[House] Kryoman feat. KimKat – Riddim Bass


Coming off Laidback Luke remixing his track, London’s own Kryoman now has his own song to offer us. It’s not entirely his own, as the DJ/producers KimKat come straight out of Los Angeles to contribute to this collaboration. “Riddim Bass” is a minimal electro track that has the type of sound that is intimate enough to be played in a club, but also it has enough power behind it to hold its own at bigger events with more monstrous crowds. Nervous Records released this song in March just in time for Miami, where it rocked crowds that danced away reality in the sun. Check it out and head on over to Beatport if you want to buy a copy.

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[Trap] Bro Safari – Scumbag (Aero Chord Remix)


Bro Safari
Scumbag (Aero Chord Remix)

Someone get the extinguisher, because Aero Chord is on fire. I thought that Bro Safari’s “Scumbag” couldn’t get any better, but Aero Chord has us contemplating whether that’s the case or not. Not only has he released this hit for free, but he’s done it right as he announces his Aero Tour. If you want to be blown away by massive bass tracks, then you’ll need to attend one of these shows. This remix is just one of the many, as this producer has proved time and time again that he is one of the best young guns in the game, having had releases with Monstercat and Kannibalen Records. “Scumbag” has quickly become one of the producer’s most popular tracks, so have a listen, and if you want to experience the goods live, get yourself a ticket if he passes near you.

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Aero Chord Tour

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[Deep House] KASPERG – Better In Time (ft. Gaby Henshaw)

Better In Time (ft. Gaby Henshaw)

Kasper Granroth is a music machine. Not only is he in a band, and do percussion for the rapper Noah Kin, but he also now has KASPERG. One of Helsinki’s freshest beat makers has released a new original track with vocalist Gaby Henshaw called “Better In Time” that was pushed by Casual Jam Records. The independent record label was a solid fit for this smooth, deep house gem. KASPERG’s released gold with them before, and this track is even better than his last with them, being the free download “My Heart.” Grab yourself that tune, and if “Better In Time” tickles your fancy, you’ll have to dish out a fair fee on iTunes for it. For how solid this record is, the measly price means nothing.

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[Electronic] Tinashe – All Hands On Deck (Giraffage Remix)

All Hands On Deck (Giraffage remix)

Bay Area producer, Giraffage, has already worked his magic on a number of R&B classics proving to be one of the most agile, novel electronic producers in the space. Naturally, contemporary R&B artists are taking notice with the latest being Tinashe, who enlisted him to remix her already electronic-leaning “All Hands On Deck.” Giraffage departs slightly from his generally playful approach in favor of club-ready garage vibe flexing his versatility with phenomenal results. As always, the talented up ‘n comer seamlessly toes the line between tugging at our heart strings and making us dance. Give this one a listen above and, if you haven’t already, check out our interview with Giraffage.

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[Indie Pop] Day Wave – Drag

Day Wave - Drag
Day Wave

In the age of electronic music, many indie acts could struggle to appeal to the masses. Oakland-based musician Jackson Phillips a.k.a Day Wave once again proved otherwise with the release of “Drag”, a track that possesses an organic sound that is supported by the lo-fi vocals. The quick drums complement the clever guitar melodies, as the sustained vocals further bring out the uplifting vibe of the track. It’s one of those songs you’ll catch yourself singing along to after a couple of listens.

With only three tracks under his belt, Day Wave showcases his ability to create music with endless mellow melodies. As he continues to put out hits after hits, we simply can’t wait for what’s next for the talented musician.

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[House] Lucky Charmes – Skank

Lucky Charmes
Lucky Charmes
Skank (Original Mix) [Available April 13]

Musical Freedom’s newcomer Lucky Charmes is bringing “Skank” to the table. Due out April 13th on Tiesto’s label, “Skank” is a no nonsense house record that lies at the fringe of numerous sub-genres. In short, it’s just good house music. The Amsterdam music maker premiered this tune on Mistajam’s BBC radio show, and since then it has received positive reviews from both fans and media alike. With strong melodies and persistent grooves, Lucky Charmes was able to build more hype prior to the release than some solid producers get when their track drops. Lucky Charmes will look to keep the momentum rising, as this is only the start of what he’s looking to accomplish. Have an early listen to “Skank” and be ready when it drops!

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Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail – The Sea at Night [TMN PREMIERE]


Sometimes, two of the least expected things can come together and create something truly beautiful. That’s exactly what we’re staring down right now, as we gaze into the haunting, surreal collaboration that is Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail.

Coming from two different worlds, these two couldn’t be further apart musically. Ciaran is a young alt-folk singer from Aghagallon, who has racked up an impressive 11 million plays on Spotify and was recently picked as Zane Lowe’s “Next Hype.” Ryan Vail is a minimalistic electronic artist who has won the support of the blogosphere, garnering respect and adoration for his intricate use of synths and found sounds.

Combining their two talents, these two have created a cataclysmic combination of worlds with their mini-EP, Sea Legs. We’re fortunate enough to bring you one of them this morning, gleefully premiering “The Sea At Night” for your listening pleasure.

Cinematic? Yes. Haunting. You betcha. This song is an epic quest worthy of the most intense pieces of film or TV, casually transcending generations with their timeless sound. The classic instrumentation comes to life with subtle guitar work, radiating sections of strings, and a booming bassline, which is coupled with soft, atmospheric layering. Everything melts together in a state of pure bliss, leaving the listener pleasantly lost in this lush, vast soundscape.

‘Sea Legs’ is released via Quiet Arch on April 17th in Ireland and April 20th in the UK.

Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail
The Sea at Night
Ciaran Lavery & Ryan Vail
The Colour Blue
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