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[Trap] Bad Royale – Hot Steppa (feat. Future Fambo)

It’s been a while since Bad Royale dropped something as hard as “Hot Steppa” with Future Fambo. They’ve dropped top quality tracks, but going this heavy isn’t something we’ve heard from them in recent times. It’s good to see them back at it with this Dim Mak release.

“Hot Steppa” keeps with the group’s Caribbean sound, but they just take it in a bit of a different direction infusing hybrid trap elements into the mix. This dirty foray doesn’t derail the song, rather it gives it some depth and unique direction. Starting from a more dancehall style and moving things to the borders of dubstep is quite a nice touch that only these bad boys could pull off.

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[Trap] Skrillex & Team EZY Feat. NJOMZA – Pretty Bye Bye (Bad Royale Remix)

Skrillex & Team EZY Feat. NJOMZA
Pretty Bye Bye (Bad Royale Remix)

We thought a Bad Royale remix with Walshy Fire in one week was enough, but apparently the BR boys didn’t think so. Now enter their remix of “Pretty Bye Bye” by Skrillex x Team EZY and NJOMZA. Available as a free download, this behemoth is a must have and you have no excuse to sleep on it.

The thing we love about Bad Royale is that they have their own style. It translates across several genres, but one of their mainstays is the trap arena, which this resides in. Their sound design is unique, whether you’re talking the first drop or the second (OMG is this one dank) and their style is something others can’t easily replicate. Bad Royale are truly one of a kind and they prove it through every single release they do. “Pretty Bye Bye” in it’s new form has a totally new makeup and may even be better. We’ll let you decide!

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Bad Royale & Gaudi Deliver Remixes For Balkan Beat Box [TMN Premiere]

Today we have a special premiere for you of not one, but two official remixes for Balkan Beat Box. One comes from our good friends Bad Royale and the other comes from the London creator GAUDI. Each of them have their own take on “Chin Chin” and each definitely had a different idea in mind of where to take things.

In going in nearly opposite directions, it’s cool to see just how easy it is for people to put their own spin on a song. With Bad Royale, we get a high-octane flip that sees the group’s Caribbean bass sound go all over the place, as they usually do. No matter what they release, it’s always a fun listen. GAUDI takes things much slower, with a laidback remix whose slight groove makes this the perfect kickback track. He manages to make two styles of music fit together that at first thought you might think against it. GAUDI not only makes it work, but he does so in a manner that exceeds even the best expectations. Check them out below and if you haven’t heard the original, check out the music video as well.

’Chin Chin (Bad Royale Remix)’
’Chin Chin (GAUDI Remix)’

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[Moombahton] Bad Royale – Company (feat. Hashim & Darnella)

Bad Royale
Company (feat. Hashim & Darnella)

Bad Royale are about as legit as it gets. They have their own style – which is expansive – they don’t care for music trends, their branding is on point, their merchandise is top shelf, and now they have their own record label, Rude Mood.

The group’s first release on it is “Company” which features vocalists Hashim and Darnella. Caribbean Bass is what Bad Royale are calling their sound, but the thing is that it can be applied to a number of genres, this time around it is closely aligned with the classic moombahton style. “Company” is the perfect release to kick off the group’s new venture, bWeecause it expresses not only where they came from but where they are going. A number of moombah/pop crossover songs have been huge hits all over the world, and we’re just waiting on when one of Bad Royale’s pops off on that type of scale. Grab your copy of “Company” on iTunes today.

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[Multi-Genre] Bad Royale – We’re All We Need EP

There are a ton of producers who are all talk about having no limits when it comes to genres. Most of that is just talk, as those same producers pretty much keep within arms reach of a certain sound. Bad Royale actually lives it. They’ve already proven what they could do with the harder styles of dance music time and time again, but now they flip the switch to bring something entirely new.

Their new EP, We’re All We Need, dropped today in partnership with Anjunabeats and Mad Decent. You’re probably wondering how the hell those two fit together, but it will all make sense after you listen to the three singles that make up the project. As it has been in the past, Bad Royale enlist collaborators including Ruby Chase, Kim Nain and Flipo.

“Blue Sky Action” introduces us to the new sonic territory, where Bad Royale slow things down for an extremely ethereal, vibe-ridden record. It’s not what we may be used to, but it’s just as dope as what we are used to. Next comes the title track, a more upbeat, poppy tune that is absolutely perfect for radio stations all across the globe. “Fly To New York” is more along the lines of what we expect from Bad Royale, but it still has its own fresh flash and flare. We’re All We Need is a must have, plain and simple. Grab your copy today.

’Bad Royale – Blue Sky Action (feat. Ruby Chase)’
’Bad Royale – We’re All We Need (feat. Kim Nain)’
’Bad Royale – Fly To New York (feat. Flipo)’
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[Multi-Genre] Major Lazer & Bad Royale – My Number

Every time we post a single, we label the song with the genre that pertains to it. Sometimes a song dips into a couple styles, usually by mixing up the drum pattern. The thing with Major Lazer and Bad Royale‘s “My Number” is that they move things around so much, that we had to label it as multi-genre.

“My Number” kicks things off with a reggae sound that will get even the soberest of listeners to roll up and spark up the ganja. From their they move into the drop where we are met with a top-shelf drop that really echoes sounds from Bad Royale’s catalog. Two more styles come to the fold of this composition, but we’re going to leave those as surprises for you. We would say because that’s half the excitement, but no matter if you know what’s coming or not, the excitement is all the same. “My Number” is a special tune that you CANNOT sleep on. Stream it, buy it; share it with your friends.

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Bad Royale Drop Unprecedented Acapella Pack & Chat In The Dojo [TMN Interview]

Bad Royale
Acapella Pack Vol 1

Ever since Bad Royale started, they’ve been doing their own thing. Even before that, they were doing their own thing. They’ve always done what they’ve wanted to do, while going at their own pace, which is really ridiculously fast. I mean, they once sent me over 50 unreleased songs like it was nothing.

Those songs eventually came out on several EPs and as singles over the course of the past year, and there’s still some left to be revealed. No matter what is going on, whether they are traveling around the world for shows, or releasing projects under each of their own monikers, Bad Royale are always cooking up something. They just don’t stop.

Their music is one of a kind, and so it their attitude. They’re truly here for the music and good times. They’re unselfish, and absolutely out of the box. There are plenty of reasons why, but right now we’re going to focus in on their unprecedented Halloween gift. Instead of releasing a stupid remix of Monster Mash or another Halloween song, they went ahead and released all of their acapellas.

You read that correctly producers. THEY RELEASED ALL OF THEIR ACAPELLAS. For free. That’s not something that just happens normally. Sure, you can find an acapella, or an artist will release one or two; but Bad Royale just delivered all their vocal work, which is a lot. The list of collaborators runs on and on. That’s a list you can go through though, just by downloading the acapella pack for free.

Because this type of thing doesn’t ever happen, we decided to invite the boys to the dojo for quick chat around this project, as well as what we can expect from them to bring an end to 2016. Stream the preview of the pack, read on, and most importantly, download and share this pack around. Your producer friends will thank you for it.

TMN: I already know the extent of how crazy you four are, but what made you guys want to giveaway all your vocals? Like quite literally all of them?

BR: We have been getting so many requests to remix our tracks or get the acapellas that we thought we would please everyone at once on Halloween with this treat.

TMN: You guys always partner with great collaborators, who have been your favorite to work with?

That is really hard to say, or at least to trim it down to just one it’s impossible to say. Experientially, we could say that our times in Trinidad with Bunji Garlin and the talents we have met there have been among the top.

TMN: With so many vocalists, there’s gotta be some funny studio stories. Care to share one?

We had to shoot an impromptu promotion video we had to make while we were recording with Voice. He was jet lagged and was finding it hard to record because he was so tired so we let him sleep in the back of the studio while we kept working. Little did he know we shot the promotion video and have him in it passed out, multiple times. We don’t think he ever found out… if he reads this, this will probably be news to him.

TMN: What can we expect from you guys to close out the year?

We have a lot of free tracks we are going to be releasing for Carnival alongside a couple releases on labels and remixes for some major artists, but there is one really special release coming in November, we can’t say yet but we know it’s really going to have a hype around it when it’s announced.

TMN: Lastly, just so our readers will get a sense of the group dynamics, can you describe each member with one word?

Maor: Jew
Elias: terrorist
Kevin: hairbro
Bruce: sleepy

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