Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In The Open

The spectacular graceful voice of Benjamin Francis Leftwich will sparkle your morning with his latest single “In The Open”. Taken from the forthcoming In The Open EP, it is a soft story, misty, beautiful, and full of woven guitar chords. Even though we are already completely infatuated with this young UK singer-songwriter, the track is like a breath of fresh air.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich
In The Open

In The Open EP drops November 19th on Dirty Hit Records.

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Sohight – Fonk’ (TMN Song Premiere)

It’s only Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean you don’t already have plans for the weekend. Let’s face it, once Monday 8am hits, our daydreams of Friday are in full swing. But we here at The Music Ninja have a little something to help you slosh through the work week: a brand new track from rising Russian producer Sohight called “Fonk’”. Charged with unbelievable bouts of funk and flash, it shows off a grab bag of electronic flare. “Fonk’” swivels and twists, tip-toes and stomps with relentless energy, making it part futuristic banger, part right-here-right-now, “let’s blaze the dance floor” anthem.

The track, along with an Earl Grey remix, is off the Fonk‘ single, out October 22nd on France’s On The Fruit Records.

Fonk (Original mix)
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[HIp-Hop] Pusha T – Pain ft. Future (Prod. Kanye West)

Shortly after the release of Cruel Summer, G.O.O.D. Music emcee Pusha T drops an impromptu new single, titled “Pain”. The Kanye West produced track is a creatively gritty single mixing heavy bass, maraca rips, gunshot echoes and background vocals cultivating a dark vibe. As expected, the Bronx rapper does this tough beat justice by delivering some dope lines throughout his lyrically witty verses.

With lines like “18 wheeler gorillas/ black with gold chains/pitch bird like the steelers/hines ward of the crime lords/running through this money screaming encore,” Pusha T maintains his street persona that is then softened by the auto-tuned hook from the ATL emcee Future. This track is nothing less than a certified banger with a cold beat that is just in time for “hoodie weather” season. Although it is not clear whether this will be on Pusha’s long awaited debut solo studio album or the rumored Cruel Winter compilation LP, you should still enjoy the track below.

Pusha T Feat. Future
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The Lighthouse and The Whaler: This Is An Adventure — Perfect For, Well, An Adventure!

When I try to describe music whether a person should or shouldn’t listen to a certain band, song or playlist, I try to link the music to an emotion or an experience. As I listened to This Is An Adventure by The Lighthouse and the Whaler, I found myself thinking of riding a bike through the city, taking a car trip with my girlfriend to go hiking, or cruising around with my friends searching for a new place to celebrate happy hour. The little adventures in life deserve a good soundtrack, and This Is An Adventure is the perfect album for your little daily-grind-breaking rituals and excursions.

The album gives the listener a cheerful, upbeat set of tunes that blend together in a quite accessible album. The album begins with chimes and poppy top-shelf drumming in “Pioneers,” while the lead singer waxes nostalgic with his lyrics about being a child again. “Venice” showcases the band’s ability to diversify by providing a simple, guitar picked melody made thoughtful by the addition of a violin slowly pulling notes in the background. The singer adding his own “oh-oh-oh-a-oh” chorus suites the string addition, and gives the listener a fun opportunity to sing along with (particularly this listener, who can’t sing to save his life). The track that the album is named after, “This Is An Adventure,” is a colorful, peppy song accented with some complex guitar melodies for the music aficionado.

The album creates a positive and pleasant mood throughout. And although lyrically the songs are introspective, they never lose that upbeat feel by becoming too mired in the seriousness that can come from introspection.

This is an album for feeling good! And with our hectic lives, This Is An Adventure deserves a place accompanying our little retreats from life’s strains.


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[Electro Hip-Hop] Purity Ring X Danny Brown – Belispeak II

Never saw this one coming, what an incredible and unreal collab. Purity Ring remixes their own track from their latest LP Shrines”, and have Danny Brown spit some smooth and clever lines over it. Danny’s usual approach is some hard and intense rhymes and delivery, this time he takes a down a notch and mixes perfectly with they catchy sounds from PR. Cheers.

Purity Ring feat. Danny Brown
Belispeak II
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[Introducing] Synchronice – EP [TMN Premiere]

​You know that saying, “it runs in the family”? Well that is precisely the phrase that should be thrown around when talking about Synchronice, the duo from New Jersey made up of brothers James and Will Saulsky. These boys have been producing sound pounding tracks for about only two years but are well known around the music industry sharing the stage with the likes of Dillion Francis, Dada Life and Felix Cartel. The brothers are known for their ability to mix various genres of music blending powerful electro elements with dirty bass or combining progressive house with some swanky groove mixture.

​Synchronice shows just how much they can mix with the release of some body moving new tracks. TMN is proud to premiere, for your ears’ hearing pleasure,  two unforgettable tracks from the brothers with the full EP available on their website. Synchornice puts their spin on T.A.T.U’s “All the Things She Said”, combining a mix of pulse racing house beats with the vocals, the boys show just how much energy they can put into an older track. The remix of Karmin’s “Brokenhearted” has the boys showing their dirty bass side. While keeping the vocals strewn throughout the tune, Synchronice keeps the song moving with pulsating electro beats combined with calming buildups to want-to-make-you-dance house knocks.

​One thing is for certain, these blonde brothers from Jersey have barely scratched the surface of the music world. These boys are going to continue to wow fans with their knack to create new genre sounds and their ability to put pounding vibrations through each and every person listening to their music. Move over Partridge Family, the Synchronice boys are here to party.

All The Things She Said (Synchronice Remix)
Brokenhearted (Synchronice Remix)
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[Electronica] Southern Shores – New Love (Beat Connection Remix)

Seattle’s Beat Connection and Toronto’s Southern Shores come together in this lush new tropical-pop remix. The original “New Love” mix was beyond satisfying, but this rework will really swirl and wash over you, making you yearn for summer’s smoldering heat and a reason to hit the beach. Southern Shores New World EP was released last week via Cascine Records and Beat Connection’s The Palace Garden dropped in August via Tender Age. Both are worth your bucks, so don’t sleep on them!

Southern Shores
New Love (Beat Connection Remix)
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