[Electronic] Blood Cultures – Scenes From A Midnight Movie (OTR Remix)

Blood Cultures
Scenes From A Midnight Movie (OTR Remix)

Atlanta producer OTR has stepped away from dropping originals to release his official remix of “Scenes From A Midnight Movie” for the New Jersey creative Blood Cultures. This smooth remix is just what you need to end the day on the right note.

The original has been out for quite some time, pushing forth a retro indie sound, while OTR updates it and shifts the sound into his own territory. OTR’s aural move takes the track into a more atmospheric zone. It’s one of those tracks you can just throw on repeat and bask in it’s timelessness. Grab some headphones and see for yourself!

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[Electronic] Moods – Comfortable feat. HIGH HØØPS

Comfortable Feat. HIGH HØØPS

Rotterdam producer Moods has returned with another sexy original. “Comfortable” comes to us through the Boogie Angst pipeline and features New Zealand’s own HIGH HØØPS on the vocals. Together these two put together a hell of a record.

“Comfortable” will make you feel just that, extremely comfortable. It’s a beautiful barrage of sensual tones and textures that melt away any emotional pain you may have. It’s essentially a musical pharmaceutical. From the riveting guitar riffs to the ethereal soundscapes to every single little detail from both producer and performer, “Comfortable” does it all right. Do yourself a solid and grab this one from digital stores.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol 286)

Take a deep breath in, then let it out nice and slowly. You’re one more breathe closer to the weekend. Friday is here and if you know us you know that’s our favorite day of the week. We get a little productivity satisfaction before letting loose upon the weekend. Furthermore, we help you party it up with our Friday Party Playlist. We’re not stopping, so this week we’ve got another twelve free downloads for you to enjoy. Works from LUCA LUSH, RUVLO, I am Sid, Dustycloud, Birthdayy Partyy, Aylen CRWNS and more have graced us this week. Run through the dozen and make sure you have a fun, but safe weekend!

’Shanghai Doom – Fracture’
’UZ & STOOKI SOUND – BANG (ft. Foreign Beggars & Once Capanoe)(RUVLO REMIX)’
’Knife Party – EDM Death Machine (I am Sid Remix)’
’Dustycloud – Move’
’Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)’
’Wuki & Wax Motif – Buns ft. Earlly Mac (Aylen Remix)’
’Ekali & ZHU – Blame (CRWNS Remix)’
’Element The City –

’The Prodigy – Omen (Vicetone Bootleg Remix)’
’Spawn – The Khan Don & Hype’
’Jay Bird – Up Here’
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CAPYAC feat. MOONZz – Afterhours [TMN Premiere]

Noon Pacific
CAPYAC ft MOONZz — Afterhours

With SXSW just around the corner, there’s going to be a lot of choices for who to see there. One such duo that needs to be on your list is CAPYAC. These intriguing characters have taken over the dojo today with the premiere of “Afterhours” in collaboration with one of our favorite vocalists, MOONZz.

Together these creators put forth a future pop original whose tones will be echoing throughout the dojo for quite some time. We just can’t get enough of it. “Afterhours” is good any time of the day or night, it doesn’t have to be quite literally after hours. The week is almost over and we know a lot of you need that extra bump of inspiration to get through it – we’re proud to say we’ve got it for you here. Throw this one on repeat and let the beautiful textures shower over you.

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WYOMI – Dvala [TMN Premiere]


The Swedish trio WYOMI are relatively new to the scene. They’ve got a handful of of works out, including some singles from their upcoming EP, Control, that comes out tomorrow. Today we unveil another track from the project with the premiere of “Dvala” right here!

“Dvala” grabs your attention quickly with some wobbly synth work and a natural soundscape. Things steadily build and the song continues to thrive in its distinct electronic style. It doesn’t have the traditional drops, but WYOMI take you through various avenues throughout the production to keep things dynamic. We’ve got you covered with a first listen of the single, but make sure to grab the full EP when it drops tomorrow!

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[Electronic/Techno] George FitzGerald & Bonobo – Outgrown

Earlier in November, we featured an excellent slice of blissed out techno from superstar tastemaker George FitzGerald: “Burns”. Near the end of the article, we promised to solidify any rumors of a 2018 full-length LP from the British producer, and alas, that day has come. Just last month Fitzgerald announced the impending release of a brand new long-player, All That Must Be, confirming our excitement and gifting a few more slices of the album in the process. The latest from All That Must Be to trickle out in single form is an all-star collaboration with fellow British electronic artist, Bonobo, “Outgrown”.

One of the many collaborations from All That Must Be (including tunes with Lil Silva, Tracey Thorne & Hudson Scott), “Outgrown” showcases FitzGerald’s trademark aural aesthetic which bounces intricate electronics on top of his emotive piano tones, culminating in one of the central moments of the record. We’re getting all geared up for the rest of the world to hear All That Must Be in its entirety, but until then, listen to another piece of FitzGerald’s forthcoming LP below, and check out his recently announced worldwide tour dates after the jump.

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Roger Wilco & Creepa – Shimmer [TMN Premiere]

Roger Wilco & Creepa

Today we’re kicking things off with a premiere from Roger Wilco and Creepa. Sliding in the dojo through the Majestic Casual pipeline, “Shimmer” is not your typical electronic record. Instead of doing things the easy way, these collaborators built a unique structure from top to bottom.

“Shimmer” doesn’t lose any steam from start to finish. Roger Wilco and Creepa blend different sounds and styles together and fuse them into one chilled bass original. It shines bright with its fine textures and atmospheric attitude, uplifting the listener to new sonic heights. We’re stoked on this one and you will be too. Enjoy a first listen here and make sure to add the song to your Spotify playlists!

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