Tyler Roper – Teeth (ft M F L R) [TMN PREMIERE]

Tyler Roper - Teeth ft. M F L R
Tyler Roper
Teeth (ft. M F L R)

Let’s all take a second and admit something – summer is coming to a close. We’ve already noticed the days starting later and later each morning, which is a strong indicator that our favorite season is waning. The best way to hold onto those sweet, sun-soaked vibes is to go out and live it up, and “Teeth” is a solid addition to wherever your final summer adventures might take you.

Crafted by up-and-coming, Long Island-based producer/DJ Tyler Roper, “Teeth” is the first single off his upcoming EP, The Cognition. Listeners will immediately get hooked by this shimmering, warm-weather original which features a sultry, rolling bassline, rapid drum hits, glowing synths, and a set of catchy-as-hell lyrics. Coming together perfectly, the smooth, lush, and inviting tone from M F L R, and flirtatious nature of the lyrics fit the overall laidback nature of “Teeth”

Teeth started out as me tinkering and experimenting with some new ideas. I wanted to make something that had a strong vibe with some ‘thick’ bass, – but still light and easy on the ears. I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Tyler (M F L R) through my manager, and the stems he shot back were exactly what the song needed. I feel like this song was a huge step for me, and a great learning experience. All I can hope is that it gets peoples’ heads bobbin’! – Tyler Roper

Make sure to keep an eye out for Roper’s upcoming EP, The Cognition, which drops on 8/27 via Jam Family Records.

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[Video] Digital Farm Animals – True


Back in April we had a chance to feature a piece of the club-ready sound evolution of London based electronic savant Digital Farm Animals on his single “True”, and judging from our review, we’ve been completely enamored with the savvy producer’s directional shift. Today, Digital Farm Animals has released a debut visual piece in the form of “True”‘s official music video, and its visual aesthetic works just brilliantly with his synthetic sonority. From the video’s protagonists pulling heists in pig masks (see DFA’s above logo) to the actual levity portrayed through wolf-cops; there’s a certain playfulness underlying a very serious tonality that echoes DFA’s simple, yet layered and complex instrumentation. Nick Gale’s DFA project has certainly come a long way since its earliest rumblings, and seeing everything come full circle and begin to take shape in the form of a complete concept is like a music writer’s dream. But, as we can’t do the video justice with words, we’ll go ahead and leave it right here for our Ninjas to enjoy.

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[Electronic] Flume – Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt) (Camikaze Bootleg Remix)

Some Minds (feat. Andrew Wyatt) (Camikaze Bootleg Remix)

The unexpected direction of Flume’s ‘Some Minds’ brought with it amazement, intrigue, and a hell of a lot of artists taking a crack at a remix. Despite the numerous re-interpretations floating around the net, an iconic track like this creates an opportunity for previously unknown talent to get noticed with an effort that breaks through the noise of similar sounding production. On that note, our attention is drawn towards a fresh up-and-comer in Perth-based Camikaze, with a bootleg that speaks volumes about his future potential in the electronic music game.

While some artists would be tempted to merely take the vocals and drown it out with their own sounds, the beauty here lies in the respect paid to the original composition, allowing the natural flow of the track to dictate the right time for showcasing creative flair. It’s a mature way to approach the complexity of the original, while still providing a generous serving of slick bass that ignites our desire to hear more. This is definitely not one to sleep on, so we’ll be keeping a watchful eye out for what comes next.

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[Bass] Empia – Take It

Take It

After a string of live shows across Australia, bass-fiend Empia is back with a high-energy original that lives to be played out as the fuel for future gigs to come. While he’s proved himself numerous times on the remix front, ‘Take It’ brings the spotlight back on his own creative merits, showcasing just what he can do with a sweet hook and that devilish crunch to his signature bass. Industrial beats pulsate through buildup and breakdown alike, driving the adrenaline-inducing experience long after this one plays out. Even better, you can pick this one up now as a free download from the Free Spirit Vol. 1 compilation to keep on hand whenever you need that extra kick in your day.

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[Electronic Bliss] Kenton Slash Demon – Harpe

Kenton Slash Demon

The capacity for emotional power within an instrumental composition should never be underestimated–a sentiment interestingly, and perhaps ironically, shared equally between fans of electronic and classical music. In fact, it could be argued that undeciphered abstraction leaves more room for personal and spiritual connection to a song. This couldn’t be more evident on “Harpe,” the latest single from Danish production duo Kenton Slash Demon, which is also one of their first official releases as recent signees to Australian juggernaut Future Classic. The label’s roster already boasts one of the most diverse collections of pioneering artists (Flume, Chet Faker, George Maple, Ta-Ku, Hayden James, Jagwar Ma and the list goes on) and their latest addition proves no different.

“Harpe” spans nearly seven minutes utilizing a stuttering, psychedelically-altered vocal sample backed by atmospheric pads and a steady house tempo to completely engross the listener with a repetitiveness that, at least for me, evokes a feeling of unrelenting reincarnation. That groove hits an interlude of suspension before returning with even more intricate textures. It’s an absolute musical odyssey that simultaneously elicits euphoria and darkness in a way that’ll connect with you in ways few tracks can.

Looking back at Kenton Slash Demon’s Soundcloud page, it’s clear why Future Classic chose them as their next project. If you’re digging this, we’d also highly recommend giving their Skydancer EP a listen.

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[Electronic] Moon Boots – Utopia Feat. Janelle Kroll

Moon Boots
Moon Boots
Utopia feat. Janelle Kroll

Moon Boots goes a bit tropical with his new single “Utopia” featuring Janelle Kroll. The American act’s zero gravity style takes a melodic route down a soft, radio-friendly path. Moon Boots paints a minimal soundscape that Janelle’s voice takes over for a magnificent musical package. They’re a match made in heaven, which had to be the case given the name of the record. They truly build a musical utopia that listeners can bask in as long as they’d like, all for free too. Despite it’s tropical influences, it’s not some straight up Kygo stuff, Moon Boots creates his own niche sound that is a chill paradise. Moon Boots continues to impress, and look out for the producer to keep it up through the end of the year, and onto the next.

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[Electronic] Gallant – Weight In Gold (Louis Futon Remix)

Weight In Gold (Louis Futon Remix)

Gallant‘s “Weight in Gold,” and all his music thus far for that matter, has been hitting the Internet with waves of emotion in recent months inspiring top producers to take a stab at remixing his heart-wrenching sound. Philly-bred producer and TMN favorite Louis Futon is the latest to take on the instant classic but, rather than try to completely change the original’s vibe, he accentuates and elevates its most powerful moments taking it to new heights. Injecting his enormous sound, Louis Futon makes probably our favorite flip yet of the hit single. Try this one out for getting you over the mid-week hump.

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