[Tech-House] Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s (Jordan Postrel Remix)

Throw Some D's (Jordan Postrel Remix)

It’s not too often one of Luis Vitton’s male runway models breaks away from their daytime gig to pursue a career in production. As a matter of fact this is the only time that has happened, but for the club faithful, it was a well executed move by 21 year old house producer Jordan Postrel. After years of production and a residency at Club Hollywood in Milan, Postrel has recently relocated to Miami, placing himself smack dab inside on of the world’s largest and cutthroat electronic music communities in order to flex some production muscle for a much larger audience. His latest remix effort comes on Rich Boy’s classic hip-hop club hit “Throw Some D’s”, but Postrel takes the tune much further into booty house territory. Pitching down the vocals and bouncing up some synth while scooting the beat to a four-to-the-floor rhythm have morphed “Throw Some D’s” into an underground gem fit perfectly for any dance club. As an even greater treat to our DJ friends out there, Jordan Postrel is giving the track away as a .wav for those who want to hear this one played out on the biggest possible PA’s one could find. Check it out above.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (July 2013 Round #3)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaThere are not enough hours in the day, which equates to not enough hours in the week, which multiplies itself into years just flying by. When life gets way too overwhelming, come visit the Ninja for a second. Masters of time we may not be, but we can definitely come to aide in focusing your mind on the glorious sound of  indie music…

Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Treehouse Schemes
Hannah Karydas
Robby Hunter Band
Look Away
Wild Ones
Curse Over Me
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[Progressive House] Triad Dragons – Chasing Shadows ft. Julie Zorrilla

Triad Dragons
Chasing Shadows feat Julie Zorrilla (Original Mix)

On the heels of Triad Dragon’s second Global Dance Festival appearance, this Denver dance trio has released their brand new single, “Chasing Shadows” on Manufactured Music. This anthemic summer time progressive house gem features emotionally charged lyrics from Columbian vocalist Julie Zorrilla and energizing uplifting melody and driving beats that got the Red Rocks crowd moving last Saturday night.

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[Busted] Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup – We No Speak Americano (HeRobust)

Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup
We No Speak Americano (BUSTED By HeRobust)

Pretty much everyone has heard some version of this song at some point, whether it was the original or one of the many subsequent remixes. I remember hearing versions pop up when I first started working here at TMN and still love hearing Trumpdisco’s take on “We No Speak Americano” every now and then. When I saw the name Yolanda Be Cool I immediately thought it was a remix of one of their newer tracks. Maybe “Love Keeps?” Then I re-read it and got really excited.

While this song definitely saw plenty of remixes, it’s been a while since I’ve heard one. And it’s been even longer since I’ve heard one this good. Leave it to Hotlanta producer/DJ HeRobust to turn this track upside with some massive bass heavy trap beats. The vocal sampling is spot on and the razor sharp synths really give this track a new feel while still maintaining the latin flare of the original. The track continues with a energetic hard style build only to leave you feeling bruised and busted with another devastating drop.

Head over to HeRobust’s Soundcloud and snag this free download for yourself.

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[Synth-Pop] Carousel – Before You

Before You

For the past few weeks synth-pop savantes Jackson Philips and Kevin Friedman, better known to most as Carousel, have been dropping tastes of their impending extended play Palms, which is getting all glossed up and mastered as we speak in time for an early August release. So far we’ve had the pleasure of premiering “Wolf’s Awake” and “Not Enough”; both of which made an appearance in the Hype Machine Top-Ten charts and as they say good things come in threes. So today, Carousel gifts to the world “Before You”, the third single to leak off of Palms. “Before You” follows a slow burning path, resulting in a tune that could quite honestly fall under a “dream-pop” tag. While most of their music is written to make you move, we cherish these ballads as songs we can hold onto and consume in a secluded bedroom. You should probably do the same, perhaps even with a special girl or boy.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #45

chill dojo

If all the recent contention surrounding the Beatport Top 100 has got you craving some new sounds, the Chill Dojo can promise you something fresh on a weekly basis. There are ton of emerging artists delivering something unique to satisfy your musical desires, as well as our dojo favourites who are constantly evolving their signature styles. So forget all the genre doom and gloom and just chill.

What better way to celebrate this musical diversity than with three new stunning tracks from French Kiwi Juice’s second EP, Time for a Change. It’s a very topical title indeed, and the three features here are the perfect display of this artist’s versatile sound incorporating soulful groove and funky beats. The opening piano chords are enough to know you’ll be hooked on this one. And while we’re talking versatile styles, Mr. Carmack is the definition of just that, regularly doing the rounds both here and in the Trap Dojo. Well he’s back in the playlist this week thanks to two new tunes that let his soft side shine through. There’s no point even trying to assign a genre to these two, so just listen to them with the forewarning that they are at dangerously high levels of smooth. Oh that warning applies to the next Amerie remix as well, because French beatmaker Blacksoul has injected this classic RnB jam with incredible sounds that carry some serious vibes. It’s really hard to describe just how amazing this is, but damn those French know how to make a good thing better. Something that can’t be improved though is the beautiful voice of British songstress Laura Mvula. Nevertheless, UK producer MJ Cole has dabbled in some masterful vocal slicing and dicing to prove that they can sound just as beautiful chopped as they are whole. Finally, we couldn’t end this week’s edition without mentioning our excitement over the forthcoming Shook  debut album. The announcement came with a free release of featured title ‘Summer Heat’, which is signature Shook and of course, made for Summer.

You definitely won’t find two songs the same in this dojo. Variety is the spice of life after all. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #45 zip

Instant Need
Between Moods
noodling, with papi
One thing ( BLACKSOUL Remix )
Laura Mvula SHE (MJ Cole Radio Remix)
Summer Heat (Album Version)
So Fine
Michael Jackson
Rock With You (Baptiste MCMXCI Remix)
Skyfall ( Mr.Nu Remix Aquarium Radio Special )
The Preatures
Is This How You Feel? (Classixx Remix)
Diana Ross
The Boss (Pyxis Remix)
Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford
Thing Called Love (JArt & Madan Discotropic Remix)
Airglow Fires
Hybrid Minds
Halcyon feat. Grimm
Nina Simone Feel Good (Skyphos Remix)
Here With Me
Sunny Prod Hippie Sabotage
Fifteen (BEN BADA BOOM Edit)
Obey City
Fade Feat. Mariah Dawn (Out Now)
Dream Catcher
Maverick Sabre
I Need (Luis Leon Blue Sky Edit)


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[Folk] Bruno Merz – Departing From Crowds


There’s some stuff I’ll admit to and some stuff I won’t: I’ll admit that I cry at movies. I’ll admit that I will often think for more than a second about shoe selection while picking out an outfit (most dudes don’t). But until today, I would not have admitted that I got choked up listening to music. Well, Bruno Merz’ Departing From Crowds is a great way for me to come clean with myself. This album had me fighting back the vapors, lemme tell ya…

Shut up. I lift weights and watch football, too! Well, except for the last part.

Anyway, Merz clearly studied up on his Nick Drake while crafting his songs, but Departing From Crowds seems somehow more approachable than Drake and artists like him. The content of the lyrics is simple, reassuring, grateful and soothing. Instrumentally you can expect the inclusion of guitars, banjos and some piano, simply and skillfully employed.

The first track “When You Found Me,” is a tear-jerker but not in a sappy, sentimental, Nicholas Sparks kind of way. The utterance of “when you found me/I never knew that I deserved you” is one of the simplest but most profound and moving lines I’ve heard in music. Anyone who has found the love of his/her life knows exactly what the singer means. The instrumentals are simple and thoughtful with some eloquent piano additions. This will be played at many a wedding.

“The Nine Sixteen,” is folkier than the others on the album. There’s a distinct bluegrass feel with the addition of of the banjo plucking over the chords of the guitar. The lyrics questioning “where is home?” is essential folk, but it’s inserted so smoothly into the song that one doesn’t feel beat over the head with the genre.

This is a good one–not just for making a playlist for that gal you’re crushing on (quite good for that though, fellas)–but as an example of well done music. Take a listen to these couple tracks and add Merz to your “must haves” in folk.

When You Found Me
For You Now
Home Soon
Nine Sixteen
Crossing Borders
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