[Future Trap] Lookas – Apollo

apollo (1)(1)

When artists, or in this case, producers, begin their careers, they have build a reputation for themselves by sticking to and mastering a specific genre. Over time, as the artist’s fan base builds and their name becomes much more prominent, we connect them to that single genre, and we think of them as experts in it. But what happens when the artists, whose music we thought we knew so well, decide to step outside the boundaries of the genre they became so recognizable for? As fans, we respond in a multitude of ways, from anger and disappointment to full on support.

In the case of Lookas’s fresh release, “Apollo,” fans will feel far from let down. Moving away from his popular festival trap style, Lookas steps into the territory of future, and divulges some secret versatility. The title, “Apollo,” both parallels and matches the musical style of the song as it explores his abilities in a different musical sector, and paints an otherworldly picture in our minds. Even from the beginning, the sound seems stranger to us, except we cannot help but feel intrigued. This intrigue continues the full length of the track, simultaneously revealing an incredible product. Grab the free download above, crank up the speakers, and get ready to be transported to another dimension.

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[Pop] Powers – Loved By You

Loved By You

Ever cross paths with a song that was just so extraordinarily catchy that you wonder why it hasn’t hit the radio yet? That’s the question you’ll asking yourselves after listening to Powers‘ “Loved By You.” Well, really it’s what you’ll be asking yourselves after listening to any of Powers’ music, for that matter.

Zooming in on “Loved By You,” the mellow song begins with a cool, slowed-down break beat that remains the foundation for the entirety of the song. This is also topped by a sweet, playful layer of melody, which fills in as the backdrop of Crista’s silvery voice. The song is a love ballad that incorporates the popular sounds of today, as well as lyrics so appealing you’ll find yourselves singing it in the shower. Giving off such breezy vibes, the song is 100% summer-friendly and absolutely worth the purchase on iTunes.

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[Progressive House] Throttle – Together (feat. David Spekter)

Together (feat. David Spekter)

For a few weeks now, there has been an ICONS release from Throttle that has been on repeat on Spotify. “Together” with David Spekter is that jam, which is now out for all on digital outlets and Soundcloud. Robbie Bergin, aka Throttle, keeps things melodic with this progressive original that has a little more groove than we’re used to experiencing with a song of this nature. This makes it even more powerful on the dancefloor, as you can actually dance instead of simply throwing your hands up in the air and jumping up and down. The Melbourne producer’s dirty disco style even comes through despite the shift in sound. “Together” is a captivating single that you can purchase for yourself today. Beatport has you covered.

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[Electronic] Chimes – Pieces


There are few moments more satisfying than discovering a new artist or collaboration. Today, we have an exciting EDM group out of London who goes by the moniker of Chimes.

Chimes, a new partnership between British producer Draper and vocalist Paul Aiden, is the latest summer project sure to garner widespread acclaim by EDM fans. Their newest single, “Pieces” is unrelenting excitement in the form of sound.

Waves of percussions and synths set over sultry verses are a few of the ingredients that go into giving this tune an infectious quality. The phrase “song of the summer” is a timeworn cliche, often overstated and inapplicable to the song it references. With that being said, “Pieces” has the potential to become a crowd favorite if it is added to the rotation of other touring producers as festival season continues to gain momentum.

Check out “Pieces” above, and keep an eye out for what else they have in store for the music community on Soundcloud.

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[Future] Rooftops Horizon – Compilation Vol. 2


Paris imprint Rooftops Horizon just dropped the second volume for their compilation series. The six track release brings different flavors of future together, all in one package that can be downloaded for free. As many free downloads go, if you’re a giving type of person, then you can show your support by purchasing the project on iTunes.

Six acts brought their work to the table in this compilation. Solid throughout, Volume 2 is a strong release that sheds light on some producers from all over the world who are on the come up. Out of the six tracks, favorites include “To Be Honest” by dabow and “Let It Whip” by Heisenberg’s Montage. Despite all having their own character, and not simply just being future tracks, these two really stuck out, along with rolla’s single “Louisville.” Check out the full compilation, and let us know your favorites!

To Be Honest (Compilation Vol.2)
Interaction (Compilation Vol.2)
Water (Compilation Vol.2)
Heisenbergs Montage
Let It Whip (Compilation Vol.2)
Louisville (Compilation Vol.2)
Lucid (Compilation Vol.2)
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[House] Halsey – Trouble (Enzo Bennet Bootleg)

Enzo Bennet
Trouble (Enzo Bennet Bootleg)

Mau5trap’s own Enzo Bennet uploaded a smooth Summer bootleg onto his Soundcloud recently that has our insides glowing, and our outsides grooving. “Trouble” by Halsey was flipped with no trouble at all, with the result being a soothing edit that you can have on repeat all day without hesitating to turn it off. Keeping the piano as a core element kept the beauty of the original in this remix, along with the vocal that is simply astonishing. There are times when a bootleg turns into an official remix, and we wouldn’t be surprised if that ends up happening here. Enzo delivered a truly magnificent work that everyone needs a piece of. Press play and stream it, as there is currently no download/purchase for the record.

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[Downtempo] Beshken – Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)

Beshken - Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)
Know You Well (feat. Mothica and Mayo)

Following “Right Time”, Beshken comes out with yet another fresh original that’ll get you vibing. “Know You Well” is the result of his collaboration with singer Mothica and rapper Mayo. The LA producer fuses his signature chill sound with Mothica’s smooth vocals to bring out the downtempo vibe of the track. Mayo’s verse also serves its purpose to perfectly complement the addicting beat. Whether you’re working for a late night grind, or cruising down the freeway on a Friday night, this tune will be your best company.

Released under Next Wave Records, “Know You Well” showcases Beshken’s talent as a producer. As these originals keep getting better and better, we simply can’t wait to see what the young producer has to offer.

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