JPhelpz & Algoreythm – Brains [TMN Premiere]

JPhelpz & Algoreythm

Whenever you see the words ‘FIREPOWER’ and ‘NEW RELEASE’ in the same sentence, you already know that you are about to get extremely mental. Datsik’s label has consistently been firing out some major heat from the arsenal of bassheads and JPhelpz is definitely one that has seen a substantial amount of growth in a short period of time. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to premiere his new original track, “Brains”, alongside other basshead, Algoreythm.

First and foremost – if you are wearing headphones, we warn you in advance that you might experience hearing loss, hallucinations, and/or loss of motor abilities. Right from the beginning, “Brains” immediately makes you feel as if you’re in an episode of “The Walking Dead”, but with more zombie action and less crying from Rick. The instense sensations that are exuded from this dark, swampy, bass-heavy track gives us more the reason to completely lose ourselves in the moment. JPhelpz has done an incredible job thus far and will only help bass music get the push it needs to get to the forefront of electronic music. “Brains” is a clear indication that he is re-inventing the way bass music is perceived…and we like it.

Prepare for one of the most absurd experiences you will ever have with a track and get ready for his upcoming EP, “Living Dead” out on FirePower Records on June 24th.

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#1 Throwing Shapes x Music Ninja Artist Mix ­- Torqux [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Torqux (2)
#01 Throwing Shapes x Music Ninja Artist Mix ­ Torqux

You may be winding your weekend down, or you if you’re in the service industry like I was for so many years, you may be getting ready to turn up. Regardless of your profession, or desire to get loose this evening, we’re pleased to bring you the first edition of our Throwing Shapes series.

To kick things off proper, we’ve brought in UK DJ Duo Torqux to serve up a filthy, bass-heavy mini-mix worthy of whatever tonight has on tap for you. These barons of bass have offered up this 13-track mix in the build up to their release on the Never Say Die x UKF Vol.3 Compilation out 23rd June 2014.

Press play and get ready to dance.


1. Nero ­ Satisfy

2. Wide Awake ­ Hakkatron

3. Culprate ft Torqux ­ Drop

4. ??? ­ Untitled

5. P­Money ­ Round the Clock

6. DIllon Francis & DJ Snake ­ Get Low

7. Matrix & Futurebound ­ Control (Torqux Remix)

8. Proxy ­ 10000

9. Torqux ­ T1

10. Moody Good ft Knytro ­ Hot Plate

11. Moody Good ft Knytro ­ Hot Plate (Prolix Remix)

12. Torqux ­ Up My Slang

13. Posij ­ Lasercat

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The McMash Clan – Birds Sing EP

Birds Sing Art

Dropping at the end of last month on Circus Records, The McMash Clan‘s ‘Birds Sing’ EP has garnered a wealth of praise across the bass scene. The 3-man production and DJ group are known for creating hugely versatile material and  this collection of work is no exception. With a groove-filled, down tempo remix of their track ‘Jericho’ from Dodge & Fuski, other collaborations include the title track with band Late Day Breakers and orchestration and vocals of ‘Requiem’ arranged by Kate Mullins.

This EP quite simply takes you on a musical journey through the realms of bass – exploring Drum & Bass, down-tempo and Reggae-tinged Glitch Hop. Each track is effortlessly catchy and produced with inimitable style – a real essential addition to any collection and I look forward to hearing more from this trio.

Grab a copy of ‘Birds Sing’ here.

Birds Sing (feat. Late Day Breakers)
Shadow Dance
Requiem (with Kate Mullins)
Jericho (with Million Dan) (Dodge & Fuski Remix)
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta – 5/29


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

- Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
- Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

** Deal is ONLY VALID for Friday and Saturday’s shows. To see Kill the Zo, please purchase tickets here. **

That’s it! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Head to Beta and see for yourself.

Kill the Zo - May 29th
Kill the Zo
Part I

Dodge and Fuski - May 30th
The McMash Clan
Jericho (Dodge & Fuski Remix) OUT NOW!

Proper Saturdays Showcase - May 31st
Marshall Monica
Recorded live
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[Dubstep] Noosa – Clocktower (PatrickReza Remix)

Clocktower (PatrickReza Remix) (Free Download)

After being a blogger for four years, I’ve spent quite a lot of time tracking certain artists, continually posting what they do, and watching them grow and evolve. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of, and it’s even more amazing when two of those aforementioned artists team up to put something out.

In case you missed it, we premiered every single song from Noosa’s latest album, Wonderland. After all of the nine tracks had dropped across the span of the week, we were a little bummed out. There was a little bit of a Noosa shaped void in our hearts, until the remixes started coming.

“Clocktower” took the blogosphere by storm, quickly charging up the Hype Machine charts. Today we’re excited to bring a bass-heavy interpretation by long-time TMN favorite, PatrickReza. Coming out of LA, we’ve been with this young dubstep producer since his very first remix. After having premiered multiple tunes of his, we were excited to see this come across our radar again. With one listen in, we’re immediately reminded of what we’ve come to love about Patrick. Harnessing Sky’s luscious vocals, he accentuates the original by adding in razor sharp synths and massive drops. It’s dark and gritty, yet oh so melodic and beautiful.

As most of his tracks are, this remix is available as a free download on his Soundcloud.

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[Review] Crywolf – Angels EP


After weeks of letting one of the most beautiful EP’s collect dust in my inbox, I have finally found the inspiration to serve it justice. Now that the cobwebs have been removed, and the emotional channels have opened up, I am eager to share my experience with all of you after hearing the latest EP from one of TMN’s favorite artists, Crywolf.

Last month, we did a memorable write-up for Crywolf about the release of his new single, “Eyes Half Closed,” off his new EP, Angels (out now on iTunes). If you had the chance to read what we had to say, then you already know about the intense feels we shared with all of you that day. Since then, Crywolf relinquished the euphoria of Angels to the world, and has sent us all into sensory overload. Each and every song on this EP tells an intrepid story full of tragedy, love, hope and reassurance. With it being a continuous EP, Crywolf gives us an excuse to dive into an introspective state of reflection for twenty-five minutes.

On a personal note, I have been putting this review off over the month now. Despite being behind, I truly feel this EP deserves more than enough attention than it already has received. Each and every week I find myself blasting this impeccable masterpiece during the moments in which I require some solace. Not only has this album given me a new sense of understanding, but it has played a major role in today’s electronic music world. As we continue on the path towards unification through music, it is important to note the artists that are making the bold move to create music that intricately speaks for itself. Crywolf’s EP, Angels, is artistic proof that we are now starting to evolve in the right direction. We hope you enjoy this EP as much as we did. Prepare for one of the most surreal experiences of your life, and let the euphoric melodies take you through your own journey towards that conclusive resolve of understanding.

Intro (feat. emalyn)
Eyes Half Closed
Whisper (feat. emalyn)
Bury Now (feat. Lis)
Sillage (Outro)
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[Review] Monstercat 017 – Ascension


After successfully topping the album charts on iTunes Dance and solidifying themselves as one of the top independent labels in dance music, Monstercat has proven that they are the next driving force in todays industry. Housing artists such as Krewella, Pegboard Nerds, Haywyre, Vicetone, and more, the label has made it clear that their forward thinking mindset, along with their elite team full of passionate artists, are revolutionizing the music world day by day.

With the forefront of their operations being among some of the most well renowned talent out there, it was only a matter of time until the next wave of Monster-kittens made their rounds to showcase their ground-breaking productions. Well, ninjas, the wait is officially over because Monstercat dropped an intense load of eclectic feels on the world last week with the release of their 17th compilation album, Ascension. Including artists such as Aero Chord, Rootkit, SCNDL, Varien!, and more, this album showcases a wide array of genres that will tickle everyone’s fancy. The ninjas here at TMN have been listening to this compilation album over and over again, to which we find something new and enticing each and every time. Through each song we are able to senselessly move to the beautiful melodies and discover the intrinsic meaning that each artist conveys in their masterpieces. In the end, one will have lost all sense of their existing state of mind and embark on an intense journey into this lucid world full of numbing basslines, spine-tingling melodies, and ear-shattering breakdowns strong enough to melt your face off.

As music continues to evolve and artists begin to experiment with production, Monstercat continues to deliver us that next big sound. Their ability to stay ahead of everyone else is what separates them from the rest of the crowd, and for that, we cannot wait until these kittens bring forth the next round of talent to make us question the word around us. Ascension has given us that conclusive resolve within ourselves and is proof that Monstercat knows the true definition of artistry. Make sure to support these artists and purchase your copy today; we promise you will not regret this decision in any way shape or form.

Grant Bowtie
Aero Chord
Pegboard Nerds
Hero (feat. Elizaveta)
Tristam & Braken
Frame of Mind
Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Eagle Eyes (feat. EMEL)
One Night Only (feat. Yohamna Solange)
Too Late (Original Mix)
Surge (Original Mix)
Wanna Know You (ft. Holly Drummond)
Tut Tut Child
Power Fracture
The Schism
The Munsta
Taking Over (feat. Cassandra Kay)
Quantum (Virtual Riot Remix)
Case & Point
All On Me (feat. Gamble & Burke)
Stephen Walking
Excellent Choice
Nitro Fun
Cheat Codes
Seconds Away
Do It
Inside Out
The Covenant
Dont Forget (feat. LaMeduza)
Phosphor (feat. Miyoki)
Tut Tut Child
Drink Up
Varien and SirensCeol
Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele)
Insan3Lik3 & Rob Gasser
Open Hour
Mr FijiWiji
Out on a Limb (feat. Jonny Rose)
Monstercat 017
Abyss Album Mix
Monstercat 017
Zenith Album Mix
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