[Progressive House] Anna Kendrick – Cups (Terzetto Remix)

Anna Kendrick
Cups (Terzetto Remix)

There is one song that constantly is finding itself in my head, the catchy “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. Now add in some electronic flair and turn the beat up a few good volts and now you have a catchy tune in my head that I can’t stop dancing to. Philadelphia’s Terzetto, an electro/progressive house trio made up of Kristin Rose, Vinny Geo and Rone, have taken their same love for “Cups” and put their own electro twist on it. They add upbeat melodies, string through high electronic rhythms and intertwine Kendrick’s lyrics to create an upbeat, energy filled remix that is sure to keep every cup more than half full.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #52

chill dojo

Every week on the Chill Dojo is a celebration of music, but number 52 is a whole lot sweeter marking a year’s worth of playlists since it first began. It’s been a great journey so far covering a number of emerging artists doing creative things,  as well as some of our favourite names who continue to produce and develop their amazing trademark styles. And if recent weeks have been any indication, things are only going to get better as time goes on.

If there was ever a song to celebrate this occasion, it’s this latest one from Australian producer Wave Racer, who takes the groovin original track ‘The Dofflin’ to the next level with his infectious sound. The artist is creating all kinds of buzz lately, and not just in his home country either, with a recent signing to Future Classic and massive coverage all over the blogosphere. Granted, the Chill Dojo has been caught napping in posting his music, but it’s definitely a case of better late than never here. A quick listen to any of the tracks featured below will be enough to know why he’s got plenty of people dancing, chilling, or even just smiling at how damn good he sounds. Switching things up now to some chill house and a man that needs no introduction in Joris Voorn. To the joy of many fans, ‘Ringo’ has finally had a recent release and it’s not hard to see what the anticipation was all about. Put simply, it’s just a beautiful song which has been crafted to perfection, progressing along with plenty of intricate details and magical moments. In much the same way, Germany’s Stimming delivers the same kind of sentiments to his remix of ‘Kids Play’, which definitely brings back fond memories of summers come and gone. And if we’re talking house, you just know we want to throw in some funky French flavour, and thankfully Edward Newgate has come up with the goods with a superb remix of FKJ. Keeping on trend we’ve also got the usual suspects in Ta-Ku and Kaytranada amongst the playlist, and we’ve even ended things off in our favourite with a little reggae number courtesy of Demouche. A perfect way to top off what’s been a great year of chill music.

For chill ninjas old and new, we hope you continue to enjoy these playlists and the exciting things to come. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #52 zip

Cosmos Midnight
The Dofflin (Wave Racer Remix)
Wave Racer
Rock U Tonite
Wave Racer
Ghost Town DJs
My Boo (Wave Racer Remix)
Joris Voorn
Ian Pooley
Kids Play (Stimming Remix).mp3
Lying Together (Edward Newgate Remix)
Hayden James
Embrace (Version)
Zero 7
Dont Call It Love (12 Version) feat. Tom Leonard
We Were In Love
At All
Joel Compass
Fucked Up (Compuphonic Remix)
Never (8prn rmx)
Liz (Arnold x Lil Texas Remix)
Something (Rameses B Remix)
Demouche X Rainmaker
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[Soul] Mirror Signal – Broken Soldier & I’ve Changed My Signature


Suffolk based Mirror Signal is the solo act of one, Steven Barker. At first this was going to be a completely acoustic venture, but as Steven got into different genres of music, his interests changed. After purchasing a Macbook and a microphone, he began recording his debut EP, “Broken Soldier.” As with many indie artists, the entire EP was recorded from his bedroom.

His style is eclectic; a fusion of jazz, hip hop, folk and soul create a rich and layered soundscape that is accentuated by Barkers’ luscious vocal range. In “Broken Soldier,” we’re offered up a very emotionally charged track with somewhat of a gospel feel, hearing deep vocal harmonies in the background. The track is lightened up a little bit with the strumming of an acoustic guitar. On the other side of the spectrum we find a track rooted in R&B, where Barker’s vocal range is put on display, carrying love laiden lyrics across a simplistic beat.

We’re excited and intrigued at first listen of Mirror Signal. It’s a beautiful combination of multiple genres that will keep you guessing and asking for more.

Broken Soldier
Ive Changed My Signature
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[House] Crystal Fighters – LA Calling (DE$iGNATED Remix)

Crystal Fighters
LA Calling (DE$iGNATED Remix)

As you wake up from your Saturday night slumber, kick your sunday into gear with this remix from this 18 year old South London producer duo, DE$iGNATED. If you’re not familiar with these two kiddos just yet, you will be after this track. Their first love of music, which is evident in their production style, is grime, garage and UK hip hop. These guys got into it early, gaining an affinity for these musical styles from the early age of nine. Quite different than this blogger, who was into nintendo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at age nine.

In this remix of Spanish energetic indie dance band Crystal Fighters, we’re woken up with a smooth house bass line and playful synths. The carefully sampled lyrics from the original add to this eclectic dance floor pleaser creating something that is engaging and infectious.

Pour yourself a bloody mary and throw this on as you make Sunday morning brunch. Unless you’re in Europe or Australia, in which case throw this on as you get ready to head out for your Sunday night festivities.

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[Event Review] Adrian Lux – LIV, Miami

Adrian Lux feat. Joakim Berg - All I Ever Wanted (Radio Edit)
Adrian Lux & Marcus Schossow
Wild Child feat. JJ (Radio Edit)

Mr. Lux has made a name for himself with his hit singles “Teenage Crime”, “Strawberry” and “Can’t Sleep” off his self-titled debut album with Ultra Records. This year Adrian has been keeping busy traveling the globe on his DAMAGED Tour. Known for wooing crowds the world over with a diverse array of hip-hop, electro, and pop influenced tracks, Adrian Lux left us thoroughly impressed with his performance.

Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne, better known as Adrian Lux, has a flare for the dramatic though his look is simplistic. Dressed in a dark tee shirt and devoid of jewelry, Adrian lets his enthusiasm for his music take the limelight. His choice in tracks and the emotion he exudes as he’s playing them speaks to his DJ prowess more so than any flash could. Miami EDM fans are known for having high standards and being tough to please. When you have a world class DJ (or 4) in your backyard on any given week, it’s easy to understand that one’s threshold for getting crazy on the dance floor may be elevated. Adrian Lux’s mix of perfectly timed build ups, unrelenting bass lines, and fresh remixes of fan favorites left us dancing like mad and begging for more.

We would be remiss to not address the environment in which this dance-fest took place. LIV, located within the luxurious Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, is in the upper echelon of dance clubs worldwide. The audio-visual production incorporated in the LIV experience is truly breathtaking. Lasers, fog cannons, blanketing amounts of confetti, balloons, foam glow sticks, and even a train horn all combine with the stunning beauty of the residents of Miami to provide an occasion worthy of cherishing. The staff at LIV is courteous, the drinks are strong, and the organization within the venue is mathematic. When LIV’s ambiance is combined with the expert DJ skills of Adrian Lux, the end result is something very special.

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[Indie] San Mei – Brighter

San Mei

There’s nothing quite like stumbling across unknown artists. Not having any preconceived notions associated with a name or an image really allows you to just take it all in. It’s one of our favorite parts about this gig.

Case in point: this debut single from Gold Coast native San Mei. The driving rhythm, playful synths, and subtle yet rich layering of sounds provides the perfect back drop for the echoey vocals. This is the first we’re hearing of San Mei, but we can’t wait to hear more of what she has to offer.

Keep tabs on her by liking her facebook page.

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[Sexy] Gent Mason – Head

Gent Mason - 1

While there’s little out there on Gent Mason, knowing who his mentor is already has us intrigued. This London based producer spent time working with Jimmy Douglas, the man who worked with Timbaland for more than a decade on records for Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Timberlake and Jay Z to name a few.

“Head” is a seductive, glowing downtempo track with sultry vocals and a reptitious beat that makes for a perfect play with your lady or dude friend. Open up a bottle of wine, throw this on and have yourself a fun Saturday night. Just spare us the details.

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