[Electronic] K.Flay – FML (Vanic Remix)

FML (Vanic Remix)

When you know you work well with someone’s material, you don’t mess that up. Vanic recently dropped his fourth (!) remix of the always entertaining K.Flay, and, per usual, it knocks HARD. He continues to capitalize on his jubilant production style, twisting together big bass and melodic tendencies into an equally accessible and intriguing result.

Vanic has proven time and time again that he knows his way around a great pop vocal, and we’re all certainly the lucky ones to be beneficiaries of his hard work and talent. Everything this guy does is big, and that certainly won’t be changing anytime soon. Enjoy the fun above and grab your own free download of the tune here!

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Viceroy (ft. K. Flay) – Back At The Start (Delusion Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Back At The Start (Delusion Remix)

We’re no stranger to Viceroy and his newest K. Flay assisted hit, “Back At The Start.” Today, however, we’re excited to show you a fairly fresh face that flipped the tune on its head into a smooth and futuristic groove. Delusion has remixed Oh Wonder and Odesza previously, which are equally as gorgeous and silky, so he isn’t afraid to tackle prime source material. This new endeavor knocks with purpose, but is balanced out by a softer side that sets itself apart from the original in the best way possible. It’s as strong as it is seductive, and every element across the song’s spectrum is dutifully placed with purpose and poise. Delusion has commanded his sound within only a few tracks, so there’s no telling how far he’ll be able to go. Give yourself a much needed break before the weekend hits with this stunning remix by Delusion, and be ready to hear his name around much more often.

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[Multi-Genre] SLDGHMR – Grid Living EP

Grid Living is the latest EP from the Los Angeles meets Miami duo SLDGHMR. Their eclectic tastes come out in a big way with six originals, along with two remixes. Included in the originals are collaborations, one with Crywolf and one with Chuck Inglish and K.Flay. SLDGHMR show off their innovation throughout, especially with tracks like “Rocket Fuel” and “Saccharine.” Even with their more traditional sounds, they still manage to keep things interesting and meritable, without a doubt. If we were to pick personal favorites, I’d have to roll with “Lombardy” because of its dark, yet energizing sound. It’s a little trashy, and we love it. The whole EP deserves two thumbs up, and if you feel the same, then you can go ahead and purchase the project for yourself, or gift it to a friend.

’Rocket Fuel’
’SLDGHMR & Crywolf – We Could Be Heaven’
’How It Works (ft. Chuck Inglish and K.Flay)’
’Hell Is A Four Star Hotel’
’We Could Be Heaven (Bad Catholics Remix)’
’We Could Be Heaven (Fukkk Offf Remix)’
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[Future House] Vanic Feat. K. Flay – Make Me Fade

Vanic X K.Flay
Make Me Fade

Vanic. Where do we even begin? All you have to do is hit play, and you’re hooked. Vanic and K.Flay truly make an amazing team. About a month ago we were graced with Vanic’s remix of K.Flay’s “Can’t Sleep” and now the two join forces once again for their most recent release, “Make Me Fade.” The track was originally released on K.Flay’s “Life as a Dog” album, which managed to place 14th on the billboard Rap Chart just this past summer.

Ninjas, take a second to set aside what you’re doing for the next four minutes and thirty seven seconds and check out this incredible track. What we have here is an artist that is truly innovating the scene and we are really happy to support this type of music here at TMN. We are looking forward to catching a live show in 2015!

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[Future Trap] Vanic X Kay.Flay – Can’t Sleep

Vanic X K.Flay
Can't Sleep

Here at TMN, we want to provide our ninjas with only the best of the best. In order to do this, we have to sit down and sift through tons and tons of submissions until we come across those that leave us with goosebumps. As writers, we tend to form relationships with the artists that stick out to us and continue to amaze us over time with their work.

Most recently we were accosted with a track, “Can’t Sleep,” by familiar names Vanic and Kay.Flay. After a single listen, we knew the track had “irresistible” written all over it. Maintaining a similar sound as his prior release, “Circles,” Vanic once again conquers his rejuvenating trap sound, which is fitted ideally with the combination of sultriness and raspiness of K.Flay’s voice.

From his past two releases, it is clear that Vanic is raising his own standards. We can only now predict even better things to come from the Vancouver producer as his sound seems to evolve by the minute.

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[Electro/Hip-Hop] K.Flay – Hail Mary (Feat. Danny Brown) (Prod. Felix Cartal)

Hail Mary (ft. Danny Brown)

It’s Monday, which probably means it’s now time to atone for some of your more inappropriate escapades from the past weekend. California femcee K.Flay recognizes that, although she’s not about to admit to being a sinner. Hoping to relive some of the memories she made (and presumably forgot), K.Flay pulls off a delicate balancing act between sultry vocals and provocative lyrics over some opaque and buzzing production from Felix Cartal. Meanwhile, Danny Brown continues on his recent rampage of absolutely murdering guest verses. By now, you should all be familiar with the Detroit spitter’s frenzied, and almost deranged style. While Danny definitely makes his presence known, he doesn’t take anything away from K.Flay, who certainly holds her own. If you’re interested in hearing more from the young female emcee, check out her recently released West Ghost tape. While this particular song isn’t a part of that project, you can still grab the free download below.

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[Dubstep/Drumstep] Colin Monroe feat. K Flay – Your Eyes (Datsik Remix) + Linkin Park Remix + Juicebox (Original Mix)

BOOM. Three face melting tunes from none other then Datsik. First off we got a heavy remix of Colin Monroe and K Flay’s track “Your Eyes”. The intro features some amazing vocals from Colin mixed with a hard rumbling synth, that builds into a classic Datsik drop. He chops the vocals perfectly while adding some relentless wobbles that hit at all the right times. Finishing it out with the sexy vocals from K Flay that complete this filthy remix. Next is an unexpected remix of none other then Linkin Park that Datsik did for their next album. Giving their track “Until It Breaks” a nasty Drumstep makeover, and once again Datsik nails it. The last track is an Original Mix titled, “Juicebox” and it starts off with some funky synths that reminded me of alot Doctor P’s style. The build has a dark feel to it right before you get smacked in the face with more unforgiving filth from this Dubstep heavyweight. We will keep you posted on the releases of the massive tunes! Cheers.

’Colin Munroe ft. K Flay – Your Eyes (Datsik Remix)’
’Linkin Park – Until it Breaks (Datsik Remix)’
’Datsik – Juicebox’
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