[Remix Obsession] Mo – XXX 88 Remixes

XXX 88 Remixes

I will openly admit, I’m obsessed with Mo’s voice.
This sexy Denmark native is taking over the music scene recently and for all the right reasons.
Recently, she put together a little three track EP of remixes of her song XXX 88. The first remix is done by Faustix and Imanos who take Mo’s song and add a bit of dirty to it. The tune is turned up a few notches with some trap melodies thrown in to give the song an addictive head tossing beat. Then there’s Joe Hertz’s remix, the complete opposite who takes the song and slows it down, way down. He focuses on Mo’s voice and adds in his own slow, electronic instrumentals to make the song seductive. Finally there is Oceaán’s remix, the sexiest of the three. I would put it under the baby making category for music. The beat is taken to an incredibly mellow rhythm with the vocals being sung by Mo but also taking on the sound of a man singing the song. All three remixes show the diversity that comes from Mo’s music and how different artists who hear her music can all put their own twist on her amazing sound.

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[Folk] Message to Bears – Moonlight

Message To Bears

Harnessing the powers of multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander, this one man recording act has a sound that the Pope himself would give a benevolent nod to. Infusing electronic production techniques with traditional folk stylings, “Moonlight,” has an ethereal feel that’s flirts across genres effortlessly, welcoming you in to a whole different world.

This tune is due up on Message to Bears’ upcoming album ‘Maps’ due for release November 12th 2013. Make sure to put a note on your calendar for this one. It’s surely one not to be missed.

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[NEW] Childish Gambino – Melrose

Childish Gambino

With an album dropping at the end of the year called Because The Internet, Childish Gambino is showing he certainly has a mastery over the web. Without including much background information at all, this latest track from Childish was included conspicuously in a tweet to “Bed Peace” collaborator, Jhené Aiko earlier tonight. “Melrose” is a rather bare track overall, featuring Bino crooning “Someone gave you all my love,” repeatedly over percolating keys and mellow percussion. We’ve heard Donald take a break from rapping before, but we can’t help but feel this track is a little incomplete. Hopefully something comes out of that message to Aiko, and we’ll be able to hear more from the pair in the future. Check out the single above, and feel free to grab yourself a free download as well.

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Fossil Collective – Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips cover) [TMN PREMIERE]

Fossil Collective
Do You Realize (The Flaming Lips cover)

Coming hot off the heels of their breathtaking EP, The Water EP, Leeds based indie folk duo Fossil Collective are offering up their take on the legendary track, “Do You Realize.” The original tune, crafted by Grammy Award winning The Flaming Lips, is one of the more lyrically significant songs of the 2000′s, in our opinion. Wayne Coyne has a real knack for crafting thought provoking words.

The original psych-rock nature of the song has faded away, and in its place it’s clean guitar strums. Haunting vocal harmonies demonstrate the delicate folk nature in which Fossil Collective have made a name for themselves. Coupled with the powerful lyrics, Jonny Hooker and David Fendick’s vocals simply give us the chills.

This cover, released to celebrate their new EP, is one of our favorites as of late. Make sure you check out the EP, and snag “Do You Realize,” when you’re done.

Do You Realize – that you have the most beautiful face?
Do You Realize – we’re floating in space?
Do You Realize – that happiness makes you cry?
Do You Realize – that everyone you know someday will die?
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[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Lose Your Panties for PANTyRAiD – Denver, CO 11/9

Realism Is For Girls

Polka dots.
Bikini style.
Even the ones with little kitty faces on them.

If we were you Colorado, we would make sure to wear my best panties this Saturday for when PANTyRAiD comes to The Fillmore to make those panties fly.

Josh (Ooah) and Marty (MartyParty) are bringing there sexy and seductive dance floor songs, along with 3,000 pairs of panties, to the Mile High city to show the world what a true PantyWar would look like and the Music Ninja is giving away two sets of tickets to a few lucky panty patrons.

If you can’t cough up the dough for a ticket, we’re here to help. Our good friends at Awesome Factory have asked us to spread the love by hooking up two people with sets of tickets. That’s right. Two winners. Each will win a set of tickets. All you have to do to enter is “like” our facebook page and Awesome Factory’s page, then comment with which PANTyRAiD track you want to hear most in our comment box directly below this post. One winner will be chosen from those comments, and notified via facebook (PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ‘OTHER’ IMS ON FACEBOOK AT 4PM MOUNTAIN TIME FRIDAY. 11/8). Winner will receive two GA tickets to the show. You must be 18 to enter. You must provide your own transportation. TMN and Awesome Factory are not responsible for anything you do during or after the show. If you have an amazing time, you may sing our praises.

1) “Like” us (The Music Ninja) on facebook here:

2) “Like” Awesome Factory on facebook:

3) Comment below this post with what PANTyRAiD track you want to hear most.

We’ll pick one winner 4pm Mountain time on Friday, Nov 8th. Please be paying attention at this time.

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The 1975 Interview [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

The 1975

There are few bands that we’ve seen in our blogging careers hit a trajectory that The 1975 has. In just a very brief year and a half, this Manchester based quartet has gone from bedroom recordings to major label pushes. We recently sat down with front man Matty at the Marquis in Denver, Colorado. See what he had to say about early punk influences, Thai food and John Hughes films.

TMN: Welcome to Colorado! This is your first time here, correct?

The 1975: This is my first time here in Colorado.

TMN: How’s the tour going so far? Are the states treating you well?

The 1975: Really good. America is kinda of like, it’s amazing for us. Do you want me to expand on that?

TMN: Sure. Go ahead.

The 1975: It’s an amazing place to go out on tour as a band. Geographically, it’s awe inspiring.

TMN: Have you found that crowds over here differ from those in Europe? How has the reception been so far?

The 1975: We haven’t had a bad show! There’s been some great surprises like, fucking…well, not even surprises because last time we were there…Miluakee. So much fun up there. So much fun in so many places. Philadelphia, man. Philadelphia is like playing Manchester for us. It really is. It was a better show in Philadelphia than it was for our homecoming show in Manchester. So, it’s amazing really, how it translates.

They don’t differ that much. They don’t really differ. I think that if you’re playing good music in South Hampton or New York City, people are going to react the same. I think people are slightly more open minded, people are very supportive of the idea of creativity being monitized. American people have a very good mentality, and it creates a really comfortable environment to be an artist. People like that. They think you’re fucking cool if you’re in a band, especially if you’re in a British band. So, it makes our accent, and our demeanor hold a lot of currency, in middle America.

TMN: You guys have had a rather accelerated path to where you are today, taking the blogsphere by storm. Has there been one moment in particular that’s made you stand back and say, “holy shit, I can’t believe that just happened.”

The 1975: There’s been so many moments where I’ve tried to. It’s really hard to explain what this year has been like for us because it’s not been in drips in drabs; it’s not been two week and tour then go home and see your Mum. It’s been fucking non-stop since the second it started. We went on tour in January, properly, and haven’t been home since. I went home for two days, in the midst of moving out of the house I used to live in for twelve years. Then fucked off for another six months. So, you’re never really provided with an environment to be retrospective or have true hindsight because you’re always in the moment.

Maybe I could find ten minutes in between coming off stage and talking to you, but I don’t. But then when you leave I go eat, then I gotta do a show…you know? It’s really difficult to take yourself to the place to be like “Fuck, what happened?.”

I’m scared about slowing down, man. I’m scared about stopping because I’ve been in a different city, every single day for a year.

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[TMN Resident Artist for November] Minnesota

Minnesota (Film)
Seven Lions
Fevers feat Minnesota & Mimi Page

There are some really great things about November. Let’s start with that wonderful holiday where we stuff ourselves full of turkey, or that guys participate in no-shave-November (a good thing and a bad thing I guess), and the season shifts to fall. But the one thing that I am really looking forward to this November is getting to know Minnesota on a more intimate level.
And no, I’m not talking about the state.

I am talking about the wonderful dubstep artist Christian Bauhofer, aka Minnesota, a nickname he received when he made the move from Minnesota to California. The man has been playing guitar since he was twelve but he didn’t find his true calling in the electronic music world until he attended Burning Man in 2009 where he was captivated by the beats and melodies and energy of EDM. He immediately bought his first Ableton Live and within a few months was making hip-hop remixes, liked by anyone who heard them, and from there Minnesota grew into the artist he is today.

Minnesota released his first EP “Panda Snatching Tycoon” in 2011 and was immediately recognized as an artist to watch. This past spring he completed his first headlining tour and with 2014 rapidly approaching, Minnesota is dedicating a lot of his time to the studio to make some new music magic.
A great thing about Minnesota’s music is he can’t be put into just one category, oh no, his music covers so many subgenres with its uniqueness that it has mesmerized the hearts and minds of an eclectic group of fans.

If he were to describe his music he would say it is BASS: ““My goal is to make bass heavy Dubstep/Glitch-Hop music that’ll get you dancing, but it is not the same old three note transformer step,” and, “I try to focus more on the melodic side of Dubstep, and hopefully, make quality songwriting a more relevant factor in the genre.”

Minnesota’s goal is simple: to release diverse productions that can win over any crowd. So this month, we are getting cozy with this diverse artist and seeing just what makes Minnesota, Minnesota.

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