[Soul] RÉN- Sunflowers In The Sky

RÉN- Sunflowers In The Sky
Sunflowers In The Sky

Turn your attention to a notable new Brooklyn songstress, RÉN. Her latest offering Sunflowers In The Sky’ flows freely and exhibits thick vocals and vibrant instruments. The lyrics are high-minded and well structured. It’s human nature for us to miss each other and Renée Orshan captures this feeling on such an authentic single. RÉN dove in head first with debut ‘Time‘ and this warm follow up will only help her grow. The Berklee College Of Music must be proud of their recent graduate. I’d like to make a toast to Gianluca Buccellati for some amazing production on this one. For everybody using headphones, have a little fun and just focus on one ear at a time to take notice of the impressive arrangement. “You think you know, but you got it all wrong. You haven’t even lived life that long.

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Galantis – Runaway (U&I) (Kicks N Licks Remix)

Runaway (U&I) (Kicks N Licks Remix)

It seems like every time we hear a Kicks N Licks song, we’re instantly transported to an entirely different world for a few minutes. It’s quite surreal, the soundscapes that they craft, and today’s release is no different. This time around, this sunny San Diego duo has knocked out their interpretation of Galatis‘ “Runaway,” giving an already stellar tune a new look and feel.

We’re not sure if this was intentional or not, but we’re admittedly giddy that it turned out the way it did. Did you notice the lead melody that comes in right at the drop? Does it sound familiar? If you’re a little bit younger, you might not connect the dots, but most of you probably heard “Tom’s Diner” from Suzanne Vega. If you didn’t, fully expect to start singing “do do dodo do do dodo” when you hit replay above.

90’s nostalgia aside, it’s been an absolute pleasure to see these guys continually evolve their craft, getting better and better each step along the way. We’re certainly going to enjoy this one for a while, but we’re eager to hear what’s next as well.

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Ludacris – Stand Up (Candyland’s OG Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Stand Up (Candyland's OG Remix)

It has been a hot, hot, HOT minute since we last heard anything from Candyland…too long if you ask us. Well ninjas, today you’re in for a delicious new treat from the Santa Barbara duo and their latest remix of a total throwback anthen, “Stand Up” by Ludacris. If you’re familiar with the original, then you’re probably re-living all those times this song would come on at high school dances, in grocery stores, and in grandma’s minivan. Grandma knew how to turn up before it was even cool.

Candyland took this Ludacris classic and turned it into an absolute banger that will undeniably be heard during festival season come this Spring. With a mid-tempo, moobah-esque intro, piercing siren synth progressions, and an unexpected bangin’ breakdown, Candyland give us a justified reason to stand up and go do beer bongs on a Wednesday. It may not be Tuesday and we may not be at a club that’s going up, but it’s clear to us that ILOVEMAKONNEN and Drake don’t understand that Wednesday is in fact the appropriate day to get weird. So get ready to get up  and goin” with this one ninjas because Candyland is about to make you move some type of way.

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[Future] Just A Gent ft. R O Z E S – Limelight (Louis Futon Remix)

limelight artwork
Just A Gent
Limelight (Louis Futon Remix) [Free Download]

Just A Gent is enough of a powerhouse on his own when it comes to his music, but when you add Louis Futon to the mix, something special is BOUND to happen. Surely enough, it did. Louis Futon takes “Limelight” into another stratosphere, pulling back the reigns on JAG’s blistering and wildly addicting “Lovestep” sound and crafts a slick remix with his smooth, hip-hop influenced futuristic sound.

Louis Futon is notorious for transforming on every release; reimagining everything from Mos Def to Kill Paris, while simultaneously bringing heat through his own originals. The build ups are deceptive on this newest remix, since the drops come in tough but crisp upon delivery and resolve nicely as the tune progresses. R O Z E S delicate vocals are preserved throughout, which is a key element and wrap everything up together into a nice present for the middle of your week.

Tour Dates:
16 Jan 2015 Zhivago – Adelaide
17 Jan 2015 El Topo – Sydney
18 Jan 2015 Sets on the Beach – Perth
23 Jan 2015 Alhambra – Brisbane
24 Jan 2015 The Factory – Sunshine Coast
25 Jan 2015 SECRET SHOW

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[House] Durante – Full Moon

Full Moon

Any time I find myself in a writing rut, there’s always a track that, after about 100 listens, compels me to emerge and share. This existential cycle around, the latest release from Durante was the one. On “Full Moon,” the LA-based producer focuses on the details, a necessity for quality house music, without overcomplicating things. Providing ample time to build a groove at the front-end, Durante introduces a vocal sample around the 1 minute mark before unleashing a heavy, undeniably addicting synth. Occasional horns and xylophone make for a jazzy feel resulting in a sound equal parts smooth, funky and dance-floor ready. Give this anthemic cut a listen and, if you’re digging it, grab a free download above. 

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[Indie Electronic] Samuel Proffitt & AOBeats – Sirens ft. Jeff Sontag & Jess Zobler

Samuel Proffitt X AOBeats
Sirens ft. Jeff Sontag & Jess Zobler

Whenever we see Samuel Proffitt’s name come up on our radar, we can’t help but stock up on extra boxes of Kleenex because we already know we’re about to endure a purge of suppressed emotions. After his sensational debut release, “Sladky”, we have been patiently awaiting the day where we could violate the repeat button. Well, the wait is finally over because our favorite sadboii teamed up with Moving Castle’s, AOBeats, to create their haunting yet mesmerizing track, “Sirens” which features the well known vocals of Jeff Sontag and his girlfriend Jess Zobler (precious, right?).

“Sirens” resonates something immensely powerful, highly original, and dauntingly familiar with its vocal-driven production. Flooded with mellow, ambient elements, futuristic chimes that ring of anguish, and a brilliantly arranged sound design, Samuel Proffitt and AOBeats give us a yin and yang effect that perfectly blend together to create a timeless track that will forever be adorned. With such a stunning production, Jeff Sontag and Jess Zobler had the challenging role of metaphorically painting us all a picture of what appears to be a modern day story about the mythological Siren in Greek mythology. However, as mythological as those female creatures are, we all have experienced a toxic lover throughout our lifetime and “Sirens” is essentially that. As Jeff Sontag relives the toxicity of being seduced in by the Siren (Jess Zobler), both vocals harmoniously pull us into this memoir of despair. “Sirens” is bound to make you all feel some type of way, so hurry on up and grab your free download while we wait for Samuel Proffit’s forthcoming debut EP, Blue Notebook No. 10 on January 27th.

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[House] TEMPLETON – Better Represent

Better Represent

Hot damn. You know when you come across one of those songs that just automatically gets you up and groovin’? Well if not, then we have the PERFECT House anthem from Los Angeles based producer, TEMPLETON and his killer new original, “Better Represent”. This 90’s inspired original takes you back to those 2 am nights in the club where you’ve been dancing for hours and your body just doesn’t seem to want to stop. Filled with wobbly bass lines, highly precise percussive elements, and catchy vocal chops, TEMPLETON takes us into the deeper side of production as it progresses into a perpetuating loop of total ear-candy. Make sure to grab your free download and get those booties movin’.

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