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[House] Campsite Dream – Crush (Tom Bull Remix)

Campsite Dream - Crush (Tom Bull Remix)
Campsite Dream
Crush (Tom Bull Remix)

In the words of legendary NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow, “He’s heating up!”

Tom Bull has been on a tear lately, hitting his stride in Spotify’s viral chart, and getting adorned with one of Billboard Dance’s “Top 15 Acts to Watch in 2016.” His latest piece of devilishly good dance music comes in remix form, showcasing just why the world is turning their collective ear to this Rotherham-based producer/DJ.

Putting his spin on Campsite Dream’s wonderfully poppy and wildly popular rendition of Jennifer Paige’s ’98 classic “Crush,” Bull brings together an artful fusion of decades and styles, maintaining a bit of the indie tropical styling from Campsite Dream’s version. However, the tempo and bassline are amped up, providing an excellent dancefloor-friendly remix.

Admittedly, we were a little behind the curve on this release, as it came out nearly a month ago. Rest assured, his next tune will get attention from us the day it comes out.

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Katy Gunn – Hate (it’s a bad education) [TMN PREMIERE]

Katy Gunn
Hate (It's a Bad Education)

Katy Gunn is a one-woman musical army in “Hate,” bringing an enchanting soundscape comprised of nothing but sounds created from either her voice or her hands. Utilizing Ableton live, she recorded layers upon layers of different claps, hums, and lyrics, all of which come together in perfect harmony for this extremely inventive and rather quirky tune.

After gaining experience with acts like Teenage Love and one of our all-time favorite rappers, Method Man, this Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer is bringing a collection of her own music to the masses, with today’s premiere leading the way. The rest of her Whispering Voices EP promises to showcase more of this organic style, showcasing her acute artistic abilities.

If you found yourself grooving in your chair to this lovely little tune, make sure to follow her on SoundCloud. If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC on January 20th at 7:30PM, we highly recommend heading to Dixon Place to check out her live performance. The word on the street is – her show will be a dance performance co-choreographed with artist and performer Autumn Kioti, all of which is set to the EP and visuals by Sol Kjøk.

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New Era

Being based in Colorado, we’ve always been in tune with acts that bring an intense live aspect to their shows, as we’ve had figurative front row seats for the substantial growth of acts like Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, and Sunsquabi. We’re not sure if it’s the thin air, the legal goods, or just the overall culture, but there is a distinct sound to the Centennial State. However, while today’s spotlight brings in a fusion of funk, rock, and electronica, your Mile High guess would be inaccurate. These cats are from Nashville, Tennessee, and they’re doing things right.

If you’re not hip to Zoogma quite yet, it won’t be long before you’re grooving to their funky live instrumentation. You needn’t look any further than this post to witness what Brock Bowling (Guitar, Live Sequencing), Matt Harris (Drums, Live Sequencing) Justin Hasting (Guitar, Synthesizer) and Ryan Nall (Bass, Synthesizer) have put together. Take a glance below at “New Era” being performed as they do in front of their adoring fans.

In addition to premiering this video and single, we’re also bringing you a quick Q&A in hopes that you’ll study up on this quickly rising electro-rock act. If you haven’t already, press play on the track or video and read through their responses to a few of our choice questions.

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[Indie] argonaut&wasp – The Sneeze

The Sneeze

“The Sneeze” is a tale of two songs, both of which come together in an effortless fashion. The first is deep and introspective, conveying what seems like those conversations we’ve all had with ourselves. You know the ones. The dark, driving bassline and melancholy guitar work assists in the imagery, painting what seems like will be an ominous picture throughout. The second is light-hearted and flirtatious, brought to life with playful guitar and flute progressions, leaving the unavoidable desire to get up and frolic around your laptop.

Inventiveness is hard to come by these days, especially when using instruments that people have had access to for centuries. It seemingly comes easy to argonaut&wasp, though, as they continually surprise and delight us bloggers, starting back with tracks like “Higher Ground” and “Pistol Pump Funk,” continuing up to today’s release.

“The Sneeze” officially ends a five-month hiatus for everyone who became enamoured with the highly infectious tunes from this Vermont-born, Brooklyn-based act. We can only hope the next wait won’t be as long.

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Introducing our Next Resident Artist – Netsky [TMN RESIDENCY]


As it stands right now, Netsky is a household name across the population of dance music lovers across the globe. For us, he solidified a standing place as one of our favorite producers through a continuing body of impressive work, inventive and engaging live performances, and for helping introduce a younger group of American festival goers to one of our favorite electronic genres.

As older members of the dance community, we fondly look back on the days where drum ‘n’ bass had its own stage, boasting an array of blazing fast break beats, rolling basslines, and soaring synths and vocals. Somehow, through the years, that stage slowly disappeared, giving way to more bass-heavy varieties of DJs, leaving an entire generation without this storied portion of dance music.

While there are other notable Producers and DJs who contribute to bringing DnB back to the forefront of the scene, we’re particularly enamored with our latest Resident Artist. His style is instantly recognizable, causing fans to immediately say his name when tracks like “Rio,” “Running Low,” or “Eyes Closed” come on. Both of his albums can be enjoyed start-to-finish, and have been enjoyed in such a fashion here at TMN HQ many times over. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention his live performance, which brings a much-appreciated approach to dance music to those that were lucky enough to buy a ticket.

Simply put – this may be the most excited we’ve ever been about a Resident Artist. Make sure to tune in all month long to get a first look at some exclusive content. And, if that isn’t enough, you can expect a single from his new album later this month. Until then, enjoy this collection of some of our favorite Netsky tunes.

Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza) (Netsky Remix)
Netsky Vs Metrik Cant Speak Feat Stealth
Ed Sheeran
Dont (Netsky Remix)
Running Low Feat. Beth Ditto
Get Away From Here Feat. Selah Sue
Come Alive
Give And Take
Everyday (Netsky remix)
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta – 1/7 – 1/10


As we cross into 2016, we’re excited to bring you more opportunities to check out our favorite club. As you probably already know, we’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta for over three years now. We know you’ve had some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get there before 9PM on Sundays.
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only).
– The deal is valid for tonight, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

See you on the dance floor.

Jack Novak - 1/7

X Ambassadors
Unsteady (Jack Novak & Stravy Remix)
Two Fresh / Willy Joy - 1/8
Gettin Throwed Ft. Towkio & Joey Purp
Superstar Saturdays ft. Mike Majic - 1/9
Nick Cannon
Looking For A Dream
M.A.N.D.Y. - 1/10
Roland Leesker
My Warehouse (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix)
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[Indie] TRUDY – Baby I’m Blue

Baby I'm Blue

As a former hopeless romantic, it’s understandable why “Baby I’m Blue” instantly latched itself onto those long-lost memories of pining, wishing, and hoping that a special someone would come along for good. Luckily, they did, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still look back on those memories, with Trudy providing the soundtrack.

If you haven’t caught onto this Liverpool/Leeds-based act yet, it’s about time you did. Combining elements of doo-wop, 60’s girls groups, The Beach Boys, and The Strokes, their style has a nostalgic air about it, yet is perfectly suited to please the ears of discerning blogosphere hunters across the globe. “Baby I’m Blue” effortlessly encapsulates those aforementioned elements, offering sometimes smooth, sometimes raucous guitar, fluttering, emotional vocals, and a chorus worthy of a few too many glasses of whiskey.

This tune follows “Behave” and “All My Love,” both of which you can find on their SoundCloud page. We highly recommend heading over and checking it out.

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