Eno – Day I Started [TMN Premiere]

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 1.01.27 PM
Eno (Official)
Day I Started

Eno knows how to throw together a smooth track. This Ciara inspired deep house number grooves insanely well with a minimal nature and doesn’t overcomplicate or get too busy. The balance is nice and it makes the tune that much more enjoyable. Eno has seen his fair share of great shows already, having played with various Soulection members, so it’s no surprise that his sound is clean cut and slick. Get your head bobbing with “Day I Started” and kick off your  Sunday Funday with Eno’s newest.

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[Compilation] Black Marble Collective – The Beginning LP

Black Marble Collective

Coming out of Los Angeles, the Black Marble Collective is here to sooth your ears with a soulful compilation called The Beginning. Future style beats plague the project, so for anyone looking for some dope records on the chiller side of things, then this compilation is a gold mine. Music from artists like Thomas Gordon, Glacci, KANE, Boogie Howser and more contribute songs to this album. Eighteen tracks total, plus a bonus, this is quite an ambitious collection of future. It seems as though compilations are becoming more and more popular from labels and collectives alike, with this being one of the better, more recent ones. If you’d like to download the entire compilation for free, you can do that here.

’Thomas Gordon – Plinko’
’Conrad Clifton – Do U’
’Flow Castle – I Need U’
’Glacci – Turquoise’
’Swisha Sweet – BAWL BEARING’
’Tee London – Soulmates’
’All.U.Need – I Got Bishh’
’DNSZLSK – Revolution’
’fzpz – Oscen’
’KANE – Jungle Jam’
’Jon Sigs – HOLD ME’
’Boogie Howser – Detour Theme’
’Ekali – Unfaith (Goldwater Edit)’
’KANE – Rainbow Road’
’FAB – Workin On My Shiiieeet’
’STVY RVRE – Pop That Body’
’Danger Ultra – Emoji Love (Original Mix)’
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[Indie] Coleman Hell – Thumbalina

Coleman Hell
Coleman Hell

Is it impossible for Coleman Hell to put out a bad record? We’re starting to think so after another one has come from the Toronto music man. “Thumbalina” is one of Coleman’s most memorable tracks yet, and there are a bunch of those. It has a playful folk sound that will put a smile on your face in an instant. It’s short but sweet, which is too fitting with the name of the song. As they say, big things come in small packages. “Thumbalina” is currently available for purchase, but it will also be released on the musicians Srry Bout Last Nite EP. Big things are coming for Coleman Hell, just watch out.

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[NEW] Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta

Kendrick Lamar
King Kunta

With Kendrick Lamar‘s sophomore album release around the corner, the anticipation, speculation and hype is at an all time high. Today, we get another glimpse into the project with “King Kunta,” an ode to the P-Funk era. Over a groovy bassline, King Kendrick delivers a gritty empowering message with a James Brown-esque cadence. In the closing chapter of George Clinton‘s memoir, he talks about working with Kendrick Lamar. “King Kunta” likely emerged from those sessions with its distinct Parliament/Funkadelic sound. Give this one a listen above–To Pimp A Butterfly drops on March 23rd. Check out what Clinton had to say about Lamar below:

George Clinton: The other day I did a session with the rapper Kendrick Lamar. Even before I met him I was laughing at “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” which had the same silly-serious tone we tried for in Funkadelic. He came down to Tallahassee to record with me, and it was beautiful…He acts like he’s about fifty with all his theories. When I met Sly Stone, he knew of P-Funk because he heard those records himself, as they came out. When I met Rakim, he knew of P-Funk because he listened to his brother’s records. With Kendrick, it was his parents’ records. He didn’t just know the hits. He knew the deepest of the deep cuts. When you talk about your old work with a young man with an old mind, the work feels less old. We talked about my old songs and they were renewed. When the past comes rushing into the present that way, I can see clearly that artwork is a living thing. Younger artists teach me that I taught them. That’s why I’m grateful to Kendrick Lamar, and to anyone who is carrying on the P-Funk tradition.
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[Future] Chris Brown (feat. T-Pain) – Kiss Kiss (Beshken x Guestroom Edit)

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.12.03 PM
Chris Brown (feat. T-Pain)
Kiss Kiss (Beshken x Guestroom Edit)

Oh, Chris Brown. What happened to you? “Kiss Kiss” is undeniably one of his biggest jams (You know it. Don’t lie.) and Beshken decided to revamp it in celebration of ten thousand SoundCloud followers with the help of newcomer Guestroom. This edit really is just a fun follow up to his latest original, “Hiro,” and makes for a great addition to your weekend playlist. It’s exciting to see Beshken slowly gaining notoriety with his fresh new sound, and being a part of the Next Wave roster is a big move that’s doing extremely well for him. Grab your own copy of this new edit here and start your weekend off right!

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[House] Krytopgram – Bless It

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.50.12 PM
Bless It

Well, ninjas, you’ve finally made it. You’ve lasted through an entire five-day stretch of grueling minutia, leaving you with a big, hopeful gaze onto two days of doing whatever the hell you want. As you’ve come to find from us, we love giving you proper tunes to take you through the weekend, and this recent release from Kryptogram comes correct with soulful grooves that are perfect for your upcoming endeavors.

Hailing from the Windy City, this up-and-coming producer just released his third track on soundcloud, and it’s a delightful one. Set to a steady four-to-the-floor beat, “Bless It” carries a classic house vocal sample coupled with a sexy sax line. It glows with weekend goodness, radiating through your ears, hips, and feet.

Press play above, and get your mind right for the weekend. If you want it for your personal collection, click here and pick it up for free.

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Just A Gent – Limelight (SMLE Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Just A Gent
Limelight (SMLE Remix)

Happy Friday Ninjas! But even more so, happy Spring break to those who are still slaving away to get that pretty piece of paper. To start your weekends (and breaks) off right, we’ve got a brand new release that will surely set the mood.

Only recently, prodigy producer, Just A Gent teased listeners with Limelight, a track off of his forthcoming EP, Stories To Tell. Feauturing the unparalled vocals of R O Z E S, the saccharine, sunny tune gets a makeover from Miami duo, SMLE. The sound immediately tranforms from youthful and innocent to one that’s heavy and steamy.

The remix exhibits SMLE’s recognizable hard-hitting synth work and hints of jazz-like dissonance, which promotes nothing but energy throughout the song. So while you’re getting your tan on in Cancun or relaxing after the week’s demands, take a minute to check out this jam.

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