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nøll – breathe [TMN Premiere]


Today the Texas talent nøll drops his debut EP, the empty set. We’ve got the opportunity to premiere the closing track “breathe” for you right here in the dojo. This ethereal treat will start your weekend off nicely.

One thing that is apparent right from the start of “breathe” is that it’s going to be an ultimate dose of musical relaxation. From its vibe to the lyrics, this track is definitely one that you want to jam to by yourself, in some headphones with your eyes closed. It can be enjoyed elsewhere, but to really let it take hold of your mind and sooth your soul, perform the former. nøll flexes a unique, simple composition whose power rests in its minimalism. Enjoy the first listen here and make sure to check out the full EP on Spotify.

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Kaizen – Breathe [TMN Premiere]


The weekend is finally here. What better way to get Friday going than to let the Florida producer Kaizen take you away with his new single. “Breathe” is a breath of fresh air, a highly melodic single released on Caption Records.

Kaizen builds a beautiful song that doesn’t follow traditional dance structure. “Breathe” from start to finish grows and changes like an organic form. First he births an emotional atmospheric introduction that slowly shifts into the more electronically specific phrase of the song. From there Kaizen continues to build the track until he drives forth to an unexpected territory. It’s a nice surprise – and we’re not going to say where it goes. Just know you’ll love it.

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[Future Bass] Adventure Club – Breathe feat. SONDAR (Indiginis Remix)

Adventure Club
Breathe feat. SONDAR (Indiginis Remix)

Indiginis is back with another smash hit remix. Released as a free download, their take on “Breathe” by Adventure Club is a major Summer remix that we’ll be jamming out to even when the sun is hidden from view when Fall comes.

“Breathe” in its Indiginis form is a timeless tune whose next level future bass sound has quite the lengthy shelf life, even when you blast it on repeat. Indiginis has quickly rose to the top of our list of of favorite acts because of the unique tone they bring. It’s an identity that’s all their own, yet it feels familiar to us like we’ve been listening to them since childhood. Look out for Indiginis to make a huge splash as the year moves forward.

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Modern Machines – Breathe feat. 8 Graves [TMN Premiere]

Modern Machines
Breathe(feat. 8 Graves)

Modern Machines has long been one of our favorite house acts on the market. He has established a progressive sound that fans know and love, but now, Modern Machines has taken a bit of a different route with a new track. “Breathe” featuring 8 Graves is the latest work from the New York producer, and we had the opportunity to premiere it to you.

Modern Machines has dipped out of his zone before with a remix for “Lean On,” but with “Breathe” we still get remnants of his signature progressive style. With this original we get a more pop-based record that has no builds, no drops; it needs nothing of the sort to get your attention and keep you engaged fully in the song. It’s one of the more unique tracks that has come from an up and coming dance producer this festival season, which is why the track is already set to get some love tonight on Sirius XM Beta BPM. Because of this premiere, Modern Machines has decided to give “Breathe” away for free for the next 24 hours, so make sure to head here to get your copy now.

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[Trap] Adam K & Slander – Breathe (feat. Matthew Steeper & Haliene)

BREATHE (ft. Matthew Steeper & Haliene)

When you get the chance to work with someone you look up to, there’s no better feeling in the labor or art realm. With Slander, music is their labor, and Adam K is someone they look up to. Both parties came together to work on a track, alongside help from Matthew Steeper and Haliene, called “Breathe.” Their heavenly take on trap is just the soothing record you need this weekend. It’s like what you want from a progressive house anthem, but packed into the trapstyle frame. Slander and Adam K did a superb job putting this one together, delivering something different from both their usual sounds. When we first heard that these acts were coming together, we had no idea what to expect. We knew however that it would be something that was incredible, and that’s just what we got. We were ready to dish out some money for it, but come to find out, it’s free!

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