Cody Crump – Just Another Day [TMN PREMIERE]

Cody Cat 1 (NW)
Cody Crump
Just Another Day

Unfortunately, today is only Wednesday. You could look at it as a hard-earned midway point in another work week filled with minute-to-minute minutia, but our guess is you’re probably seeing it as still being two days until you can finally be free from having to deal with school or work.

Los Angeles indie act Cody Crump feels your pain. “Just Another Day” is his latest release, boasting a message that most of us can most assuredly associate with:

This sexy number is about the feeling of being trapped in a soul crushing, life stealing, meaningless – daily routine – a shitty job, a bad relationship, whatever the hell feels like it is slowly making you die, etc.

The tune radiates with a garage rock energy, coupled with hazy guitar work that buzzes alongside Crump’s sardonic lyrics. While it may be a little gloomy, there’s an undeniable charm that goes along with it, quite possibly due to the mix of falsettos and vocal harmonies that create an uplifting aura. Either way, it’s helping us look at this week as more of half-full than half-empty.

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[Indie] Max and the Moon – Harps

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.49.57 PM
Max and the Moon
We wrote this song about how it feels to operate obsessively in a different reality than the source of attraction we began romanticizing about in the first place.

This is certainly a powerful sentiment for such an upbeat song, but Max and the Moon are right on the money with their message. This four piece indie outfit hailing from California recently shared their latest immaculate tune, “Harps,” and it simply soars right out of the speakers with gusto. The band explains their intention perfectly:

Harps is about the duality of trying to attain something or someone that has always felt unattainable. Whether it be a goal, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, people tend to put things on a pedestal in their lives and assume they themselves are infallible.

There’s a statement that might hit a little closer to home than many of us are comfortable admitting, but it provides a substantial tune that offers more than just a catchy chorus. The rise and fall of the song’s progression parallels the overarching theme innately well, and really creates a cohesive record with pristine instrumentation and textbook indie song structure. Challenge your musical palette today and enjoy this great new tune from Max and The Moon above!

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[Beautiful] Autograf – Dream (Original)

Autograf - Dream

As we sit here enjoying our morning cup of green tea and oatmeal, we can’t help but crave a sweet and succulent sound to accompany this divine setting. Sometimes all we need is a dose of some mystical melodies and a soothing bassline to help center our souls. Well ninjas, we’re here to satisfy your sweet tooth with an original new masterpiece from TMN’s favorite producer trio, Autograf. Now that we’ve been introduced to their unique approach to production, we can’t help but anxiously type away at this post because all we really want to say is: “STOP EVERYTHING. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: AUTOGRAF. THAT IS ALL”. Considering that’s not the most professional nor the most informative way to express our enthusiasm, we felt that we should spend a little bit more time crafting this auditory number into a well-written depiction of their vision.

After months and months of smashing the Hype Machine charts, Autograf has finally blessed our music feed with their first original track titled “Dream”. In a sense, the title of this track encapsulates the very essence of what it feels like to be submerged underneath the depths of our dreams. Filled with ambient tropical melodies, soothing piano riffs, and an ethereal vocal that guides us deep into the very core of our subconscious, Autograf gives us a picturesque interpretation of our unconscious realm and allows our ears to soak themselves into a state of pure bliss. Once again, Autograf continues to showcase their unique perspective by means of sound design and creative expression. We guarantee you’ll have this one on repeat for the rest of the day, so press play, sink into a lucid state of mind, and let this heavenly song hypnotize your soul and magnify your thoughts.

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[SXSW Showcase Preview] Heroes for a Cause – 3/19 – Krave


By a silent show of ninja hands, who’s getting excited for SXSW? Since we’re ninjas, we can sense that a sea of quiet, gloved, star-holding hands just flew up into the air.

While we’re sure you’ve already been filling up your dance card with possible showcase suitors, we’d like to cordially ask for those aforementioned hands on Thursday, 3/19, from 8PM -2AM.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Cadence & Cause, ATL bass baron heRobust, and Lose Control (the best unofficial SXSW party-throwers) to bring you “Heroes For a Cause.” Yes, it’s a free show, so long as you RSVP, but the show is dead set on raising money for shelter pets in the US.

heRobust, along with a few other artists, will be hosting full streams of their sets from the show on Cadence & Cause later next week for a nominal charge. The majority of those proceeds will go to help keep animals fed, clean and comfortable during their adoption process.

To get you stoked for this line up of DJs, rappers, and a R&B singer, we’re curated a little celebratory playlist for you to enjoy.

’Azad Right – When You Know (Prod. by IAMNOBODI)’
’Bosco – MPH (prod. NEVR)’
’Crywolf & Ianborg – Aporia’
’heRobust – Party McFly’
’Skullclub (EPROM Remix)’
kuura & HYDRABADD – Porsche Sunset (Moving Castle Vol 003)’
’Ricky Remedy – Startup 2.0’
’The Underachievers – Nebulous (Prod. by Two Fresh)’
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[Trap/Hybrid] Apashe – I’m A Dragon EP


Want to know something epic? Apashe, the beast of a Prince behind Kannibalen Records, has released his much anticipated EP, I’m A Dragon, today. After releasing a music video for the song “Kannibalen,” there was a lot of ears waiting for this title single. Both tracks share similar qualities within Eastern influence, which should be doing Apashe well as he recently just passed through Asia on his world tour. “I’m A Dragon” features the emcee Sway from the UK, who verbally murders the monstrous instrumental Apashe created. Both tracks touch upon trap and hardstyle, making each potential bombs to be dropped upon festivals this coming season. Expect to see Apashe and his fellow Kannibalen family at a few of those this year! If you’d like to get yourself a copy of the EP, you can do so here.

’Apashe – I’m A Dragon Feat. Sway’
’Apashe – Kannibalen’
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[Pop/Hip-Hop] Pell feat. White Sea – Runaway (Pell & LARRY BRRD)

Runaway (feat. White Sea) [Remix]

New Orleans has a reputation for being a very musical place, so seeing one of its newest hometown heroes, Pell, on a swift ascent comes as no surprise. Over the past year, he’s been touring North America with Kindness, preparing for his festival debut at Buku, and recognized in Spotify’s Emerge program – all of which are reasons why we have him on our radar.

Today, Pell brings us a remix of his song, “Runaway,” that he created in collaboration with M83 & White Sea’s Morgan Kibby (Co-wrote numerous M83 songs, including the hit single “Midnight City”) and producer Ryan Spraker. Leaving the original’s stripped-down feel behind, the trio hits all the right spots on the new remix, using an array of revamped parts, melodies, and more for a track that’ll keep you coming back for more. Have a listen for yourself and check out Pell’s upcoming tour dates to see if he’s coming to a city near you.

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Apex Shrine – Can’t Help Myself [TMN Premiere]

Apex Shrine
Can't Help Myself

The St. Louis natives, Apex Shrine, have cooked up a truly classic sound that feel like they time traveled straight out of the late 60’s. With a mix of southern rock and psychedelia, these good ol’ boys shred their way through a prime track that kicks off their debut album, Home Baked in a raucous fashion. Blues influenced riffs and solos are the highlight of “Can’t Help Myself,” as they pair the grit of Wolfmother with the melodic capability of The Raconteurs into their own dynamite sound. The chops they exhibit match up with their alternative appeal nicely, and this single stands as a impressive introduction as to what these Missourians are going to be capable of. Be on the lookout for Home Baked in April and rock out with “Can’t Help Myself” above!

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