[Event Preview] The 2Courtiers Present: The Festival Fashion Show – Phoenix, Arizona – 5/20

The Festival Fashion Flyer

If you’ve ever been to a festival, we’re pretty damn sure you’ve looked through your closet a week before the event, realizing you should have picked up some new threads before you embark on your musical journey. By that time, you’re up against the sizable task of researching brands, ordering quickly, and paying extra for next day shipping. This May, you can get ahead of the curve by checking out some of the industry’s best at The Festival Fashion Show in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hosted by The 2Courtiers, this event promises to showcase not only some solid gear from the top festival brands on the West Coast but also some fresh beats from both local and national acts. At the bottom of the post, we’ve included a sampling from DJ Geronimo, founder of “Tempe Ecstatic Dance”, Jeremiah Christo, founder of Soullective, Kyle Redman AKA DJ Pokoj, founder of Scottsdale Nights. Along with fashion, some dancy tunes, and some adult libations, you can also expect an artful curation of other experiential elements, including flow art, sound meditation, and plenty of theatrics from the presenters.

Included in this experience are our friends at Cadence & Cause, who have partnered up with Lyle and Sam of The 2Courtiers to bring a charitable element to the show. Fans can head over to the site right now to enter for a chance to win a ticket package, or a VIP Experience, which features tickets and energizing massages backstage. The majority of what you contribute, alongside a portion of all ticket sales, will go to benefit Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s interactive music therapy program. Check out what Lyle Maxson had to say about this initiative:

This Electronic Music Culture is centered around compassion and reaching higher. We believe that Music is not only a way to celebrate, but a way to connect and develop. The emerging field of Music Therapy is proving this science, and we will succeed in Phoenix Children’s hospital and all their patients experiencing music for its tangible health benefits.

This five-hour event will take place at Live on Central on May 20th, 2016.

’DJ Geronimo – Arizona Ecstatic Dance – Double Wave – 03
’Jeremiah Christo – Live @ Monte Vista Lounge (Late Night Mix)’
’Pokjo – 002 X Related’
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Introducing our Next Resident Artist — Mat Zo [TMN Residency]


If you peep the backlogs of TMN, you’ll find posts about Mat Zo dating back as far as 2012. After bursting onto the scene during EDM’s heyday with a refreshing sound, Zo has continued to push his style forward to one so encompassing that you never know what to expect when you hit play in the best way possible.

In the 3 years since his Grammy-nominated debut album, Mat Zo has continued to pour out free downloads on his Soundcloud page remaining an influential producer while some other artists of the same generation grew stale. His 2016  sophomore album Self Assemble, captures that adventurous spirit displaying Zo’s versatility and growth as a musician since his debut. Playing out like one seamless and intentionally cinematic experience, the album spans bass / tech house, future funk / soul, electro-pop and even dubstep.

Mat Zo’s catalogue embodies much of what we love about electronic music–a penchant for innovation paired with the undeniable talent to pull off extensive experimentation. It’s for that reason that we couldn’t be more excited to welcome him as our latest Resident Artist. Over the next month, stay tuned for exclusive Mat Zo content on TMN. In the meantime, check out a medley of tunes from his latest album below.

Mat Zo – Soul Food
Mat Zo – The Enemy (ft. Sinead Egan)
Mat Zo – Killing Time
Mat Zo – Ruffneck Bad Boy (VIP)
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[Deep House] Nick AM – Veronica

Nick AM

Nick AM is a new artist with a knack for house music. A few days ago and I came across this track by the producer and was instantly feeling it. The subtitles of deep house can be tricky to get a handle of, but Nick AM has his sampling down and impresses listeners. When checking out a smaller project that’s just starting out, I honestly wasn’t expecting such a polished song.

“Veronica” is great for a wild club night or as top notch background music. Isn’t that the best part about quality deep house? Pumping bass and choice synth chords are brought together with classic house rhythms that keep “Veronica” moving along. The New York-based producer is  just getting started. NYC residents out there you should keep an eye out for a Nick A.M. set and follow him here. He has a sound that fits in well with the city that never sleeps.


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[Trap] Baauer – Kung Fu ft. Pusha T & Future (KRNE Remix)

Kung Fu ft. Pusha T & Future (KRNE Remix)

I’ve been interested in following Baauer‘s rise to fame, beginning with the infamous, “Harlem shake.” In multiple interviews and features, he’s attempted to separate himself from the big hit and prove to everyone that he is an exceptional producer outside of the viral jam we know and love. And I think he’s done a good job.

This remix continues the trend as Baauer releases quality new music and receives solid support from talented artists. It’s an official remix of his song “Kung Fu” by the group KRNE. I’ve been following both of these guys for a long time and needless to say, it’s a good collaboration. If you’re a fan of trap music you won’t want to miss out on this one. So I highly recommend you tune in and get down.


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Ella On The Run – Undone [TMN PREMIERE]

Ella On The Run

London-based alt-pop artist Ella On The Run is gathering quite the amount of attention with her highly anticipated forthcoming EP ‘Undone’. Having studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and worked with LA producer Mathew Bang, she’s now crossed The Atlantic, where she’s released this infectious EP; proving her position amongst a new generation of awesome alt/pop artists.

Released as a single towards the end of March, ‘Undone’ offers a glimpse into Ella On The Run’s (aka Stephanie Gautier’s), new and intriguing style of alt-pop. A layered mix of euphoric and electronic sounds subtly lie beneath her whispery vocals; reflecting a tone similar to Lana Del Rey, as she sings “wasted is the youth on the young”. Crashing drums and percussion (resembling that of shackles and chains) energise the chorus, along with a quickened electric guitar hook. This is reduced to almost nothing, as her vocals carry the piece into the final chorus, emotionally delivering her pain-stricken lyrics: ‘we’ve come undone’.

‘Walk Away’ is immediately more up-tempo, her delicate vocals help introduce a soft drum beat, adding to the pace of the piece, which then develop into an uplifting chorus, bare of vocals, yet over-thrown by a summer-set melody. As a new track, ‘Walk Away’ demonstrates why Ella on the Run has recently beefed names ‘Songstress on the rise’ by Candid magazine, and received attention from the likes of BBC Radio 1. Truly fantastic.

Hit by a deep undertone of bass, ’Too much heaven’ initially guides us through an ambiguously intriguing beginning; intertwining her vocals and unusual harmonic effects, resemblant of elements of House music. Consisting of ghostly harmonies, as she sings “Angels fall”, Ella on the Run achieves a relaxed sound of exultation, veiled with this signature alt/electronic beat.

A unique cover of Ace of Base’s ‘All that she wants’ is faintly familiar to us as the audience, however she’s taken this track and completely submerged it with her electronic/ pop sound. Making it her own, it’s refreshingly current, and barely recognisable, as she’s transformed the song into a production for 2016. Her whispery vocals slowly move over the popular lyrics, but following a newly modified melody. The song is almost hypnotic, as she flirts with some original elements written by Ace of Base, whilst consistently employing stylistic features of her own. Having already gathered over 10k views and listens on Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube, it’s clear the rest of the EP will follow in quick succession.

‘Undone’ is available on Soundcloud now, and you can pre-oder the EP on iTunes. It will be available to download on 22nd April.

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[Future Bass] RÜFÜS DU SOL – You Were Right (Louis Futon Remix)

You Were Right (Louis Futon Remix)

This tune is a match made in heaven. “You Were Right” by RÜFÜS DU SOL, the electronic act from Australia, is getting reworked by Louis Futon. The producer from Philly has been killing it following the success of “Wasted On You”, and keeps the ball rolling with this amazing remix.

The original is spiced up with a deep house change-up towards the beginning, and the drop comes in as a huge surprise. Synth bursts and a slower tempo highlights the epic switch, and continues to provide a series of eargasms throughout the track. This is yet another classic display of Louis Futon’s wide selection of sounds, as he shows just about every future sound in this delicious tune. Be sure to support the Foreign Family if you like what you hear – they’re definitely bringing in unbelievable talents together, as exemplified in this cool remix.

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The Chill Dojo #176

chill dojo

Moving Castle have been good to us since their inception only a few years ago, and this week we witnessed another one of our Chill Dojo favorites add their name to the growing list of talent within the collective. Kidswaste has continually wowed us with his knack for chill ambience, made all the more brilliant through the deep emotion he brings to his melodic craft. To that end, there could be no better canvas than Chet Porter’s ‘tbh ily’ to take his game to the next level, blending the gorgeous soundscape of the original with his unique style of orchestral elements and golden vocal additions that echo nothing but pure bliss. Now that’s a way to announce your arrival to the family!

If we’re talking feels though, Izzard’s ‘Threads’ was one of the most emotive songs of 2015, and thanks to an incredibly lush edit from the newly surfaced sundial, we get to revisit its charm all over again. The experience is only a short and sweet one on this occasion, making us treasure every precious second of this track’s touching quality. If you’re still craving more of this uplifting vibe, they have an original production to their name as well, and it’s every bit as beautiful as the feature just heard. Though still fresh on the scene, ‘your scarf’ wields a polished shine that belies any sense of just starting out in the production game. It’s masterfully constructed and laced with an infectious sense of nostalgia, cementing our view that this will certainly be a name to watch in the near future.

Still riding that wave of emotion, we come to our final feature of the week from another Dojo newcomer in exyle. Gorgeous sampling, wondrous melody and a punchy beat all come together to create a jam that is rich in impassioned feelings.

The feels train still has many more stations to pass before this one is all done though. Grab your ticket and hop aboard. Peace out.

’Chet Porter – tbh ily (Kidswaste Remix)’
’threads w/ sundial’
’sundial – your scarf’
’exyle – baby, u and i’
’Fossa Beats – Echoes (feat. Elkka)’
’Kučka – Honey (medasin redo)’
’Goldwash – Separate’
’Matoma – Running Out (ben maxwell edit)’
’Louis The Child ft. K.Flay – It’s Strange (TRAILS Remix)’
’Manuel Darquart – Next Dance’
’Allure – Glow’
’Icarus – Home feat. Aurora (Lane 8 Remix)’
’Janet Jackson – No Sleep (With You. Remix)’
’Oliver Chang & Evan James – Cruise’
’Douchka – Love You Still’
’ELJAY – Love Again’
’lauren cruz – clandestine (whereisalex remix)’
’Dragon Baby – Small Planets’
’Knapsack – Custom’
’lil hank – Oops, was that me?’
’samsin x PRODBYICE – Circuit’
’voia – Almost Human (sanjaux Remix)’
’Zeph – Hallway of Forgotten Names (feat. Roxanne)’
’LoneMoon – Green Eyes’
’Comodo & Eli Way – Rain’
’Solstis – Echoes’
’Harry Hudson – Stop (Kill Them With Colour Remix)’
’Kayjo – Trophy (Feat. RahRah The Savage (JR Nelson Remix)’
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