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[Deep/Tech-House] option4 – You’re ILL

You're ILL

Denver based dance architect option4 has been on what we like to call around the music industry a “tear” as of late; with releases on iconic labels like Australian based Sweat it Out!, Diplo’s Mad Decent and an EP on one of house music’s most revered imprints, NYC’s Nurvous Records all within the last 12 months. So when we heard he was touching back down on the digital label he founded (and one we’ve been keeping up on), Night Supply, to release this latest slice of hooky underground house, “You’re ILL”, well we were just smitten. Featuring one of the best plucked samples we’ve had the pleasure of consuming this year, “You’re ILL”  riffs The Pack’s breakout hit “Vans” like many others have tried, but prevails mightily over them all.  That aurally addictive vocal of “Got My Vans On..” rides front and center over a versant melody most of the Dirtybird crew would covet, instilling equal parts classic jack and hip-hop infused soul. It really has been a pleasure witnessing option4’s star shine brighter with every passing release as we’ve been covering his ethos branded take of “More House than Tech, More Deep than Disco” since its inception. Stream option4’s “You’re ILL” above, and let’s bring it back to the club just like he did.

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[House] Sylent Efx – Wonder [TMN Premiere]

Sylent EFX
Wonder (Original Mix)

After first debuting here on TMN with “Thumpin” back in April, 18 year old house stunner Sylent Efx returns with yet another eerily mature portion of dance music with the Kanye West sampling “Wonder” (which itself was actually sampled from Labi Siffre’s “My Song” for a quick history lesson). While this young spark plug may not quite be known globally just yet, his latest tune which comes to the world in the form of a ‘TMN Premiere’, has already seemed to have taken on a life of its own. After being aurally debuted on the almighty Ministry of Sound Radio via an option4 guest mix all the way back in July; we’ve already had the pleasure of hearing some of our favorite DJ’s and producers  playing this one out through some heavy club monitors and have been waiting not so patiently to drop it since. The real allurement on this one comes by way of an irresistible, swinging piano hook propped up by a scampering hi-hat shuffle and of course that classic vocal snippet. These elements collide together like chamomile and cream; again signaling Sylent Efx’s welcome arrival on the house music block and not only a dance, but overall musical sophistication clearly lacking amongst the droves of bedroom producers authoring blog hits these days. This one is being given away for free through our friends at digital house imprint Night Supply so snag a free mp3 here and shuffle those sneakers when Sylent Efx’s “Wonder” hits your speakers.

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[House/Garage] Eric David – Walked Outta Heaven [TMN Premiere]

Eric. David.
Walked Outta Heaven (Original Mix)

After first appearing on the pages of TMN through a jacking garage remix of Sam Smith’s “La La La”, budding Denver based House producer Eric David has returned with yet another club gem, “Walked Outta Heaven”. One of his first originals in months and a TMN premiere, “Walked Outta Heaven” bursts out of the gate behind a sliced vocal sample from the congruently titled Jagged Edge tune before Eric David’s clear grasp on compositional dance nuance comes shining through in the form of an incredibly lush and groovy piano melody. Furthermore, his percussive elements on this one including shuffled hi hats and an expansive drum kit meld together like melting butter on toast resulting in a refreshing and utterly loopable dancefloor spark. It’s always wonderful to see another shade of a producer who’s clearly not bound to one sub-genre of dance music, and “Walked Outta Heaven” has us two-stepping all over the offices today. Grab the free download here through digital house imprint Night Supply and start shifting your dancing feet a little early this week.

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[Deep-House] Keepers. – One Of My Kind [TMN Premiere]

One Of My Kind (Original Mix)

We’ve said it before, and while we’re not ones to repeat ourselves, we’ll say it again. There seems to be a burgeoning wealth of underground house talent rising out of Denver, CO, with deep-house duo Keepers. becoming the latest apple of our underground dance eye; or ear for that matter. While it’s been over a year since their last official release, “Hello”, Colin McKenna & Peter Washington are proving the old adage true, that it’s all bout quality as opposed to quantity.  Taking the classic 1987 INXS single “I Need You Tonight” as the tune’s framework including that hooky guitar riff and Michael Hutchence’s (RIP) breathy and sexually oozing vocal incantations, Keepers. have crafted one of the most intoxicating dance cuts we’ve gotten our little ninja mitts on in some time. A deep-house groover in nature,  “One Of My Kind” eschews the saturated four-four kick-drum intro in favor of clicky percussions and expansive claps, which segue into a lightly pitched vocal treatment before taking a dive directly into the dancefloor behind some gigantic deep-house synths. Just one listen had us going boogie all over the offices today, so it was our great pleasure to premiere this one to you Ninjas, especially as it comes in the form of a free download for a Facebook “like”. The multi-faceted pair of producers/DJ’s have been keeping quite busy in their home city as well, playing Snowball Music Festival (for which we had the chance to sit down and chat), The Underground Music Showcase (making an appearance in our festival review), Westword Music Showcase, the upcoming Cloak & Dagger Music Festival next weekend, as well as holding down multiple club residencies; and they don’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest. Stream Keepers.’ “One Of My Kind” above and let’s start dancing a bit early this Hump Day.

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[House] Need & Necessity – This Life [TMN Premiere]

Need & Necessity
This Life (Original Mix)

Denver based Deep and Tech-House producers Need & Necessity have glowingly been on our radar here at TMN for over a year behind a veritable smattering of precisely constructed dance tunes, including the “Thong Song” leaning cut “Lemme See” and a joint collaboration with option4 entitled “We Comin Up”. While we were one of the very first to feature the hip-swing-inducing pair’s eclectic blend of techno, classic,G, and deep house; it’s been great to see their tunes begin to take more of a foothold as each passing production comes out more polished than the previous. “This Life” is the latest addition to Need & Necessity’s sturdy output, and also the clear favorite to come out of their camp for us thus far. A surprisingly soulful trip into more tech-house recognized samples and sound kits, “This Life” plies its groove off of an expansive kick-drum and snapping snare before glossing up behind that signature Need & Necessity hi-hat shuffle. Further establishing the rhythmic cadence on “This Life”, a sparsely filtered vocal works its way into a mesmerizing loop and simultaneous focal point as the words “We Don’t Need” glide effortlessly around the tune to steal the show. It seems that Matt Friedman & Ross Kiser’s dance project is hitting the most mature stretch of their young production career and coming out of performances at Winter Music Conference, Snowball Music Festival and pairings in their home city with Rob Garza, Anna Lunoe and Moon Boots in July alone; it’s no wonder. “This Life” is being released on Night Supply Records and as with all of their releases, will be given away for free as a digital download, so hop to it here Ninjas. Stream “This Life” from Need & Necessity above, and if you missed our interview with them and their label mates a few months back, check it out here.

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[Tech/Booty-House] Will Raidle – Be Mine [TMN Premiere]

Will Raidle
Be Mine (Original Mix)

At TMN, we’ve always prided ourselves on unearthing new talents at the point of their humble inception, and following their career arc; much like a high-level athletic scout discovers a hot prospect, watches them develop into their true potential and can’t help but feeling just a little like they had a hand in their rise to the top. Today, our newest discovery comes in the form of Techno and House producer Will Raidle who arrives armed with his debut release “Be Mine”. Raidle’s booty-house groover kicks off into a sea of shuffled hi-hats and thumping kick drum before an unmistakable vocal, from La Bouche’s Eurodance anthem “Be My Lover”, which gets superbly spliced and cut into a haunting and vital piece of the tune, sidles in to fuel its listeners’ dance moves. Rounding out his sophisticated compositional dance structure on “Be Mine” lies a simple sticky synth line which wrapped its way around this writer’s brain so heavily it warranted multiple replays as soon we heard it played through once. Will Raidle has been creating a healthy bit of buzz in his home city of Denver as well, being billed with some of the hottest names in underground dance including Claude Von Stroke,  Soul Clap, Kidnap Kid, J. Phlip, Worthy and loads more, which is why we were so excited for a proper release from the promising young producer. “Be Mine” is being given away through digital house imprint Night Supply in exchange for a measly Facebook “like”, so hop to it here and listen above.

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[House/Garage] Sylent Efx – Thumpin’ [TMN Premiere]

Sylent EFX
Thumpin' (Original Mix)

Finding and exposing new artists steeped in talent before anyone else is part of the bloodline pumping through TMN. Our latest discovery comes from young House prodigy Sylent Efx, all of 18 years old, with his brand new tune “Thumpin'”. To try and pin “Thumpin'” down into one classification or genre of music would be doing a great disservice to the mature and thought out structures employed within Sylent Efx’s music. Elements surface throughout the track from classic house, garage, hip-hop, future and even some basic pop framework for a resulting tune that is just as much a careful composition as it is hooky, addictive dance groove. Not to mention the vocal loop pulled from the Clipse single, “When the Last Time”  fits onto the wunderkind’s crafty instrumentation as perfectly as a sequined Mike Jackson glove. We’re not the only ones to have taken notice either as Sylent Efx has had quite the busy last couple of months playing alongside names like Cassian and Touch Sensitive, as well as a recent headlining slot in the Lounge at Rolling Stone’s most recent #1 Nightclub in America and a venue our Ninjas should be very familiar with, Beta Nightclub in Denver. We don’t anticipate this young man’s music remaining much of a secret for long, especially behind support from Jerome LOL, option4 and Vanilla Ace, so jump ahead of the curve and snag a digital copy of “Thumpin'” through Night Supply Records before it invades your club floors around the world.

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