[Synth Pop] Salt Ashes – If You Let Me Go

Salt Ashes
If You Let Me Go (Main Mix)

You know a track is going to be pretty damn good when you find out it was written and produced in over 3 different parts of the world. Between spending countless nights on the floors of Ibiza, Berlin, and New York, singer and songwriter Salt Ashes blew us away with her latest, “If You Let Me Go”. The young artist takes us on a trip back to the days of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Debbie Harry in this 80’s inspired flashback anthem.

“You don’t need to rescue me, rescue me, if you let me go.”

“If You Let Me Go” combines both modern and classic pop, heavy synths, and powerful lyrics to create an all around flawless track. Salt Ashes is the internets next big weapon for music and we cannot wait to see what this talented artist has in store for us in the coming months. Make sure to grab this tune on out now on Radikal Records.

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[Hip Hop] Travi$ Scott – Drive (The 1975 Remix)

Travi$ Scott
Drive (The 1975 Remix)

If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from The 1975, it’s to never expect anything. Taking the world by storms in a year’s time, this Manchester based four-piece went from subtly self-releasing songs to playing nearly every major festival. Let’s put it this way, when we first saw them in Denver, they played at the Marquis, a venue that holds 157 people. The next time we caught them, they were on the second largest stage at Coachella. Next on our list is seeing them at the Filmore, which holds 4,500.

Despite being an indie rock band heavily rooted in classic instrumentation, the band also flirts with electronica often. “M.O.N.E.Y,” from their debut album, sports crackling atmospheric hiss layered over choppy samples and glitchy synths. Their remix of McMorrow’s “Cavalier” displays some of the same respect for the electronic, developing a luscious soundscape behind McMorrow’s breathtaking vocals.

In their second collaboration with Travi$ Scott, (the first being “Don’t Play”), we’re offered up a unique blend of sultry bass and indie rock, topped off with verses from the original and a verse from Matty. It’s encapsulating, careening down your spine with a seductive bassline worthy of each and every bedroom playlist it will eventually find its way into.

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Mirkwood (Original Mix)

Having just released his explosive new ‘JVCKWOOD’ EP via Excision’s Rottun Recordings this past Monday, bass music producer, LUMBERJVCK, has put himself in a good position for future releases. The young woodsman, otherwise known as Connor Schnatzel, first came onto the radar by offering his original tracks and remixes free to his fans. Now showing the darker side of his creativity with this EP, we can surely expect to hear much more from this promising talent. To gain an understanding in how he produced intricate tracks, such as the recent “Mirkwood”, we chatted with LUMBERJVCK to hear more about his production techniques and set up:

What DAW do you work with and why?

I work with Ableton. I prefer Ableton because of its ease of access. I used to use Reason, but I would get really frustrated with the workflow so I switched.

What does your studio consist of?

My studio consists of one 50 inch flat screen, Rokit 6 monitors, a Focusrite Scarlet soundcard, and an MPK61.

Top 5 go-to VSTs to work with?

LFO Tool, Akustix, Effectrix, Insight, and the PX-7 FM synth in Reason.

What are some techniques you use for sound design? 

I love layering sounds. I usually layer a bass growl with a real animal growl. I have the bass come down the middle while the animal growl is spread in the stereo field. This is how I get my most crazy noises.

You’re starting off a track, what’s the first step?

The first step to any track for me is a big and loud drum beat.

Any weird tricks that speed up productivity for you?

When I need to kickstart productivity I write everything down I have to do in a day. I won’t let myself relax or make other plans until the list is complete.

Are you trained in any organic instruments?

I have trained myself in guitar, piano, and drums.

You can pick up a copy of “JVCKWOOD” EP here. 

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Kicks n Licks – Morning Light (Instrumental Version) [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Kicks n Licks
Morning Light (Instrumental Version)

Andy Joplin & Jerrod Jordan have come to make a lasting impression on their fans, the blogosphere, and the world. Coming from San Diego, this devilish DJ/Producer have always had a knack for the melodic, seamlessly blending rolling basslines with breathtaking melodies. Since their inception some two years ago, these two have provided laid-back vibes ranging from dubstep to glitch hop, to trap and future bass. Regardless of the genre, there were always a few guarantees – bass would be present and melodies would be defined.

Their latest release, which comes off their Momentum EPM embodies that mindset more than ever, providing an achingly beautiful soundscape worthy of cinematic greatness. Featuring singer K. Emaline, “Morning Light,” was a song that delved deep into PLUR culture, asking the listener to carelessly escape their day-to-day lives. Getting lost in an encompassing rhythmic percussion section, this song easily paved the way for the hopeless dreamers to wander along a story rife with self-discovery, passion and love.

After some requests from their loyal fans, Kicks n Licks have decided to provide the instrumental version to this song. While we certainly enjoyed the more than lovely vocals from Ms. Emaline, we were admittedly excited to succomb to the rich, atmospheric soundscape comprised of light, chimes, chirping birds, and expertley crafted percussion.

We all need an escape in our day to day lives. Whether it’s stepping outside for a quick smoke, or just closing your eyes for a few brief seconds, it’s a necessary accompaniment to our day. Our suggestion? Put this on during that break from reality. It’s only going to amplify the effects of those crucial endorphins.

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[Progressive House] James Young – Habits Of My Heart (Luke Shay Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Jaymes Young
Habits Of My Heart (Luke Shay Remix)

After arriving onto the dance scene with a bullet by winning Adventure Club’s official “Wonder” remix competition in March and racking up over a million Soundcloud plays in a matter of months, L.A. via Virginia Beach producer Luke Shay has returned with an uplifting progressive house remix of James Young’s “Habits Of My Heart”. Shay’s latest contribution to the dance community combines a superbly catchy lead synth line and shuffling hi-hats which work brilliantly with James Young’s original vocal track. Further bolstering this bouncy body of dance arrangement; the moment the track fully opens behind its first climax we found it basically impossible not to smile and bounce along for its duration- which if you’ve been with us Ninjas for a while now, you hopefully know that’s one of our favorite feelings in the world. Already with stellar remixes of Pegboard Nerds and Tritonal supported by the likes of Diplo, Krewella, Gareth Emery and of course Adventure Club, Shay carries a keen sense of traditional musicianship often lacking from the world of electronic music, providing yet another reason we were so excited to share this one with the world in the form of a TMN Premiere. Following an extended weekend, this was the perfect remedy to uplift our spirits, and we think it will have the same effect on our savvy readers as well. Stream Luke Shay’s remix of “Habits Of My Heart” above and try not to pull a hamstring dancing along with this one.

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LuvBug – Resonance (Dexcell Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Resonance (Dexcell Remix)

This newly formed dance collective made up of Marvin Humes, Grammy nominated JKAY, and producer White N3rd is quickly garnering the adoration of the music-lover community. Better known as LuvBug, the trio made waves with their vocal-driven, groovy tune “Resonance.” Coming out in October, this debut single has already hit #7 in the popular charts on The Hype Machine and is sitting at #10 on the Shazam chart.

Taking into account  their love for 90’s raves and London heritage, it’s only natural to see a stunning Drum and Bass remix following the success of the original. In comes Dexcell, the Watford based trio comprised of David Wilson, Sammy Stabile, and Adam Smart. With an up-tempo facelift, “Resonance” is given a liquid interpretation rife with fast paced percussion, rolling basslines, and light, ethereal synth work.

Expertly sampling vocals from the original, we find the association LuvBug’s charm still very much intact, giving us a solid connection to what we first fell in love with. With a solid take, Dexcell has just made a whole dojo’s worth of new fans.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #99

chill dojo

It astounds me even as I write this, but yes we are up to edition #99 of The Chill Dojo. We’re not going to get all emotional on you yet, but we’ll let the music do that for us as we always do. First up is an artist we’ve watched since his early days, and have seen grow more and more with every release since. Basenji first caught our ear with his eclectic Cashmere Cat style, but his uniqueness has really come to the fore since. ‘Heirloom’ demonstrates exactly why this guy deserves to pack shows in Australia and beyond, and why he’ll always be someone we call out in all the playlists to come. We’re moving into some super chill house next, and this is a domain that Germany’s finest know all too well. The young LCAW is one of these producers reinventing libraries of indie folk songs with gorgeous downtempo beats and gentle touches which elevate the originals to levels of pure serenity. Ferdinand Weber is another one of these Munich-based adepts, and we highlighted his latest take on ‘ILYSB’ only a few days ago. One remix we’re yet to mention is from LA artist Woodys Produce, but we’d be foolish not to give a shout-out to his smooth slice of summer as half the world farewells this glorious season.

Look out, because this next feature may just steal your heart in more ways than one. The angelic Evangelia will captivate both sight and sound with her first electronic release in ‘Hourglass’. Every so often you hear a song that preludes an artist’s future greatness, and the vocal power of the NJ singer/songwriter reveals something truly special indeed, and we’ll be sure to hear her on many more tracks to come. We’re already well aware of the prolific abilities of Rameses B, and he once again delivers a melodic gem in ‘Broken Trust’. Weaving through ambient electronica like no one else can, the UK producer seems to control the very fragments of time with every moment of liquid tranquility, creating an astral journey through the pure emotion of sound.

Next week may be the milestone, but every week brings with it incredible highlights worth remembering well into the future.

Chill Dojo #99 zip

Ruu Campbell x LCAW
The Call
ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)
ILYSB (WoodysProduce Summer Citrus Remix #8)
Hourglass (Prod. Iron Giant)
Rameses B
Broken Trust
The Way She Moves
Sad Kids
You Flow
Days With You (Fwdslxsh Remix)
Kill Paris
Silence Of Heartbreak (Random Movement Remix)
Sleepless (Prince Fox & Jenaux Remix)
Flux Pavilion
Freeway (Kill The Noise & Flux Pavilion Remix)
Louis Futon
Silk (Kill Paris Remix)
Crystal Fighters
Love Alight (GANZ Remix)
Sable Feat. Kele
The One
Nothing Lasts Forever
Tattoos On My Heart
Ryan Hemsworth
Cream Soda (with Tomggg)
Play It Back
Golfland Sunsplash
Turqouise G Perspective
Aston Shuffle
Back And Forth (MooZ Remix)
Say Anything (Feat. Twin Shadow and DAngelo Lacy)
Aphrodite (Ramzoid Remix)
London Grammar
Strong (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Ms. Jackson (The Golden Pony Remix)
Heart On Fire (Duncan Murray Bootleg)
Electro Deluxe
Devil (BLVD95 Remix)
De Hofnar
Shower (Bootleg)
Body Language
Good Things
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