[NEW] Caribou – Our Love

Our Love

After an extended hiatus, Dan Snaith, aka Cariboumade a splash a couple months back with the announcement of an upcoming album and subsequent release of the first single, “Can’t Do Without You,” a euphoric, building dance masterpiece that immediately took the blogosphere by storm. The talented producer returns this morning with the title track from the project and it is absolutely stunning. On “Our Love” Caribou draws the listener in with a smooth electronic groove but, rather than keep it low-key, at about 3 minutes he switches the beat up with an addicting bass-line that dares you not to dance.

In many ways, Caribou has chosen the perfect time for his return falling in place with the incredible direction that producers like Jamie xx, Four Tet, Mr. Carmack, and oft-collaborator Burial are taking with their respective, distinct brands of experimental bass music. Kick your week off with some bounce above. Starting tomorrow, August 19th, this one will come as an instant download with pre-order of Our Love, which drops on October 7th via Merge Records

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[Feelings] Kilter – Coward (feat. Ngaiire)

Coward (feat. Ngaiire)

Well it’s late as hell and we’re still going to post the latest Kilter track. It’s a little past 11 PM PST and 4 PM Australia time so we figure it’s acceptabe to post this regardless of the time difference only because we’re ninjas and we want to get you the latest and greatest music – even if it’s past all of our bedtimes.

Now that we got that little spiel out of the way we can get to the juice of this exciting new tune from one of our favorite Australian baes, Kilter. After a long period of being stuck in limbo (and not having updated his SoundCloud with his new music), Kilter finally unleashed the fourth tune off his latest EP, Shades (out now on iTunes), in which he reminds us all why patience truly is a virtue.

With a title like “Coward”, one can only imagine what sparked the creation behind this stunning number. Often times we question the purpose of certain songs in order to satisfy our existential train of thought; half the time we don’t really find that resolve to fill that empty void. After listening to “Coward” over and over again, it began to hit us that humans spend way too much time digging deep for something that might not actually exist; it may also be that the answer is right in front of us and we are just oblivious to the truth that is right in front of our eyes. We don’t really know what the answer is until we dive a little deeper into the mind.

In “Coward”, Kilter tells an intricate story that only we, the listeners, can subjectively define through our own experiences. At the end of our journey, we are able to say that we found our resolve within the sound frequencies themselves. The conclusive message we perceived may not be the same as yours, but hey, that’s perfectly ok because we think that’s what Kilter wants this song to represent. With its powerful resonance and impeccable progression, we cannot help but be enchanted by both Kilter’s production and the stunning vocal from the beautiful Ngaiire. The moment words flowed from her mouth and into our ears, we instantly became over-encumbered with a range of emotions which forced our souls to embark on the cleanse of a lifetime. We hope you all feel this much power from this song because we seem to be filled to the brim with feels…and we aren’t complaining in the slightest.

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[Trippy] aywy. – Murder


We decided to turn down for relaxation last night because sometimes we like to sit at home by ourselves on a Saturday night with nothing but a glass of wine, a laptop, and music to vibe out to. We all know what happens when you open up a fresh SoundCloud tab and start going through your feed – scroll, scroll, OH OK THIS IS NICE, scroll, scroll, etc. When you follow people who just repost everything that sounds way too neat (guilty), you begin to wonder where the secret stash is hidden. Well ninjas, after hours upon hours of getting lost in an inception of beats, we found something that truly resonated well with us thanks to beat master, aywy. (short for Abstract Youth).

The Sydney producer (and Co-Founder of Flow-Fi) gives us an entirely new reason to fall more in love with the Aussies than we already are. Last night (or this morning their time), the beat doctor pumped some life into our lackluster feed with his latest 2 minute and 32 second banger, “Murder”. With its killer drum patterns, a bloody beat progression, and a haunting sub, “Murder” makes you feel as if you are literally about to be sent to your demise via sound frequencies. Prepare for some anxiety with this one because shit is about to get real.

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[Tropical Deep House] Colour Vision – Sur Chic (RAMBO V Remix)

Colour Vision

There seems to be a new wave of tropical music washing up on our shores these days, making those endless Summer vibes a year-round experience. With big names like Thomas Jack and Kygo making Tropical House the forefront of dance music, others are starting to take this genre somewhere different. San Diego producer, RAMBO V, is one artist who seems to be catching on rather quickly. After checking out his SoundCloud collection, we felt a dire urge to go lounge in a hammock with a Coronarita in hand.

Earlier this week, the Tropical Deep House connoisseur sent a hurricane our way with his latest remix of “Sur Chic” by Colour Vision. Right off the bat this song sends you straight to the clubs of Ibiza to which you won’t want to come back. After all, it’s only Saturday so you’re allowed to stay in paradise for a little while longer. With a beachy bassline, some choppy tropical synths, and a catchy percussion to flow with, RAMBO V takes “Sur Chic” to an entirely new level. You might want to go pack your Tommy Bahamas gear because you’re about to take a one-way trip to tropical heaven.

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[Hip-Hop] Joose – Black Sand (Rvdical Remix)

Black Sand (Rvdical Remix)

Hip-hop is currently going through a fascinating transformation as rappers continue taking risks ranging from the strange vocal inflections of Young Thug, and more recently Makonnen, to the future bass raps of Goldlink. The Soulection collective has had a special role in carving out what label-captain Joe Kay calls the “sound of tomorrow” lending their unique brand of dance music as instrumentals for a broad range of talented emcees. The strength of this movement is multiplied by the artists’ and labels’ openness to collaborate, which in the digital age has become easier than ever and allows for an unprecedented diversity in styles.

The latest remix from Flow-Fi‘s Rvdical the Kid is exemplary of this incredible progression reworking the already dope track, “Black Sand,” from frequent West Michigan AGO collaborators Joose and Sango into an addicting masterpiece. While the original has a minimal and incredibly relaxed vibe to it, Rvdical’s take adds an ethereal element rearranging the vocal sample and adding unique percussion giving Joose’s lyrics a whole new context. Zone out to this awesomely floaty track above.

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[Get Hyphy] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 117)


What’s happenin’ ninjas? We’ve reached the end of the week and we know you’ve been biting at the bit for more free anthems to get the party goin’. So we’re going to keep things short and give you 4 and a half Buzz Feed reasons why you should listen to this weeks FPP:

1. It’s Friday.

2. It’s Friday.

3. It’s Friday.

4. It’s Friday.

1/2: Free music is the best music.


Until next week. get hyphy, #danceirresponsibly, and shake what yo mama gave you.

’Dirt Monkey & Nathaniel Knows – Set It Off ft. Blackfeet’
’Jay Z – Tom Ford (PatrickReza and Kname Remix)’
’All The Time / Threat (Koyote Edit) LAXX, Tove Lo Flip, Keys N Krates’
’KR!P KILLV – White’
’Elliphant feat. Skrillex – Only Getting Younger (NGHTMRE X Imanos Remix)’
’R3hab & VINAI – How We Party (KROOKS Festival Trap Remix)’
’How We Party (Dotcom’s WTF Trap Remix)’
’SCNDL – The Munsta (Jauz Remix)’
’RiFF RaFF – Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz(TrapZillas Remix)’
’Snavs & Fabian Mazur – Ill (Original Mix)’
’Mercer & Autoerotique – Murda Dem (Luminox Rework)’
’Calvin Harris – Summer (JSTJR Bootleg)’
’Duck Sauce – NRG (Stanton Warriors Re
’Jessie J Ft. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang (Bassel Remix)’
’Yellow Claw & Mightyfools – Lick Dat (Cesqeaux Remix)’
’GAWTBASS – Puzzles’
’Aero Chord – Warfare’
’Go Stupid! – DJ BL3ND, Ido B & Zooki’
’Blasterjaxx – Gravity (Dekku Trap Edit)’
’Joe Budden – Pump It Up (Kastra Remix)
’Jason Derulo & Snoop Dogg – Wiggle (TWRK Remix) (Official)’
’TI Feat Iggy Azalea – No Mediocre (Hipshaker & Ken Roll Remix)’
’Sandro Sofa (Cobra Effect Biteleg)’
’Mugsy! – Simple’
’NoxiK – Romance’
’Trip Pony – Daze ft. Jaykin (Slumberjack Remix)’
’Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (SNBRN Remix)’
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[NEW] Captain Murphy – Cosplay

’Captain Murphy – Cosplay’

Over the course of this week, legendary experimental producer Flying Lotus has been unveiling information about his highly anticipated upcoming album, You’re Dead. In addition to sharing the dark, trippy album artwork and exciting tracklist, which includes features from Snoop DoggKendrick Lamar, renowned jazz musician Herbie Hancock and FlyLo’s rapping alter-ego Captain Murphy, he also let loose a new Captain Murphy track today through Adult Swim’s Singles Program titled “Cosplay.”

For anyone who hasn’t been to Comic Con, the term cosplay is short for “costume play,” a performance art most commonly involving people dressing up as existing fictional characters and creating intertwined story lines–quite fitting in this case. As we’ve come to expect from the Captain, this new offering is brooding and ominous with warping vocals and disorienting production. For some more background on FlyLo’s menacing other half, watch an awesome animated short about the origins of Captain Murphy here.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, FlyLo said the new project will “mess up the game” diving into themes of death and the afterlife through music. We’re certainly excited to hear his take on the age-old question on You’re Dead, which is set for release on October 7th. Stream this new offering above and look for a free download via Adult Swim on August 18th.

BONUS: Check out snippets from You’re Dead below.

’Flying Lotus – You’re Dead! Teaser’
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