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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 250)

Take a nice big deep breathe. We’re at our 250th volume of our Friday Party Playlist. Over the years it has been lead by various writers, each bring a host of free downloads each week to give you for the weekend. Now, I will admit, each week we’re paranoid we double counted a volume, or miscounted in some way, but regardless if that’s true or not, we’re celebrating 250 now with a bang! Usually we bring a dozen songs, but we’ve got a couple of extra goodies for you. This week works come from Ashdown, Phiilo, WHIPPED CREAM, CRAY, Varien, TWO OWLS, Apashe and more! Get them while they’re hot and have a great weekend.

’VNDL – Deserve It ft Kyle Goldstein’
’Ashdown – Looking Back’
’Phiilo – Keep On’
’Teknicolor – Tonga’
’TOBYNOH – Change (feat. Ovcoco With Steel)’
’Fabian Mazur – Sun Goes Down (ReauBeau Remix)’
’Rae Sremmurd – Swang (WHIPPED CREAM Re
’Tomboy (CRAY Remix)’
’Savoy x Bright Lights – The Wolf (Varien Remix)’
’DJ Susan – Sender (Original Mix)’
’ADTR – Have Faith In Me (TWO OWLS Remix)🦉🦉’
’Pierce – Ducati’
’Apashe – Day Dream Feat. Splitbreed (Krimer Remix)’
’Dodge & Fuski – Comeback (Apashe Remix)’
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[Electronic] Varien – Mutiny

I think if Varien were a leader of any group, he wouldn’t have to worry at all about his companions rising against him. However, he did make a new single called “Mutiny” that certainly can cause a ruckus, or even a fan mutiny against the established artists that just aren’t doing the great things Varien and some other cats are doing.

“Mutiny” sees Varien bringing his sound to the midtempo range for a supercharged electro heater. The classic sound is brought forward to the present with his own unique stamp. Setting himself a part is something Varien has done since the beginning of his career and we don’t see him stopping that trend anytime soon. This is just one of the many reasons why he has reached this level in his career with things only looking up. Grab a copy of “Mutiny” today through digital services if you dig it.

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[Giveaway] Fox Stevenson Offers Up VIP Service At Webster Hall


’Fox Stevenson & Curbi – Hoohah (VIP Edit)’

Webster Hall is one of the top venues in the United States. It would make sense that some of the world’s most creative artists would pass through. This happens all the time, but not always are you going to get the chance to see Feint and Varien open for the headlining Fox Stevenson. These three heavy hitters are taking over New York’s hot stop and they’re offering you the chance to get in free.

More than that, they’re offering to give a fan the chance to experience the show’s VIP service, which will include an artist panel, where you can ask the artists whatever questions your mind can muster, as well as a dinner. If you are buying tickets to the January 15th show, it is good to note that a ticket does not mean VIP; you’ll have to get both to get the full experience. The good thing is, this contest is for both!

Don’t miss out on this grand opportunity. Enter into the giveaway below while you enjoy Fox Stevenson’s “Hoohah” VIP that was released on Spinnin Records if you haven’t clicked play already. For more information surrounding the show, you can find what you need at the ticket page. If you’re more interested in finding out about the VIP service, you can do so at the campaign’s page, which includes some extra goodies. Most importantly, enter the contest!

Fox Stevenson x Webster Hall VIP Service (Contest on Hive.co)

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[Future] Varien – Beyond the Surface (ft. Aloma Steele)

Beyond the Surface (feat. Aloma Steele)

As he prepares for his debut album out soon on Monstercat, Varien takes a slight left turn away from his usual snarling dubstep drops to take a trip to a realm of future beats. Teaming up with vocalist Aloma Steele again, the Tampa-based producer picks and chooses seemingly incongruent elements to expertly craft them into what is “Beyond the Surface.”

First, Aloma Steele’s tempting vocals contain a duplicitous element to them where listeners do not know the songstress’ true nature. Varien trickles piano keys to lay a tranquil vibe alongside nebulous synth arrays and Steele’s croons. The rising future producer then pulls together a sultry sax, international percussion ensembles, and accented snarls that makes the drops half comforting, half vicious. All in all, its a beautiful offering by Varien as he prepares for his debut LP. Grab the free download above.

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[Dubstep] Varien – Gunmetal Black

Gunmetal Black

It’s early as hell right now and the hangover has comfortably settled in its place. The only logical thing to do to cure this throbbing headache is to blast some Varien as loud as you can. The Monstercat native just unleashed an epic monstrosity to the world to which he takes dubstep to an entirely new cinematic level. Bringing in elements from the metal and hardcore genre, Varien’s new track, “Gunmetal Black”, is everything you need in life; whether you’re getting married or simply going to the grocery store for more eggs, this song is ideal for any and all settings.

Varien’s, “Gunmetal Black” appears to have been influenced by Chinese culture considering it makes you feel like you’re Mulan and you’re about to defeat the Huns. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, then maybe you should go on a Disney movie binge and watch that classic gem until you’ve convinced yourself otherwise. Varien effectively takes hold of our emotions and masterfully builds us up for easily one of the most epic releases we’ve had in a long time. So if you like to cure your hangovers with more hangovers, then this song is for you. Check it out on Beatport and rage on, ninjas.

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