Lido’s SF Debut at Rickshaw Stop, 3/12 [Event Review]


Lost (feat. Muri)

Over the last couple years, Lido‘s diverse compositions have played an important role in defining “Future” music, a broad term used to categorize the post-EDM wave of electronic artists. The young Norwegian producer’s sound defies definition by spanning from unconventionally jaw-dropping remixes to soulful, downtempo originals and everything in between. Lido’s versatile inspiration and talent makes for an eclectic live performance, which we were lucky enough to witness at his first ever San Francisco appearance at Rickshaw Stop last week.

Clad with keyboard, microphone, beat pad and electronic drum set, Lido’s stage set up features enough instruments, including his voice, for a full band allowing him to put on a performance that transcends categorization. Original tracks like “Money” and “I Love You” transformed beautifully live, but it was truly the unexpected turns that made the night. At one point, Lido broke down into straight gospel from his childhood–it was a moment when fans seemed to look around with a bit of confusion before being drawn in to its soulfulness. With such a broad range of styles, the transitions may have actually been the single most impressive aspect of the set. When Lido dropped his throwback original  “She Cried Ice,” which few realize is the piano sampled in Cashmere Cat‘s “With Me,” and merged it with “Lost,” the crowd completely lost it. The reactions aren’t what you normally think of at an electronic show given the emotional depth, which fostered an atmosphere of awe and positivity all the way up to his triumphant closing remix of Kanye West‘s “FourFiveSeconds.”

Check out some pictures, courtesy Justin Yee, below along with a video of Lido’s “She Cried Ice” performance from the show by Scott Benton

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[Sunny] Joman – Paddy’s Theme (Ultimate Edition)

Paddy's Theme: Ultimate Edition

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, ninjas! In honor of this legendary drinking holiday, we’re paying tribute by highlighting one of our favorite fictional pubs, Paddy’s.

If you’re new to the site, you probably don’t remember when Denver-based producer/DJ Joman did an absolutely mind-blowing remix of “Day Man.” The song and accompanying video went viral, getting approving nods from everyone who heard it, including the cast. It’s been a few years since that came and went, but Joman is back again with another remix and video, and it’s just as good as the first.

Taking a crack at the “Paddy’s Theme”, this producer has once again impressed us and furthered our admiration for IASIP. Starting off with a firm grip on nostalgia experienced from 80’s TV sitcom intro songs, this remix walks in with the original score remembered from Charlie’s tune. From there, we’re welcomed into some rolling cymbal hits that bring in the iconic Joman electro house sounds we’ve become accustomed to. From there on, it’s an epic journey complete with ample samples from the cast and a heavy dubstep breakdown.

Raise a glass of green beer, press play on either the track or the video, and take a minute to salute all the glory that is IASIP. And cheers to Joman for putting something like this together once again.

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[Multi-Genre] SLDGHMR – Grid Living EP


Grid Living is the latest EP from the Los Angeles meets Miami duo SLDGHMR. Their eclectic tastes come out in a big way with six originals, along with two remixes. Included in the originals are collaborations, one with Crywolf and one with Chuck Inglish and K.Flay. SLDGHMR show off their innovation throughout, especially with tracks like “Rocket Fuel” and “Saccharine.” Even with their more traditional sounds, they still manage to keep things interesting and meritable, without a doubt. If we were to pick personal favorites, I’d have to roll with “Lombardy” because of its dark, yet energizing sound. It’s a little trashy, and we love it. The whole EP deserves two thumbs up, and if you feel the same, then you can go ahead and purchase the project for yourself, or gift it to a friend.

’Rocket Fuel’
’SLDGHMR & Crywolf – We Could Be Heaven’
’How It Works (ft. Chuck Inglish and K.Flay)’
’Hell Is A Four Star Hotel’
’We Could Be Heaven (Bad Catholics Remix)’
’We Could Be Heaven (Fukkk Offf Remix)’
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[Hybrid Trap] Mark Instinct & LUMBERJVCK – The Block ft. Strap Deez

Mark Instinct & LUMBERJVCK
The Block ft. Strap Deez

Los Angeles producer LUMBERJVCK makes his way back to Kannibalen Records, this time with Mark Instinct and Strap Deez. The two producers join up for a booming hybrid instrumental called “The Block,” which gets murdered by raps from The Block Society owner, Strap Deez. With all three together, the final product is a straight up beast that is likely to end up attacking the upcoming events in SXSW and Miami. LUMBERJVCK and Mark Instinct are some of the most distinct bass producers in the game, and their coming together shows just what they can do playing off another’s talents. Get yourself a copy of “The Block” here.

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[Soul] MAALA – Touch


Little seems to be known about newcomer, MAALA. The only information that we can muster from his single release, “Touch,” is that he is bringing some serious talent to the table.

Imagine The Weeknd having a play date with Chet Faker before listening to debut track, “Touch.” The steamy production intertwined with MAALA’s soulful voice sets a sensual mood that will have you yearning for some romance. Unshakable memories about an old flame and some seriously deep feels are provoked with the lingering lyrics of “Touch,” making this track one in which the nostalgia will be unescapable. So Ninjas, get ready to be turned on to MAALA.

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[Jungle Terror] FIGHT CLVB & Hilmi feat. Angger Dimas – Frog Mode

Fight Clvb
FIGHT CLVB & Hilmi feat. Angger Dimas
Frog Mode

Love some jungle beats? So do we. So does Dim Mak, who swooped up an original from FIGHT CLVB. The New York act collaborated with Hilmi and Angger Dimas on an original, “Frog Mode,” that was released for free. Their work is about as wacky as you can get, which makes this song insanely fun to listen to, without even getting to the dancing. Some of these sounds are straight out of left field, or straight from the wilderness, meaning that “Frog Mode” is the result of some cool experimentation in the studio. We love it, and we’re sure you will too, if you like to get a little crazy. I can just see the act’s hypeman Mystereo now, going absolutely bonkers to this one live, with the whole crowd doing just the same.

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[Electronic] Milk N Cookies – Tasty Beats, Eternal Spring Break

Milk N Cookies
Tasty Beats Vol. 3, Eternal Spring Break

SPRING BREAK FOREVER, Y’ALL. As the weather heats up across the country and the youths flock to the shores and poolside, the hour-long party mix season is at its peak. We’ve seen and posted a few golden ones over the past couple weeks, but we wanted to switch it up and showcase something a little different. In preparation for their debut EP due out very, very soon, the Milk N Cookies boys are at again with an electric, eclectic mix that will have you asking the DJ and the bartender for more. After the ethereal intro via our boy Jim Carrey, the twins preview one of their originals off the upcoming EP before jumping across all genres from Justin Bieber edits to Tove Lo anthems. It feels like college all over again, doesn’t it?

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