Vandetta – Vandetta EP [TMN EXCLUSIVE]


After premiering Ground Zero from Singaporean artist/musician Vanessa Fernandez a.k.a Vandetta, we were instantly hooked. Even based on sheer attractiveness in sound, this would be a keeper. However, when you dig deeper into what actually went into making this EP, you can’t help but just take a step back and glow in admiration for the depth of her artistry.

Inspired heavily by soul, hip-hop, bass and beats, the EP’s sound is a true reflection of her influences. When asked about the concept as a whole, Vandetta said,

The concept for the EP started with the idea of a caged bird. The caged bird metaphorically represents what it feels like being a singer/artist in Singapore. In many ways it is like living in a cage, albeit a very beautiful one. On the surface everything seems so prosperous and clean but there is no soul.

Without actually knowing how to read music, Fernandez took on the daunting production by herself using her mobile set up (Mac, Ableton Live, Focusrite Saffire 6) in a Downtown LA loft, her boyfriend’s house in the San Gabriel Valley and her home in Singapore. As we mentioned in our first premiere, the one thing that really blew us away was the fact that she only uses her voice to create the entire track. Every sound is produced by just that, which we find as a refreshing and unique take on producing something that is truly entirely hers.

You should be familiar with two of her tracks already (“Fly,” and “Ground Zero), as they were released a few weeks ago. The other three tunes from the EP though are equally impressive, with “Walls” being our personal favorite. The EP’s vision stays consistent in this track, harnessing the gorgeous interaction between downtempo, crisp beats, vocal percussion and Fernandez’ soul-rich vocal tone.

This EP is full of avant-garde stylings, yet Vandetta’s classic vocal style brings it all back into the realm of familiarity. Take a moment to listen to all five tracks exclusively here on The Music Ninja.

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[Bass] heRobust – SHEKNOWSHEBAD


Hotlanta producer Hayden Kramer, aka heRobust, is back at it again with another devastating bass heavy tune. This time around he’s dropped an original track for all of you bass heads to enjoy. “SHEKNOWSHEBAD,” kicks off with a Cashmere Cat style intro, utilizing eastern musical influences. From there the track starts its journey to a full on banger, building up to an eventual drop riddled with razor sharp dubstep style synths.

Each and every time we hear something from heRobust, we always find ourselves being overwhelmingly impressed. The level of production just seems to get better and better with each release, foreshadowing the path of success this young EDM producer is on.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #57

chill dojo

So it seems with all this chill music in our heads, we’ve been caught napping on the release of Shook’s debut self-titled album at the start of August. That’s a whole two months we’ve been missing out on our dose of funk from the master himself, but to make things right we’ve highlighted two of the best tracks from the release. ‘Walking To The Sun’ and ‘Always’ carry the signature dreamy groove and sweet melodies that will have your ears charmed in an instant. Go and peep the rest of the album for more of his infectious upbeat tunes. One thing we weren’t going to sleep on is the latest remix from German producer Dinner Date.  The indie roots of the DAWA original is maintained in this mellow house interpretation, with a relaxing beat and stunning atmosphere taking this song to the next level as the perfect chill-out material. When you hear tracks like this, you can be sure he’s a name you will see again for many more playlists to come.  Check out his other remix below for more of the great work coming from this artist. If any of you were caught dozing this past week and happened to miss this post from earlier on, here’s a wake-up call to say that the Thomas Jack remix of ‘Little Talks’ is definitely worth your attention. He’s certainly got the attention of Hype Machine on numerous occasions, and with the tropical vibes flowing freely from this catchy tune, it’s not hard to see why. Now let’s crank it up a bit from warm to hot and steamy with the latest bedroom magic from Giraffage. Our man from San Fran infuses a bright melody into the sultry tone of the original and then let’s loose with a rumbling bass breakdown for good measure. No stranger to this sexy side of the spectrum is dojo favourite stwo, wooing fans like only the French know how with two emotional R&B delights. And of course, if we’re talking the smoother side of things, we couldn’t leave out one of our favourite vocalists, Patrick Baker, whose amazing single ‘Control’  received the silky remix treatment from 5 Reasons, an artist combo that’s worked mighty fine in the past as well.

So now we’re all caught up on the latest chill news to report. Try not to get too lost in these relaxing tunes. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #57 zip

Walking To The Sun
Roll The Dice (Dinner Date Remix)
José González
Crosses (Dinner Date Remix)
Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)
Of Monsters and Men
US (Giraffage remix)
Emmanuel (Stwo Remix)
Virgo (ft. Shay Lia)
Patrick Baker
Control (5 Reasons Remix)
Warm Water // Zebra Safari Remix
The Magician
When The Night Is Over Ft. Newtimers (Claptone Remix)
Dilla & Phat Kat
Game Over (Moods Remix)
The Stuyvesants
Good Times
Sunday Jazz Party
Hold Moi
Peace Of Mind
Henry Green
Electric Feel (Kygo Remix)
So Fine
Mark Morrison
Return Of The Mack (Traveler Remix)
Get It Up For Love (Roller Radio Edit)
Simply Red
Sunrise (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Slomo Edit)
Simply Red
Something Got Me Started (Deepjack & Mr.Nu Dance Mix)
Shine A Light
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[MP3 Playlist] The Indie Dojo (October 2013 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaSurprises. Some of us love them. Some of us hate them. But when tiny surprises come wrapped up in a sweet little playlist, its kinda hard not to come back for more. (Once a week.  Every week. Every Tuesday Morning. Just in case you were wondering).

Rolls Bayce
The Moth & The Flame
Denitia and Sene
A Part
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[Indie Rock] Fé – She Came

She Came

London based indie rock duo are back with their golden vocals, ready to grace our ears with their 2nd single, “She came.” This latest release is crackling with atmospheric intensity, thanks to the emotion rich post-punk vocals, intertwined with driving guitar riffs and the slow, repetitious hit of a snare drum.

It’s slow, seductive and increasingly apparent that these two have something that’s going to be overwhelmingly addicting. It has all of those classic elements that make you keep wanting to come back for more.

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[NEW] Eminem – Rap God

Rap God

Since Eminem announced that his upcoming album would be a sequel of his 2000 classic Marshall Matters LP, it has quickly become one of the most talked about projects among hip-hop fans. A few weeks back, we got a first glimpse with the rock-infused single “Berzerk,” which received a mostly positive response.

Today, the legendary Detroit emcee drops off another high-energy track, titled “Rap God.”  This time around, the production seems to draw more from EDM with a heavy beat and some unconventional flows from Em. Based on the two songs we’ve heard thus far, it’s hard to get a clear idea of how this album will come together. Stream above and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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[Event Preview] Sir Sly – Larimer Lounge 10/15

Sir Sly - Easy Now

Tomorrow night the Mile High City welcomes in one of our personal favorites, Sir Sly. This Los Angeles based trio has an eclectic fusion of sounds, fusing various forms of electronica, rock, folk and soul. We’re not sure how it will all translate into a live performance, but we can assure you this – we’re pretty god damn excited.

The venue for this show couldn’t be better, taking place at the Larimer Lounge. While it’s a bit divey, it’s atmosphere is going to be ideal for a show like this. So, if you’re in the Denver area, make sure to head out there. We’ll be there with big, toothy grins on our face.

Pick up your tickets here, and come join us.

Sir Sly
Sir Sly
Sir Sly
Sir Sly
Easy Now
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