[Electronic] David Heartbreak – Skyline EP

David Heartbreak

David Heartbreak is one of the premiere dance music producers, period. He helped push moombahton to its height, pioneered the EDM trap revolution and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He’s a true songwriter that isn’t afraid of changing things up. Now, he’s back in full force.

I took a year off from music, I had some personal things going on, and I needed a break from music

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from David, but he returns with his Skyline EP, out now on Uprise Music. We were unsure what direction David was going to take, given his diverse catalog, but with the two single project he brought some full on emotional vibes. The title EP is a highly melodic, ambient single that can best be described as David’s take on future meets trip-hop. It’s one of those records that will put a spell on you, one that is hard to break. For the second track, “Jux,” David partners with Cy Kosis for a unique trap single that is as dynamic as it is dope. There are more than a handful of records that David has put out that will blow your mind, and this is up there with his best.

The inspiration behind skyline is New York City. Skyline was written in an Uber on the FDR drive. I just had a lot running through my mind, and it skyline just was perfect for where I was at, at that time.

You can feel the emotion in these two singles. After dealing with his personal issues and moving back to his city, David is ready to continue making his mark on the world. It’s certainly a mark that we miss. Here’s to you David, glad to have you back!

’David Heartbreak – Skyline’
’David Heartbreak – Jux (feat. Cy Kosis)’
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[Electronic] Snacks – We Want Love

We Want Love

The Boogie Angst camp have a sweet EP coming from Snacks. Luckily, we don’t have to wait until the EP is out to hear the title track “We Want Love.” After hearing this teaser single, you’ll be on the edge of your seat and ready for the EP just like we are.

“We Want Love” is the damn near the smoothest mixture of future, with R&B and pop you are going to find on the web. Snacks has always put out fresh, easy on the ears records, but there is something in particular about this single that makes it shine brighter than the rest. Comprised of wavering synth work, bustling percussion and intuitive vocal chops, “We Want Love” is a record that producers and fans will enjoy all the same. The songwriting is top notch, and so is the production. Stream the single today, and get ready for the EP release, which is coming very soon!

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[Event Preview] Enchanted Forest – Black Oak Ranch – 7/22 – 7/24


It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that we love to get down, let loose, and imbibe quite often. However, we also understand the importance of taking care of the temple and making sure our ninja minds stay fine-tuned and on point. With that in mind, Enchanted Forest and its healthy dosage of sweet grooves in a life-altering collective social environment is calling our name next week.

For four days, festival-goers will be part of a once-in-a-lifetime musical and cultural experience, with more than 70 internationally-acclaimed live and electronic musical acts, including Shpongle, The Polish Ambassador, Ayla Nereo, Hamsa Lila, PANTYRAID, Minnesota, Fanna Fi Allah, Autograf, Lila Rose, Thriftworks and more.

In addition to the lineup, Enchanted Forest is also home to what they call, “NorCal’s Sauciest Soiree,” where visitors are encouraged to “fully embody their highest and truest self.” That means inside this fairytale woodland setting are 50 workshops in yoga, dance, movement and flow arts instruction, led by globally-renowned teachers. Yoga not your jam? Maybe you’ll find something of interest at one of over 60 educational workshops and forums covering subjects around relationships and sexuality, science and spirituality, health, wellness, nutrition, and ancestral arts.

The forest is full of healing sanctuaries, foam dance floors and, of course, plenty of shade for comfy camping. Forewarning, if you’re trying to booze up, it’s maybe not the festival for you, as they have “Get saucy, not sauced” policy, which promotes a safe, alcohol-free environment. But, after marathon party sessions at festivals like EDC, Coachella, and Ultra, this could be a very welcomed break.

Before you dive into the playlist we curated for you, we also should mention that our friends over at Cadence & Cause have your chance to win two (4-Day All-Inclusive) Yogi Passes, a Saucy Spa Pass (in case you need a shower), and a $100 gift certificate for merch at the festival. Your entry will help impact a cause that really hits home to the show’s promoter’s – planting new trees in American forests – so events like this can continue to happen for a long time to come.

’Thirftworks – The Newter Shooter’
’Lynx – Picture (The Polish Ambassador Remix)’
’Wildlight – The Tide – Rain’
’pantyraid – Wanting Moves’
’Where are ü now – Ember Island cover(Minnesota remix)’
’Minnesota – Hold Up’
’Minnesota – Living Together’
’Doja Cat – So High (StéLouse Flip)’
’Owl City X Said The Sky – Fireflies (StéLouse Edit)’
’Champagne Drip – Open Your Eyes’
’Champagne Drip – Moonlight’
’Autograf – Dream.’
’Autograf – Metaphysical (ft. Janelle Kroll)’
Future Soup (ft. Patrick Baker)’
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[Electronic/Pop] Campsite Dream – Try Again

Campsite Dream
Campsite Dream
Try Again

Campsite Dream takes a bit of a different direction with their new single, and we’re not mad one bit. You can’t really look down upon an artist when they try something new. When the result is something desirable, then that’s a beautiful thing. “Try Again” is Campsite Dream’s beautiful thing in that scenario.

There won’t be any need for do-overs with this single. “Try Again” is a fun little jam that Epic Amsterdam dropped in late June. The song has been making its rounds since then with praise coming from all over. Campsite Dream has dipped into the pop style before, but now it seems to have been a full fledged target, however other styles are certainly implemented within the composition. Because it is Summer, most acts are bringing out the heavy, fun tunes, but there are those who are looking to just bring out some good vibes, including Campsite Dream. Stream “Try Again” today and head over to iTunes for a copy if you dig the song.

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[Electronic] Illstrtd – Pictures Don’t Fade feat. Mack Moses (Dugong Jr Remix)

Dugong JR
Pictures Don't Fade feat. Mack Moses (Dugong Jr Remix)

Melbourne, Australia is home to Dugong Jr. If you are a fan of the music Good Enuff puts out, then you should be familiar with this cat as he has had a few releases with them. However, today we are sharing with you his official remix of “Pictures Don’t Fade,” by Illstrtd.

The original single, featuring Mack Moses, was previously covered in the dojo, and after coming across the remix, we had to share with you it as well. Be Rich Records made a strong maneuver getting him on board for a flip, as he really turned this one out with a great result. His hybrid future take should have producers and fans alike going wild. The unique sound it presents is fresh to the ears and easy on the body. Dugong Jr showcases why he’s among the top talent in Australia right now, which is something special given all the superb producers coming from down under. Stream the single today and get ready for a full release soon.

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[Electronic] VOUIIX – June Bug

June Bug

I just stumbled on a new EP by an artist fresh to the scene named, VOUIIX. The Inertia EP has a lot of really creative songs with an experimental yet classic electronic sound but “June Bug,” the project’s lead single, stands out the most. Great use of filters and automation bring in the catchy backing chords and make the song a dynamic listen throughout. On top of this, VOUIIX shows off his ability for sampling, inventive percussion and synth design. Bringing all of these elements together, “June Bug” is simply upbeat and interesting. And after listening you might want to head over to his page to peep the full “Inertia” EP.

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[Electronic] DUX – CTL feat. Stan Carrizosa

CTL f. Stan Carrizosa

One artist who has quickly grabbed our attention in a big way is DUX out of Los Angeles. Not only does DUX provide high-quality records, but their uniqueness is something that has sparked our attention since the project began. Despite just releasing a single around two weeks ago, we already have another, but we’re certainly not complaining.

DUX’s latest single is called “CTL” and it features Stan Carrizosa on vocals. “CTL” is one of those records that causes instant relaxation. It’s got some groove to it, despite it not being a dance-centric record. It’s more like an electronic slow jam with a vocal that is just as emotional as the music behind it. “CTL” has a certain organic feel that makes it all warm and fuzzy, which is just the vibes you’ll get when it takes over the airspace around you. DUX has impressed us in the past, but this may be the best record in the catalog. Stream it today and get ready for more dope tunes to come as this year unfolds.

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