realms. As always, every track here is available for free, so make sure once you’re done partying tonight, come back tomorrow and download them for your digital library. And remember, #danceirresponsibly.

Without Me (Tommie Sunshine & KANDY Bootleg)
The Beastie Brothers
Petergalactic (Grant Lazlo mashup)
Goshfather & Jinco x 1DAFUL
UBER (Original Mix)
David Guetta
The World Is Mine (Kastra & Marat Leon Remix)
CRASH (Original Mix)
Choppa Dunks
Thats Right
Party Thieves x ATLiens
Chief (Keith MacKenzie Mix)
Changing Times
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (YOOK!Es This Kills it Live Edit)
BL3R X Gareth Emery
Kay Pasa
Native Son Ft. Raekwon & Orlando Napier (Ramzoid Remix)
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[NEW] Neon Indian – Slumlord

Neon Indian

After releasing his 2011 chilllwave masterpiece, Era ExtrañaNeon Indian fell nearly completely silent before returning a few months ago with a higher fidelity sound on the infectious “Annie.” Today, he officially announced the long-anticipated follow-up to that influential album along with yet another spectacular single.

“Slumlord” affirms Neon Indian’s emergence from haziness with a sublime electro-groove accompanied by his airy vocals. Rather than a complete departure from the vibes of Era Extraña, the track feels more like a progression on which fans should still be able to recognize his distinctive style. Similar to his chillwave contemporaries, such as Toro y Moi and Washed Out, Neon Indian appears to be building on the sub-genre’s underlying approach to create something altogether new and equally enjoyable. Get your dance on with this one above–VEGA INTL. Night School drops October 16th and can be pre-ordered here.

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Bitmap – Memory Hole [TMN PREMIERE]

Memory Hole

There’s a nostalgic air that surrounds “Memory Hole,” one which instantly transports listeners to a completely different time and place. The first 30 seconds incapsulate a specific era in music, calling on associations of long-haired, flower-adorned gatherings somewhere near Haight-Ashbury in the 60’s. However, as far back in time as it takes you, it also firmly plants its foot in the present, giving us the undeniable associations of one of our favorites, Tame Impala.

This head-nodding, multi-decade influenced track is made possible by one man, and one man alone. That’s right – Bitmap is comprised of only Luke Barwell, formerly of John Peel Favourites Salako . After a few listens through though, you’ll soon realize that one man, and this one in particular, is more than enough to create this highly-engaging, and extremely well-crafted gem.

The past is not a memory and you are not an archive of your time alive. Sometimes it’s better to forget than forgive. The Memory Hole is a place where facts and figures are forgotten. Where you end up when you’re unfriended by life. – Bitmap

Over a year in the making, this release is the first off his upcoming LP, Magnetic Fields, via Love Our Records. If you’re feeling “Memory Hole,” make sure to head over to Bandcamp and pick up previous releases from this highly talented musician.

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[Electronic/Future] SMLE – With Me Ft. Hype Turner & Mary Ellen

With Me (ft. Hype Turner & Mary Ellen)

Since we first came into contact with them over a year ago, enigmatic production troupe SMLE have been consistently churning out some of the most tasteful midtempo, genre-blurring electronic music we’ve heard since a young chap by the name of Harley Streten took the scene by storm in 2011. We’ve already featured a pair of tunes, “Every Chance You Get” and “It’ll Be Okay”, off of their forthcoming EP Reasons To and today they’ve delivered us yet another carefully crafted soundscape which fuses pop arrangements, a heavy dose of soul, and skampering beats. “With Me” features syrupy vocal work from Hype Turner & Mary Ellen, and subtly combines nuanced percussion, murky rhythms and a huge, future-leaning synth which swallows up its listeners at will. SMLE’s darker instrumentation on this one bounces wonderfully off of Hype Turner & Mary Ellen’s playful vocal work, which has all resulted in another song we couldn’t wait to share with out TMN faithful. Stream “With Me” above.


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14 Unforgettable Sets from Outside Lands 2015 [Festival Review]

CoverIt’s been nearly a week since we first stepped into Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands, but with the return to the daily grind it feels like even longer for most of us. This year’s festival, yet another record-breaking one by attendance, featured all the amenities that make OSL special–amazing food, craft beers, a star-studded comedy lineup, the beautiful backdrop of Hellman Hollow and of course a top-notch bill of musical performances. With its rapid expansion came some growing pains as well, though, and our main gripe was the inaccessibility of the Heineken House, which featured some great DJs, due to overcrowding. At the same time, the greater depth of the lineup made the previously overlooked Panhandle stage the place to be and when the crowd came together at shows, the energy was unbelievable.

In the stupor that follows music festivals, it can be easy to allow your precious experiences to fade in the rearview of your memory bank, but there will always be sets that you’ll never forget. We’ve recounted 14 sets that have been stuck in our minds all week and also tried something a bit new with this review by asking random fans to review our favorite sets. If you were in attendance this year, we hope this brings you back and, if not, it might just make you want to check out OSL next year.

All images by Ninja Dominic Powell. All writing, unless otherwise noted, by Ash.

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