[House] Justin Jay & Friends – Karma (ft. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges)

Justin Jay & Friends
Karma feat. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges

Given his already-impressive track record, it’s crazy to think that Justin Jay is only 22 years old. The dorm-room house producer has already put out music through some of the most respected labels in electronic music, toured the world and been a TMN Resident Artist. Today, he launches a new chapter in his career: Justin Jay & Friends. The collective will be a collaborative project that combines Jay’s expertise in unique dance music with live instrumentation and indie vocalists.

Although we got a glimpse on his enormous, Benny Bridges-featuring official remix for Alison Wonderland, “Karma” is the first official, original release from Justin Jay & Friends. Opening appropriately with organic percussion and smooth vocals from Josh Taylor, it quickly becomes evident that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill house tune. Once Bridges’ guitar enters the equation, the song finds an incredible bluesy groove making for a seamless fusion of genres. Although quite different in its sound, the collision of underground dance and indie found on this track reminds us of some of Lane 8‘s work with Matthew Dear and Soloman Grey. This tune is also Justin Jay’s first release on UK label Black Butter and definitely leaves us excited for more. Vibe above.

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TomorrowWorld TMN Playlist #2 – Justin Jay [EXCLUSIVE]

Well, TomorrowWorld is officially underway, as of today, and a good lot of you are gearing up for three days of dance music heaven. We’re admittedly jealous, considering we’ll be in our respective states, probably just getting caught up on Narcos. Netflix and chilling aside, we have another piece in our TommorrowWorld playlist series, coming from former Resident Artist Justin Jay.

For those of you who are heading to the festival, this playlist should provide ample vibes for your pre-party shenanigans. For those of you who won’t be attending, this is still perfect to carry you through your work week and into the weekend.

If you find yourself in the company of the former, make sure to catch Mr. Jay on the Pete Tong stage, Saturday, from 4:00PM-5:30PM. You won’t be disappointed.

’Justin Jay – Storm Ft. Chris Lorenzo’
’B1 MATTHEW HERBERT – Earthenware (Snippet)’
’A2 Loz Goddard – It Will Come To Me (Fouk Remix)’
’Mad Rey – Quartier Sex’
’01 The Maghreban Wonder Woman Wonder Woman EP VER103 Preview’
’HNNY – Cheer Up, My Brother’
’Ben Watt – Lone Cat (Holding On) (Justin Martin Remix)’
’B2 Loz Goddard – Move It On’
’Justin Jay – Hit It ‘
’DJ Deeon – Freak Like Me (Out now on Numbers)’
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[House] Justin Jay – Mind Games

FMM: Justin Jay
Mind Games

Many of you were out at Coachella this weekend dancing away the daylight in the desert, and we hope that you stopped by the Do LaB stage to see former TMN Resident ArtistJustin Jay, because this kid is on fire right now. Not only is he the youngest talent on the Dirtybird roster, but he also just released his Momentum EP on Pets Recordings that really showed off his versatility. Still riding the wave of success after the EP’s release, Justin Jay feels its time to give back to his fans and has premiered a new free single via Annie Mac called, “Mind Games.”

Honestly, if you don’t start bouncing in your seat after hearing the guitar lick in “Mind Games,” you might need to turn up your speakers because it is almost too funky to be real. In tandem with a signature Justin Jay wobbling bassline and tantalizing vocal chops, “Mind Games” is sure to be a summertime staple. With graduation only a month away and tour dates across the globe in his back pocket, Justin Jay is ready to party and celebrate. We know it’s Monday so grab this free download and let it aid your procrastination and daydreaming.

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[Deep House] Justin Jay – Momentum EP

Fans of deep house should turn their attention to the almost college graduate, Justin Jay. The LA-based producer has been one of the quickest rising stars in the deep and tech house spheres with a solidified spot on Dirtybird’s premiere roster. With multiple EPs and appearances at Holy Ship! as well as HARD Summer to his repertoire, fans of Jay have been anxiously awaiting his next EP, and now they can be at ease as he has finally released his fourth EP, Momentum, on Pets Recordings.

The EP is broken up into three tracks – “How I Knew,” “Momentum, and “You Give Me Butterflies.” Justin Jay teamed up on the title track with fellow label stay, Kill Frenzy, to produce a sinister hybrid cut that blurs the line between tech and deep house, but regardless of its label, the track is built for the early morning raver type. The young maestro released “You Give Me Butterflies” just a short while ago to surprise fans with a light-hearted track full of feel-good vibes and beach-ready melodies. For “How I Knew,” the Dirtybird talent flexes his production muscles as he jumps into his comfort zone to combine funky vocal chops, unforgiving bass tremors, and trickling accents. All in all, Justin Jay shows us the many sides to his abilities in the studio and only sets himself up for success with college graduation in the coming months. Grab the EP here on Beatport.

’How I Knew (Pets Recordings)’
’Kill Frenzy & Justin Jay – Momentum (Pets Recordings)’
’You Give Me Butterflies (Pets Recordings)’
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[Deep House] Justin Jay – You Give Me Butterflies (Stream + EP Announcement)

Justin Jay
You Give Me Butterflies [Pets Recordings]

When traveling to the coast, our playlist usually consists of a mix of melodic deep house, an overabundance of tropical house, and upbeat chillwave to really set the mood for a perfect day in the sunshine. Typically, we wouldn’t include Justin Jay, as his previous works are more suitable for the early morning warehouse atmosphere. But, with the announcement of his upcoming Momentum EP and the release of “You Give Me Butterflies,” this young Dirtybird talent has made his debut on that aforementioned playlist.

With college graduation on the horizon, Justin Jay can’t help but be excited to finally delve into his career aspirations and produce full-time. He locked himself in his college dorm room over the past months to expertly craft his fourth EP that will be seeing its release on Catz ’n Dogz premiere record label Pets Recordings.

The other two songs, “Momentum” with Dirtybird brethren Kill Frenzy and “How I Knew,” will deliver the Justin Jay cuts that fans know and love, but the LA-based talent has shown us his true artistic versatility with “You Give Me Butterflies.” The summertime tune builds around his usual rhythmic percussion arrangements. but add in soft flute elements and whimsical bass tremors to add a surprise flair to the EP.

When asked about this tune, Justin had this to say:

As I’m finishing up an incredible last year of college, and getting to do all of these amazing things in music, it’s felt natural making happy, lighthearted songs that really capture my mood these days. I’ve spent a large part of the last year exploring darker sounds and textures. I definitely want to continue experimenting in that direction, but I wouldn’t want to neglect my goofy, cheerful side either. “You Give Me Butterflies” is a carefree day at the beach, spent with your friends, acting like 8 year-olds.
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Justin Jay Talks Dirtybird, Larry Levan, and Marriage Proposals [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

They Don't Know (Justin Jay Remix)

This month we had the chance to flex our tastemaking muscle by featuring one of the hottest exports in dance music, who has made a name at the tender age of 21 on one of the hottest labels in dance music. Of course, we are speaking of Justin Jay, and Claude VonStroke’s Dirtybird Records cohorts. Last week, the deep and tech-house sparkplug gifted us with a TMN Resident Playlist, and this weekend, we got a chance to get a little more in depth in regards to all things Justin Jay. Check out the entire transcript below.

TMN: First of all, we wanted to thank you for taking the time to be our featured ‘Resident Artist of the Month’. We’ve actually been closely following your career arc since How Goes the Dynamite, which if we’re not mistaken was almost three years ago now, which is absurd to think that you’re only what, 21 years of age now?

JJ: Yeah it’s pretty crazy, man!

TMN: It’s hard to believe how rapidly developed and mature your sound has already become in a relatively short amount of time putting out tangible releases. Especially within a niche in which many American listeners wind up not actually discovering until the usual pit-stops through ‘EDM’, or festival sized dubstep and trap. From a personal standpoint, have you had any exact moments which you feel helped shaped the scope of your music production or steered you away from more commercial sounds?

JJ: Growing up in LA was really powerful because me and my friends were exposed to artists like MSTRKRFT and Justice back in 2007. We got into it then because it sounded new and exciting. That craving for freshness is huge.

TMN: Some of us Ninjas love to geek out about artist’s studios. What programs, machines, synths or anything else are taking up the most amount of your time currently as a producer? And what does your entire studio layout look like when laying down a new Justin Jay track?

JJ: I’m super bare bones. I have a midi keyboard and a laptop, which is all I really use. Although, I recently got a few old-school drum machines, which have been super fun to work with.
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Justin Jay – Just in Time for Saturday Night [TMN RESIDENT PLAYLIST]

Just in time for your Saturday night festivities, Resident Artist Justin Jay has dialed up a tasty selection of groovy tunes that are perfect for whatever lies ahead. As you start to lock down your plans for this evening, press play on this bad boy and set the proper tone.

Whether you’re going out on the town, or just chilling at home, tonight’s going to be one for the books. At least, as far as the music is concerned.

’Hnny – Most Really Pretty Girls Have Pretty Ugly Feet’
’Kornél Kovács – Down Since ’92 (Studio Barnhus, BARN 006)’
’Jack J ‘Something (On My Mind)’ – Boiler Room Debuts’
’Outboxx – Denim Dreams (12” – LT045, Side B2)’
’Seven Davis Jr. ‘One’ (Live Edit)’
’What About Our Weekend Adam?’
’Moloko – Sing It Back (Herbert’s Tasteful Dub) 1999’
’Sex In The Kitchen – Soul Clap R. kelly’
metro area – machine vibes
’Kyle Hall – Measure 2 Measure’
(GYM007): B1. Max Graef – Nr 05 (Out soon!)’
’Harvey Sutherland – Oscillate – VYG02’
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