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[House/Garage] Eric David – Walked Outta Heaven [TMN Premiere]

Eric. David.
Walked Outta Heaven (Original Mix)

After first appearing on the pages of TMN through a jacking garage remix of Sam Smith’s “La La La”, budding Denver based House producer Eric David has returned with yet another club gem, “Walked Outta Heaven”. One of his first originals in months and a TMN premiere, “Walked Outta Heaven” bursts out of the gate behind a sliced vocal sample from the congruently titled Jagged Edge tune before Eric David’s clear grasp on compositional dance nuance comes shining through in the form of an incredibly lush and groovy piano melody. Furthermore, his percussive elements on this one including shuffled hi hats and an expansive drum kit meld together like melting butter on toast resulting in a refreshing and utterly loopable dancefloor spark. It’s always wonderful to see another shade of a producer who’s clearly not bound to one sub-genre of dance music, and “Walked Outta Heaven” has us two-stepping all over the offices today. Grab the free download here through digital house imprint Night Supply and start shifting your dancing feet a little early this week.

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[House] Ace Of Base – All She Wants (SNBRN X Klatch Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Ace of Base
All She Wants (SNBRN X KLATCH Remix)

If there’s a better way to kick off a Monday than with a garagey, house remix of one of our favorite 90’s pop anthems, then well, we don’t even want to know about it. L.A. underground dance maestro SNBRN, whom we had the pleasure of premiering through his viral Morgan Page, “In The Air” remix, returns to TMN with another first play; this time brandishing a collaborative revision of Ace Of Base’s classic hit “All She Wants.” SNBRN who partners with Klatch this time around, weaves a deep and summery chord progression around a sultry classic house bassline and New York Garage shuffling hi-hats, resulting in an utterly unique and irresistibly dancey remix. About their musical fraternization, the young beat slanger said: “Came together with my close friend Klatch to remix a childhood favorite of ours “All She Wants.” We wanted to breathe new life into this classic but still keep the soul of the original. Enjoy our deep and sexy remix and stay burnt.”  With SNBRN & Klatch’s remix being offered as a free download again, we think there will be no problem staying burnt in the slightest. Try keeping this one out of your head today.

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[Deep-House/Garage] Sam Smith – La La La (Eric David Remix)

Sam Smith

Every once in a while, a tune will surface seemingly out of the blue, only to steal your ears and heart in the process, while leaving you all the more bewildered as to how said track made its way onto your listening palate in the first place. Such was the case with upstart Denver producer Eric David’s remix of the highly infectious Sam Smith cut “La La La”, which unexpectedly cropped up in our Soundcloud feed this morning. The clearly adept producer rolls this one out behind a deep four-four kick drum and chopped version of the “La La La” vocal hook before ushering in the first wave of groovy synth behind a classic piano line. And, as if we all didn’t know, Sam Smith’s moldable reverberations echo exquisitely through David’s reworked instrumentation including some shufflin’ and jackin’ hi-hats. Not much is known about Eric David at the moment, but you can grab the free download here, and we’ll be on the lookout to see what else the future holds for this unexpected house spark plug, especially behind our first taste.

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[House/Garage] Sylent Efx – Thumpin’ [TMN Premiere]

Sylent EFX
Thumpin' (Original Mix)

Finding and exposing new artists steeped in talent before anyone else is part of the bloodline pumping through TMN. Our latest discovery comes from young House prodigy Sylent Efx, all of 18 years old, with his brand new tune “Thumpin'”. To try and pin “Thumpin'” down into one classification or genre of music would be doing a great disservice to the mature and thought out structures employed within Sylent Efx’s music. Elements surface throughout the track from classic house, garage, hip-hop, future and even some basic pop framework for a resulting tune that is just as much a careful composition as it is hooky, addictive dance groove. Not to mention the vocal loop pulled from the Clipse single, “When the Last Time”  fits onto the wunderkind’s crafty instrumentation as perfectly as a sequined Mike Jackson glove. We’re not the only ones to have taken notice either as Sylent Efx has had quite the busy last couple of months playing alongside names like Cassian and Touch Sensitive, as well as a recent headlining slot in the Lounge at Rolling Stone’s most recent #1 Nightclub in America and a venue our Ninjas should be very familiar with, Beta Nightclub in Denver. We don’t anticipate this young man’s music remaining much of a secret for long, especially behind support from Jerome LOL, option4 and Vanilla Ace, so jump ahead of the curve and snag a digital copy of “Thumpin'” through Night Supply Records before it invades your club floors around the world.

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[House/Pop] John Newman – Love Me Again (David Dann Remix)

John Newman
Love Me Again (david dann Remix)

Los Angeles via New York producer David Dann has maintained a unique competence within electronic production, which in turn has fostered a rare ability to float seamlessly from one dance genre to the next, with highly acclaimed results. An artist whom the famed L.A. Weekly publication once dubbed “The Rebel Without a Label” now helms his own imprint Mind of A Genius Records (or more simply MOAG) while also somehow managing to find time to craft a multitude of original releases and remixes. Previously Dann has dabbled within reworks of The xx, Lana Del Ray and Banks to some superlative results, but his latest take on John Newman’s “Love Me Again” pulled at us like none of his previous body of work had before. Dann’s adaptation is bouncy in nature, but toned down with a low end, house-centric bass line to subdue the movement just enough; incredibly heightening the tune’s versatility. Dann’s pop production sensibility -which so many electronic producers of this generation typically lack- turns “Love Me Again” into an infectious dance hall melody with enough weight to be consumed in any circumstance. Whether it’s in the shower, car, in your headphones or getting your swoll’ on, we think “Love Me Again” will fit into your day just perfectly. Grab the free download here.

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[Garage/House] Kidnap Kid – Survive

Kidnap Kid

One of London’s hottest electronic exports right now Kidnap Kid continues to shine as perhaps the  most appealing producer of the Summer. Already a force in his native U.K.; singles “So Close”, “Animaux” and “Thin Lines” have begun to carve out a spot in the hearts and minds of American listeners. His latest effort “Survive”, out on Black Butter Records was dropped on the World this morning, following suit with a pattern of melodic vitality that has put him on so many music radars this year. “Survive” appears to be the more restrained B-Side to the aforementioned “Thin Lines”, and takes a slow burner approach with a more reluctant, but very grooveable tune this time around.  The track builds on itself throughout, fusing hollow drums, a subtle vocal loop and what seems to be Kidnap Kid’s signature synth kit. Have a listen for yourself, and be ready for more material from the young wunderkind this Summer season.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] J Majik & Wickaman – Lift Me Up (Guzzla Radio Mix)

J Majik & Wickaman ft. Kate Loveridge
Lift me Up (Guzzla Remix)

Gah! We love us some garage here at TMN. If you ever want to see a blogger pop and lock across the office floor, just give us a two step beat and driving bassline. Well kiddos, that’s exactly what we have for you today. J Majik and Wickaman’s DnB track “Lift Me Up” has gotten a little facelift by Guzzla. While there’s little to no information out there on this UK remixer, we’re happy he showed his skills on this energetic, uplifting vocal gem.

The remix will be featured on the “Lift Me Up” package, which will be released on 7th April via Infrared Music. The guys also have an LP in the works which is set to drop in a couple of months, so keep an eye out for that.

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