[Deep House] Rootkit – Real Love (ft. Danyka Nadeau)

real_love_square (1)
Real Love (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, Monstercat has NO limits when it comes to the talent they bring to the table. We have become such big fans of that label and can only expect more greatness from them in the future – and by future, we mean today.

After receiving an abundance of support from music lovers from all over, drum and bass kitten, Rootkit shocked the internet yesterday with his newest original, “Real Love” featuring the phenomenal vocals of Danyka Nadeau. Notorious for his drum and bass roots, Rootkit did a complete 180 degree turn into an entirely different realm of dance music with this deep house track. The young producer proves that there are no barriers in music so long as you execute your work in a stylistic and badass manner – and that is exactly what he did with this tune. The powerful vocals from Danyka effortlessly blend with the deep, unforseen melodic undertones that collectively create the perfect vibe suitable for every warm and intimate setting.

If this doesn’t make you want to be in some dark, hot, and sweaty underground club, then you might want to keep this on repeat until you get to that point. Cheers, ninjas!

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Caleb L’Etoile – Body Water EP [TMN Premiere]

Caleb L'Etoile - Body Water EP

You may remember Caleb L’Etoile from a week back when we premiered his song with Will Eastman. Well Caleb is back with a two track EP that will get you prepped for summer! Lead taste maker and resident DJ at Blisspop, Caleb L’Etoile, never ceases to amaze me with his music. The vibes on these two records are a bit 90s meet new age house music. While some artists are busy running the trap, Caleb L’Etoile is taking you on a journey to dance like you were back in the 90s. If any of you readers are out of the DC area, or may be popping in around the 12th, Caleb L’Etoile will be performing with Smallpools at Lil’ Miss Whiskey’s in the Atlas District. There will be a follow up to this EP titled the Water Body EP, which you can expect to here from us! Rumor has it that it includes a collaboration with Ryan McLaughlin of Typefighter. Until then, take a swim in this lovely Body Water EP!

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[Indie] The Griswolds – Down and Out

The Griswolds
Down and Out

If you’re not turned onto The Griswolds yet, this song will surely make you scramble to like them on Facebook, follow them on soundcloud, track them on Spotify, and search Google Images for The Griswold’s wallpaper. Ok, that last one might have gone too far, but the trajectory of this young Aussie band is nothing short of spectacular. Since their release of “Beware the Dog,” it seems like the world is twitterpated with their sound, and honestly – we can’t blame them.

This Sydney-based five piece has taken a slight departure from their folksy, raw, and somewhat humorous ways to lay down this monster indie-pop, synth-driven tune. “Down and Out,” boasts a massively dancy appeal, carrying the need to boogie through an engaging synth melody and some rippin’ guitar chords. Coupled with some lyrics that we could easily see a festival crowd belting out at the top of their lungs, this song carries supercharged feelings we’ve felt from other former-indie-now-gigantic acts like The Naked and Famous, The 1975, and Foster the People.

This song can be found on their debut album B E I M P R E S S I V E available August 26th via Wind Up Records.

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Nate Eiesland – Drifting [TMN Premiere]

Nate Eiesland

There are just a handful of things more powerful than flourishing love, and the fading of itself is one of the few that can rival it. Nate Eiesland‘s “Drifting” quickly captivates both the ears and the very hearts connected to it with its instrumental foundation of guitars pickings, elongated piano chords and lyricism that echos something that was once beautiful but is no more. A tale of longing, this track represents the second offering from The Red Album, a collaboration between Nate Eiesland (ON AN ON), Nygel Asselin (producer of Half Moon Run) and Toronto songstress, STACEY.

There are tracks that get you through your work day, others get you through the weekend, “Drifting” is not intended to get you anywhere. On the contrary, it is meant to simply keep you in the moment where the heart feels most comfortable.

Red Brick Songs is offering a collection of euphonious experiences brought together by fifteen songwriters form all over the North America under one musical retreat. We posted its first installment “Tunnels” a few weeks back so please check it out if you haven’t already.

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[Nu-Disco] Carousel – My New Friend (Avenue Remix)

My New Friend (Avenue Remix)

One of our favorite synthy pop tunes of 2014, Carousel’s “My New Friend” received a welcome and worthy makeover from 19 year-old Toronto based dance producer Avenue, and we still haven’t managed to shake those clubby rhythms from our consciousness since we gave it a first spin. It’s always inspiring to hear a tune from an act you love undergo a transformation through the lens of another artist’s perspective; especially when the result is as warm and bubbly as this. Avenue shifts cadence from the original towards a more club-friendly stride with a strong focus on an expanse of  uplifting airy synths to surely pull a bit of hip-wiggle and an insuppressible grin from its listener. This one’s being gifted as a free download, so nab a copy here, listen above and be on the prowl for more Avenue material in the near future.

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Cassie – Me & U (Kito & Reija Lee Cover) [TMN Premiere]

Kito & Reija Lee
Me & U (Cassie Cover)

Kito & Reija Lee joined forces just around the age of thirteen, and their passion for music blossomed together. Between their releases on Skream‘s Disfigured Dubz and Diplo‘s Mad Decent, Kito & Reija Lee have been making some insane progress. They have a huge variety in their list of inspiring artists, but two to prove so are Kate Bush and J Dilla. Kito & Reija Lee are now signed to Payday/Ultra Records, which you will be hearing their new album “II” on. You can preorder that album, but until then enjoy Kito & Reija Lee’s magnificent “Me & U” cover.

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[Summer] Lane 8 feat. Bipolar Sunshine – I Got What You Need (Every Night)

Lane 8 feat. Bipolar Sunshine
I Got What You Need (Every Night)

I don’t know about you guys, but after one listen through to “I Got What You Need (Every Night),” I’m ready for a fruity cocktail and sandy beach party. While that’s a pipe dream for most of us right now, we’ll still give a generous tip of the bucket hat to German producer Lane 8, who has teamed up with Manchester multi-faceted vocalist Bipolar Sunshine, to bring us this delicious warm-weather house tune.

With a chilled out groovy, trop-house feel, this vocal-driven gem has a vibe that’s perfect for hanging out next to a body of water, natural or man-made. On the other hand, the solid, house bassline provides enough energy to get a dance floor moving. Aside from all of that, the infectious lyrics make this an instant car ride hit for the upcoming warm-weather months. Throw on your wayfarers press play.

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