Bike Thief – The Burning Past [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

The Burning Past

Keep Portland weird!

While we’ve never actually ventured to the aforementioned city, which is forever immortalized by the one of the greatest shows, Portlandia, we do know that it’s rife with talented musicians. After having heard countless talented indie rock, folk, and experimental acts, we’re fully on board with what Stumptown has to offer. Not only by way of music, but also by way of donuts. We recently were graced with a Voodoo Donuts here in Denver, which has furthered our adoration.

Comprised of five members, this experimental indie rock outfit has a unique sound that’s solidified by their crooning vocals and a playful mix of charging electric guitar work laid over classical strings. One listen through to Bike Thief’s “The Burning Past” should give you ample insight into the roots of this band, which were dreamed up (assumedly over a craft beer or delicious Pinot Noir) by multi-instrumentalist Febian Perez. Aside from the brainy compilation of instrumentation, the naming was also developed by Febian, after being inspired by the Italian film “The Bicycle Thieves.”

This complex tune, which is due out at the end of this month, comes off of their debut LP, Stuck in a Dream. To accompany this dark, yet powerful tune, the band has enlisted the work of Benjamin Violet, who is known for his work with indie rock giants like Of Montreal, The Polyphonic Spree, and Kishi Bashi.

The end result can be seen below, in a glowing, bizarre, yet completely wonderful visual interpretation of “The Burning Past.”

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2014 Round #4)


Building up a music library can be an a crazy, unpredictable hobby. Some searches bring you loads of songs that spiral you into the golden spins of the interwebs and others….tumbleweeds. Just tumbleweeds. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions. We know. So if  the unpredictability is just too much to handle (Trust us.We feel your pain), let the Indie Dojo be your guide. We’ll travel the ends of the earth for you.

Tiny Little Houses
Every man knows his plague; and you are mine.
The Young Folk
Way Home
Slow Dancer
Took The Floor Out
Tropic of Pisces
Our Man in Berlin


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Sunday Night Soul (On a Monday) [Vol. 38]

Sunday Night Soul

Hey there ninjas, we know we’re a day late on the Sunday Night Soul, but unfortunately we encountered some technical difficulties last night as we were trying to get this up. Not to worry though, because things are finally up and running again on our end, meaning we can finally provide you with the wonderful soul you deserve. Though we weren’t there to help kickstart your week as we usually are, we’re hoping we can at least help make your Tuesday a little more special, an honor we only share with Makonnen. Given our tardiness, we’re going to keep the writing short this week to make up for the extra day’s wait we put you through. While it’s not quite Sunday, we hope you enjoy the selection we have for you all the same.

Virgo w/ Shay Lia (Acoustic Cover)
Musiq Soulchild
Just Friends (Acoustic Cover)
Key x Era
Stockholm Syndrome Ft. Ensilence Prod. by Yorel Tifsim
Mama I Got This Gun
Rebecca Rose
My Flame
Corinne Bailey Rae
Put Your Records On (Akujis ReMiX)
Melo B. Jones
Settle For My Love (Produced by 4REAL)
American Dream (Prod. by Ackryte)
BJ The Chicago Kid
World Restart feat. Kelela & Ade
Everybody Loves The Sunshine
Jordan Rakei
Add The Bassline (Nehzuil Remix)
Van Ike
The Worst (Jhene Aiko Cover)
Ill Be Around Feat. Leia Sadiku
Gulf Hymn (Exmag Remix)
Sinead Harnett
The Rub ft. Tatiana Owens
Bring On The Love (Disco Mix)
Fabiana Palladino
For You
The Hics
All Well Know
runnin low
Lyrica Anderson
Freakin Remix Featuring Wiz Khalifa & Eric Bellinger
Omarion & Jeremih
Show Me
Justin Ruff
Im With It
Take It All
DJ Mustard
Tinashe Checks In
Ariana Grande Ft. Big Sean
Best Mistake
2Much feat. Santell
Whenever I Plz (feat. Arima Ederra)
In The Meantime
no sleep in toronto
Tory Lanez
The Mission (Prod. Christian Louie X Tory Lanez X Noah Breakfast)
spooky black
HotelSixNine Ft. SolomonDaGod (prod. Smitty The BG)
Doubted feat. @FATMANKEY prod. By @SonnyDigital)
Collect Call (produced by Hardy Indiigo)
Champagne Papi
On My Way (DREAM GIRL Remix)
Options (axxxxgxxx Remix)
kissed killed
inn (saddened by bemyfriend)♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
Duncan Gerow
Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & French Montana + Misogi = Loyal
Club Goin Up On A Tuesday (Maximus MMC Rendition)
Thing U Miss (Kamandi Remix)
Spooky Black
Without You(Nikes VIP)
Jay Stones
The Alchemist (Prod. aso)
Clara La San
Let You Go (W A V S Bootleg Remix)
Let Go (Forthcoming on Play It Louder Vol.3)
aywy. & Ekali
Your Love
The Theorist
Down 4 U
Izquierda Su
Breathe (Myles.William X Grand&Warren Remix)
However (You Want)
J Louis
 Before You (J Louis Rachel Foxx flip)
J Louis
 Cant You See
El. Train
Glass Animals
Gooey (GDNA Remix)
Let Me Love U (Rusty Hook & Katuchat Flip)
sam gellaitry
D.K. the Punisher
Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia)
Vanessa Elisha
Ocean (Soft Glas Remix)
Faded (BNJMN Rework)
Good Kisser (M&N PRO REMIX)
Partition (starRo Remix) FREE DL
Marc E. Bassy ft Kehlani
Lock It Up (guffstar edit)
Feel Of Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Years and Years
Take Shelter(Joe Hertz Remix)
Moon Boots Ft. Kyiki
Dont Ask Why
Louis La Roche
The Way She Makes Me Feel
Makin Love 2 U Feat. Kyross
Fluke Nukes
et aliae
never let u down
John Legend
You and I x Benny Cassette remix
Jennifer Lopez Ft Ja Rule
Im Real (Basic Tape Remix)
Route 94
My Love (Prince Fox Remix)
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[Just Stop] Basecamp – Shudder (Goodnight Cody Remix)

Shudder (Goodnight Cody Remix)

Goodnight Cody, just stop. Can you just stop it already? Enough with the glorious future bass stylings. We’ve had it up to here with your epic, cinematic synth work. Can’t you just give us a break? “Shudder” is just too much. We can’t even.

The fact that this often quirky Los Angeles producer had me riled up and talking like a 19 year old is definitely a notable feat. Having stumbled across this track in a casual soundcloud deep-dive session, I couldn’t help but get completely lost in this remix. The vocal sampling is superb, providing a percussion-like cadence in the intro of the song.

Sultry, swanky, and full of swagger, his interpretation walks along glowing synths and larger-than-life bass hits, which ultimately climax into something worthy of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. While I’ve sworn never to see another Transformers flick, I would admittedly check it out if this was in the trailer. Well, that and the whole Megan Fox thing. I guess she can be somewhat convincing. Mainly Goodnight Cody, though. Yeah…

I digress. This tune is an absolute peach. Download it for free by clicking here.

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[Synth Pop] TROVES – Youth in Decay

Youth In Decay

If you’re reading this sentence, that probably means you made it through Monday. Regardless or not of whether we were unscathed in our epic conquest to get through the worst day of the week, looks like we made it.

Ok, most of you out there won’t get a Barry Manilow reference, and that’s a conversation for another day. However, TROVES is a name that you’re going to become familiar with. Not only with this song, but future releases to come as they hit the trajectory we think they’re going to, which ultimately will take them across the blogosphere and into the mainstream.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We know what you’re thinking. “Music Ninja, you crazy. This is their debut song.” You’re correct in your assessment, however, take a gander at the melancholic pop structure that supports sultry vocals which boast an easily memorable hook. Coupled with those ear-grabbing poetic verses is a lightly danceable bassline, some near-french electro synths, and steady percussion work, and you can start to piece together what we’re talking about.

This may be the first time you hear of TROVES, but we can assure you that this certainly won’t be the last.

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[Jungle Sounds] RL GRIME – Core (Party Favor Flip)

CORE (Party Favor Flip)

You know you’re in for a wild ride when you see Party Favor roll up on your news feed with a tune that’ll make grandma want to put down the Direct TV Guide and go start a riot. Nothing like a good ol’ Monday anthem to get the blood pumping to the point where you literally can’t even anymore. Party Favor seems to be notorious for evoking such a vague and meaningless response, but we aren’t complaining because he always knows how to manipulate us into dancing in such ways we cannot speak of.

Earlier today, the Los Angeles based producer decided to take on the mental giant of a song, “Core” by RL GRIME to which the only way we could describe it was “bigroom house jungle noises that make you want to punch things”. Once you press play you’ll see how we came to that conclusion. Now, if you’re familiar with Party Favor, then you might know that he typically falls in the trap category of music (“Dat Booty” anyone?) but today he unleashed something beyond his sound – almost too absurd to describe. After having seen Party Favor perform his flip of “Core” the night before HARD Summer, we can confirm that everyone went bananas (us included). Since everyone seems to be having mixed reviews about it, we here at TMN think it’s fierce and diverse as hell – especially for Party Favor. We applaud him in his effort to push the limits of sound and we hope he continues to mold himself into an eclectic artist in this ever-evolving industry. As Kevin Hart would say (with aggressive hand claps in between each word) – “Do you boo boo, do you”.

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[House] Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Lana Del Rey
Ultraviolence (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Do you know what time it is ninjas? It’s time for another Lana Del Rey remix to make those moody Mondays not so moody. We know, Lana is pretty much the Adele of 2014, but we don’t see her fading off anytime soon because a) Lana has fiery redhair (biased) and b) her eerie, sadgirl music makes it more fun for producers to spice things up a bit. Today we are stoked to give you the latest House hit by NYC/LA producers, Hotel Garuda, with their stellar take on Lana’s “Ultraviolence”.

The moment we pressed play, we found ourselves falling down the rabbit hole into a place where we were instantly seduced by 90′s synths, beachy basslines, and Lana’s flawless voice. Hotel Garuda turned this classic song into something truly extraordinary and we can’t seem to stop listening. If anything, we think this remix is symbolic to that of a siren in which we are sent into an elusive trance and we haven’t yet snapped out of it. These guys definitely know how to enchant their listeners – maybe too well…

If you make it out of this remix alive and want to experience the magic in a live setting, make sure to catch Hotel Garuda next month (9/26) at Webster Hall in NYC along with Tropical House king, Thomas Jack.

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