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Warden feat. Sisterwife – Carpe the DM’s [TMN Video Premiere]

Today we have something straight out of left field for you. “Carpe the DM’s” by Warden and Sisterwife is here in both audio and visual formats. Both have a wacky tone that just isn’t for everybody, but when you just let loose and enjoy them, they’re entertaining as can be.

The video parodies a few different things and is akin to the humor pushed by Tim & Eric. If you like the outrageous, then “Carpe the DM’s” is right up your alley like it is ours. The song is a masterful bass track that shares the videos quirkiness. Together they’re a project unparalleled by most and we have the honor of sharing them with you first in this premiere! If you like what you are hearing, go ahead and pre-order the single from iTunes.

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JX RIDERS – Hiccup (Feat. Sisterwife) [TMN Premiere]

Two names you may be familiar with are the Grammy winning Dave Audé and the Lady Gaga collaborator Martin Kierszenbaum. Their work separately has given them world-wide recognition and now they have come together for the project JX RIDERS. We’ve welcomed them to the dojo to premiere their brand new single AND music video of “Hiccup” featuring Sisterwife.

As you can tell from “Hiccup” these artists know how to put together a hit. Catchy doesn’t begin to describe how memorable “Hiccup” is. The poppy, deep house driven record is just what the duo need to bring their project the recognition each producer has on their own. With the animated music video, it’s equally as indelible with its striking, colorful imagery. Enjoy a first glimpse and listen to “Hiccup” here in the dojo and if you like what you are hearing, then you can grab a copy from iTunes.

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Darku J x Styles&Complete feat. SISTERWIFE – Kick In The Bass [TMN Premiere]

We love a good music video. We love a great one even more and that’s what we have for you today in this Music Ninja Premiere. The song + video comes to us from a threeway collaboration between New York’s Darku J, the LA duo Styles&Complete, as well as the newcomer vocalist SISTERWIFE.

Their song “Kick In The Bass” is something to be cherished by bassheads everywhere. It’s not your typical track as it melds electro with breakbeat, a trend that has been steadily gaining pace within the last several months. Together, Darku J and Styles&Complete put together one of the more memorable songs within this style, and SISTERWIFE is a big part of that. Her vocal performance is magnificent; you’ll be singing the lyrics in no time. With the music video, we get something that is just as unique and fun. We won’t dive into the exact details. You’ll have to just watch and enjoy.

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