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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 149)

It’s time, time to get crunk! The Ninjas are back again with yet another installment of the Friday Party Playlist which is just one week away from celebrating its 150th episode. Today, we present to you a total of thirteen products: twelve free tracks, plus a bonus mix from Dani Deahl to give you all some extra music to take home with you. Go out tonight and enjoy having great times with your friends or family. Bring these tunes with you to max out the fun, and don’t forget to download the ones you dig. And remember, #danceirresponsibly.

’Our Time – C’MON (with Downlow’d)’
’Bad Royale – Drop Di Bomb (feat. The Kemist)’
’Diplo – Biggie Bounce (G
Buck Remix)’
’King Peanuts x Juke Ellington – SLAP (Original Mix)FREE DL IN BUY’
’Prismo X High Zombie – Juiced (High Zombie VIP)’
’Jam Aunni – 50 Shades Of Bass (Ft. LiHot)’
’Mozaic (Original Mix)’
’Vinnie – Dayo (Twerk Señora)’
’Michael Phase – The Finale (Free Download)’
’Fabian Mazur – Murda Me (VIP)’
’RUN DMT – Drop Top (Original Mix)’
’KDrew – Come Alive’


’Dani Deahl – SAMF 2015 Exclusive Mix #6: Dani Deahl’
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[Dubstep] KDrew – Circles

It’s very rare to find artists talented enough to handle both the production and vocals on a track.  That fact alone makes KDrew a special talent. It’s one thing however to just say you can do both; it’s another thing to execute each aspect to perfection. While the lyrics are limited on this upbeat dubstep anthem, their impact should not be understated, as KDrew does as much talking with his drops as he does with his voice. If you guys enjoyed this, make sure to grab a free download from his SoundCloud page, or you can also support the artist by purchasing the track on Beatport.

’KDrew – Circles (Original Mix)’
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