[New] Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Nero - The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)

Following his Worlds Tour, it’s been a while since Porter Robinson came out with new music. To our surprise, he premiered this epic remix of Nero‘s “The Thrill” at Coachella last Friday and turned up the heat even more at the desert.  The 22-year-old prodigy sampled Alana Watson‘s vocals on top of some classic Porter maneuvers, creating beautiful melodies and fusing them with glitchy synths. The cadenced synth melodies manage to keep the track breathtaking, moving and epic, as it is closed out with some simple and pretty keys. The style of the remix resembles something off of Worlds.

It’s no surprise that Porter’s originality and relevance make him one of the frontrunners in the electronic scene. It’s creative minds like his that keep the ball rolling for today’s music. Take a listen to this brand new track as Porter Robinson once again proved that genres don’t matter.

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[House] ID – Mr. Toot


First, it was Martin Garrix’s “Animals.” Then, it was ZHU’s Outkast mashup. Now, it seems that Ultra Music has a gifted talent working behind the curtain, and they have given us our first taste with “Mr. Toot.”

The flute melody is one that most people may have heard before, as it comes from a production by one of the most influential tango composer in the 20th century, Astor Piazzolla. The dancier dynamic in the track comes in hot, resembling repetitive synth blows of the future house space.

The reason why I’m curious as to who this mysterious producer comes from is the track’s creativity to take such a classic genre of music and fuse it with the modern stylings of today.

Stream “Mr. Toot” above to see if you can guess who the producer behind it is.

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[NEW] BenZel – Stuck On You (Feat. Tory Lanez)

benzel x tory
Stuck On You ft. Tory Lanez

BenZel and Tory Lanez are two acts we’ve been “stuck on” for quite some time now, and today they’ve teamed up for an incredible new single. “Stuck On You” is the first in a series of tracks that the duo of Benny Blanco and Ben Ash will be releasing through SoundCloud on a weekly basis. The song is a bit of a diversion from Tory’s usual style, but it still finds him thriving outside of his comfort zone, as slick falsetto gives way to a mind numbing drop. We’ve already played this tune on repeat about four to five times during the course of this write-up, so expect this one to be glued into your rotations for quite awhile. Stream the track above, and click the download link to snag a copy for yourself. You’ll want to hold onto this one.

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[Deep-House] Essess & Mike Gill – Love Somebody Else [TMN Premiere]

essess & Mike Gill
Love Somebody Else

When we caught onto the latest collaborative release from burgeoning House and Garage duo Essess and longtime UK club staple Mike Gill (both acts currently taking up residence in London), through Ministry of Sound sub-label HK Records, we had some lofty expectations. Luckily for us, Esses & Gill have crafted a deep, dark and seductively hooking single with “Love Somebody Else”. The tune bolts out of the gate with a thumping 4/4 kick, while echoes of techno leaning pads establish themselves atop careful string progressions. By the time “Love Somebody Else” finished building its thick sea of dance minutiae, and has unloaded a bouncing deep-house topline, an appropriately pitched vocal bursts through to push this one straight to our playlist of favorite club singles. We’re beyond thrilled to premiere Essess and Mike Gill’s “Love Somebody Else”, as this one is sure to catch on with the most ardent of House fans very soon. Beat them to it above.


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[Hip-Hop] Tre Capital & Waldo – Any Day Now (The Alliance) (Feat. Like of Pac Div) (Prod. Gravez & DrewsThatDude)

Tre Capital & Waldo
Any Day Now (f/ Like of Pac Div) (prod. Gravez & Drews​that​dude)

Waldo and his AGO crew have been making waves on the hip-hop scene for the last year plus, and chances are they’re bound to blow up “Any Day Now” . Today, the Michigan native teams up with Tre Capital and Like (of Pac Div) to lay some fire over some incredible production from two other TMN favorites, Gravez and DrewsThatDude. The track was originally teased by Tre on Twitter last month, but it doesn’t seem to be slated to appear on any upcoming projects. Regardless, make sure to be on the lookout for both Waldo’s Summer Child EP and Tre Capital’s Gundam II, set to drop later this year.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (April 2015 Round #2)


If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Or have a seat and listen to the free Indie Dojo we made especially for you. No one will notice if you are gone for a while. The brain needs a break from trying so hard every now and then.

Cape Lion
Called You Mine
The Watermelons
The Peaks
Best Of You
Ben Harvey
These Streets
Rebel Kites
Atlas Sky
Babe Come Down
Jep and Dep.
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[NEW] Drake – My Side

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 10.49.05 PM
My Side

Follow a stellar performance last night to close out Coachella (which included a few unexpected surprises), Drake wasted no time in dropping new material, sharing “My Side” earlier tonight. Known for being the king of late night releases, Drizzy’s latest single is perfect for all the nocturnal adventurers out there like ourselves. The slow burning tune is slated to be a bonus track on the upcoming physical release of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, set to hit shelves on April 21st. Stream the tune above, and make sure to grab yourself a copy of the collector’s addition for yourself later this month.

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