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sfam – Expand [TMN Premiere]


Let’s end the week nicely with a dirty premiere shall we? Enter sfam and the new single “Expand” from the producer’s EP of the same name. The duo’s project has dropped through Quality Goods Records today and we’ve got the premiere for you. Ready for an exclusive first listen?

“Expand” showcases sfam’s heightened rhythmic senses. Different sounds play with each other in a way that’s unusual if you were to collect a handful of bass records together. That unique style is part of what makes this single stand out. Superb sound design and a seasoned display of minimalism go a long way to making this song what it is. We’re proud to present something so interesting to you to end the week and we hope you check out the entire EP – maybe you’ll even expand your digital library with a copy of it. We did!

PS, pun very intended.

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Cardi B – Bodak Yellow (Deux Twins Remix) [TMN Premiere]

DEUX Twins
Bodak Yell0w (DEUX Twins Remix)

We’re proud to have Deux Twins back in the dojo with the premiere of their new remix. Not only are we offering you a first listen to the song, but we’re sharing a free download of the flip on top of that! What’s the remix you may ask? Well if you didn’t notice from the article title the sisters switched up “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B.

Deux Twins keep the overall hip-hop vibe of the original while adding in some of their own dance-driven elements. As two party-popping DJs, they know what gets people on their feet and this remix will certainly do that. It’s not jam-packed to the brim with too much energy, instead focusing on creating a groove that people can connect to. Their melodic take on the original is a memorable flip among a mass of bootlegs that have been coming out. Enjoy the premiere and don’t forget to download the track for free!

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GiovanFish & Oceans – Don’t Tell Me [TMN Premiere]

GiovanFish & Oceans
Don't Tell Me

Let’s end the day with an exclusive first listen, shall we? The premiere of “Don’t Tell Me” by GiovanFish & Oceans is what we’ve got for you in the dojo today. Not only do we have the song to share, but we have a free download of it for you as well.

“Don’t Tell Me” is a hybrid delight. At first we dive into a future bass sound that could stand on its own as a song, but the two acts didn’t stop there and take the easy route. Instead, they progress the sound to a completely new arena by trapping things out. Essentially you’re getting two good songs in one with this. Stream it today and make sure to grab the free download before you head out for Taco Tuesday.

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Infuze & Team EZY – Tell Me Again feat. FATHERDUDE [TMN Video Premiere]

A unique song stands out above the masses. The more unique, the more it stands out. “Tell Me Again” by Infuze, Team EZY and FATHERDUDE is like Shaq in a baby nursery, you can’t miss it. Today we’re the first to share this one-of-a-kind single, as well as its music video in this premiere thanks to Fool’s Gold Records.

“Tell Me Again” doesn’t hold itself to a genre, although some could make the case for future bass given its influence from the more experimental side of the genre. Together Infuze, Team EZY and FATHERDUDE cooked up a song that is as spastic as it is amazing. The introduction sets a smooth stage that the drop shatters into oblivion in the best way possible. For the video, the crew keeps it simple by focusing in on a televsion that shifts through simple imagery including its creators. “Tell Me Again” is out now, so grab a copy from digital platforms today.

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JETSET – Rain (feat. osotyt) [TMN Premiere]

Rain (feat. osotyt)

Grime isn’t something I listen to on a daily, or even a weekly basis. I can’t even remember the last time I did, but now I’m all about it in the form of “Rain” by JETSET. This free download is just too unique not to love.

JETSET doesn’t take all the glory on this one as he enlisted osotyt to hop on this percussion-heavy beat. Together they pulled off a cool, but brooding single. It feels like the haunted house you just can’t help but going inside. For fans of any sort of electronic music or hip-hop, this is going to be your weekend treat. JETSET and osotyt’s “Rain” is out now, but you heard it here first in this Music Ninja premiere.

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Marc Benjamin & Regilio – Thunder [TMN Premiere]

Today we’ve got the only “Thunder” you’ll be wanting. Marc Benjamin and Regilio‘s upcoming single will be released on Size Records tomorrow, but today we’re offering you an exclusive early listen.

“Thunder” is an electrifying electro house track that cuts back to when this style took over festivals across the world a few years ago. Together the producer’s give it some contemporary flash and flare for an unforgettable single. As we mentioned previously, “Thunder” will be out in full tomorrow, but you can enjoy this premiere all day a day early in the dojo.

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Saro – Looking (City Father Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Looking (City Father Remix)

Today in the dojo we’ve got some good ol’ breakbeat for you. The Los Angeles producer City Father is making his debut with an official remix of “Looking” by Saro in this premiere. He’s looking to make a big splash and that’s just what could happen with his unique sound.

City Father is bridging the gap between club music you can dance to with music you can sit at home and listen to. It’s a weird dynamic on paper, but in reality it makes for a dynamic listen that allows the listener to take away what they wish from the song. With this remix, the funky industrial grooves are easily dance-able, but the song still has a chill feeling that makes this one good to keep you going throughout the day at the office. No matter where you are, you can enjoy this one. You heard it here first in the dojo!

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