[Synth-Pop] Penguin Prison – Keep Coming Alive

It’s been a few years since we last checked in with synth-pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter Chris Glover; who is known much more widely under his artistic alias Penguin Prison. One of the most talented musicians we’ve fallen in line with over the years, Glover never fails to produce wondrously polished, pristine work. Recently, the pop virtuoso began teasing the release of another addition to the Penguin Prison puzzle. The EP Turn It Up will see release on February 9th and while he’s already shared the title track, today we’re offering Turn It Up‘s second single “Keep Coming Alive”. The tune follows Glover’s effervescent indie-pop  blueprint, featuring rollicking guitar licks, snapping snares and a bevy of warm synths which creates a song that feels both familiar to his oldest fans, but cleaner in nearly every inch of production detail to simultaneously show off a clear evolution in craft.

While Penguin Prison was once a near daily staple in our steady diet of music, we’ve seen his releases dwindle in  numbers over in the time since his Lost in New York release.  Opening up about his recent work, Glover shared: “On the night of November 8, 2016 I initially wondered how I could even keep being an artist. It seemed like making art was trivial at that moment.  Upon further reflection I realized that of course the world needs people to make music and film and all kinds of art.  It can get very hard to keep coming alive while it seems like the world is trying to cut you down.  You have to keep reminding yourself every day.” We can’t relay how touched by these sentiments, and happy to be featuring new Penguin Prison music in the process.

In support of Turn It Up,  Penguin Prison has also announced a new slate of tour dates which you can read after the jump. Stream “Keep Coming Alive” below.

Check out Penguin Prison’s Upcoming tour dates here:

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #4)

Stuck in a snowstorm or frolicking in the sun. No matter what the season, you can ALWAYS find a reason for an Indie Dojo playlist.
’Dansu –

’Dawson Hollow – Lonesome Wolf’
’Matthew James Aylett – Worry Never Sleeps’
’Modern Crusoe – Berlin Wall’
’Olde Wise – Wheres Your Heart At?’
’Nina De Vitry – Baby in the Shade’
’Helen Deland – There Are A Thousand’
’Marc Robillard –

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[Indie/Synth-Pop] Yoke Lore – Goodpain (Blondage Remix)

Goodpain (Blondage Remix)

Brooklyn based indie-pop auteur Adrian Galvin (formerly of Walk the Moon) spins lush webs of synth soaked pop music under the Yoke Lore moniker, and closed out 2017 with the release of an excellent EP: Goodpain. This past weekend, Yoke Lore’s Goodpain was buoyed by the release of an accompanying Goodpain Remixes sister-EP featuring indie mainstays including Yeasayer, Chad Valley, Shy Girls and more; and we’ve been happily consuming it in the time since.

Standing tall among Yoke Lore’s impressive offering of remixes is Danish electro-pop duo Blondage‘s sparkling treatment of the EP’s title track “Goodpain”. Blondage unravels Lore’s original melody, infusing their revision with a healthy dose of soulful piano stabs, and a bent take on its hooky synth line. Instrumentally, the pair manage to simultaneously gloss up their version of the tune, while also painting flecks of a more minimal approach to pop music throughout. Be sure to check out the rest of Yoke Lore’s Goodpain Remixes EP, but until then stream Blondage’s remix of “Goodpain” above.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #3)

So we meet again! Or maybe this is your first time stopping by. If so, welcome. Feel free to snoop around. We’ve got a plethora of indie tunes organized into sweet little playlists, right here, every Tuesday, for your listening pleasure. And if you ever want to travel back into indie dojo time, click the “playlist” drop down menu right above this playlist here and begin your journey into the depths of indie past.
’Randall Kent
NEW COLORS ft. Dan Read’
True Romance’
’Palace Winter – Take Shelter’
Beautiful Pain’
’Matt Shill
’Sam Moss
Flowers (Single)’
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Saint Slumber – NEED [TMN Video Premiere]

Today we’ve enlisted the help of Saint Slumber to get over this week’s hump. The East coast indie rock band has come through the dojo with the music video for their single “NEED” off their EP YOUTH//1. We’re honored to premiere the video to you now!

“NEED” in song form is a strong alternative creation full of life and color. The music video may be lacking color, but that’s not necessary for a dope music video. Saint Slumber executed a simple idea – bringing together people for an intimate kickback performance – and did what they needed to do for an engaging project. Upon viewing you’re going to wish that you were right smack dab in the middle of the video.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #2)

How are those New Years resolutions coming along? Good? Great. Awesome. Well, here is a free Indie Dojo just in case you need to break away from the resolution pressures. We will be here to cradle you into calmness for as long as you need.
’Brian Green
No Ordinary Style’
’So Many Wizards
’Alex Fisher
Clockwork and Coal (Intro)’
’August Green
’Jon Middleton
Hey Now’
’Anna Tivel – Illinois’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2018 Round #1)

Well, here we are. Ready to help fight the post holiday blues as best we can with the first official Indie Dojo of 2018. We cant promise a full recovery, but we can at least promise a few good songs to help get your through. We’re here when you need us.
’The Howlin’
’Andrew Galucki
I Know the Way Home’
Caught in a Flame’
’William Wild
On an Island’
’Dan Flynn
Across The Wire’
’De Joie
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