Cloud Boat - Youthern
Cloud Boat
Hammerspace (Mary Anne Hobbs BBC 6 Music)

We went a little nutty over Cloud Boat‘s ghostly dazzler of a track “Youthern” (likening it to James Blake, even), and … Continue reading »

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Janet Jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)
Janet Jackson
Someone To Call My Lover (Giraffage Remix)

I’m a sucker for most things Janet Jackson, especially anything off that album, All For You. San Francisco producer Giraffage — who … Continue reading »

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Wake Owl – Wild Country (Teen Daze Remix)

wake owl - teen daze remix
Wake Owl
Wild Country (Teen Daze Remix)

In case you missed it, we reviewed Wake Owl‘s recent indie EP, Wild Country (hint: we think it’s pretty beautiful). This week, the folksy acoustics of the title track are stripped away and replaced by the cascading, psychedelic electronic ambiance from Canadian producer Teen Daze. The remix is (excuse the pun) wildly different than the original — everything from the mood to its textures have been altered — but somehow still just as powerful and captivating. Listen in above.

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[Hip-Hop] Talib Kweli – Come Here (ft Miguel)


Getting ready for the release of his latest LP, NY emcee Talib Kweli drops his latest single today for fans listening pleasure. The smooth Grind Music produced track, titled “Come Here”, has the always conscious Kweli taking a more romantic approach to wooing the woman of his dreams. Teaming up with R&B-star Miguel for some soothing vocals on the chorus and hook, this track is definitely something the ladies will love. The combination of Kweli spitting some truth and Miguel delivering an addictive hook make this unexpected single a buzzworthy release, as we patiently wait for his album to drop April 23rd. Be sure to stay on the lookout for some more heat on Kweli’s latest effort, titled Prisoner of Conscious, which also features from Marsha Ambrosius, Busta Rhymes, and Kendrick Lamar. 

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[TMN Premiere] Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (Team Bayside High & Willy Joy Bootleg)

TBM Willy Joy Head at
Basement Jaxx
Where's Your Head At (Team Bayside High & Willy Joy Bootleg)

Today, we are very pleased to bring you the premiere of a huge new track from Team Bayside High and Willy Joy. Both these names have been seen often on The Music Ninja, as TBH have released some of the heaviest trap we’ve ever heard with their remix of Pantera‘s “Walk”, while showing their versatility with the incredibly chill remix of The Postal Service. Willy Joy has been releasing free tracks almost weekly for the past several months as part of his “Free Willy Wednesday”, and has been featured many times on our Trap Dojo and Friday Party Playlists and has shown an ability to turn any remix he touches to gold. “Where’s Your Head At” by Basement Jaxx is an all time EDM Classic, and while it is generally a tricky situation to tackle a classic, these guys do it with ease. You’ll be sure to be singing along to the classic lyrics while Willy and TBH throw down some really heavy trap flavor sure to have your head banging at whiplash levels.  As the current inception of trap music enters its sophomore year and the genre begins to mature, Team Bayside High and Willy Joy are sure to become real heavyweights in the scene. They both have the experience as well as a daringness to tackle any style and to push the limits of what constitutes Trap music. Hit the buy button to get this for the simple cost of a well deserved Facebook thumbs up.

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[Recap] TMN Invades Miami for Ultra and WMC

Well ninjas, we’re back from our trip to Miami. We wish we could have stayed the whole time, but that would have resulted in empty pockets and a necessary liver transplant. There are so many highlights to the trip, from the amazing interviews to the mind blowing sets. It was one hell of a trip. So, we’re going to run you through a day by day recap, so we can share with you some of our favorite moments.


We arrived in Miami and had to hustle down to Ultra as our flight was a little bit late. Upon arriving we immediately headed over to the main stage to catch Fedde Le Grand. We’ve seen Fedde play on numerous occasions, but seeing him on this level was spectacular. His set was what would be expected; energetic and housey. Following Fedde was Afrojack, who we have to be honest, did have a hiccup. We love Afrojack, and his sets are always filled with dirty dutch beats that fill the dance floor (or in this case, grassy area). We’re not sure if the sound system had a glitch or not, but there was definitely a little “oops” by someone involved. With that being said, Afrojack is a consummate pro, and recovered nicely.

Fedde Le Grand
Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2013 Miami

Next up was Swedish House Mafia, which was an emotional moment. Yes, we know. In the music industry, a farewell show is rarely a true farewell show. However, knowing that one of the biggest names in EDM was playing one of their final sets for a while (minus their set this Sunday) was a moving thing to see. Especially when you factor in the massive and awe inspiring stage set up that only added to the theatrics of the experience. In a sea of PLURred out people, SHM threw down an incredibly memorable set. There was nothing quite like seeing the smiles spread across people’s faces as they belted our the vocals to their favorite tune.

Swedish House Mafia
Live at Ultra Music Festival, Day 6 (WMC

After their set, we had to hustle over to Project Miami. Unfortunately there was an issue with the permits for this show, so the main stage they had built in the patio area couldn’t be used. While we were disappointed that we didn’t get to see Project 46, Cold Blank, and Spencer and Hill grace the decks, we did get to hang out with some of our favorite smaller artists. We caught part of Nexus’ set, as well as Lazerdisk Sex Party, and had a nice chat with Bailey Smalls. While this wasn’t the mind blowing line up that you catch at Ultra, these guys are talented, and had some pretty hard, fun, and party inducing sets. After a handful of tequila shots, we were ready to call it a night.


Coconut water should have a permanent spot on every Miami-goers list of necessities. It certainly saved my life. Saturday morning we headed into South Beach to the Anjunabeats Pool Party. Upon arriving we immediate dove into our first interview for the trip, Andrew Bayer. After a quick chat with Andrew, we knew we were going to enjoy his set. And we did. Andrew’s new music is a little more glitchy and ambient, but he blends it seamlessly with bigger club tracks to create an experience that’s true to his art form and kept the party going.

Next up to interview was Norin and Rad. Almost immediately after that, we interviewed Tritonal. Both DJ/Producer duos were incredibly nice, humble and down to earth. But, after two interviews in a row, we were ready to head back out to the pool party. The next few hours were a blend of cocktails, talking to TMN fans. dancing on a sand dance floor and listening to two of our favorite performance of the trip, Mat Zo and Seven Lions. Mat Zo’s set was progressive, energetic and dancy. Seven Lions on the other hand stayed true to his form by throwing down a ridiculous dubstep set. If we have to say anything about this party is that Anjunabeats did one hell of a job putting together a unique and interesting group of producers who kept the crowd’s attention through the entire sun soaked day.

After Seven Lions set, we realized we needed to head back over to Ultra, as one of our ninjas wanted to catch Deadmau5′s set. We asked some random party people for a ride back across the bridge and hustled down to Ultra. Before we went over to the main stage though, we had to stop by the fabled media yacht for a quick glimpse. We know that press areas aren’t the most interesting things to our readership, but we have to at least give a shout out to the good people at Ultra for giving us a quiet comfy space to interview in. On top of the cushy digs, we also ran into long time TMN supporter, Tommy Sunshine.

Deadmau5 at Ultra Music Festival, Miami 16.03.2013

After a quick chat with Tommie we hustled over to catch the Deadmau5. Mau5 opened up with Superliminal which was the perfect track to get everyone warmed up. The long build up created an amazing atmospheric build up was traditional Mau5 to the tee. The only thing that threw us for a loop was when Zedd came on stage wearing pink undies and suspenders. Most of the crowd could care less, and niether could we. It broke up the serious party vibe and provided a laugh. Forty minutes into Mau5′s set we realized we had to hustle out and catch a bus back over to South Beach to interview Thomas Gold.

After being let off near our parking garage, we hustled in and changed. Yeah, that’s right. When you’re working Ultra and WMC you have to get kind of crafty. Knowing that we had to interview Thomas Gold at the W, we planned ahead and brought dress clothes. So, after we suited up, and took a shot of fireball from the trunk, we started walking down. It was at this moment when Thomas’ management texted us and asked where we were. We immediately relalized that walking 13 blocks could not be done in 10 minutes. We started sprinting.

After running through the streets of South Beach we arrived at the W Hotel. Thomas was sitting on the couches, enjoying a cappucino with his management team. We charged in out of breath and sat down. The interview went extremely well, and had plenty of light hearted moments where the entire group was laughing. Score. As we concluded, we walked over to the hotel bar and ordered a celebratory mojito. We sat outside, and reflected on one hell of a day. Four interviews, a pool party, Ultra, and the W Hotel. Holy shit! Shortly after our blogger self-reflection moment, we headed into WALL.

Aside from Thomas’ incredible set, this venue was actually not that impressive. It was oversold, crowded, drinks were outrageously expensive, and who ever was doing sound clearly had 40% hearing loss. Look, we’re all for loud music, especially when we’re tipsy. But this was ear splitting loud. Regardless, we powered through and danced our way through the night with people in income brackets we envied. Class warfare aside, it ended up being one hell of a party.


We know, we know. It’s Ultra. It’s WMC. We knew we were going to have to be around party people the entire time, but shit! After partying from 2pm – 5am, sprinting through the streets of South Beach, you’re going to be a little jaded. After a quick rejuvenating procession of coconut water, sugar free redbull, and a pick me up of Fireball, we were ready to head down to Ultra. This time though, it was going to be a little bit different because we were finally seeing the grounds in the sun.

When we got to Ultra we took the opportunity to head down to the Mega Structure since we yet to see a show there. Coincidentally enough, the man playing was who we had just seen less than 12 hours ago, Thomas Gold. Thomas’ set was once again entertaining, energetic, and non stop. Even the tired legs of the third day of Ultra were no match for his beats, as exhausted party people danced their asses off and furiously pumped their fists.

After watching TG for a while we wandered over to the Carl Cox and Friends Stage to catch 12th Planet. On the walk over our we were talking to our friend who had never experienced trap live before. Yes, there are a few out there that still exist. 12th Planet was honestly one of the most entertaining shows we had seen. He of course played his traditional filthy dubstep, but the trap infusions throughout the set had people going absolutely crazy.

12th Planet
Live @ Ultra Music Festival (Miami)

After raging to some heavy bass, we made our way back over to the mainstage. For the next few hours we caught sets from Arty, Tommy Trash, Wolfgang and Aoki. While we were absolutely exhausted, all of these producers absolutely killed it. We heard amazing unreleased tracks left and right, and were close enough to the stage to get a great experience.


Monday was the only day that resembled a normal vacation. We met up with a friend of ours and did all of the normal vacation stuff; walked down the beach, ate sushi, etc. After a long walk around South Beach we were once again ready to be around party people again. This time around we were heading to the Chris Lake/Michael Woods show to interview.

Prior to the interview we stood backstage with some of the artists we’ve posted on in the past. Tommie Sunshine was there again, the Disco Fries, Mak J, Victor Niglio, Carnage, TJR, and the list goes on. At one point the DJ booth was crowded with Carnage, TJR, Michael Woods and Chris Lake. All of four of them were just yelling, laughing, taking turns and having a blast. It was one of those experiences that we’ll never forget.

After Michael had his fun on the decks, we went out front to chat. This was definitely the most fun we had all weekend long as far as interviewing someone goes. Michael is a party animal, and isn’t scared to laugh and have a good time.


Miami was once hell of an experience. Not only was Ultra the most amazing music festival we’ve been to, with the most amazing set designs and the best DJs in the world, but it was an experience unlike any other. Ultra and WMC were like a huge get together with all of the who’s who in EDM. We ran into tons of TMN fans, DJs who we’ve featured, and just fun people in general. If there’s one experience we ask you to do as an EDM fan before you die, it’s experiencing Ultra and WMC. It’s truly unlike anything else you’ll experience.

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[Radio Single] The 1975 – The City

The 1975
The City

The 1975 have taken the music scene by storm, on both sides of the pond. This Manchester four piece originally released “The City” as a demo recorded from their bedroom. Since picking up steam in the music industry, they’ve since re-recorded this radio single version of the track that will eventually appear on the Mike Crossey produced album, which is due out later this year.

Driving drums and bass, delicate guitar riffs, and of course the haunting vocals of lead singer Matthew Healy comprise this highly addicting pop track that begs to be sung along with.

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