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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2019 Round #1)

’Miniature Tigers – Manic Upswings’
’Lean – At Least I Tried’
’Mammals – Calm Down’
’Denitia – Waves’
’Good Morning – Boy, I’m Just A Loser For Your Love’
’Konradsen – Television Land’
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Mammals – Depraved (Jahnne Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Mammals (Official)
Depraved (Jahnne Remix)

Mammals comes back around to us with assistance from a Melbourne-based producer, Jahnne. This re-work transforms a darkly-themed original into a deep house effort. It’s steadiness is undeniable. The shimmering vocals are powerful and make it a perfect wavelength for driving at night or in a dance club. ‘Depraved’ originally appeared on the Animalia EP, exposed back in August. Really great work here by whoever hooked these two up. This is a fierce combination of electronic styles. Jahnne impresses with his remix and once the synths pick up, it’s a production that firmly grips us. He really knows how to create an emotional connection with listeners. You can find more of his melancholic dance music on Soundcloud. Mammals will continue to spread their project around with great collaborations like this. It must be exciting to extend the life of an EP in such a constructive way. With five dates booked this January, it should be a fun month for them. I’d love to hear a drop of this remix live.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2014 Round #3)


The best way to give is to expect nothing in return. So, we’re just gonna leave this little Indie Dojo right here. You can listen or scroll right through. We’re just happy to give you the option.

’Kyle Lionhart – On My Own’
’Mammals – Depraved’
’Kate Miller – Collar Up’
’Seekae – Monster’
’Leisure Suite – Ease Away’
’Seafret – Give Me Something’
’Folded Like Fabric – Too Easy’
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[Chill/Disco] Goldroom – Till Sunrise ft. Mammals

Till Sunrise

The way So-Cal dance-producer-turned-live act Goldroom approached the release of “Till Sunrise” was nothing short of inspiring. By now within most relevant electronic communities, Goldroom has become somewhat of a household name; and with every passing release, it would be quite simple to pick a handful of big name artists to author remixes and pocket a nice penny or two. But, rather than that extremely tired formula, the entire stem package was given away for free weeks ago, allowing any artist with a pirated copy of Ableton to try their hands at an official remix before anyone had even had a chance to hear it. We’ve heard great revisions already from names like MyKill and Justin Faust, which truly only stoked our proverbial fire before its concrete release today. But alas, it is Goldroom’s original tune which of course surpasses anything else done with the song. A wave of soft synth and airy pads give life to the track’s two-steppy stride of a melody before  Mammals’ breathy vocal incantations take their seat as our focal point. Goldroom’s slowed down brand of dance plays as luminous as ever, immediately taking our subconscious to late night rooftop parties and beach side soirees with our best friends; which is something we’ve almost come to expect from the multi-faceted dance creator. This one is about to go viral, so be a few steps ahead and stream “Till Sunrise”, which is out now on Binary, above. Trust us, it’s the most perfect Monday tune you’ll have listened to in months.

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