[Deep House] Disciples – They Don’t Know (Justin Jay Remix)

They Don't Know (Justin Jay Remix)

While big room and progressive house have dominated the EDM scene since its explosion, the underground is beginning to slip its way into the spotlight of major festivals and media outlets. Claude Von Stroke’s DirtyBird Records just recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary of being a leader amongst forward-thinking labels and is home to some of the scenes most promising talent. 22-year-old producer, Justin Jay, was taken under the wing of Dirtybird not too long ago and has developed his own impressive career in a rather short time. He continues to surprise fans with every move he makes and is set up for a monumental year with a secured spot on Holy Ship! and an forthcoming EP on Pet Recordings.

Justin Jay thought it was appropriate to bring out his darker side to fans with his first remix of the year as he takes on the UK’s Disciples‘ “They Don’t Know.” Storming in with a whirlwind of gritty bass shivers, spine-tingling synth chords, and conniving vocal manipulation, the LA prodigy exhibits what true imagination exists in his musical brain. Although this remix does not accommodate to the cheerful crowd, Justin Jay is sure to expose open-minded fans to a world they have yet to travel into. The remix will be released on February 22nd via Pete Tong’s FFRR Records.

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[Indie] The Score – Oh My Love

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The Score Official
Oh My Love

I’ve never lived anywhere else, personally. I’ve always found everything that I need in life to be right here in the Mile High City. However, for some, a change of pace can bring new vibes, new possibilities, and in this case, new sounds.

Having built their lives in the Big Apple, Eddie and Edan (The Score) then set their sites on the best coast, and haven’t looked back since. Their sunny disposition rings through their sound sharply, providing a feel-good listening experience that makes listeners want to smile, sing, and dance along.

“Oh My Love” is a pure embodiment of sheer glee, harnessing elements of country rock, gospel, and good ol’ fashioned Americana. It’s the type of tune you’d throw on at a BBQ, expertly balancing a full beer and a plate of grilled goodness. Something about the combination of twinkling ivories, booming basslines and kick drums, and percussive vocal harmonies all add up to something that’s patriotic, infectious, and grin-inducing.

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[House] Maxxi Soundsystem – Lone Raver ft. Name One

Maxxi Soundsystem
Lone Raver

The Brighton stationed solo house project of Sam Watts, Maxxi Soundsystem, has functioned as a go-to tastemaking act within the club and underground sectors of our beloved house genre for years. With raucous and engaging DJ sets receiving worldwide acclaim from some of house’s best while ticking an impressive list of club and festival appearances that continues to grow by the week, coupled with releases on some of the biggest genre pushing dance labels in the world including Nurvous, Defected, Needwant and Black Butter; Maxxi Soundsystem’s gruff yet emotive dance floor artillery has been winning over droves of astute dance aficionados with the kind of relative ease which producers clamor for.  His latest EP Medicine, a Single A-Side/Double B-Side release in its totality, marks the house bender’s return to another illustrious imprint, Culprit Recordings, and its closing tune “Lone Raver” checks just about every box on our proper house checklist. A swelling and swinging  bassline, soulful vocals, punching kicks, and just an insanely tasteful melody all coalesce like PB&J, and go down just as smoothly. Featuring the re-ignition of one of Watts’ longtime vocal collaborators, Name One, “Lone Raver” rides a capricious tone in the form of a serene and welcome sea of dance instrumentation. We simply can’t shake this one today, and hopefully it warrants a couple of rinses for our house-heads. Maxxi Soundsystem’s Medicine EP sees official release on February 2, so get a leg up on your friends and stream “Lone Raver” above.


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[Electronica] Chet Porter – pls stay the night (Zedd cover)

Chet Porter - pls stay the night
chet porter
pls stay the night

You may or may not have heard of Chet Porter, but trust me, you want to take a listen to this. Stripping the Zedd hit single “Stay The Night” into bare bones, Chet Porter incorporated his electronica-based signature into the tune. A light future trap beat is used to accentuate the bold synth, creating an uplifting vibe supported by the chipmunked vocals. The feel-good approach and the complexity of the track almost resemble the sound of Tennyson, in which both of their music have the ability to have you completely tuned in with full attention. Unexpected vocal samples and loud synth will put you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole track, and you’ll be wondering why it has ended so soon.

Holla at the talented Canadian producer and grab a free download of the track here! His music deserves way more attention and we all know it!

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[Future] Låpsley – Falling Short (DiamondCvtter Remix)

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.43.01 PM
Låpsley-Falling Short(DiamondCvtter Remix)

These two veterans of the Team Supreme beat cypher scene decided to switch up their approach recently, and take on a few edits and remixes. Låpsley‘s Falling Short has been a popular subject of remixing recently, and DiamondCvtter are the newest to throw their hat into the ring. With a mesh of dubstep, trap, and futuristic elements, this duo has birthed a game changer. This is the type of tune that works out your speakers and never sits stagnant for a single second, hopping amongst new crazy elements in an unpredictable but intriguing fashion throughout. When you say something is “future,” you can run into some flack for that phrase as of late, but DiamondCvtter is doing the “future” state of mind a service with remixes like these.

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[Progressive House] Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life (Lost Kings Remix)

Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life (Lost Kings Remix)
Imagine Dragons
I Bet My Life (Lost Kings Remix)

Every once in a while you come across a track that just sticks with you forever, and this Lost Kings‘ remix of “I Bet My Life” undoubtedly fits in that category. Editing an Imagine Dragons song is no easy task, but the LA-based producer duo definitely held it down and did the original song justice. A pleasant piano progression starts off the tune which accompanies the skillful vocals by the lead singer. The epic beat drop catches your full attention, further fueling the emotions running through this powerful track. A combination of a colorful melodies and meaningful vocals result in a track that is incredibly uplifting and catchy that you just can’t stop singing along to.

Hats off to Lost Kings for creating something special. Their music always guarantees quality and creativeness, so stay tuned because you don’t want to miss their next release! Continue reading

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[Electronic] Shlohmo – Buried


Widely recognized for his work on the alternative R&B front with artists like Jeremih & BANKS, it should not be forgotten that Henry Laufer, aka Shlohmo, can stand tall as a solo act. Lest you still have any doubt in his abilities, the gifted producer is gearing up to release a new LP titled Dark Red on April 7th. If that title isn’t ominous enough for you though, Laufer also decided to share his latest single, “Buried.”

Although it’s still January, we’re ready to declare “Buried” as one of the most incredible songs of 2015. On the surface, “Buried” epitomizes many of the qualities we’ve grown accustomed to from Shlohmo’s music–murky, eerie, visceral, foreboding–but it steadily builds into something more. Possibly his most ambitious record to date, “Buried” completely flips the script, as it hijacks the senses and takes the listener on a majestic journey through mercurial synths, grungy guitar riffs and crashing hi hats that will leave you gasping for air. If this expansive masterpiece doesn’t convince you to pre-order the album on iTunes, we’re not sure what will. Maybe a few words from the man himself might help:

When I started working on Dark Red about two and a half years ago, I had just moved back to LA and built a small studio in my apartment, mostly with my dad’s old gear from the 80s. I had just lost some people close to me and was dealing with another loved one’s health issues. I was all over the place mentally, and I think it reflects in this record whether I like it or not.

The only thing I did know going into it, was that I wanted this one to be loud, and not just loud but really really f***ing loud. I wanted the sound of the thing to be devastating and violent. Recordings that force you to feel something even if that something isn’t good. I’m proud to have made something polarizing, a record that’s strong and undeniable even in its moments of pure anxiety and confusion. It’s tragic and painful at times, but that’s all part of it and I want that to be heard and felt. You don’t have to like it, just listen to it.

 Listen to the tune above, and check out the tracklist for Dark Red after the jump.

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