[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #6

It’s that time you’ve all been waiting for once again, when all the week’s worries can disappear at the click of a mouse. The most satisfying part of assembling the Chill Dojo each week is that the collection isn’t restricted by genre or defined by its bpm. The tracks you hear are chosen for the feeling they invoke, a sensation where nothing else matters but the gorgeous melodies and beats flowing from your speakers. So without further ado, it’s time to tap into that feeling once again.

There was no doubt to what earned its spot as track of the week for this edition, with KOAN Sound’s remix of “Green & Blue” from the upcoming Halo 4 soundtrack being one of our most popular features on the site over recent days. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the game series or not, this is a beautifully mellow creation from the duo that are widely known for their heavy glitch-infused bass. Another standout in this collection comes courtesy of Alex Mcghee, who takes the very unique “Telemiscommunications” from deadmau5′s recently released album, >Insert Album Title Here<, and infuses it with some wobbly goodness while still maintaining a super chill feeling. Le Youth once again slides in this week with another dance tune oozing tropical vibes which is now up for free download. Other worthy mentions go to another usual suspect to the Chill Dojo, Satin Jackets, as well as an amazing bootleg of “Sunset” by The xx which will make you fall in love with the song even more than you originally thought possible. It’s another diverse arrangement dished up in this installment, all connected by the one aim to make your Sunday as laid-back as can be. Peace out.

Halo 4
Green & Blue (KOAN Sound Remix)
Deadmau5 & Imogen Heap
Telemiscommunications (Alex McGhee Edit)
The Hint
Plus One Minus One (Le Youth Remix)
The Socialites feat. Tesla Boy
Only This Moment (Satin Jackets Mix).mp3
Everytime You Cry (Satin Jackets Remix).mp3
The Xx
Sunset (Libations & Oscillations Bootleg)
Lotus Flower Bomb (Hesk Remix)
Never Say Never (Lane 8 Rework)
Robin Thicke
Lost Without You(Dublin Aunts Daytime Sex Mix) Free D/L
Wildcat! Wildcat!
End Of The World Everyday (Vindata Official Remix)
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[Preview] Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom

The two crazy Swedes we know as Dada Life give us a teaser for one of the newest releases that will be on their upcoming album titled, The Rules Of Dada. This track, “Boing Clash Boom” features some sexy female vocals with their always funky synths and melodies. The first drop reminded me a lot of  ”Feed The Dada” but utilizing some different instruments. But the second drop, features something new from Dada Life, and that’s gnarly Hard Style drop featuring some key vocal edits. Cheers.

To check out the entire Tracklist for The Rules Of Dada and to Pre-order the album, click here. 

Dada Life
Boing Clash Boom (PREVIEW)

The Rules Of Dada will drop on October 16th via So Much Dada

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[Indie Rock] Tame Impala – Lonerism (Album Review)

Upon first hearing of this new band called Tame Impala a few years ago, I scoffed at the formulaic indie/alt rock name (ironic adjective + obscure animal… think about it). But soon after pressing play, I bit my tongue. As a follow-up to their impressive debut Innerspeaker, Lonerism is that sequel you have to check out because you loved the first one so much. The Australian psych-rock trio’s sophomore album is now streamable and soon downloadable.

Tame Impala carries over the — to borrow the band’s own invented word — “lonerism” attitude embedded in the lyrics of Innerspeaker (hear “Solitude is Bliss”), still transcending whatever negative connotation is associated with solitude. The overlapping synth and panting in the opener “Be Above It” diverges momentarily from the group’s expected thick guitar and loopy verses. Every piece that follows is on point, from the simple staccato piano in “Apocalypse Dream,” to the pulsating bass line of “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards,” to the chunky bar chords and heavy, wordless chorus in “Elephant”.

Apocalypse Dreams


The raw guitar beneath trailing vocals from frontman Kevin Parker creates an unmistakable sound that is eerily like…dare I say…The Beatles. Tame Impala themselves admit their sound is one “equally informed by The Beatles as it is by beat poetry”. I hear, even more so in this second album, a sense of being lost in the music and the process of creating it. Like recording this album was some sort of ongoing collection of diary entries that both rebukes and lauds creative isolation.

Lonerism is out for the US of A on October 9th via Modular Recordings. Stream it in full on NPR here.

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[Trap] Flosstradamus – Ov3r (Kid Womp Remix)


Chicago-based duo Flosstradamus have had a hell of a past couple of months, thanks to the fact that trap has absolutely blown the living daylights out of the EDM scene, and also due to the fact that their massive EP “X☮” dropped yesterday and is certifiably insane. And of course here comes Kid Womp, an Austin, Texas-based producer to add the perfect amount of bounce and bass to the already-bootylicious “Ov3r”. Stay up with the ever-evolving musical times and keep tabs on this kid (no pun intended) and download this rump-shaker for free. Happy Friday!

Flosstradamus-Ov3r (Kid Womp Remix)
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[Remix] David Guetta feat. Taped Rai – Just One Last Time (Fareoh Remix)

Last time we did a post about Fareoh, we said that it wouldn’t be the last time we feature him on The Music Ninja. Well, here we are a month later with a free download from Fareoh of his remix of David Guetta’s “One Last Time” featuring Taped Rai. The rework stays true to the original, but Fareoh switches up the drop by adding his own unique flare that makes us anxious to see what else he has in store for us in the future.

Just One Last Time (Fareoh Remix)
David Guetta ft. Taped Rai
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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #23

There’s few better ways to start off your weekend than seeing a beer drinking monkey hanging out with a cat. As random as this image may be, you have to admit, it’s nothing short of amazing. I, personally, know what’s on my agenda after seeing this picture. Let’s just say the Denver Zoo may have a late night visitor this weekend.

Anyways, this week has been a long one for most of you, I’m sure. Don’t fret though. The weekend is here, and it’s time to drown out any memories of a stressful week. Press play, and get down.



Lil Jon
Snap Your Fingers (Candylands OG Remix)
Go Hard (Valentino Khan Remix)
DallasK vs. Deadmau5 vs. The Refused
New Front Ladder (Kastra Bootleg)
Alex Clare
Too Close (Bring The Noise Remix)
Shapes of Light
Eclipse (Original Mix)
Daft Punk
Around The World (Meaux Greens very unofficial Remix)
RIKRAK (Meaux Green Remix) Zone Records
Ferry Corsten ft Ben Hague
Aint No Stoppin (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Hook N Sling vs Stuart Browne & Flipper
Surrender Wild Card (DJ QF Edit)
Tits & Clits
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[Mix] Bassnectar – Freestyle Mixtape

A couple of days ago Bassnectar released another massive mix full of unreleased tunes. Most of the tracks will be off his upcoming EP titled Freestyle, which drops October 16th via Amorphous Music. These 19 tracks are nothing but bass to your face insanity from the San Francisco native. Lorin drops everything from a remix of Zion I to a mashup of his “VaVa Voom” remix mixed with an acapella from Dead Presidents. Other then the original works he drops, there are some impressive collabs such as the one with DC Breaks and even an edit of Hudson Mohawke‘s track “Thunder Bay”. Bassnectar shows some truly impressive mixing throughout this 4- minute thrill ride that he calls, Freestyle Mixtape. And check out the bonus Rip from this mix featuring an impressive mashup mixed with some the instrumental of “Rap With A T”. Cheers.

Freestyle Mixtape
Rap With A T (Freestyle Mixtape RIP)

For the entire Tracklist click, Read More.

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