[Indie-Pop] Brick + Mortar – Bangs EP


Brick + Mortar are back with an EP for us! With simple beats, powerful vocals and lyrics and a heavy electro backdrop, this EP has plenty of umph to get you up in the morning, on the dance floor, or into work on time. It’s almost impossible not to move to this music!

“Locked in a Cage” begins with vocals that sound vaguely reggae, if not for the fierce lyrics. The song employs a simple electric guitar well, creating a gritty feel that lasts beyond the song.

“Old Boy” keeps up the energy with a banging drums, a driving bass line and contagious lyrical repetition. The short ditty relies on crunchy synth notes to drive the melody.

This EP is solid, high energy fun!

Brick + Mortar
Locked In A Cage
Brick + Mortar
Old Boy


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[Electro] Chase & Status – Machine Gun (feat. Pusha T)

Chase & Status
Machine Gun (feat Pusha T)

Just in case you’re having some trouble getting over the hump this week, U.K. production duo, Chase & Status, have got you covered with a high octane track featuring a verse from none other than the recently omnipresent Pusha T. As its name implies, “Machine Gun” holds a dark, heavy and intense feel accentuated perfectly by Push’s ruthless brand of raps.

Wake yourself up with this booming single above and look out for Chase & Status’s upcoming album, Brand New Machine, due out on October 7th.  Pusha T’s highly anticipated album, My Name Is My Name, drops the following day on October 8th.

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[Electro] Active Child – Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

Active Child Subtle
Active Child
Subtle (Feat. Mikky Ekko)

“Subtle” is just about the last adjective I’d use to describe this funky new single from Active Child. Joined by gifted crooner and frequent TMN favorite, Mikky Ekko, this tune is a deep departure from the dense, forlorn soundscapes we’ve grown accustomed to from Pat Grossi on prevous singles like “Hanging On” and “She Cut Me.” Plucking synths and crashing percussion set the stage for this high-flying number, which incorporates a decidedly 80′s retro-future inspired sound. Ekko does his best Michael Jackson impression, bringing to the table a confident and punctuating delivery that serves as a sharp contrast to Grossi’s own vocal efforts. “Subtle” serves as a signal for us that his upcoming Rapor EP isn’t just business as usual for the talented young producer, making us even more exicted to see what he has in store for October 22nd.

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Grouplove - Ways To Go (The Knocks REMIX)
Ways To Go (The Knocks Remix)

Both Grouplove and The Knocks were recently featured in our MEGA SUMMER PLAYLIST series, and even though it’s September now, there’s no shame in … Continue reading »

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[Progressive] Zedd – Stay The Night (Feat. Hayley Williams)

Stay The Night (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

We’re not going to lie, we still keep Clarity in heavy rotation around here. Even so, we’ve been pining for new material from Zedd ever since the release of last year’s breakout album. Thankfully, we finally have the fruitful bounty of all our patience with this brand new collaboration alongside Paramore‘s Hayley Williams. “Stay The Night” is exactly what you’d expect from the German DJ. It’s a soaring, uplifting affair, layered with textured, euphoric synths and an infectious chorus. Just like his previous singles, it’s pretty evident that this one is going to stay on repeat until the end of the year. Make sure to pre-order the deluxe edition of Clarity, available on iTunes September 24th with four additional bonus tracks, including this tune right here.

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[Song to Break Up To] Ta-Ku – I Miss You

Ta Ku
I Miss You

Sometimes, when you are going through situations in your life, certain songs have a way of finding you and speaking directly to you. Australia’s Ta-Ku will be releasing his EP Songs To Break Up To in October but he released a song off there called “I Miss You” about two months ago. This is a song in response to Willow Smith’s “Summer Fling”. While it is hard to take the lyrics of a twelve year old to heart on the love issue, it is easy to fall for Ta-Ku’s melody that adds a sense of adultness and sensual reality to the mix. The song has two sets of vocals, a woman’s distinct voice and then an altered voice which comes off as a male companion. The lyrics touch on the simple chemistry between two people where, as many of us have experienced, one wants a relationship while the other just wants to keep everything casual, a just for fun thing. Ta-Ku puts his own seducing drum and electronic beats throughout the piece making it ever so seductive for the ears and the heart.

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[New Artist] Bastille – Things We Lost in The Fire (Torn Remix)

Things We Lost In The Fire (Torn Remix)

Got to love new artists.
There is little to say about Torn right now except that he is an up and coming artist out of Stockholm Sweden who is quietly making his way into the music scene.

His remix of Bastille’s “Thing We Lost in The Fire” has quite a sound of its own. Taking the song and turning it up to an electric music level, Torn works his magic melodies to rock through the original mix, keeping the intensity of Bastille’s vocals but adding Torn’s own twist to make this song a pounding remix. Torn has made it clear he can make a hell of a remix, we hear some original songs are on the way as well and can’t wait to get torn up over this artist.

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