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2014 is finally drawing to a close, meaning it’s time to look back on the year that was. As music bloggers, most of our reflection is done through music. This year we’ve decided to bypass the obligatory rankings and lists that lead to inevitable disagreement and argument. Instead, four of our most noble editors took upon the task of arbitrarily selecting their favorites from the past twelve months and decided to share their picks with all of you. Think of it as one final gift from us for your continued support throughout 2014. We hope you enjoy the massive playlists we have below, and wish you a Happy New Years!
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[Indie/Rock] Mesita – Heard You’re Happy

The Phoenix- Mesita
Heard You're Happy

Recorded in Littleton, CO, ‘Heard You’re Happy’ is the lead track on the brand new digital album, The Phoenix, from Mesita. This one grows with intensity and shows off some wicked personality. The extended tune is layered rather well and is a great report of what it feels like when distancing yourself from someone important. As I continue to listen, the more I enjoy the elegant piano keys and stimulating guitar riffs. I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into The PhoenixYou can find the full album on Bandcamp.

Read the below note posted by Mesita on Facebook in anticipation for the December 30th, 2014 release.

This one has been difficult…

Been working on this album for a long time now, and it feels off. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a bad headspace, and the new songs really reflect that. It’s bitter and it’s negative and not who I am or want to be. So much time and effort’s been put into it, so it needs to be released. But it comes almost as catharsis. “This is what it was, what’s next?”

For 2015, the aim’s to get back into the groove that drove me to make music in the first place. Have a few different things in the pipeline. I’ve had an idea stewing around for a bit, and the time feels right for it. The next album that I’ll begin work on will be a direct sequel, Here’s To Nowhere 2.

Thank you all for sticking around while I get sorted out. I love you all, man. Can’t begin to emphasize that enough.

The Phoenix out Tuesday on

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (January 2015 Round #1)


And here we are…..The stress of the holidays has been replaced by the excitement of the new year and the 52 new weekly Indie Dojo’s ahead! Cheers to a prosperous indie year!

Chase Coy
You Made Us Change
Starlight Girls
Dead Lagoon
I Want You
Let Us Get Out
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[Must Listen] Rude – Disco

Disco (demo)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about music blogging over the past five years, it’s that there’s no way to get to it all. We miss tracks. We miss EPs. We miss LPs. We miss shows, festivals, and live streams. There’s just too much to keep up with.

Unfortunately, we did miss this grin-inducing tune from the enigmatic Rude, five months back. Fortunately for those of you who haven’t heard it, we’re ok with admitting we missed an amazing tune and are beaming to post about it today.

Impressively enough, “Disco” is the debut track from this British outfit, and simply put: it glimmers with the same type of unadulterated happiness that one would expect drawn across the face of a child walking into Disneyland. It’s a spattering, quirky, and highly engaging tune, brought together by a playful, guitar progression, upbeat percussion and claps, and frolicsome lyrics.

Addiction is inevitable with “Disco.” Throw it on, dance around, and enjoy smiling from ear-to-ear.

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Le Noire

When an artist completely and unconditionally commits themselves to their craft, truly spectacular things are bound to come.

Hailing from Echo Park, California, Le Noire has already made a splash in the industry, and they’ve done so before even releasing their first song. Having just played in front of a sold out show at the Troubador in support of The Eeries and two sold out shows at the Bootleg in support for Mick Jagger’s son’s band, Turbogeist and Baby in Vein, it feels like the perfect time to introduce them to the blogosphere.

The word “Alternative” has been bastardized since its inception, being slapped onto numerous artists due to lack of a better term. However, this three-piece truly embody the origins of the term, which is evident in how they approach recording their music. Doing something that is relatively unheard of these days, Le Noire do all of their recordings live, using vintage equipment and instruments, even recording on tape. The entire upcoming EP was recorded with and produced by Eli Thomson (renowned bass player and member of Father John Misty) using a Trident A-Range console which was used to record music from giants like David Bowie, The Police, and Rush. The end result is a truly nostalgic sound, one that pays a tremendous homage to bands from the 90′s.

We’ve seen a trend moving towards grungy, power-chord heavy tunes from our childhood as of late, and we honestly couldn’t be more pleased. The return of rock music, as most of us knew it, is in full swing. “FIRE” embodies that true rock prowess, reminding us of something we’d catch on MTV, staring googly-eyed at the TV after school with a plate of Bagel Bites. The vocals glide perfectly along the crunchy guitar chords and well defined lead riff, ultimately culminating in a crescendo of splashing cymbols and an increasingly intensified chorus. Simply put – it’s left us grinning ear to ear, nodding our head in angsty teenage approval.

Speaking of MTV, a truly spectacular music video accompanies today’s premiere. A directorial debut from Brian Harrison of Crysopia Pictures, the video below has been accepted as an official selection in three upcoming film festivals in the US.

The human eye and the human mind are not always in synchronization, so, what you think, what you see, and what you think you see are not always what is found to be true. But then again, isn’t the truth through my eyes sometimes a lie through yours?

While this may stray from the typical indie rock, folk, electronica, and hip hop that we usually post, we’re admittedly damn excited to premiere this debut track from such a craft-conscientious act. We’re confident that you’ll feel the same way after one listen through.

LE NOIRE // FIRE from Brian Harrison on Vimeo.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2014 Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaTo give is to expect nothing in return and we LOVE to give to with no expectations. If you love the songs or you hate them, if you come back or if you don’t, we’re  gonna keep throwing all these wonderful indie gifts right out into the internet for you. Take ‘em or leave ‘em. Either way we are just happy you stopped by.

Club Kuru
Wolf Saga ft. LYON
You Only Live Once (The Strokes Cover)
Sur Back
You Really Got a Hold On Me
Pacific Love
Adeng Adeng
Freddy and Francine
Brownstone Alley
Ouroboros (Love Gracefully EP
Shadow Of The Wind
#1 Dads
My Rush (About Face LP
Nate Eiesland
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[R&B] Miguel – EP

2014 was a quiet year for Miguel, but the LA crooner couldn’t resist getting one last word in, surprising his fans with some free music this morning to tide them over until 2015. The three track EP, aptly titled, draws its name from the tracklist itself. The project is more stripped down compared to the lush and vibrant dynamics found on 2012′s Kaleidoscope Dream, but the sound is still distinctly Miguel at its core. All three songs differ greatly from each other, yet still manage to create a harmonious balance together, something that is tough to achieve with such a short sample. The sole feature on the EP comes from Kurupt, who adds a dope little verse to the murky, percussion-driven “nwa.” That’s followed by the grungy, yet optimistic “hollywooddreams,” before closing things off with the effervescent “coffee,” which falls into more familiar territory sonically speaking.

Stream and download the neat little gift below, and stay tuned for more from Miguel as we turn our calendars to 2015.

nwa ft. Kurupt
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