[Fresh] TOTEM – Rich Girl

rich girl

We admittedly got really excited reading the title of this tune, thinking that it was a cover of one of our all time favorites, Hall and Oates. Once we figured out that it wasn’t a cover, we surprisingly weren’t disappointed. In fact, we found ourselves fully enveloped in the audibly delectable vocals of TOTEM.

We know it was forever ago in internet time, but a few months back we brought you a premiere of the relatively unknown sounds of TOTEM with their sultry tune “In and Out.” While “Rich Girl” isn’t a far departure stylistically from their first release, it’s equally impressive. Once again we find lyrics from this 26 year old masked marauder of a lead singer dripping with sensuality. The focus is entirely on the vocalists voice, with the instrumentation only playing a part in accentuating his lovely tone and marvelous range.

While we wish we had more information for you, we regrettably do not. Not because of the fact that we didn’t do our homework, but simply because someone on his/their team is playing up the mystery, and we’ve taken the bait full on.

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[Electro Pop] The Hongs – Magazine

the Hongs

Did someone just turn on the Playstation 2 and put in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City? This latest track from Miami-based outfit The Hongs (off their forthcoming Pet Scans EP) features Aaron “Abomb” Johnson of the Brazilian Girls on drums. The band has taken us back a few decades with electro pop feel that calls on memories of Duran Duran, DeLoreans, and the big 80′s hair.

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[House] option4 – All the Girls

All The Girls
option4 (Original Mix) FREE DL

House maven option4 has been seeing his stock rise both locally, nationally and internationally on the heels of an ever-burgeoning and soulful catalogue. Today, the Denver based producer has lit up our ears again with another club-centric, peak-hour original tune “All the Girls” out on Night Supply Records. “All the Girls” takes its listener on a sonically textured journey, employing a swinging house beat, beautifully rendered synth line and rhythmically dominating pads culminating in an effort sure to flood dance-floors all across the world. Wrapping this Deep-House gem up in a nice and tidy little bow was a seemingly superlative chopped and spliced vocal sample from another more straight forward club anthem- N.E.R.D.’s “Everyone Nose”. This one is sure to induce a healthy dose of twerkage from our TMN contingent, and as an added bonus, option4 is giving away the track in exchange for the price of one Facebook “like” here. Stream “All the Girls” above.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Inpetto’s top 5 must listen to songs


Summer is slowly fleeting before our eyes and another month down means we have to say goodbye to our boys of Inpetto. They of course were kind enough to send over their 5 favorite tracks, along with the reasoning behind loving each track. We have to say, they have this spot on with these choices and we know regardless of the songs being EDM or now, these are some legit choices.

So, farewell you wonderful German brothers, thanks for a wonderful month and best of luck in the upcoming months and year.

Lucky Date – Freak – The track we most looking forward to play on every gig. Perfect banging in a cool way.

Daughter – Youth – Big fans of this group. Its no EDM track, but on heavy rotation in the car.

Zedd – Clarity (Original Mix) – Perfect vocals, perfect production.

Charles Gudagafva – Adam (David West Remix) – One of our all time favorites. Awesome chords and synthlines.

Avicii – Wake Me Up (Original Mix) – Genius mixture between different styles. Every single Number 1 is deserved.

Lucky Date
Freak (Original Mix)
Clarity (feat. Foxes)
Charles Gudagafva
Adam (David West Remix)
Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)
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[House] AC Slater & Anna Lunoe – “All Night” (Cover of Power Trip by J. Cole)


One of the hottest songs over the radio this summer has just gotten a tune up at the music store. J. Cole’s “Power Trip” is a sexy and seductive songs that has been playing for a few months now. But today, producer AC Slater and the very talented vocalist Anna Lunoe, teamed up to do their own version of the song, calling it “All Night”. This tantalizing cover captures the sex appeal that is in the original song while adding an electronic feel into the mix. Slater does a great job with the up and dancing beats while Lunoe’s sweet yet seductive voice carefully plays out the lyrics, not to mention they both co-produced this piece. This song comes along with the announcement of Lunoe’s North American tour this fall supporting none other than The Weeknd. One this is for sure, whatever song this Australian beauty lends her voice to will leave any listener wanting more.

AC Slater & Anna Lunoe
All Night (Cover Of Power Trip By J. Cole)
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[TMN Premiere] Follow Me – Somethin’ Bout You (Inner Worlds Remix)

Follow Me
Follow Me
Somethin' Bout You (inner worlds Remix)

For the past few months, TMN favorites, Follow Me have been basking in the glory of their debut single “Somethin’ Bout You” and the slew of top-notch remixes that have followed. Today, it is our pleasure to premiere the final remix of their single from none other than the Brooklyn duo’s close friend, Inner Worlds. Supporting the original vocal sample with a lush background of dreamy, swelling synths, Inner World’s rather eclectic remix spins the original in a completely different direction. Pulling from a myriad of genres, Inner World’s rendition is nearly impossible to classify but still manages to make one thing evidently clear, his music and creative vision know no bounds. Grab the free download, this tune is a must have. Enjoy.

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[New Track out 8/6] Dillon Francis ft Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Without You

DF_without you

Whenever Dillon Francis comes out with a new song, one can expect anything from moombahton to trap to dubstep. Well now the producer is throwing a different sound into the mix; a upbeat electronic melody that shows a bit of the man behind the music. Francis teamed up with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) to create the song “Without You” which will be out on August 6 via Mad Decent. TEED’s lyrics are softly stunning and mixed with Francis’ poetic electric beats this song is sure to be big. Not to mention Francis was going through relationship issues when he was making this piece and TEED wrote the lyrics about the whole situation. Just goes to show, everyone has their relationship ups and downs but the great thing about musicians is, they can take all that and make it into one killer track.

Without You feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (Radio Rip)
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