Beyonce – 711 (DJ Mustard Remix)

711 (DJ Mustard Remix)

Beyonce‘s latest single has already taken over the radios, clubs, and your pre-game mix playlist, so it was only a matter of time before it got the remix treatment. In the news of the unexpected, southern hit-maker DJ Mustard takes on the infectious party single with a unexpected flip to the beat. Adding a EDM backdrop and completely changing up the melody and rhythm, his latest remix to the track is definitely something that can help carry the song into the Spring and Summer playlist of 2015. Although this isn’t the first time Mustard has placed his work on the track, this is one of the few times we get to hear a electro-mix of his beat. At first, the track starts off with a simple synth beat until it is loaded with a multiple elements to tingle the eardrums and the senses. At times, it seems that Mustard just threw in whatever would sound good in the backdrop, but the eclectic track still carries the same fun-loving and free-spirited vibe that the original had-minus the chorus and Southern feel.

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[Soul] Frank Ocean – You Are Luhh (Aaliyah Tribute)

Frank Ocean
You Are Luhh

Although fans are still waiting patiently to hear any news or original material from Grammy-award winning singer/song-writer Frank Ocean, the west coast artist celebrated the late Aaliyah‘s birthday over the weekend with a cover to “At Your Best (You Are Love)”. Originally released from his Tumblr page, the Isley Brother‘s original gets a modernized touch. Ocean flexes a limited vocal range subtly hitting a variety of notes as he floats over the piano-led ballad. Similar to his last release “Memrise,” Ocean remains secretive about whether or not this is something that will be featured on an upcoming project or just another treat for fans to get into. Either way, music lovers can just rejoice in the fact that Ocean has not gone completely off the radar. Be sure to take a listen to the melodic track and stay posted for any new material to drop.

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[House] Carl Cox – Space Terrace Ibiza Mix

Carl Cox Direct From The Space Terrace In Ibiza

This week sees Mixmag release a classic 2007 Carl Cox mix, which once saw the light of day with an old issue of the magazine. For those who are a fan of the British DJ and producer, you will know the
significance of his Space Terrace Ibiza sessions, and this set comes from one of these events just a few years back.

Seamlessly blending a myriad of house and techno influences, Cox drives the listener on an expansive journey, covering many classics. A small selection from the tracklist includes “Shake & Pop” DJ Sneak remix (Green Velvet ft. Walter Phillips), Elio Riso & Raffunk’s “Ego vs. Ego” and “Street’s Sounds” from Joachim Garraud.

This impressive set is now available to get your hands on – grab it here.

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[Future Bass] Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)

Kanye West - All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)
Kanye West
All Of The Lights (Prince Fox X Hotel Garuda Cover)

Being that it was Hotel Garuda‘s 1st birthday couple days ago, they decided to treat their fans (and themselves) to a collab remix with NY-based producer Prince Fox. Stripping down Kanye West‘s “All Of The Lights” and dressing it up with a future bass outfit, the three talented individuals did the then-Top 40 track justice by showing creativity and originality. Starting off with a series of pleasant piano chords, the hip-hop classic is then suited with a house beat accompanied by vocal samples that are robotized and lowered in pitch. A catchy bassline combined with bold synth leave everyone in awe as to how the heck they managed turn the original into this future house goodness. The celeste synth in the middle that color the main melody of the track steal the spotlight unexpectedly, giving it a rather ominous and mysterious vibe.

With this release, both Hotel Garuda and Prince Fox once again proved that genres don’t define their music. Every remix has been a surprise, showing diversity and talent. You’ll be on your toes anticipating for new stuff coming out. Hats off to these producers, and stay tuned!

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The Chill Dojo #117

chill dojo

Let us ease you into another working week with some smooth head-bopping action from jackLNDN. The London boy does what he does best, infusing the gorgeous vocals of the Lapsley original with his trademark sexy grooves that float gracefully along without a care in the world. The antics of the weekend may be a distant memory, but there’s no reason Monday should be any harder than it needs to be. Tontario shares a similar vision for ‘Falling Short’, offering a vibe that’s a little more upbeat, but equally as silky when it comes to the beat and flow. Only a month ago we were graced with the late night disco vibes from Lenno’s ‘No More’, and with the first release of the Wake Up Remix EP comes the perfect rework from Les Loups. The German production trio put their deep house finesse on full display, adding a layer of glorious summer melody to elevate the feel-good sensation that the original cultivates.

Where these first features sat comfortably on the mellow side, Austrian duo Urban Contact turn up the heat on a sultry original from Olympique. Burning riffs and melting sax create a formidable energy behind the soulful lyrics, but despite the intensity there is still an undeniable element of chill to the heated affair. Pierce Fulton had no trace of laid back intentions with the original mix of ‘Kuaga’, but the live version shifts gear from the electro style and lets the blissful chants play out with stunning melodies and instrumental touches. This one forgoes the desire for a sweaty crowd and instead aims to inspire palpable chills and hair-tingling feelings. It’s the musical sensation that Snakehips live and breathe with each and every release, and they’ve kick-started their 2015 campaign with a sublime statement in ‘Gone’. Jazzy tones have always been their forte, but this time it’s a slow jam that brings the funk together with the sexy voice of Syd.

It won’t take much to lose yourself in the grooves this week. Before you know it, Friday night will arrive and the fun begins all over again. Peace out.

Falling Short (JackLNDN Remix)
Falling Short (Tontario Remix)
No More (Les Loups Remix)
Face Down The Earth (Urban Contact Remix)
Pierce Fulton
Kuaga (Live Version)
Gone (Feat. Syd)
Why iii Love The Moon.
Just A Gent
Limelight (Louis Futon Remix)
Tegan And Sara
I Cant Take It (Matoma Remix)
Tracy Chapman
Fast Car (Smiles Davis Remix)
Amy Winehouse
Rehab (Tom Misch Remix)
Hold Me Close
Moving On (ft. Feki)
Oh Wonder
The Rain (Saje Remix)
Hiko Momoji
Mirage Island
The White Panda
Pony Lasts Forever (Ginuwine // Feki)
Alex Young / Lontalius
Maybe Your Smile Will
Wrapped Up In Her
Goose Bumps & Squib
I´m Gonna Make It (Original Mix)
Meadow Run
I Gave It All (Wayward Remix)
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George Maple – Vacant Space (Sondrio Remix)

Vacant Space (Sondrio Remix)

Australian Dj/Producer Sondrio released a powerful rendition of Calvin Harris’ Blame just two month ago and the blogosphere had a field day, topping the charts of the popular music blog aggregator Hype Machine.

And so what? Many posts and number of plays have never impressed us, nor is the reason why we share music on The Music Ninja. Yet we cannot deny the fact that Sondrio is able to create fresh new experiences for every one of his remixes, including “Blame”. That is the reason we respect him so much, letting original songs shine through without compromise while still maintaining a unique approach that very song is easier said then done. Today we have a new renditions of the especially seductive track from George Maple “Vacant Space”. Providing a much calmer baseline to match the many softer aspects of the original, Sondri adds many non-intrusive electronic layers that happily coexist in a soothing environment where the vocals never get overshadowed.

You can download this track via a follow here.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 132)


What’s poppin’ ninjas? It’s Fridayyyyyyyyy! You know what that means…it means we all get to binge on beer and music for the next 3 days, am I right? This weeks FPP is stacked with so much heat that it’ll be impossible not to break a sweat. Well friends, let’s kick off the weekend with some free music so stay warm and stay moving this weekend because we know it’s cold as balls (minus Southern California where seasons do not exist).

As always, #danceirresponsibly.

Until next week ninjas!

Rick Ross
Hustlin (Mr Ghost Trap Remix)
Party Thieves & ATLiens
Gent & Jawns
Fireball (Chris Bushnell Remix)
SWERVE (Styles&Complete X The Insurgents Remix)
YellowClaw & Cesqeaux
Legends (G
Close My Eyes (Ray Volpe Remix)
How About Now (Swizzymack Philly Club Remix)
Big Man Ting Ft Jammin MC (Original Mix)
Jack Ü
Take U There (Älësïä Edit)
Pegboard Nerds
Here It Comes (KickRaux & Myles William Remix)
Go Dumb
Montell Jordan
Get It On Tonite (Aylen Remix)
Gucci Mane
Pillz (Dr. Fresch Remix)
The Way I Are (Chachi Remix)
Bye Bye Bye (Paige Remix)
Say No Diggity (ODESZA // Blackstreet)
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