[R&B/Soul] Ro James – Neon Lights

When we last heard from New York native, Ro James, he was expressing a new found patriotism towards the idea of love. He’s back yet again with another fervid ballad to help soothe the soul. “Neon Lights” elicits some of the same raw passion associated with classic R&B. It’s actually incredibly tough to listen to this new track and not draw comparisons to late 90′s crooner, D’Angelo. Like those great singers before him, James keeps the song’s entire focus rooted in his soft, ethereal voice while he serenades his lover over a simple, echoing bass line. It’s easy to find yourself drawn in from the very first second, with eyes closed and head bobbing all the way through. As 2012 comes to the end, it’s become increasingly clear through artists like Ro James and Miguel that R&B isn’t dead yet.

Ro James
Neon Lights
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[Preview] Dillon Francis – Denver, CO (Ogden)

Idgafos (if you don’t know what this means kids, look it up).
There is one artist everyone can thank for this little gem and he is about to grace the mile high city. Thursday night at the Ogden, Dillon Francis will be bringing his moombahcore to take over the bodies of the already sold-out show’s audience. Only twenty-four years old, this Los Angeles native has recently exploded onto the electronic dance scene where he is best known for being a pioneer of moombahton. Dillon was first noticed back in 2010 by a certain artist who constantly encourages us (specifically the ladies) to express ourselves, ahem, Mr. Diplo. From there, Dillon has worked on such labels as OWSLA, Dim Mark and Mad Decent. Whether he is dropping mad dubstep bass, making our bodies get low with trap beats, or hypnotizing our minds with electronic melodies, Dillon is an artist who is going to keep dominating the music world.
A major bonus to this show? The opening artists are the highly talented Kill Paris and Denver’s own AViVA. Let me just put it this way, my own mother who really doesn’t understand the whole “dubstep” thing, loves Kill Paris and that is because Paris takes old school jams and mixes then with intoxicating melodies. He is, hands down, one of my favorite artists out there today and I am just waiting for him to take over the music world. Also, AViVA is a young one but this girl has talent. She made the right choice when she decided to follow her heart and pursue her music. This show is so full of talent; you would be a ninny not to go. Throw on those boots with the fur and get ready to rage, see you there Denver.

Nicky Romero Ft. Nervo
Like Home (Dillon Francis Remix)
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[NEW] Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha)

“You” (Ha Ha Ha) is a stellar new song from the young English artist Charli XCX. Debuting on BBC 1 Radio just the other day, it is built around Gold Panda‘s instrumental tune “You”. Everything from the shaky, flickering effects to her honeyed pop vocals makes this love-lost track so worthy of hours of replay. If you want more of her, be sure to check out our post on her recent Super Ultra Mixtape.

Charli XCX
You (Radio 1 Airplay)
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[Rage!] Brass Knuckles – Bad Habit (DotEXE Remix)

It seems like divine intervention that we would be staring into our third pour of bourbon as we listen to this song. Yes, we all have bad habits, and sometimes we need a dubstep remix to reassure us that we’re not the only ones.

Hailing from the Windy City, DotEXE has been gaining steam as of late from his recent tour with the ever-so-lovely Krewella. The most recent remix of Brass Knuckles’ “Bad Habits” is that perfect blend of anthemic vibes and dirty, glitchy dubstep. So pour yourself another, light one up, and do whatever it is that you do. It’s time to endulge in some bad habits.

Brass Knuckles
Bad Habits (DotEXE Remix)
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Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital (ille rmx) [Remix Competition Winner]

Brooklyn based brotherly duo Wildlife Control have been releasing a wonderful array of originals bordering the electronic and rock genres with catchy and bright melodies. Recently however, the two have decided to let other producers bring their own ideas by hosting remix competition for their song, Analog or Digital. We were honored to be one of the judges of the competition, along with our friends over at Indie Shuffle. After going through quite a handful of interesting concepts (And a couple of bad ones), we can now say with confidence that we really have an amazing winning track, brought in by Ille Gal of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The secret to a good remix is to pay tribute to the original, while still innovating elements that would enhance the very emotional core of its predecessor. Ille Gal truly delivered a new way to consume the single ‘Analog or Digital’ by replacing the original instrumentation of guitar riffs and drums with a wonderful foundation of sparkling electronica. As Wildlife Control puts it, “It’s lush, has an infectious chill groove, and offers a totally different take from the original.”

You can download and listen below:

Wildlife Control
Analog or Digital (ille rmx)
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[Folk Rock] Aidan Knight – A Mirror

Canadian singer-songwriter Aidan Knight carries with him not only his soft, smooth, unassuming vocals and the lovely organic tones of an acoustic guitar. His music, such as on “A Mirror,” blooms with such robust instrumentation — somber horns, trickling piano, moody strings — making for not only a touching track, but a truly colorful and stimulating sonic experience. There are quiet moments, uplifting peaks, and everything in between. Treat your ears to something good this evening…

A Mirror

“A Mirror” is off Aidan Knight’s sophomore album, Small Reveal, out now on Outside Music.

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[NEW] Flux Pavilion – Do or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)

Earlier this year, dubstep legend Flux Pavilion got the blogosphere buzzing when he previewed a collaboration with the always creative emcee and 21st century renaissance man, Childish Gambino. After months of anticipation, the full song hit the Internet this morning and most definitely does not disappoint. “Do or Die” begins with an upbeat, building instrumental accompanied by some solid bars from Gambino before exploding into the trademarked epic, heavy bass of Flux. Although hip-hop and dubstep have long been intertwined, this joint effort may be one of the strongest of its kind to date.

This one is perfect for your casual Wednesday rage, and comes just in time for the holiday season. Turn this up, sip on some eggnog and get ratchet with Flux and Childish this Christmas, Hanukkah , Eid, Kwanza and New Years!

Flux Pavilion – Do Or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)
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