[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2014 Round #2)


Worried about the Zombie Apocalypse and/or the Robot Uprising? Yeah, you know who you are. The one who’s got their survival kit packed in the trunk of the car as you read this. Well, we don’t want to throw any more anxiety in your head, but have you ever really thought about what would happen to the world if music just died? Nothing new could be created and all musical talent disappeared? Yeah, we don’t like to think of it either. There are not enough survival kits in the entire world to prepare us for such horrors, except for maybe some Indie Dojos. We’ll just keep building up our arsenal of songs, so if there is ever such a tragic event (we don’t like to think about it, but at least we are prepared), you know where to find us. We will be more than happy to share our lifeline with you.

’Xavier Dunn – Fuckin’ Problems (A$AP Rocky Cover)’
’Brijs – Tell It How It Is (with Ben Bishop & Dandelion)’
’Mid Ayr – My Mayhem’
’Little Shoes Big Voice – Nightfall’
’Lectures – Talking In A Vacuum’
’Sundara Karma – Indigo Puff’
’Natalie McCool – Dig It Out’
’Woodlock – Lemons’


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[Electronic] Zella Day – East Of Eden (Samuel Truth Remix)

Zella Day
East Of Eden (Samuel Truth Remix)

Whenever artist’s post remixes of their songs by other artists, usually I would say nine out of ten times, that remix is going to be really good. That is exactly what happened after artist Zella Day posted the remix of her song ‘East Of Eden’ by New Zealand artist Samuel Truth. Known for his electronic sound and for having a way with beats, Truth takes the original Indie song and adds his flair, giving the song a bit of a hard-hitting melody. Beautifully done, Truth shows he is a person to turn to for really good remixes and as a Zella fan, he has really won me over.

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[Pop] Ang Low – Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Ang Low, heard of him? If the answer is yes, then just press play because you already know this is golden. If not, take a seat and let me introduce you to a pop artist whose sound is one for the books. With a strong voice that covers a range of notes, Low invites us to ride along with his new single ‘Wild Horses’ which is set for official release on Super Recordings mid-October. The song is co-written with Laura Welsh and has a melody that is addicting to anyone who likes to dance and will make non-dancers want to join in. Keep a look out for this Brooklyn boy and what he has in store.

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[Soulful Twist] Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn

Seinabo Sey
Pistols At Dawn

Let me tell you one thing, if you found yourself in a room with Swedish singer Seinabo Sey and the woman opened her mouth to sing, everyone, I mean everyone, would stop and listen. Besides having one of the greatest names in the industry, Sey has a powerful soulful voice that just radiates down to your core. Deep and sensual, Seinbo tells the story of a love gone bad in her recent single ‘Pistols At Dawn’ off of her debut EP slated for release in mid-October. Her lyrics tell a powerful story, such as ‘I’d rather die tonight if I have to, why would you ever think I would take a bullet for you?” I mean, she shoots straight with this single, and she hits the bull’s-eye.

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[Indie Electronic] Flight Facilities – Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version)

Flight Facilities
Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version)

Did we just see the words Flight Facilities pop up on our music radar? You bet your bottom dollar we just did. After witnessing them perform live at this years Coachella Music Festival, our ninja clan fell even more in love with Flight Facilities; their uplifting melodies chill us to the bone and send us into a state of mental paralysis to which all we are forced to do is groove. It feels as if we have been waiting for forever to hear the latest from the Australian dance duo, but look no further ninjas, because they’re back with a stunning new original, “Two Bodies” which features the dreamy vocals from Emma Louise.

“Two Bodies” exemplifies everything flawless in a track; with its subtle ambient vibe, a soft percussion, and Emma’s ghostly vocals collectively create the perfect escape. Wishing we were intertwined with that of another human being, Flight Facilities gives us every reason to escape from the norm and drift off into the delicate sound waves exuded from this divinity. “Two Bodies” is the first release off of their debut full-length album, Down to Earth, which is set to be released on October 28th. Pre-Order the album on iTunes and enjoy the celestial bliss that resonates from all over in this ethereal track.

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[Indie/Pop] PrOfiles – Luxury


Want to go for a spin on the old disco dance floor? Wait, I will make that even better, a disco roller-skating dance floor where the lights twirl you around the your feet ski along the wood floors while your body sways to an intoxicating pop beat.

That is exactly where listeners are transformed when listening to PrOfiles new song ‘Luxury’ off of their debut EP Luxury due out later this month. An electronic indie-pop duo hailing from sunny LA, the duo write songs about personal experiences with sex addiction, hypnotherapy and love. The highly talented Lauren Pardini, who began her writing with producer DJ Khalil, handles vocals and keys. Taking over as the producer and all things guitar is Danny Sternbaum who has six years of music experience under his belt. The two collaborated for a unique and sexy sound that combines pop, indie, and yes a hint of disco. Feel free to bust out the old roller-skates and take them for a spin while listening to this laidback single.

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[Dance/Pop] The Ugly Club – Passengers


Some artists just work really hard at their craft, as in harder than most and in the end, their music shows just how time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears went into it all. The Ugly Club is one such group who have been operating for five years now making incredible rock music. Their recent single, ‘Passengers’, transforms the group into a new sound of dance pop. The funky beat mixed with the hand clapping melody and catchy vocals, makes this single a hard one to not listen to on repeat a few times over. Keep an ear out for this hardworking not at all ugly group, their hard work is continuing to pay off and us listeners are the lucky ones.

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