[Mashup] Treezus – Love Lockdown x Electric Feel (Kanye West x SeventhWonder)

Kanye West x SevnthWonder
Kanye West X SevnthWonder

Mashups are a difficult art to master. The idea of blending two ostensibly compatible songs together seems simple enough in theory, but rarely does it ever work in execution. Often times they can sound forced or lazily mixed, leading to something that ends up being less than the sum of its parts. A truly great mashup should feel like a completely original composition on its own, something that sounds exceptional independently from its source material. There are very few producers who can accomplish this, but we may have to consider adding Treezus to that short list. While not much is known about the young producer, this mashup between TMN mainstays Kanye West and SevnthWonder certainly caught my attention rather easily. “Love Lockdown” has never been one of my favorite entries in Kanye’s vast library, but once mixed with “Electric Feel” it transforms from a sparse, melancholic love song, into a wondrous electronic joyride. After you stream/download the track above, feel free to checkout out some of Treezus’ other mashups as well, which you can listen to below or find on his official SoundCloud page.

Day N Night X Seperate
Aaliyah X 12th Planet
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[Instrumental Remix] AbJo – Exhibit AbJo

Exhibit AbJo

If you were a hip-hop head like I was back in 2008, then Jay Electronica‘s “Exhibit A” was one of the greatest things to ever grace your eardrums. As a certified hip-hop classic at this point, looking back it’s easy to see why Jay Electronica was able to garner the hype that he did. Of course that resonant Just Blaze instrumental played an integral part in the single’s success as well. Why mention all of this? Sometimes to better understand a song’s meaning, you have to revisit the history behind it. This brand new remix from San Diego’s AbJo is already mind blowing on its own, but if I’d never heard “Exhibit A,” I don’t think I’d attach so much sentimental value to it. The talented young proudcer was able to properly capture the essential elements of the original composition, while adding in his own unique backbeat and snares to provide it with new life. It’s a wonderful blend of both old and new, and I don’t think I’d be the only one curious to see what Jay could do with this instrumental.

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[We've Been Waiting For This] Max Elto – Taped Rai EP


Well, ninjas, we’ve been waiting for this one for quite some time. Way back in April of 2013, we got our hands on “Shadow of the Sun,” and completely fell in love. In fact, if you go back to that post, you can see that we labeled it perfectly with a bracket containing the words,”Beyond Words.”

Nine months later, we’re the proud father of another post featuring these ethereal vocals from Swedish duo, Max Elto. With this newly released EP, we’re offered up not only both of the versions of “Shadow of the Sun,” but an additional three new tracks.

Leading things off for this EP is an original production, “Backyard Animals.” A slow, repetitious singular guitar note is coupled with interspersed percussions, paving the way for a bouncy bassline and some subdued vocals. At about 1:20, we’re instantly reminded of the chills we received from hearing those vocals for the first time, as that glorious vocal range is put on display. As a whole, this tune has a lovely poppy electronica feel that is extremely infectious, and absolutely ready for radio.

Next up is “City Lights,” which features an achingly-long (in all the best ways) progressive build that you would maybe expect from the intro to a Deadmau5 album. Epically cascading synths slowly walk their way up to a calming beat, accentuated properly with understated and simplistic vocals.

“Daniel,” changes the pace up with a deep house feel, with pitch-down vocal samples and an engaging piano melody. This tune definitely has club appeal, especially at a time where deep house is in such high demand. It’s the perfect lead in to what was easily one of our top 5 favorite tracks of last year, “Shadow of the Sun.”

As a whole, this EP is a well diversified venture into the EDM world. The range that’s displayed is impressive, leaving us wanting to hear what’s next on deck for this destined for greatness duo. Until then, we’ll gladly press play, again and again.

Backyard Animals (Original Mix)
Citylights (Original Mix)
Daniel (Original Mix)
Shadow of The Sun
Shadow Of The Sun (Original Club Mix)
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[French-House/Nu-Disco/Synth-Pop] Vallès – St. Lucia EP


Vallès, a 21 year old French House savant working out of Ibiza, was the latest apple of TMN’s eye, largely behind the release of perhaps one of the most musically mature and texturized pop-leaning debuts we had had the chance to wrap our ears around in some time, with his St. Lucia EP.  St. Lucia is the first collection of originals from the young disco maestro, but a knack for funky high-energy samples paired with toned down, groovy bass lines has already blueprinted his deft French Touch sound. St. Lucia functions closely within most of these parameters, leading off with the incredibly emotive pacesetter, “Heartbeat”, which clearly touches on Vallès’ cited influences of Daft Punk Discovery era 90′s French-House and the almighty 70′s funk wave in which held the distinguished spot as America’s leading dance genre at the time. St. Lucia‘s sophomore entry, the single for which the extended play was named, is a breezy synth-pop track, drenching its listener in neon, 80′s dance  tones. Once our complete psyche was enveloped by “Heartbeat” and “St. Lucia”, Vallès slows things up a bit to let the rest of the album breathe, utilizing the downtempo electronic backbone of “Farewell” to iron out the whole movement to a brisk stride. If we haven’t gushed enough already, just let us leave you with the fact that we absolutely believe that St. Lucia  is one of the most worthy individual electronic listening album efforts within the last five years.

Furthermore, as St. Lucia was released today via Neonized Records, we were gifted with three additional featured remixes from talented artists L’Étranger, and Cosmonaut Grechko, so there should be a little slice of Vallès appropriate for any number of eclectic ninja listeners. Listen to Vallès’ St. Lucia EP below.

St. Lucia
St. Lucia (cosmonaut grechko Remix)
St. Lucia (feat. Vallès) (LÉtranger Mix)


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[NEW] Phantogram – Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble

Electro-rock duo Phantogram have shown an incredible amount of growth and promise in the last few years establishing themselves as deserving mainstays on music blogs and in big-name festival lineups. Their upcoming album, Voices, is easily their most anticipated project to date already showing promise with the stellar  “Fall in Love.”

Today, the Brooklyn-based artists let go of the opening track, “Nothing but Trouble,” which serves to further cement the larger-than-life sound that we can expect from the album. With a range of unique genre influences, Phantogram once again demonstrates their musical breadth creating material with the ability to pique the interest of a variety of listeners. Peep this uniquely haunting, yet stadium-worthy cut below. Voices drops on February 18th.

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[House] Elizabeth Rose – The Good Life (option4 Remix)

Elizabeth Rose
The Good Life (option4 Remix)

One of our absolute favorite, surging house producers in the entire game, option4just followed up his insanely successful remix for Brooklyn band Great Good Fine OK with another jovial slice of dance music; this time authoring up a pristine rework of Elizabeth Rose‘s buzzy synth-pop single “The Good Life”. Whereas option4 first began gaining traction with a deep brand of original R&B and pop tinged house tunes, his remix output has more or less revealed a bit of the producer’s softer, more accessible production side. option4′s revision of “The Good Life” is clearly  punctuated by an arpeggiated chord progression but is built behind airy pads and what has now become somewhat of a signature, with some very layered percussive stabs driving the while thing home. While option4′s original tracks aimed at the dancefloor are what piqued our original interest in the budding artist, this latest string of pensive remixes feels like we are catching the Denver based artist in a musical stride so to speak, and we absolutely had to share it with our ninjas. As with the rest of option4′s catalog thus far, his remix of “The Good Life” by Elizabeth Rose is being given away digitally in exchange for a Facebook “like” here. Pick it up, and get your Tuesday bouncing in the right direction.

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Destiny’s Child – Bug A Boo (Borneland remix)

Destiny's Child
Bug A Boo (Borneland remix)

It’s a real thing of beauty when someone can put a new spin on a track, and for some reason, it sounds like it just belongs. It’s almost as if you’re listening to the original, which is when you realize you’re jamming out to sheer gold.

Denmark based producers Borneland have served up a perfect example of the above statement, recrafting a funky remix of this Destiny’s Child track. While we could write up our own descriptions of what we think of the tune’s inspirations, this duo has sent out a statement with their tune that does it best. Check it out below:

Neither of us have tattoos nor hair on the chest, though we have been told that these are essentials to survive in our business. Luckily we have great friends with both tattoos and hair on the chest to give us advise when things are tough. One of these advisers once told us, that the first release often ends up completely different from the original idea, due to the fact that one has so many expectations… All these imaginations.

Combined with perfectionism, one ends up spending too much time on details and the original idea disappears – this is a shame! To avoid this (unnecessary) “first-time-nervousness”, we chose to start out with something as silly (to us at least), but classic, as a different version of “Bug a Boo” by Destiny’s Child.

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