Sea Moya – Bangalore [TMN PREMIERE]

Sea Moya

As I get older, gracefully accepting the fact that my rowdier years are fading in the rearview mirror, I’m consistently drawn to the calmer, more ambient, and textural electronic music. From Tycho, to Bonobo, to Little People, I’m intrigued more so by artists who artfully craft impressive layers of soundscape that create a truly encapsulating experience. Today, I get to add one more name to that list with this premiere from Cologne/Mannheim-based three-piece Sea Moya.

Dropping in June on their upcoming Baltic States EP, “Bangalore” is a listening experience in the truest sense. It slowly builds through tape saturation, atmospheric elements, and radiating synths, gradually winding its way up to a glowing, percussion-centric crescendo. You’ll find yourself putting it into a few neat little boxes, or playlists, rather, which could easily include a chill Sunday at home, a sunny day by the pool, or a lengthy road trip through the countryside.

When asked about the inspiration behind this impressive tune, Sea Moya Iven had this to say:

“Bangalore” has a real Urban feeling to us. We began to imagine a highway at night through a foreign, exotic city. We didn’t want it to be too “city” like, so we incorporated some samples of natural and more organic sounds. We decided to go against recording vocals in this track too, which is different from our usual stuff.

Make sure to follow these cats on Facebook and SoundCloud to keep up with news on the upcoming EP and live shows.

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[Electronic] Chinah – Minds (Ark Patrol Remix)

Minds (Ark Patrol Remix)

Having only heard one other remix before this one, we were excited and interested when new Ark Patrol showed up. Needless to say, it’s MASSIVE. Heroic Recordings has a tendency to find some intriguing talent in electronic music, and Ark Patrol is just one of many to provide them with a solid roster.

Even without being familiar with the original song by Chinah, you get a glimpse into a melodic world constructed with bright and boisterous synths that flicker around the thundering drums in a tightly knit pattern. There’s an uplifting impression made with this remix, and it’s simply nice to listen to and let it carry you away for a while. One of the coolest parts of Ark Patrol’s take on “Minds” is it’s tradeoff between being accessible with pop source material and busting down walls with a wide range of electronic influences. Grab yourself a free copy here and enjoy the ride!

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[Hip-Hop] Tunji Ige – Missed Calls (EP)


After bursting onto the scene in 2014 with his self-produced debut mixtape, The Love Project, Philly emcee Tunji Ige spent 2015 slowly rolling out a slew of impressive genre-bending tunes including collaboration with What So Not and Oshi. Fellow Philly rep Noah Breakfast, formerly known as Xaphoon Jones, has become his go-to producer and rightfully so–their styles could not be more complimentary. Breakfast’s inventive, electronic landscapes blend with Ige’s own atmospheric production chops and melodic flows.

Today, the duo dropped Missed Calls, Ige’s first official project since his debut taking the musical exploration to new heights. While the EP still possess a hip-hop flavor, the influence of dance music is felt on each track. “Change That,” the opener sets the tone with banging, forward-thinking production and a characteristically addicting hook from Tunji. As the project progresses, each track presents a distinct facet–subtle house elements can be felt on the smooth “War,” heavier electro-trap prevails “On My Grind” and “Bring Yo Friends” and “22,” the final track, carries dreary future R&B stylings. Missed Calls proves that Tunji Ige has the talent to become a cross over star with a sound that’s both refreshing and accessible. Give it a peep below–you can grab on iTunes now.

’Tunji Ige – Change That (Prod. Tunji Ige)’
’Tunji Ige – War (Prod. By Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – Fired Up (Prod. Tunji Ige + Addtl Prod. Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – On My Grind (Prod. Tunji Ige + Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – Bring Yo Friends ( Prod. Tunji Ige + Addtl Prod. Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – All Night (Prod. Tunji Ige + Noah Breakfast)’
’Tunji Ige – 22 (Prod. Tunji Ige + Addtl Prod. Noah Breakfast)’
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[Electronic] Tenniscoats – Baibaba Bimba (Marcioz Remix)

Baibaba Bimba (Marcioz Remix)

One of Brazil’s hidden treasures is the producer Marcioz. At the ripe age of nineteen, this cat is killing it down South with his unique productions that take from future, classical, as well as the sounds of his home country. A few days ago, Marcioz came out with a brand new remix of Tenniscoats’ single “Baibaba Bimba” as a free download. For those of you who are being introduced to him, this flip will show you just how special Marcioz is.

With his remix of “Baibaba Bimba,” Marcioz was able to keep most everything sounding natural. His percussion, the strings, the piano chords and all the little details are crafted to perfection. Aside from creative prowess, Marcioz technical abilities and ear rival even the top producers in the electronic game right now. 2016 is looking like a bright year for this Brazilian as he has already started it off with two amazing records, with “Baibaba Bimba” being a remix for the ages. If you’re looking for something inspiring to throw on this week, then you’re covered with this.

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[Electronic] Braille Face – Glow

Braille Face

You may not have heard of Braille Face, but it’s about time that changed. With minimal information available besides a hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Braille Face intends for the music to speak first. We may have seen a myriad of cases like this, but they usually end up delivering some of the most interesting pieces of music we hear. This is no exception.

Braille Face’s debut single, “Glow”, creates a haunting and hypnotic atmosphere as the scarce vocals gently drift among the swirling synths, filtered pads, and robotic percussion. There’s an interesting tension built throughout, and it treads that fine line between unsettling and calm that gives the song its emotive appeal. It draws you in. It’s magnetic. It’s honestly nothing short of magical. Wrap up your week on a sublime note with “Glow” and be sure to support Braille Face and Spirit Level as they continue to grow.

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The Chill Dojo #174

chill dojo

This week’s write-up is inspired by a healthy dose of soul, starting with a sweet remix that boasts production chops every bit as silky as the voice it surrounds. Future Classic’s Wafia set hearts on fire with her aptly titled ‘Heartburn’ at the end of last year, and Swedish duo Jarami have infused the original with an infectious groove to make sure dance floors experience that similar incendiary feeling. Bounce is the necessary trademark of any Jaramix, and we’ve been dealt a generous helping here to ensure we keep this bumping all week long.

Now there’s not a lot of info out there on newly surfaced moniker Moss Kena, and only this glorious rework of ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ to its name. What we can tell you though is that there is some insane funk on display as this track steadily builds, with the female talent handling the lyrical responsibilities with smooth finesse at every turn. We can only hope there is more where this came from.

Another fresh name on the scene this week is London-based MALIKA, but with the backing of Snakehips and Maths Times Joy in the production department of her debut track, you can be sure there is some serious promise there. The lush vibes are no surprise coming from these two Dojo veterans, but the soulful vocals are where the true delight can be discovered. In much the same way, we conclude proceedings with another UK songstress in Sundai, her latest single ‘Sugar Sweet Tea’ receiving support from a similar caliber of beat-making mastery in Jarreau Vandal. With sounds every bit as buttery as the title would promise, it’s safe to say that the future of the R&B genre is in very good hands with creations like these.

There’s plenty of love for other styles as well, making sure the mood is set to chill at all times. Peace out.

’Wafia – Heartburn (Jaramix)’
’Kendrick Lamar – These Walls (Moss Kena Rework)’
’MALIKA – Put It On Me (prod. by Snakehips & Maths Time Joy)’
’Sundai – Sugar Sweet Tea’
’laguna. – you (ft. maye)’
’Evil Needle X Mercy’
’dayla – Al Luna’
’ROM – You Love Em (feat. Emmavie)’
’innanet james – Summer (The Kount Remix)’
’G EAZY – Me, Myself & I (Viceroy Remix)’
’Kaskade – Whatever (Dallas Cotton Remix)’
’Cappa – Goddess (Eau Claire Remix)’
’Coubo – Alien Party’
’Louis the Child ft. K.Flay – it’s strange (wallflower edit)’
’THEY. – Motley Crue (Feki Remix)’
’Lóbo – Trapped’
’Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas – U Remain (Celadon City Remix)’
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[Chill] Snakehips – Money On Me (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Money On Me ft. Anderson .Paak

Snakehips and Anderson .Paak are two artists who have seemingly worked with everyone. Last year saw the UK production duo of Snakehips making hits with artists from Chance the Rapper to Syd (of The Internet), while everything-man Anderson .Paak teamed up with countless rappers and producers on his way to signing with Dr. Dre. So, when a collab between the two popped up in our Soundcloud feeds, we can’t say we were surprised but that didn’t make us any less excited. On “Money On Me,” Snakehips craft a smooth, low-end atmosphere over which .Paak delivers one of his most chilled-out vocal performances. Even as the production fills out, the song doesn’t lose its smooth, summery vibe. Warm up with this tune above and make sure to check out Anderson .Paak’s Malibu if you haven’t yet.

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