Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass (Charlie Darker Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Meghan Trainor
All About That Bass (Charlie Darker Remix)

It may only be Wednesday, but we know you’re already looking forward to the weekend. Luckily for you, we have just the tune to help with those visualizations of dance floors, libations, and the unfortunate foggy mornings that follow.

Premiering today, we have devilishly dark remix from Montreal native, Charlie Darker. As if destined for underground parties across the globe, this take on “All About That Bass” is sporting a hard techno-style sound, complete with hollow staccato synths. The progression, which provides the unavoidable desire to dance, takes us for a ride along a booming bassline, accentuated properly by bongo style percussion, and that looming vocal sample.

Reminding us of early Bromance records from the likes of Gesaffelstein and Brodinski, we have a feeling some adoration is due to Darker for this one. And we’re certainly happy we get to help propagate that adoration.

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Hillström & Billy – Keys in the Lake [TMN PREMIERE]

Hillström & Billy
Keys In The Lake

The indie scene is alive and well in Stockholm, and the musical collective known as Hillström & Billy are living proof of it. Debuting today here on TMN, “Keys in the Lake” is a first glance at this outfit’s upcoming album. Already garnering some success from their previous four albums, we’re getting a fresh glance at these guys after an 18-month hiatus. While a break may often sound negative for a band, the reason for this hiatus is a positive one, simply needing some time to harness their craft.

The artistic growth in taking Hillström & Billy from a one-man band to a musical collective of fellow musicians in that hiatus is displayed in this glowing tune, which holds the ideals of unity, collaboration, and being held back.

Musically, “Keys in the Lake” boasts a truly dreamy and cinematic soundscape, carried on the back of rolling percussion work. Couple in some larger-than-life piano chords and wavering guitar riffs, and the rich, layered melody starts to form together, creating the perfect compliment to lead singer Petter Hillström’s inspiring vocals. It’s a tune that one can get easily lost in, which should be the perfect remedy for those middle of the week blues.

This song can be found on their upcoming album, which is expected to drop Spring 2015. Follow them on Facebook to keep tabs on when it does.

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Oyinda – The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me (W/O Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

tdgkm wo remix oyinda

Oyinda is one up and rising artist. Born in Nigeria, raised in London, and currently residing in NYC, this artist has been turning heads with her first single releases. The third song off her upcoming EP, ‘The Devil’s Gonna Keep Me’, got a recent rework by the highly talented WO and we are fortunate to get to premiere this catchy track today. Oynida has a very mournful voice, thick and low, she easily speaks to the very core of your being. With this particular remix, WO played off of that and added an electronic melody and beat that turned the song into an almost Bond-like theme song, sexy, even more seductive, and enticing to hear. This is the perfect combination of the original feel of Oyinda combined with the mixing style of WO, adding a new feel to this song. Watch out, after listening to this song you might just believe the Devil is going to keep you, and you might be ok with it.

The Devils Gonna Keep Me (W/O Remix)
The Devils Gonna Keep Me
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[TMN Premiere] Night Terrors of 1927 – When You Were Mine (ft. Tegan & Sara) (Strange Talk Remix)

Night Terrors of 1927
When You Were Mine Feat. Tegan & Sara (Strange Talk Remix)

LA-based alternative duo Night Terrors of 1927 released their Anything to Anyone EP back in September showcasing their deeply emotional, stadium-worthy brand of alternative music. One of our favorite songs on their recent project is the Tegan and Sara-assisted opener, “When You Were Mine,” a classic pop ballad that revives indie rock of the past in a refreshing and relevant way. We’re excited to bring you the premiere of a fantastic remix of that standout track courtesy Australian electro pop duo, Strange Talk. Their re-imagination transforms “When You Were Mine” into a playful, nu-disco anthem utilizing the vocals flawlessly to maintain some of the original’s sentiments. This one’s perfect to jumpstart your morning with a dance party. You can grab a copy of NTO1927′s EP here and check out their upcoming tour dates here.

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RAC Talks about His Roots, the Blogosphere, and Andre the Giant [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]


As we get ready to welcome in RAC to the Mile High City, we were able to have a quick fifteen minute chat with him to talk about this tour. Before you head out to Gothic Theater tomorrow night, take a few moments to see what he had to share.

TMN: Hey Andre! Thank you for taking some time to talk with us today. Let’s kick things off by talking about your upcoming “Something Classic” tour.

RAC: Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been trying to organize my life! I feel like I’ve been working towards this for a long time, like months now. It’s nice to get things ready and get on the road. We’ve kind of switch things up a bit with this one – we’re doing a fully live show. It’s new territory. It’s a weird mix of nervousness and excitement.

TMN: We’re obviously excited to have you in Denver, but what are your thoughts about coming to the Mile High City?

RAC: I love Denver. It’s always a great time. I’m really glad that we finally get to do the live show there. It’s not like we intentionally skipped over Denver or anything, but I’m glad it’s finally happening.

TMN: So are we! Strangers was just fantastic, by the way, highlighted by your smash single, “Cheap Sunglasses.” It also features artists like Tokyo Police Club, Penguin Prison, Tegan and Sara, etc. This approach almost reminded me of a classic hip hop album. Talk to us about bringing all these acts in and why?

RAC: Thanks! (Laughs) Well, it’s kind of funny that you mention that, because I think that there is some of that mentality there. It’s clearly a feature record, and the reason why I went in that direction is because I can’t sing. I need singers! I needed someone to fill in that side of things. I wasn’t interested in doing the standard dance record. I wanted to do something a little different and work with artist I really like. It’s a wide variety of people – all that I like and have worked with in the past. I’m really happy it came together the way that it did.

TMN: You seem to be drawn to Kele, having worked with him on “Let Go” and remixing his tune “Everything You Wanted.” Is he one of your favs in the scene right now?

RAC: We go way back. Well, first of all, we’ve never actually met in real life. We’ve only spoke over email and whatnot, which is kind of funny. But, we kind of go way back. Before RAC, in 2005, I did my first official remix for someone and it was Bloc Party. So, they kind of kicked off a lot of things for me. We’ve been working on stuff for a long time since, so it’s nice to keep that going.

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[House] ZHU – Paradise Awaits (LCAW Remix)

Paradise Awaits ( LCAW Remix )

Since emerging early this year, mysterious producer ZHU has already found himself in the ranks of electronic music’s elite. His debut EP, The Nightday, not only proved one of the strongest project’s of the year, but has also spawned a number of impressive remixes, most notably for the track “Faded.”  The latest ZHU re-work comes from another rising producer, Germany’s LCAWwho brings some additional future-funk stylings to the smooth “Paradise Awaits.” LCAW picks up the tempo transforming the original into a deep house anthem without losing ZHU’s signature vocals. Enjoy this one above and keep your eye out for more from both of these artists.

[via Indie Shuffle]

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[G-House] Big Boi – Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch x Tendra Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Dr. Fresch X Tendra Kryptonite Final Art
Big Boi
Kryptonite (Dr. Fresch X Tendra Remix)

The L.A. king of housey hip-wiggle Dr. Fresch has tickled our dance fancy through a multitude of niche and underground sub-genres over the past few years; from his self-titled EP, to gleaming remixes of artists as varied as Nelly Furtado, Snoop Dogg, and No Doubt; but the aurally bending dance maestro’s work within the realm of modern day G-House remains our favorite wrinkle in Dr. Frech’s production game.  Today, Dr. Fresch has teamed up with newcomer Tendra to take on Big Boi’s 2005 Purple Ribbon All-Star collab “Kryptonite” and it’s got us all twerked up around the monitors. Musically, the pair seem to coalesce as superbly as PB& J, using a perfectly swung analog bass line and Big Boi’s pitched down vocal stem to maintain the stylistic aesthetic of the original while simultaneously transporting it to another end of the club spectrum completely. When we pressed the pair a bit more about their joint remix, Tendra gave us quite the juicy little story: “Earlier this Summer, I was playing Blackjack with Big Boi at a Casino after Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, and cashed out huge. I landed back in LA, told Dr. Fresch the story, and we decided to get working on the remix – I had to show Big Boi some love for filling my pockets with stacks.”  While we may not quite be cool enough to stack our chips with Big Boi, this remix of “Kryptonite” surely is. Dr. Fresch and Tendra have offered an outstanding Tuesday pick-me-up, so put on your dancing shoes, grab the free download here, and let’s work it out.

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