[Future Bass] JACKAL – Endorphins EP

Over the past several weeks, JACKAL has released two singles to tease fans for his upcoming EP, Endorphins. Through the two releases, we’ve been at the edge of our seats ready for what’s to come and it is finally here. Just as the singles, the entire EP is a free download, however if you’d like to support it then you can do so on digital stores.

Endorphins comes in at four tracks long. JACKAL’s future sound reigns supreme throughout the project, with “Summer In Your Arms” being the most different with its bouncy tropical vibes. With each track JACKAL brings an array of genuine emotions, instead of simply writing seemingly catchy songs that cash in on the hype train. Endorphins will stand as a pillar of where future can go if one puts their heart and soul into it. Sometimes producer’s just miss that mark, but JACKAL hits it four times over.

’With You’
’Summer In Your Arms (feat. Josh Congress)’
’Feel It (feat. Anfa Rose)’
’Little Threads (feat. Foy)’
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[Electronic] Kasbo – Cry / Dance Mix_01

Cry / Dance Mix_01

Kasbo is starting something that you need to pay attention to. If his own releases weren’t enough – even though they are – then you’ll be glad to know he’s got a brand new mix series he’s unraveled. “Cry / Dance” has just launched with its first volume, available for free.

Enjoy just under one hour of music from Kasbo and company. It will showcase his own music, as well as music that inspires him. To kick things off proper, Kasbo has included some unreleased goodies in the mix and this is likely not going to be restricted to this first volume. One of the said unreleased songs is his next release, so there’s that on top of everything else. Take a listen through the mix this weekend and get ready for more! This is just the beginning.

PS, if you’re in the Denver area, DO NOT miss the debut of his live show June 15th.

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[Indie] Absofacto – Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Wouldn’t a Summer with no end be nice? Although that can’t happen, Absofacto gave us the track “Endless Summer” to dream with. The beautiful record does put you in a dream-state as it is both captivating and soothing all at once.

“Endless Summer” has a unique indie electronic sound that isn’t something you come across often. It has the ideal balance of each, something Absofacto is well known for putting together. ABsofacto has a handful of records, with more coming, but “Endless Summer” is our favorite song so far. It’s simple, surreal and engaging in with both the instrumental and the vocals. All around it’s an amazing piece of music.

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[Electronic] Wu Wei – Automated Shadows LP

If you were looking for something a bit off the beaten path, then you’ve come to the right post. We’ve got a special LP called Automated Shadows from Wu Wei to share with you. The album came out recently through Insight Music and features ten singles that are anything but ordinary.

The Humboldt creative brought a whole lot of substance with this project. It’s a vast collection of cerebral beats and soundscapes that don’t necessarily abide by one specific genre. Instead of honing one genre in with the songs, Wu Wei brings influence from various sources and combines them with his own style. Picking a favorite on this project isn’t easy, as one can’t simply be singled out. They all belong together, one cohesive musical journey that you get to experience here in the dojo.

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[EP] Massappeals – Casio Nova

It’s always a great find a well-made electronic album. There’s something about the songs flowing into each other that’s greater than the sum. And in the end the artist can go deeper in telling a story or capturing a specific vibe. Massappeals new ‘Casio Nova EP’ stands out as a polished four-track record where each song holds it’s own while connecting with the EP’s underlying themes. The songs have this intensity alongside a lightheartedness that makes for a unique and entertaining future-beat style. Standout tracks would have to be “Roller Cop” and “No Lies” for us. But get into the album for your self, you can find ‘Casio Nova’ on Spotify and even grab a full free download here.

Casio Nova
Roller Cop
No Lies’
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