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[Future Bass] SLANDER – Superhuman feat. Eric Leva

Not sure what it is about this festival season but SLANDER is bringing out all the stops. After the release of their Halsey remix just a couple of weeks ago, they’re back with an original work. “Superhuman” featuring Eric Leva has come through the Monstercat pipeline.

“Superhuman” lives up to the name, as well as the context of its release through one of the most popular dance music labels of all time. The track sees the duo branching further into the future bass sound, one that’s a bit less hype-focused than a lot of their works. They bring the feels on this, showing even more range. If you would like a copy of the track, get it on the digital service of your choosing today.

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[Electronic] Anevo – Waiting On Your Call feat. Park Avenue

Waiting On Your Call (feat. Park Avenue)

We’re giving Anevo’s latest release, “Waiting On Your Call,” on Monstercat a 10/10. Anevo’s melody paired with Park Avenue’s emotional vocals have created a whirlwind of feelings poised to make it to top radio charts. The track masterfully brings the listener into a trance of past memories and romantic relationships but Anevo does a great job of excluding a depressing vibe and keeping the track light even though the lyrics are ridden with emotional pain.

This Swedish producer has been toying with our heartstrings the past couple releases but proves his ability to be versatile when it comes to his productions. Want this track for yourself? Stream or buy it here.

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Gareth Emery & Standerwick Release Anticipated Track “Saving Light” For Charity


77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically. Cyberbullying statistics are rapidly approaching similar numbers, with 43% experiencing cyberbullying…

The anticipation for Gareth Emery and Standerwick’s trance single, “Saving Light” landed for release by Monstercat, has created a lot of commotion since EDC Las Vegas ’16 when Gareth teased it to thousands. The emotional lyrics sung by HAILENE paired with the upbeat tempo of Gareth’s signature trance and dance heavy tempo brings more to the table than just a beautifully built song. “Saving Light” is also bringing the, too close to home, issue of bullying to light with a philanthropic effort.

No more disempowerment. No more prejudice. No more bullying. – Ditch the Label

Until March 1st, 100% of all profits made by both artists and the label via sales and streaming revenue will be donated to the Anti Bullying group Ditch The Label. On top of the proceeds, Monstercat will also be pushing a donation drive to the charity throughout the campaign. To give back visit Monstercat’s call to action page here.

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[Electronic] Unlike Pluto – Someone New feat. Desi Valentine

Unlike Pluto
Someone New (feat. Desi Valentine)

Not long ago, Monstercat resident Unlike Pluto released an impressive trilogy of originals, so it’s really no surprise that his most recent single continues to portray this artist’s growing talent and diverse range of sound.

The soulful, yet relatable, love ballad features sultry vocals from Desi Valentine, an array of horns, and an intriguing mix of dark and light, airy vibes capable of invoking an emotional energy sure to be felt by the crowd as Unlike Pluto continues his current tour with Seven Lions. The tour is wrapping up so catch them while you can at one of these remaining dates. The track is out now, buy/stream “Someone New” here.

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[Future] Droeloe – Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Dutch artists Droeloe are back with yet another unparalleled production. This time, they took an exceptionally wide step to release this special track. Their latest, “Bon Voyage,” is one of many “cracked codes” involved in their latest creative project; a full on “Monstercat hack.” Engaging their fans and listeners by tasking them to piece together forthcoming releases through mysterious videos and a Monstercat website takeover, they’ve finally exposed their newest single.

“Bon Voyage” exposes Droeloes’ consistent abilities to deviate from typical future electronic music as the song encompasses uniquely crafted synths and melodies that are near impossible to resist. With an unpredictable chorus and innovative sound, we can confidently say that this tune was well worth the anticipation.

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[Deep House] Candyland & RICCI – Touch Me

Candyland has been kicking up the house game with several of her past releases, and we’re not mad at all. The past two, including the latest one “Touch Me,” have been pushed through Monstercat, which has been a perfect fit for the Santa Barbara producer.

“Touch Me” isn’t exclusively Candyland’s, as the Brazilian producer RICCI hopped on it as well. I’m going to be frank here, deep house doesn’t get much better than this. From the vocal, to the bassline, to the percussion, to every little detail; this song is on point. If you don’t want something to get stuck in your head, then turn back now, because this is guaranteed to takeover your brain. Candyland never disappoints, and with the help of RICCI, this track was taken to extreme heights. We can’t wait to hear what each act has coming next. For now, we’ve got ourselves a copy of “Touch Me” and you can to thanks to iTunes.

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[Progressive House] Trivecta – Into The Limelight feat. Danyka Nadeau

Into The Limelight (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

If Monstercat releases a song, you’ve just got to check it out. About a week ago they uploaded a single by Trivecta called “Into The Limelight” that featured Danyka Nadeau. We gave it a listen, then another one, then another one and that cycle continued for a bit.

“Into The Limelight” is a fresh take on the progressive house genre whose main-stage sound can get a little repetitive at times. Trivecta decided to give it a bit different flare, by focusing less on the melodic stabs and more on painting a solid musical picture with more dynamics. Danyka did an incredible job with her vocal feature that is one of the biggest highlights of the song. Together these acts put together something special within the progressive realm, and it should certainly get its fair share of play time at the upcoming festivals by DJs who play this time of sound. “Into The Limelight” is currently available on digital stores, so head on over to iTunes if you would like a copy.

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