[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2018 Round #1)

Life gets loud, so why not drown it out with the sweet, sweet melodies of a weekly Indie Dojo?
’Lake Jons – Family’
’NOAH – Nothing More Human’
’Winteraid – The Dance’
’Buckaroo – On Repeat’
’Toledo – Crane Song’
’Hazlett – It’s Not Unusual (Tom Jones)’
’WILD CHILD – Sinking Ship’
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Seazoo – Trunks [TMN ALBUM PREMIERE]

Hailing from a deactivated nuclear bunker somewhere in Wrexham, Seazoo is the infectious, DIY, psych-pop act you need in your life. Just wait. Press play below and you’ll become a believer.

Recorded in bedrooms and the aforementioned bunker above, Trunks is the debut album from this up-and-coming act. Having previously received love from BBC’s Huw Stephens, Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Mark Radcliffe, as well as a handful of notable online tastemakers, this handful of charming numbers is sure to expand on the impressive reach this young band has already made.

Without digging too far into these cats, you’ll quickly see the outlined comparisons to the long-standing indie rock legends, Yo La Tengo. And, those associations are pretty spot on. The playful and carefree nature easily brings you fully into that frame, and it’s something that you don’t see too often. There are wonderfully poppy moments throughout — catchy hooks, unique vocal cadences, and grin-inducing harmonies — but it never feels forced, or overdone. It comes off with a nonchalant air that’s simply intoxicating and downright addicting.

If you’re in the neighborhood at any of these upcoming shows, we highly recommend stopping in and supporting them live.

February 10 -Telford’s Warehouse, Chester. (Album Launch)
April 1 – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow
April 2 – Leith Depot, Leith, Edinburgh
April 4 – The Musician, Leicester
April 6 – The Finsbury, London
May 10 – Focus Wales, Wrexham

’Hello Stranger’
’St Hilary Sings’
’Roy’s World’
’The Belly In My Brain’
’E Is For Excellent’
’Bad Day At The Polythene Plant’
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[Electro-Pop] Chromeo ft. The Dream – Bedroom Calling

Chromeo, the stylish, iconic duo of Montreal natives and high school best friends Dave 1 and P-Thugg have established themselves as two of pop music’s most notable tastemakers since their effervescent reverberations first began making their universal rounds all the way back in 2004. Behind sterling LP’s She’s In Control, Business Casual, Fancy Footwork, and White Women the pair have cemented themselves as this generation’s leading voice of pop infused synth-funk, and to pace this year, they’ve announced the release of the group’s fifth full-length release Head Over Heels. 

We’ve already had the chance to hear the LP’s leading single “Juice”, and today Chromeo have dropped off the second offering from Head Over Heels, “Bedroom Calling” featuring The Dream. The tune follows Dave 1 & P-Thugg’s established blueprint of tightly wound, popping drums, sparkling synths and crooning vocals; but with the addition of fellow funk-distributor The Dream, “Bedroom Calling” finds its own seat firmly among the duo’s established catalog. About the track Chromeo shared: “We’ve been obsessed with The-Dream since ‘Fast Car’ from his first album. To us, he’s a modern day funk auteur, like Prince or El Debarge. This song pays homage to our favorite work of his.” Stream “Bedroom Calling” below.

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[Pop] Para Doc – Saying Things

Para Doc
Saying Things

“Saying Things” is a straight jam. The pop rock original by Para Doc dropped recently as a free download, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be adding it to your digital library. The song speaks for itself, but we’ll get in a few words about it for you.

Catchy guitar licks lead this crossover treat whose minimal style is as groovy as it is simple. Para Doc have a unique style that breathes through all their work, but we have to say this latest track takes the cake as a dojo favorite. Click play, throw this on repeat and enjoy the rest of your day! Don’t forget to download a free copy too.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #5)

Welp, January is already coming to an end and time feels like it just keeps on keeping on. So in attempt to slow. it. down. a little, we’ve put together a chill little Indie Dojo for this fine Tuesday morning. A little reminder to breath in, breath out and get lost in some good ol’ indie jams.
’Foxtrails – Barnyard (Melinda’s Meadows)’
’The Flying Stars of Brooklyn NY – My God Has A Telephone’
’Low Hum
’Shoos Off – Song for Radio’
’Anna Tivel – Saturday Night’
’Some are Lonely
’wayfie – stay here please’
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[Album Review] The Academic – Tales from the Backseat

You don’t have to look too far back to figure out that The Academic would end up coursing through the veins of the music industry, mainlining their highly contagious brand of alternative rock directly into our wanting veins.

Just two years back, this Irish four-piece came charging onto the scene with “Different” which proved to be the first few words of the proverbial writing on the wall. Two years later, Tales from the Backseat is here, and simply put, it proves what we expected from them back then.

Recorded in the City of Angels with producer Tim Pagnotta (you might recognize his work with acts like Dreamcar, Wilde Belle, and Saint Motel), this ten-track offering is filled with stadium fillers, anthemic in nature through and through. “Permanent Vacation” is the perfect example of how carefully they infuse pop sensibility throughout their work, focusing strongly on catchy hooks and plenty of vocal intrigue listeners will sing along to quickly.

Catchiness and instrumental talent can only carry an act so far, though. Lyrical quality, cadence, and familiarity need to do a good bit of the heavy lifting, and Tales From the Backseat brings in plenty of muscle. The collection is an audible coming of age story, one which tugs on the heartstrings of both the older, nostalgic listener, and those who are currently up to their elbows with the shocking tides of adulthood.

Have a listen below. Add it to your Spotify playlists. Share it with friends. Most of all, though, head out and catch these lads live. Aside from the surely stunning live performance, it’s truly the best way to support your new favorite act.

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[Synth-Pop] Penguin Prison – Keep Coming Alive

It’s been a few years since we last checked in with synth-pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter Chris Glover; who is known much more widely under his artistic alias Penguin Prison. One of the most talented musicians we’ve fallen in line with over the years, Glover never fails to produce wondrously polished, pristine work. Recently, the pop virtuoso began teasing the release of another addition to the Penguin Prison puzzle. The EP Turn It Up will see release on February 9th and while he’s already shared the title track, today we’re offering Turn It Up‘s second single “Keep Coming Alive”. The tune follows Glover’s effervescent indie-pop  blueprint, featuring rollicking guitar licks, snapping snares and a bevy of warm synths which creates a song that feels both familiar to his oldest fans, but cleaner in nearly every inch of production detail to simultaneously show off a clear evolution in craft.

While Penguin Prison was once a near daily staple in our steady diet of music, we’ve seen his releases dwindle in  numbers over in the time since his Lost in New York release.  Opening up about his recent work, Glover shared: “On the night of November 8, 2016 I initially wondered how I could even keep being an artist. It seemed like making art was trivial at that moment.  Upon further reflection I realized that of course the world needs people to make music and film and all kinds of art.  It can get very hard to keep coming alive while it seems like the world is trying to cut you down.  You have to keep reminding yourself every day.” We can’t relay how touched by these sentiments, and happy to be featuring new Penguin Prison music in the process.

In support of Turn It Up,  Penguin Prison has also announced a new slate of tour dates which you can read after the jump. Stream “Keep Coming Alive” below.

Check out Penguin Prison’s Upcoming tour dates here:

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