A time when musicians gather at outdoor venues to fill the crisp warm nights with beautiful melodies and heart palpitating sounds while fans dance and sing to their summer nights ends.One of the most talked about summer 3-day concert series is coming up this weekend at the #1 ranked outdoor venue Red Rocks in beautiful Colorado.

The Global Dance Festival is back in it’s 11th year and the line up is off the walls this year. While I wish I could go into every artist on every night the truth is, this article would turn into a small book. So check out the fantastic line-up below and if you are in Colorado this upcoming weekend make sure to find your way up to the Red Rocks for three amazing nights of some incredibly talented musicians.

Beats Antique, EOTO, Emancipator, Conspirator, Papadosio, Ott, Zoogma, Signal Path, Sorne, Bass Physics

’DAFT PUNK – GET LUCKY (feat. Charles Butler) Beats Antique COVER’
’EOTO – Adyd’
’Emancipator – nevergreen’
’Conspirator – PowWow’
’Ott – Roflcopter’
’Zoogma – Elevated’
’Signal Path – Activated’
’Sorne – Shaman of Snakes’
’Bass Physics – Summer Solstice’
Saturday: Savoy, Sander VanDoorn, Arty, Emma Hewitt, Carnage, Candyland, Robag Wruhme, Justin Martin, KTheory, Ecotek, JFlash, Dragon & Jontron, Triad Dragons, Joman, JQA, Turner&Heit, Aviva, Justin Sloe of Droog, Nutmeg, Oona Dahl
’Savoy – You & I’
’Sander van Doorn – Neon (Edit)’
’Arty feat. Fiora – Grand Finale’
’Dash Berlin – Waiting (ft. Emma Hewitt)’
’Carnage & KillaGraham – Mr. Lover (Original Mix)’
’Candyland – Rick Rollin (Candyland’s OG Mix)’
’Ferrein – Meeting Sea / Robag´s Wolser Schelek NB’
’nude (justin martin remix)’
’KTheory – The Wall’
’Ecotek – Stardust Original mix’
’Don’t Stop Calling (J Flash Mashup)’
’Dragon & Jontron – Blackout’
’Ellie Goulding – I Know You Care (Triad Dragons Remix)’
’Joman – New Dimensions (Out Now)’
’JQA vs. MFSS – Deeper Love (Original Mix)’
’AViVO – Watch Your Manners (Original Mix)’
’Inxec & Droog – They Wos”
’Oona Dahl – Eidolon (snip) Out now on YUMA Recordings’
Sunday: Special Performance by Grizmatik, Mimosa, Griz, Gramatik, Baauer & R.L.Grime, Cookie Monsta, Craze, Seven Lions, DJ Green Lantern, Kill Paris, Ryan Hemsworth, Jim-E Stack, Sound Remedy, Savages, Basscrooks, Ishe, Fury
’Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom’
’GRiZ – Gettin’ Live’
’Gramatik – You Don’t Understand’
’Love Sosa (RL Grime Remix)
Chief Keef’
’Disclosure – You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle (Baauer Remix)’
’Cookie Monsta – Yow Momma’
’Seven Lions – Fevers (Ft. Minnesota and Mimi Page)’
’Kill Paris – Falling In Love Again (Feat. Marty Rod & Alma)’
’Migos – Bando (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)’
E Stack – Bubble Boy’
’Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro’
’Vaski – Baddest (Basscrooks Remix)’
’Citrus & Just Ben – Cream (Ishe Remix)’
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