Organised Scum – Unborn Cars [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Organised Scum
Unborn Cars

“Unborn Cars” has an intrinsic attraction to it, one which feels warmly nostalgic. Not that I’d directly compare it to tracks from artists who managed churned out chart-toppers, but I can’t help but feel this strange connection to time-honored acts like The Cars or Devo.

Coming your way via London, Organised Scum is comprised of Tom Duggins (Vocals, Guitar), Tom Williams (Bass) and Sean Canty (Drums). After gaining a fair amount of attention with their debut EP, back in 2016, they’re back with this fresh offering.

I also wrote this track thinking of my niece – who’d just turned two at the time. She was starting to talk properly and the phrase ‘we can understand what you’re saying’ was going through my head. I realized how incredible even the simplest acts of communication are, and how we take this stuff for granted, especially nowadays when we’re in constant contact with everyone and everything. – Tom Duggins

“Unborn Cars” dropped via Soundcloud and Spotify a few weeks back, but today, I’m bringing you a first look at visual representation of the track. Featuring the robotic arm from their cover art, laid over scenic mountain views, and a spattering of lyrics to help you sing along, it’s definitely as unique and quirky as the track itself.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2018 Round #3)

Finding brand new music worthy of listening to can be a full time job. And who has time for that? Well, we do and we’re more than happy to share all our findings with you in pretty little weekly Indie Dojo to enjoy while working at your full time job.
’Kios – Be Loved’
’All the Luck In the World – Landmarks’
’Brodet – Until The Morning’
’Bonny Doon – A Lotta Things’
’Magpie – Archie Langley’
’San Simon – Bombs’
’Ben Reneer – Orange Avenue’
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I always scoff when people say “there aren’t any good guitar-centric acts right now.” I can certainly attest to plenty that are flying under the radar, while glancing over their shoulders at giants like Wolfmother, Eagles of Death Metal, and Queens of the Stone Age. Sure, I’ll concede that latter have been around for a minute, but that doesn’t absolve them from the fact that they exist and still draw crazy crowds worldwide.

You’re not here to read about them though, nor will you find me covering them. However, I will introduce you to an act you might not familiar with just yet, but they’re gaining some serious momentum. Enter Sheffield-based SHEAFS, a a riotous 5-piece that’s getting love from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and Radio X alike.

Today’s offering is on the airwaves already, but hasn’t come online until just now. “Shock Machine” follows up their breakthrough single “This is Not a Protest,” and it’s rife with ample attitude and a driving lead riff. Energy and edge aside, it boasts a intriguing structure that brings ripping hard, anthemic choruses and a wicked, psychedelic breakdown.

If you’re digging this tune, be sure to check their tour schedule. They’re currently in the midst of their debut headline tour, which includes 14 dates. You better act quick though, London, Sheffield, and Nottingham are already sold out.

Photo Credit: Lewis Evans

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2018 Round #2)

When your days are long and full of adulting, who has the time to sit down and search for a bunch of new music? It’s rough, we know, which is why we are here for you. We find all the indie goodins’ so you don’t have to. The only thing we ask of you is to listen with open ears. We promise no adulting involved.
’The Morning Yells – She Got Time’
’Gareth Thomas – Weird Fever’
’N A D I N E – Ultra Pink’
’Terra Naomi – Nothing To Hide’
’Mantaray –

’The Racer – Skeptic (Acoustic)’
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Altopalo – Blur/Frozen [TMN PREMIERE]

Part R&B. Part alternative. Part electronic. Completely unique.

Comprised of Rahm Silverglade, a solo artist who’s also releasing material through Terrible Records, guitarist Mike Haldeman (who moonlights as a member of TMN-favorite Moses Sumney’s band), Jesse Blelenberg and Dillon Tracy, Altopalo is the breath of experimental fresh air you’ve been waiting for.

“Blur” is a wickedly wild ride, sandwiched up between a bizarre, yet ultimately comforting intro and outro. The musical influences and techniques vary widely, showcasing the depth of this young act’s abilities. Included in that set are spattering of guitar notes that perfectly jar against a backdrop of faded vocals, atmospheric hiss, and industrial percussion. While it is outside the norm, fans of the mainstream should be attracted to the eventual and warmly familiar R&B vibes.

The other offering on this two-track release is “Frozen,” which is delightfully avant-garde. A steady kickdrum is offset by a breakbeat-style piano sample, which provides an inventive soundscape for Rahm’s softly-sung vocals. The song saunters along beautifully with just those elements for quite some time, before coming together with more percussion, vocal chops, and sections of strings in a closing crescendo.

This is one of the more intriguing pieces I’ve heard in a while, the best part is — it’s the first offering from this burgeoning act’s full album, frozenthere. Be on the lookout for that.

’Frozen Away’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2017 Round #1)

Welp, March is here. Which means in 2018 alone, we’ve already thrown at least 50 new indie jams your way. And what do ya know, today we’ve got 8 more to add to your musical world. You’re welcome.
Before We Leave’
Off and On’
’Lucy Lu
Golden Prairie’
’Ashton York
’Alex Bay
New America’
’Jessica Walters
The Rip (MIST EP)’
’Elsmore Carey
Come On Love’
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2018 Round #4)

Routine. Love it or hate it. But when there’s a brand new Indie Dojo waiting for you every Tuesday, how can you possibly hate it.
People Change’
Again & Again’
’Steve Benjamin
’Harry Pane
Beautiful Life’
’All The Luck In The World – Contrails’
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