[Electronic] Fancy Cars – Set Me On Fire (ft. Brandon Hall)

Fancy Cars
Set Me On Fire ft. Brandon Hall

Fancy Cars may only have four songs out at the moment, but he’s already making waves in the future bass and pop communities. His latest tune, co-produced by Minnesota and featuring striking vocals from Brandon Hall, is a crash course in the new direction that accessible pop music is beginning to take. Each verse carefully builds to a fever pitch that crashes out of your speakers with gusto and glamour, and if you are at all familiar with Majestic Casual, it should come as no surprise that this is their release. Their tendency to lean toward a sense of escapism and emotion is exactly what Fancy Cars strives for. With “Set Me On Fire”, he’s certainly accomplished that.

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Seven Lions x Echos – Cold Skin (Preview) [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


With the close of October just a few days back in our rearview, it’s time for us to part ways with our Resident Artist. We’ve covered everything with him, from the finest craft brews, to his tour complete with a brand new stage design, to the best in head-banging metal. We’ve certainly enjoyed everything up until this point, but we still have one more trick up our sleeve to wrap up one hell of a month.

Even though Seven Lions is out on the road, he’s offering up a sneak preview at his brand new track. Out on 11/9 via Monstercat, “Cold Skin” is a collaboration with Portland-based, live-electronic duo Echos. With some absolutely stunning vocals, courtesy of Lexi from Echos, and a seamless fusion of the two artists’ musical styles, we can say with certainty that this one is going to be big.

While today is just a taste of what’s to come, it will be more than enough to hook you in. Take a listen below and get ready for a serious case of blue ears. If you’re not familiar with that term just yet, you will be shortly.

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Benta – Lover In Dark (AObeats Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

With good vocals, good remixes will follow

It’s a phrase as old as time. Well, at least for as long as us Ninjas have been writing. That’s certainly what we have on our hands today, as Massachusetts-based AObeats offers up a stunning, sultry, and bedroom-ready remix of Benta’s “Lover in Dark.” Before we dive into the remix, we should probably introduce you to the man behind those sensual vocals. Mysterious in nature, Benta is somewhat seasoned in the music biz, having experienced success at an early age. Yet, that early success didn’t quite fulfill his artistic ambitions. Following suit with so many other musicians, a solitudinous approach proved to be the key to proper expression.

That’s where “Lover In Dark” comes in, the lead single from his debut EP, Noir. After releasing this dark and twisted R&B track, in tandem with a charitable cause, Benta is ready to have a handful of artists let their imaginations run wild.

Let’s circle back to AObeats. Seeing his name on our site shouldn’t come as any big surprise. We’ve covered his soulful future bass and trap releases over the past few years, continually finding ourselves impressed with his offerings. This time around, he’s dialed in an interpretation that’s true to both artist’s name and personality; a fusing of two worlds, if you will.

Using the original vocals as the hook, this remix maintains the seductive vibes of the Benta’s work. Yet, as much as those passionate R&B vibes are front and center, AObeats flips the track upside down with a heavy kick, smooth bassline, and sonic synths. The end result is a tune truly worthy of your “Netflix and Chill” playlist.

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[Electronic] K.Flay – Blood In The Cut (Aire Atlantica Remix)

Blood In The Cut (Aire Atlantica Remix)

Interscope Records jumped on the opportunity to release an official remix from Aire Atlantica of “Blood In The Cut.” The indie electronic hit by K.Flay was just dying to be re-imagined by a talented producer, and that’s just where the New York musician came into play.

The original version of “Blood In The Cut” had a dark, alternative edge to it that left the door wide open for Aire Atlantica to do something really special with it. He keeps a similar vibe, and recycles some of the original stems, but his original work on the project is what really makes this stand out. The anthemic, future vibe of this remix makes it accessible for any situation or place, including the radio. It certainly has that type of potential. Face it, if you turned on the radio in your car and this was playing, you’d stop and listen while your body started grooving along. Aire Atlantica’s take can be streamed above, or if you are a Spotify user, go on ahead and it it to your library.

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[Hip-Hop] Jon Santana – NY90 (feat. Lox Chatterbox & REMMI)

Jon Santana
NY90 (feat. Lox Chatterbox & REMMI)

In today’s electronic music scene I don’t think we see enough full-length albums or EP’s. There’s just something great about coming back to a collection of songs and listening to it front to back. Jon Santana, an up-and-comer out of Nashville, just released a five track EP. And it is one of those records. I wanted to showcase my favorite song, the outro single, NY90. It’s by far the most hip-hop influenced song on here, with some excellent bars by Lox Chatterbox. But head over to the playlist to stream the full album, And There They Were. There’s lots to explore, from big electronic singles to a few more low key instrumentals.

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[Future Bass] Pluto x Ye. – Feel The Fire

Pluto x Ye.
Feel The Fire

Following the success of the their previous collab “Breath”, Pluto and ye. brought the heat once again with a vocal rendition of the summer dance anthem.

Only 16 and 19 years of age, the two young producers showed production skills way beyond their years. The fiery vocals make a powerful statement in compliments of the synth stabs and the hardhitting Flume-like beat. The progression of track goes towards a suspense and into the last massive drop – a definite crowd pleaser in every way.

Released via PRMD Music, “Feel The Fire” is no doubt the next festival anthem . Cruise over to their page and give Pluto and Ye. a follow if you dig this. They are making waves in their respectively lanes, and we’re sure this won’t be the last time you hear about them.

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Meltybrains? – Step [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]


Time and time again the word “experimental” gets used incorrectly. However, it’s groups like Meltybrains? that end up somehow eschewing and bolstering that label at the same time with their absolute defiance of coloring inside the lines. “Step” is the latest from this eccentric band, fraught with auto-tuned and veiled vocals bouncing around crashing drums and a nearly impossible to follow rhythm, but it isn’t off-putting in any regard. They’ve developed an entrancing nature that’s reflected throughout their dark and mirrored video, and by the time it ends, you find yourself slightly confused yet more than satisfied.

There are no boundaries or conventions followed by Meltybrains? (which is an apt name, by the way), and their thorough disregard for both is what has created such an intriguing exploration into the farthest reaches of what experimental music can truly accomplish. “Step” is the second offering from their upcoming Kiss Yourself EP, and if you’re digging this strange yet absorbing sound, be on the lookout for the rest of their new project on November 18th.

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