[Future] Connell Cruise – Into The Wild (SMLE Remix)

Connell Cruise
Into The Wild (SMLE Remix)

SMLE is back at it with another remix bursting with color, this time taking on Connell Cruise‘s “Into the Wild.” The vibrant vibe of SMLE’s latest release reflects the title to a T, as it is characterized by a wonderfully care-free sound. SMLE has a way of producing something with elements that come across as so “simple,” yet when added in the right places, they form a musical masterpiece. In respect to this latest remix, they couldn’t have gotten those “places” more right. Believe us when we say this is a jam, one that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

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[House] Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Halsey - Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)
Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Following their epic Imagine Dragon remix, LA-based Lost Kings are switching gears to melodic house by remixing “Ghost” by New York singer Halsey. To our surprise, the combination of the two forces works wonders. Halsey’s vocals go perfectly with the joyful vibe driven by a tropical synth. The tune is stripped and then accompanied by slowed drums. You will be caught singing along and dancing to this catchy tune without question.

The Lost Kings once again showcased their diverse caliber, as they’re able to grab different elements and turn them into something special. If you want to get through your mid-week struggle, or want something that will make you happy in an instant, here’s your answer.

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[House] Marvin Gaye – How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)

Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)
Marvin Gaye
How Sweet It Is (Eau Claire Remix)

DC-based producer Eau Claire is a magician when it comes to resurrecting oldies. The classic Marvin Gaye tune “How Sweet It Is” gets the Eau Claire makeover, and she gives it a deeper factor than the usual disco approach. Kicking off with a series of oriental synths, the tune has a simple but dreamy vibe. The keys go pleasantly well with the hollowed vocals, and accentuate the feel-good element of the track. There’s so much positive energy, it’s no wonder this classic remix deserves every bit of attention. We just couldn’t get enough of this goodness.

If you dig this tune and the talented producer behind it, you can download this track for free here!

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Get to Know Royal Tongues & Stream Their Infectious Debut EP [TMN EP Premiere + Exclusive Interview]

Patterns & Shapes

’Royal Tongues – Rollin’ On’
’Royal Tongues – Awkward Arm’
’Royal Tongues – Just Want To Live’
’Royal Tongues – Higher’
’Royal Tongues – The Balance’

Royal Tongues first came onto the scene last year with their infectious single “The Balance,” introducing the blogosphere to their melodious brand of indie pop. Building on the sounds of pop both past and present, the NY/LA duo, consisting of Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella, have crafted a sound equal parts addicting, dance-able and inspiring. We’re really excited to be bringing you the premiere of their debut EP, Patterns and Shapes, a cohesive five-track euphoric journey. Start your weekend early with the stream above and learn some more about the recording process behind the project in our exclusive interview below with band member Justin. If you’re digging this as much as us support on iTunes when Patterns and Shapes becomes available for purchase on March 10th and catch their EP release show at the Waiting Room in Buffalo, NY on March 13th.  Continue reading

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[Future] Vanic X Aquilo – Losing You

Vanic X Aquilo
Losing You

Yet again, Vanic has proven himself an exceptional producer. Creating music that cannot be described by any word other than “addicting,” he exercises his ability to create melodies that appeal to any and all listeners. Not only this, but he has mastered the skill of balancing his sound within collaborations–finding ways to allow vocalists to shine through his powerful music.

In his latest release, “Losing You,” Vanic takes on the hypnotizing vocals of UK duo, Aquilo. Together, Aquilo’s voices and Vanic’s powerful melody compliment each other in the most unpredictable way, and consequently forms a product that is unimaginable in sound.

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[House/Indie-Dance] Digital Farm Animals – Only Love Can Save Us

Digital Farm Animals
Only Love Can Save Us

London based producer Nick Gale, whose Digital Farm Animals solo project has shown a deft versatility clearly missed by hoards of pigeonholed electronic producers, last arose from a release slumber a month back wielding a new single “Didn’t Know”. On the heels of the Yasmin featuring dancefloor dart, we were also promised a steady stream of new music and luckily for us, Digital Farm Animals has held up his end of the bargain by dropping another nod to club jams, “Only Love Can Save Us”. Landing somewhere between club-house burner and  indie-dance diamond, “Only Love Can Save Us” offers yet another revealing glimpse into the full spectrum of Digital Farm Animal’s musical gaze. The second the tune’s opening synth progression lays an airy foundation, we were filled with a nostalgic teenage yearning before a carefully placed kick-drum comes careening in to establish a more danceable cadence while carrying us back to the ground. It certainly looks to be a breakout year for Digital Farm Animals, and we’ll gleefully be consuming every morsel along the way.

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[Soul-Hop] William Bolton – Dream At Night (Feat. Dillon Ashton)

William Bolton
William Bolton
Dream At Night (ft. Dillon Ashton)

The young and intelligent William Bolton has many skills. You’ll have to dig into his Soundcloud to experience the records he produced himself – look for Times New Roman – but his new single ‘Dream At Night’ properly showcases his polished vocals. The relaxing production on this one is handled by Kaui Beats, an understated producer from NYC, and his soulful samples compliment the distinct vocal patterns of Bolton very well. Through his hometown connections in Detroit, Willy B adds Dillon Ashton on a verse to really mop the place up. This record will find it’s long-term home on his upcoming project, Love Supreme, sure to be available soon. Stay tapped into this guy, there are many tricks up his sleeve.

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