[Electronic] Breakup – Roads To Rome (Ji Nilsson Remix)

Roads To Rome (Ji Nilsson Remix)

Taking the chance to shine with a new remix this week is Swedish singer/songwriter Ji Nilsson, who presents her dynamic and irresistible rework of Breakup’s ‘Roads To Rome.’

Already proving a popular release from Universal Sweden and Svenska Inspelningar, this track has been given a summery gloss by the talented Nilsson, who adds a driving R&B beat and complements the already glorious vocals with gliding piano chords. This remix will certainly strike a chord with festival revellers this season, and it pays brilliant homage to Breakup’s prior production.

If this one has got you bobbing away, (as it has us), you can stream it here.


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[Electronic] Said The Sky – Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

Said The Sky
Said The Sky
Darling VIP (Feat. Missio)

We know Said The Sky from his stellar productions, but did you know he’s also a pianist? Makes sense, given the extensive use of the instrument in his works. His last release was the original song “Darling” with Missio that has gotten new treatment as a thank you gift for fans. The immense love that was received by Said The Sky prompted him to make a VIP version of the track that could be played live by an ensemble. His acoustically driven electronic creation may be even more emotive than the original, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide. In extending the piano from the original into a full length track with accompanying elements, Said The Sky flexed his song writing abilities to us in a new way. Download the gift for free by heading here.

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[House] Bordertown – All This Before (Part 1) EP

All This Before (Part 1) EP

If there’s a healthier way to kick off a Friday morning than with a steady diet of refined, tasteful house music, well… that’s news to your trusty Music Ninjas. Luckily for us, filling our Friday morning prescription of House music is Bordertown, the illustrious duo of Ministry of Sound Radio host Ricky Simmonds and UK club staple Luke Saunders. The duo’s latest single “All This Before” has already begun receiving loads of credible support from the likes of The Magician, Thee Cool Cats, Roger Sanchez and Tensnake, and from one quick listen it’s quite easy to hear why. Based off of an exquisitely rendered and expertly pitched vocal sample from Whitney Houston’s timeless “It’s Not Right But It’s OK”, “All This Before” builds its groove quickly behind crisp, shuffling hi-hats, and a rolling set of club tuned kicks and snare. The real star of Bordertown’s latest single however comes in the form of wobbling sub-bass, which plays in succinct harmony against the tune’s air of sophisticated club production.

The fun doesn’t quite stop there however, as included on Bordertown’s latest extended play are a couple of incredibly different, but equally successful remixes from Volac and Jack Ritchie (aka Bearcubs). We’ll just go ahead and let you decide which mix stokes your proverbial dance fire in the mean time. Bordertown’s All This Before EP is out now on Beatport through the always forward thinking House curators at Love & Other Records, but since you’ve made it this far, check out the entire EP below.
All This Before (Original Vocal Mix)
All This Before (Jack Ritchie Remix)
All This Before (Volac Back To 90s Remix)


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[House] The Weeknd – Devil May Cry (Dennis Kruissen & Chris Meid Remix)

The Weeknd
Devil May Cry (Dennis Kruissen & Chris Meid Remix)

It’s only been a few weeks since our last update on the works of Dennis Kruissen, but his string of bumping house remixes is set to continue with The Weeknd’s ‘Devil May Cry’ the latest to receive his brand of European flavor. It’s a team effort this time though, and Chris Meid weighs in to share the love for the original that is so heavily steeped in emotion. While still resonating those potent elements, an uplifting dance affair is definitely the objective here, and the driving beat ensures that mission is a shining success. It’s no simple transformation either, and you can hear that great care has been taken in the progression between emotive breaks and crowd stirring builds. Best make sure you’ve got this one in your arsenal for your Friday night festivities.

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[House] The Knocks – Classic (Pat Lok ShyMix)

The Knocks
Classic (Pat Lok Shymix)

Vancouverite Pat Lok‘s name has been getting more graciously thrown around the TMN offices as of late. Behind a stellar debut with one of our most looked-to tastemaking dance labels Love & Other Records, “All In My Head”, a phenomenal flip of Gold Fields’ “Hold Me”, and general output of sterling remixes over the years, the house dispensing Canuck has quickly become a scorching commodity within numerous corners of niche dance production. With Lok’s latest rework, he’s taken on another TMN favorite: NYC’s The Knocks and their infectious dance-pop hit “Classic”. Lok maintains the Summery integrity of the original, but pulls those unmistakable vocals away from the Beach and into the club with myriad deep synths and classic Chicago house grand piano stabs to instill an utterly unique groove within the original.

Don’t miss Pat Lok on tour this summer, starting May 30 in Denver, Colorado (be on the lookout for a giveaway on that one) and check out his full run of dates below.

Pat Lok US Tour Dates:

5/30 – Denver, CO @ Club Vinyl (w/ Hotel Garuda)
6/12 – Los Angeles, CA @ V Lounge (w/ Cherokee)
6/13 – Palm Springs, CA @ Splash House
6/19 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
7/22 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall (w/ Darius)


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The Deep & Disco Dojo #1

Deeo & Disco Dojo

The Deep & Disco Dojo #1

Welcome to the very first episode of the Deep & Disco Dojo! Each week our ninjas handpick a number of electronic dance tracks ranging from classic nu-disco to bass-heavy deep house. This week’s playlist features some of the most prominent up and comers in the game, namely The Golden Pony, Eau Claire, Keljet and many more. The other part of this segment includes Luca Lush, Tom Bull, Kayliox and other acts who are holding it down for the future bass scene.

This is only the beginning of something epic. Make sure to tune in next week while you listen, dance and vibe away to this bass-y goodness, and our newest weekly feature.

The Chainsmokers
Let You Go (The Golden Pony Remix)
Keljet ft. Holychild
Whats Your Sign
Keep On Talking
Me & My Toothbrush
One Thing (Nora En Pure Radio Mix)
The Police
Message In A Bottle (Kayliox Deep House Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts) (Dim Sum Remix)
Nadia Gattas
The Feeling (Tom Bull Remix)  Out Now
Helios (Feat. Wayne Snow) (Myd Remix)
Golden Coast
Futurist (Eau Claire Remix)
The Golden Boy
The Promise (Walker & Royce Remix)
No Doubt
Dont Speak (Dennis Kruissen Remix)
Chocolate Puma & Junior Sanchez feat. Arama
Lost Your Groove
Wyclef Jean
Sweetest Girl ft. Akon, Lil Wayne (LUCA LUSH REMIX)
Vinyl Theatre
Breaking Up My Bones (Jenaux Remix)
Premiere: Sylvan Esso H.S.K.T (Maxxi Soundsystem remix)
Childish Gambino
Telegraph Ave (Jesse Rose Remix)


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Show Me

Since premiering “Show Me” two months ago, we’ve been anxiously awaiting more music from this up-and-coming Orlando artist. Unfortunately, we’re still a ways off from hearing “Be Honest,” so we’re giving you the next best thing: an in-depth interview.

Take a few minutes off from whatever it is you’re up to and get to know the intriguing R.LUM.R

What does the name R.LUM.R (pronounced ar-luhm-ar) derive from? 

R.LUM.R is the representation of everything I am at his point.

To be brief about it, it’s a combination of my first and middle name. Growing up, I was always made to be ashamed of myself about being who I wanted to be and liking what I liked, so I hid it all. It was for a multitude of reasons, and for the sake of brevity I won’t get specific, but it can mostly be boiled down to pressure to be “blacker” and the insidious effects that has on one’s psyche, but I did what I was told, and whatever I thought a person like me was supposed to do.

My middle name, Lamar, was just one I never really felt attached to. So I hid that.

Getting my starts in music, I played acoustic and released and performed music as a singer-songwriter for a long time, which started basically because of my limited resources, and I kept going because of the positive ways I was affecting the world around me through that medium, but there’s always been another part of me that wanted to explore the stuff I’m exploring now, but never had the bravery or resources.

So in the process of evolving into this music, I wanted to do something that pulled from my past and exposed all those things, but created a clear focus on the future. Reggie, my first name, is in the first R, and with it being at the beginning of R.LUM.R, it’s the past, and the music I created that got me here. Though I’m evolving, I don’t want to abandon where I came from.
LUM is part of Lamar (my middle name) and represents the parts of myself I’d always hidden, and the present time. It means to me that I can take that stuff from back then and wear it proudly, turning it into positives. It’s also the center of the idea right now, so it’s fitting for it to be sitting where it is visually.

The last R is the future and the person I can be, coexisting with the person i’ve always been. Lamar ends with an “r”, and Reggie starts with an “r”, so it’s like bringing the ideas of the past and the present together, but in the future.
I hope that wasn’t too convoluted. lol
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