[Chill] Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day

coyote kisses
sunny day

After their last single “Revive”, which made an appearance in the 116th edition of our excellent weekly playlist The Chill Dojo, L.A.’s Coyote Kisses again touch down on the hallowed grounds of TMN with a brand new original “Sunny Day”. This one comes just before festival season kicks off, speaking wonderfully to that vibrant energy which tends to accompany such a time of the year. Coyote Kisses deftly fold an effervescent, arpeggiated synth progression in with crisp, rolling drums and fractured hi-hats, creating their own taste of impending warm weather through the scope of composed instrumentation. We think they summed it up much better than us however, stating: “We dragged all our equipment onto a dock in Florida and channeled the energy of the passing pelicans and seagulls.  Somewhere along the line, seagulls turned into skittle-shooting automatic lasers.  We hope it brings people some sunshine.” Well for the staff in Denver under the current blizzard cloud, we thank you for the musical glow. Grab a free download of “Sunny Day” here.

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[Chill] Harriet Brown & Astronauts etc. – Fiction

Harriet Brown & Astronauts etc.

After dropping the impressive Sadie EP last year, Oakland-based producer/vocalist Anthony Ferraro, aka Astronauts etc., has returned with his first release of 2015, a phenomenal collaboration with rising LA talent Harriet Brown. “Fiction” rests on a wobbling bass-line layered with psychedelic, wavy instrumentation creating an ethereal atmosphere. It is the soulful vocals, though, that really bring the sonic on this track to life as Brown flexes his creative vocal delivery and range. With Toro y Moi‘s Chaz Bundick also contributing to the production, it comes as little surprise that “Fiction” ends up sounding like a chillwave masterpiece. If you’re not yet familiar with Harriet Brown, we’d also definitely recommend checking out his refreshingly unique New Era EP. Zone to this marvelous song above and, for all the SF ninjas, Harriet Brown and Astronauts etc. will be performing together for free tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall

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[Synth-Pop/Indie-Dance] Karl Kling – Careful

Karl Kling

Currently stationed in the Northwestern paradise that is Portland, OR; heavy RAC collaborator and former member (before RAC dropped to just André Allen Anjos), Karl Kling has been paying careful attention (get it?) to his impressive solo project more and more as of late. And good thing too, because Kling’s latest single “Careful” would just have felt a bit out of place under the RAC banner. “Careful” taps into Karl Kling’s indie-rock influences more than his dance-poppy body of work would indicate, while also featuring the man himself laying down every breathy inch of vocal expanse along the way. These elements while simple on paper, are wound beautifully, resulting in a sticky sweet tune that will loop in your subconscious from the moment it plays.  “Careful” is the second track from an upcoming debut LP out later this spring on March 3rd via Ghost Beach’s Crazy Heart Records, which we’ll be consuming the moment it drops. Hear “Careful” above.

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[Electronic] Chelsea Lankes – Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)

Chelsea Lankes
Down For Whatever (Carousel Remix)

L.A. via Texas pop vocalist Chelsea Lankes has most recently been permeating radio and blog waves with her latest single “Down For Whatever”. While the original is your proto-typical pop sound of modern day youth and the eager desire to live in the moment, another pair of L.A. inhabitants, and a duo whom has grown near and dear to our hearts over the years, Carousel, injects new life within Lankes’ original. Rather than follow an airy synth-pop blueprint as one might have expected from the former Berklee students, Carousel walks “Down For Whatever” into a two-step drum pattern and weighty synths, dipping into deeper, late night harkening instrumentation. We love seeing this more aphotic side of Jackson Philips and Kevin Friedman’s constantly evolving project, and here’s to hoping we get some more of that brooding take on pop from their machine filled studio in the near future. Stream Carousel’s “Down For Whatever” remix above.

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DJ SoySauce – Broken Record ft. Joni Fatora (Louis The Child Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Broken Record (feat. Joni Fatora) (Louis The Child Remix)

Now that the cats out of the bag about DJ SoySauce’s true identity (1/2 of the project is Royals), we can’t help but feel the anxiety within us come to a subtle end. The anonymity behind that project drove us through the wall and into a realm of high blood pressure and insomnia. Now that that’s finally over, we can go back to sharing the latest internet-breaking tune from TMN favorite’s, Louis The Child, and their sensational remix of DJ SoySauce’s, “Broken Record” featuring Joni Fatora.

Louis The Child are a couple of young kids who just happen to have quite the knack for producing…and slaying the Hype Machine charts like a Nord slays a dragon in Skyrim. Today we are absolutely thrilled to be premiering their remix of “Broken Record” and can confidently say that this is one of the most phenomenal pieces they’ve crafted yet. Without straying too far from the original, Louis The Child transform this DJ Soysauce gem into a head bobbing, futuristic, hella fun anthem of 2015. Filled with beautifully side-chained synths, a cheerful progression, and fun little breakdowns to make us feel like we’re 6 years old in a candy store, LTC give us a delicious new rendition to make our ears and mouth crave more. As we try to find a remedy to settle this sweet tooth (other than the repeat button and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s), make sure you pick up your free download and add an extra scoop of happiness to your day because LTC is about to boost your mood like never before.

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[Chill] Nick Leng – Leaves

Nick Leng

San Diego producer Nick Leng released his debut EP, Tunnels and Planes, last Friday and it’s quickly become one of this ninja’s favorite releases of the year. Since first popping up on our radar last year, Leng has been steadily building a following on Soundcloud for his warm, ambient brand of electronic music. “Leaves,” the second track on the project, embodies the emotional depth of his sound. Matching his own soaring, distant vocals, Leng builds a pulsing backdrop with piano and guitar melodies that fall into utter bliss. It’s hard not to smile while listening to this one and the remainder of the EP is equally delightful. Vibe above–Tunnels and Plans is available to stream on Spotify and purchase via iTunes.

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[Electro-Soul/Synth-Pop] Coleman Hell – 2 Heads

Coleman Hell
2 Heads

Back in early December we featured the stellar debut EP, VENA, from Toronto based Coleman Hell, which if you read our review, we were gushing over. Today, the versatile producer has returned with a new single “2 Heads”, and has introduced yet another alternate glimpse into an impressive production psyche. “2 Heads” most notably takes its cues from a twangy, reverb steeped banjo line, which rests itself nicely on top of Coleman Hell’s smooth vocal track and an airy, melodious synth-pop backdrop. “2 Heads” is the first track we’ve had the pleasure of hearing in advance of a debut LP, Srry Bout Last Nite, so we’ll be tuned in as Coleman Hell’s latest album develops. Until then, get your Coleman Hell fix above.

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