[Tropical] Snakadaktal – Fall Underneath (Kilter Remix)

Fall Underneath (Kilter Remix)

Leave it to two Aussie’s to create something that makes you crave an ice cold beer, sandy beaches and big, crashing waves. Between Melbourne based dream pop outfit Snakadaktal and Sydney beat smith Kilter, we’re left looking out our frost covered windows, wishing we were somewhere sunny and warm.

Utilizing the illusory vocals of Snakadaktal’s track “Fall Underneath,” Kilter is able to create a tropical electronic tune. Taking playful, melodic xylophone keys, this remixer dials up a downtempo dance tune with delicious drum play and a delightful melody progression. Add in some light guitar notes and claps, and you’re practically putting on sun tan lotion.

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[Gorgeous] Vancouver Sleep Clinic – Collapse

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Interestingly named, Vancouver Sleep Clinic is far from Canada, producing soulful tunes from Brisbane, Australia. The adopted moniker of 17 year-old Tim Bettinson illustrates a vision of REM fueled visions with his name alone. Adding in the dreamy tune, “Collape,” only embodies what this youngster is going for.

With slow kicks, tapping tom hits and slow building chords, this tune relys heavily on the vocals. In all honesty, we couldn’t picture it any other way. The ethereal tone calls on association of RY X, Taped Rai and Bon Iver. While associations are sometimes necessary, this adolescent is well on his way of having people compare other acts to him.

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[Like MJ] Dornik – Rebound


It’s like there’s a party in my ears, and all you ninjas are invited! With a subtle nod to the King of Pop, UK based Dornik has a vocal tone that reminds of us of our childhood. Slip on your singular white glove, lie back and listen to this synth driven pop gem.

Coming off his debut album, due on PMR next year, we’re already greedily tapping our fingers, Mr. Burns style. Make sure to keep an eye out for it by liking Dornik’s facebook page.

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[VIDEO] The Crystal Method ft. Dia Frampton – Over It

The Crystal Method
Over It (Featuring Dia Frampton)

Before the days of college blogs covering the “Top 10 Hottest Rave Outfits,” or hearing your favorite DJ on a Madden commercial, The Crystal Method has already established themselves as one of the most respected names. Fast forward twenty years, we find Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland are still throwing down huge tracks, maintaining the respect of the community.

While some youngsters might not be familiar with their history, a track like this might intrigue them to dig deeper into the roots that this duo laid down for what the world knows as EDM. For this particular collaboration, the LA/Vegas duo teamed up with Dia Frampton. You may remember her for her days with Meg and Dia, or you may remember her from her tenure on the Voice. Hell, you might even remember her from her adorable hipster look. Regardless of how she stands out, the girl has a voice.

In this bass riddled tune, TCM has put together a vocal dubstep gem that snaps, crackles and pops with razor sharp synths. The video is as entertaining as the track, featuring Meg going toe to toe with some voluptuous ladies, battling the odds with her “girl next door” looks and gorgeous voice.

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[Good Lord] Yogi – Christian Bale

Christian Bale

With a bad ass title like “Christian Bale,” one would hope not to be disappointed. Well, fear not, ninjas. The foggy, London town (praise be to Burgandy) producer Yogi just dropped this monster of a track, and we can assure you that it’s nothing but sheer gold.

In a melodic fury of movie samples, gigantic bass kicks and bongo hits, this beat-centric trap gem stands alone as one of the better tracks we’ve heard in a minute. It’s larger than life, providing industrial, ominous vibes, yet still maintaining that anthemic dance structure we expect to hear at the club. Expect to hear this off of the debut EP, out early 2014.

Bravo, Yogi. Bravo.

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[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – Telegraph Ave. + Ta-Ku Remix

Childish Gambino
Telegraph Ave
Childish Gambino
Telegraph Ave (Ta ku Remix)

Childish Gambino has been on a roll the last few weeks as he prepares for the December 10th release of his second album, Because of the Internet.  Earlier today, Bino re-tweeted a status from actor Michael B. Jordan, of The Wire and Fruitvale Station, that included the dreamy “Telegraph Ave.” and a remix from up and coming producer Ta-Ku. While we saw the higher-energy, punchline-heavy Childish on “Sweatpants”, he showcases his singing chops over floating, synth-heavy production only rapping briefly, but effectively, around the 2-minute mark. The title of the song refers to a main street that covers multiple cities, including Oakland, within the East Bay Area. While pure speculation, it seems possible that Michael B. Jordan’s recent role as Oakland’s Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station has some thing to do with the way it was released.

While the original is a treat in itself, the Ta-Ku remix might be the true gem of this release. The Huh What & Where affiliated artist puts a beautiful twist on the track chopping, and distorting, the vocals and speeding things up a bit with a variety of unique percussion.

Listen to both tracks above and grab a free download of them together HERE. You can check out the 14-second, “No Emoji” trailer for Because The Internet after the jump.

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[Hip-Hop] Joey Bada$$ – Two Lips (Prod. J Dilla)

Joey Bada$$ x J Dilla
Two Lips

Joey Bada$$, one of Brooklyn’s youngest and brightest talents, has become known for his fresh take on the sounds of his hip-hop predecessors. Over the last couple years he has repeatedly proven an unmatched ability to deliver intelligent, clean bars over classic beats from the likes of MF Doom, Lord Finesse and, his personal favorite, J Dilla. On Joey’s latest offering, he gets a chance to spit over a previously unreleased beat from the late, legendary Dilla with incredible results.

J Dilla’s relaxed, lo-fi backdrop sets the scene for one of the young emcee’s dopest tracks both in terms of delivery and lyricism. “Two Lips” fits with Joey’s recent shift towards a darker, grittier and more contemplative style, while displaying the impressive evolution of his flow. The above track came out of a collaboration between the J Dilla Foundation, which provides instruments and music classes to low-income children, and Akomplice Clothing. It will be available online on November 29th as a limited edition vinyl to go along with a Dilla-inspired line from Akomplice here, and all proceeds will go to the cause.

[via P&P]

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