Wednesday Workout Playlist [Vol. 5]

Good evening Ninjas and happy humpday! With these past couple weeks providing too many great new releases to count, we compiled an awesome playlist to summarize them. For this Wednesday’s edition, we’ve supplied an array of tunes for you all to re-energize yourselves & get down and physical to at the gym.

’Elephante – Catching On (feat. Nevve)’
’Boombox Cartel – Colors Ft. Grabbitz’
’SvanteG – Let Me (ft. Lou)’
’Mothica – No One (Frank Pierce Remix)’
’Jinco – Tokyo’
’Ookay – Thief (ToWonder Remix)’
’Rain Man – Bring Back The Summer ft. Oly (Prismo Remix) [Premiere
’Kayliox & 1DAFUL – Chinchilla’
’DVBBS & Shaun Frank Ft. Delaney Jane – LA LA LAND (Corporate Slackrs Remix)’
’Autograf – Future Soup ft. Patrick Baker (option4 Remix)’
’Blood Orange – EVP (Godmode America Remix)’
’Cheat Codes & Dante Klein – Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On)’
’Tears (LDN Noise & Pretty Sister)’
’ADAM K & SLANDER – BREATHE ft. Matthew Steeper & Haliene (ARMNHMR & MYRNE REMIX)’
’Sash_S – Crank (Original Mix)’
182 – I Miss You (Two Friends & Shoolz VIP Remix)’
’Love Me Better Feat. Ariel Beesley’
’MAX – 10 Victoria’s Secret Models (Whethan Remix)’
’Mall Grab – I’ve Always Liked Grime – Unknown To The Unknown’
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option4 ft. TNERTLE – All on the Floor [TMN PREMIERE]

All On The Floor

As we close out our month-long residency with option4, it’s time for the feature that we’ve all been waiting for.. That’s right. It’s his collaboration with fellow Denverite, and TMN favorite, TNERTLE.

Looking back to that contest post back in early April, we knew something special was going to come out of this collaboration. With option4’s club-driven house grooves and TNERTLE’s electro-funk influences, it was only expected to hear something that perfectly combines the best of both of worlds.

“All on The Floor” has a shimmery summer vibe that’s sure to grace both dance floors and poolsides alike. With a fat, lush bassline, original vocal samples, and some groovy brass laid over, it’s sure to do exactly what it’s suggesting – get you on the floor.

As an added layer to this song, these two have graciously donated it to our friends over at Cadence & Cause. Accompanying the song is also a contest to win a night at 1UP with option4 himself, with proceeds from both going to provide clean drinking water to those in need.

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option4 Shares His Favorite Songs Right Now [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

What does option4 listen to when he’s not in the studio making some sweet house tunes? What song does he throw on when he’s making his bagel with cream cheese, cherry tomatoes, and salt and pepper? What does he relax to when he’s vibing out on a Denver rooftop?

We were genuinely curious to find out what he’s been listening to at the moment, so this Denver-based producer/DJ served up five of his favorite tunes he’s jamming on right now.

’HNNY – 12.00’
’WET – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’
’Rone – Bye Bye Macadam’
’Martyn + Four Tet – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)’
’Like A Drum – Roots Manuva’
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option4 Talks Red Rocks, Bagels, and his Upcoming Originals [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Each month, our Residency Program brings an intriguing artist, and we’re always excited to get to know a little bit more about them, their history, and their craft.

While the city of Denver might be very familiar with option4, we’re guessing there are a fair number of you who are unfamiliar with this Mile High City icon. We’re going to change that right here, right now. Crack open a cold one, grab a bagel, and get to know Mr. Brennen Brylarly.

TMN: Let’s kick things off by talking about your upcoming releases, if you can speak about them.

O4: Right now, we’re in a different process now with everything option4. Last year, I came out with all those releases, and before I knew it, I had put out 16 releases. Way too much. I got caught up in that remix world. I needed to pay rent.

I wasn’t really focused on option4 as an artist. I was touring and working on these remixes, which are fun, and I like all of them, but it wasn’t really stretching myself as an artist, per se.

I went on a hiatus and got in the studio. I started working on original records. We’re doing it all proper this time – shopping toplines, shopping labels. To me, it doesn’t matter if I have another record come out for the next six months. I know that when they come out, they will be released correctly with the proper PR. Hopefully, people appreciate them.

A lot of time and effort has gone into these records. They are ready to go. I’m not going to tour at all this summer. I’m going to play HARD Red Rocks this summer and Bisco, and that’s it. I’m going to spend the rest of the summer in the studio.

TMN: We’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of the new stuff. A lot of it feels like it has…a lot of soul. It has emotion. Why is that important to you when you go into recording something?

O4: Right now, my main thing is – I’m just trying to do what I enjoy. Last year, I was making all these big bassline records. They’re really fun to play out in the club, but I feel like everyone is doing that. That sound is rinsed, at the moment.

Last year, there was an explosion of big bass line driven house. Single melodies draped over single note basslines, going up and down. That was cool, and it was fun. But, somehow, that became “Deep House.”

Everything is going two different ways. You have what everyone is calling Deep House from the past couple of years. You have all these EDM kids who think EDM is stupid, which, we’ve been saying forever.

They feel that way now, all the sudden, so they want to go into this thing. So, the people who were making a little bit more mature beats at the time – they’re going different routes. One way is – they’re going a lot heavier, more monotonous, darker, repetitive beats. I want to go the other way. I love techno, but I want to make music that is emotive, but is still based upon the bass and the drums.

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Introducing Our Resident Artist for April: option4 [TMN RESIDENCY + CONTEST]

If you’ve spent any time in the Denver dance scene, you’ve probably crossed paths with Brennen Bryarly, aka option4, on more than one occasion. This multi-talented, multi-ventured nightlife journeyman has an intense love for his city and his scene, bringing his talents to multiple avenues within the industry.

This month, we’re focusing solely on his work as a DJ and Producer, hoping to shine the spotlight on this quickly rising talent. If you’re not familiar with his work, now is a good time to start paying attention. This past year has been a wild ride for him, taking him to the Midwest, Canada, and Los Angeles on headline bills and support for monstrous acts like STS9, Moon Boots, Mighty Mouse, and Lane 8. Musically, he’s garnered an intense adoration from the blogosphere, winning hearts of deep and tech house enthusiasts with remixes for Elizabeth Rose, Great Good Fine Ok, and Indian Summer.

We would be remiss not to mention this year’s original works as well, as “Love Like No Other” on historic house label Nervous Records and “Deep Diamonds” on his own Night Supply Records imprint, have added to the collective 1.1 million streams on Soundcloud. As 2015 charges ahead, we’re eagerly awaiting more original material to populate his soundcloud page. Until then, we’ll help satiate your option4 cravings with an exclusive interview, his five favorite songs, and a chance to make a song with this iconic Denver musician. Wait, what was that last part?

You read it right. We’re offering up a chance to make a song with option4. Check out the details below. If you end up being selected, you two will head into the studio together and spend the day making a brand new track. Entering is beyond easy. Just follow these steps:

– Enter a Soundcloud link to your best track in the comments section below.
– Live in the Denver area (or be willing to travel to Denver)
– Winner will be selected by option4
– Winner will be announced on April 13 at 5:00PM Mountain Time
– Studio day will be sometime between April 15-18 (to be coordinated between winner and option4)
– Winner must pay for his/her own travel

That’s it! Best of luck to all you producers out there.

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[Deep/Tech-House] option4 – You’re ILL

You're ILL

Denver based dance architect option4 has been on what we like to call around the music industry a “tear” as of late; with releases on iconic labels like Australian based Sweat it Out!, Diplo’s Mad Decent and an EP on one of house music’s most revered imprints, NYC’s Nurvous Records all within the last 12 months. So when we heard he was touching back down on the digital label he founded (and one we’ve been keeping up on), Night Supply, to release this latest slice of hooky underground house, “You’re ILL”, well we were just smitten. Featuring one of the best plucked samples we’ve had the pleasure of consuming this year, “You’re ILL”  riffs The Pack’s breakout hit “Vans” like many others have tried, but prevails mightily over them all.  That aurally addictive vocal of “Got My Vans On..” rides front and center over a versant melody most of the Dirtybird crew would covet, instilling equal parts classic jack and hip-hop infused soul. It really has been a pleasure witnessing option4’s star shine brighter with every passing release as we’ve been covering his ethos branded take of “More House than Tech, More Deep than Disco” since its inception. Stream option4’s “You’re ILL” above, and let’s bring it back to the club just like he did.

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[Deep-House] Indian Summer – Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost (option4 Remix)

Indian Summer
Shiner ft. Ginger & The Ghost (option4 Remix)

After storming our pages last week with an utterly groovy remix of Sammy Bananas’ “Money Time” on Fool’s Gold Records, the underground street king of Denver Dance, option4, is back on yet another international tastemaking label, Australian based Sweat It Out, with a deep and glossy remix of Indian Summer’s “Shiner”. option4 rolls the cadence up a bit to suit what has quickly become a stellar signature blend of soul-fueled house and indie-dance while also slathering on a generous helping of punchy kicks and a swinging bassline to the original. With option4 creating such textured and danceable soundscapes with the refined ease and regularity of a twenty-year veteran while simultaneously dragging his fans into deeper waters; it’s no wonder why his layered remixes have been cropping up on some of dance music’s hottest imprints. We’ve been more than tickled with one of our favorite underground dance curators’ more emotive output as of late, and his “Shiner” remix is no different. Stream option4’s remix of Indian Summer’s “Shiner” above and equip that old sweat band (get it?) just in case.

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