[TMN VIDEO PREMIERE] Youan – Your Trust


UK based producer Youan might be relatively new to the game, but he has his sights set high with his new EP, ‘Your Trust’ via Minds on Fire The title single from this EP (due out on the 19th) is truly infectious, with catchy lyrics draping softly over lounge style house beats. This dancy tune is definitely club appropriate, with it’s groovy structure, yet the poppy vocal progression suggests something that’s very radio friendly.

The video we’re premiering today is a bit random, only featuring people in a park slowly forming a peace sign with random objects. However bizarre it is, the music is overwhelmingly addicting, which will make you press play again and again.

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[TMN PREMIERE] 2AM Club – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus1
2AM Club
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been at the epicenter of hip-hop discussion in 2013. To provide you with some brief highlights, in just a short span she’s already collaborated on songs with Snoop Dogg Lion and Mike WiLL Made Ittwerked on stage with Juicy J, starred in Big Sean‘s video for “Fire,” and became a Jay-Z punchline, meaning Miley hasn’t been far from our minds at all this year. Despite all of those achievements however, Miley is still lacking one last honor to add to her mantle: having a complete song dedicated to her. That is of course, until now.

2AM Club returns to the scene with a fly new single meant to be an ode to Miley’s newfound obsession with all that is ratchet and raunchy. The eclectic group once again brings together a suave blend of live instrumentation to couple with witty bars and a soulful hook courtesy of lead vocalists Tyler Cordy and Marc Griffin. While the song takes its name from the former Disney Channel star, its contents apply to all girls attempting to shed their previous image to pursue a certain type of lifestyle. I’ll leave that part for you to figure out on your own. Grab the FREE download above, and make sure to check out more music from 2AM Club on their official SoundCloud page.

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[Dubstep] PatrickReza – The Woods EP


It is into The Woods with this new EP released today by one of our young favorites PatrickReza. This four track EP is the unique sound and electronic/dubstep melody we have come to love from Reza.

He starts out with “Ritual”, a song that reminds me of dancing around a fire in the middle of the woods. It is a strong melody with repetitive vocals and intense drum beats and drops with the help of guitar chords. The next song, “Prey”, is the sound of background music to be played if you were being hunted in the woods. Dark and haunting electronic sounds cater this song with the pace constantly speeding up and slowing down, just like running footprints on a wooded path. “The Woods” and “Tribe” are solid songs, again, Reza shows his ability to mix any electronic sound with any dubstep sound and make some music magic. This is one little trip to the forest you won’t want to miss out on, just watch out for a wolf in a red cape.

The Woods
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2013 Round #2)


Things never go as planned nor do things ever stay the same. Sometimes the reality of that sucks and sometimes it can be extremely awesome. Whatever it is, we all come to accept change at some point in our life. But, if you aren’t ready for that point of acceptance, come meet us here, at this spot, every Tuesday. We’ve got a weekly playlist to share, where the only things a-changin’ are last weeks awesome songs being replaced with this weeks awesome songs.

When We Were Small
The Janks
Separation From Your Body
The Dreamer
Birds and Arrows
Stay (Rihanna Cover Le Mouv)
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[Hip-Hop] Big Sean – Control (HOF) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica) (Prod. No I.D.)

Big Sean
Control (HOF) (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica)

Say what you want about Big Sean, but bringing together Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica on one track is an accomplishment in and of itself. Both deemed as saviors of hip-hop at one time, the dichotomy between how their two careers have diverged is truly amazing. While Kendrick is dominating the rap charts and garnering guest verses on just about every relevant single this year, Jay seems to be locked away in some lost corner of the globe, providing fans with a rare glimpse here and there, while leaving us all wondering when we’ll finally be able to hear his debut project, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn). Still, “Control (HOF)” gives us a chance to finally compare the two side by side through seven fiery minutes of “straight rap” as Sean puts it. If it were up to me I’d say Kendrick won this round, spitting one of his most venomous verses to date.

Unfortunately, “Control (HOF)” won’t be featured on Sean’s upcoming album due to some sampling clearance issues. We’ll also have to deal with the Funk Flex bombs for now as well, but we’re hoping the full, CDQ version drops soon. Hall of Fame will finally be in stores on August 27th.

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[NEW] John Mayer – Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

Paradise Valley
John Mayer
Wildfire (Feat. Frank Ocean)

While this pairing may seem out of the ordinary at first, John Mayer and Frank Ocean are no strangers to collaborating with one another. Those well acquainted with last year’s highly praised channel ORANGE may recall that Mayer laid down the guitar work for two of the album’s tracks, “Pyramids” and “White.” Now, Frank returns the favor by lacing this terse ballad with his soothing, effortless vocals. The track is a little too short for our tastes, but we’ll take whatever we can get from the duo.

Beware of the title by the way, as it’s easy to mistake this for a remix to the single that Mayer dropped a month back. While that track will play as an introduction to his upcoming sixth studio album, Paradise Valley, this one will be used as more of an interlude. For those interested in hearing the project in its entirety, it’s currently streaming for free on iTunes prior to its release on August 20th.

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[Electronic] London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy
Wasting My Young Years (Sound Remedy Remix)

“Maybe I’m wasting my young years…”

The tantalizing and thoughtful lyrics of London Grammar’s lead vocalist Hannah come rushing out at :14 of Sound Remedy’s remix of LG’s “Wasting My young Years”. Such a beautiful song originally, Sound Remedy takes the song to a different level of music, adding in strong violins to begin the song followed by soothing piano and finally, drums to electronic melodies to elevate the track. The lyrics of this song touch on what many people wonder, are we just wasting our young lives doing what we have always done or is it the fear that keeps us going back to what we know and what is safe? Sound Remedy uses his electronic beats to turn this song into an almost adventure, leading the listener from questioning to dancing back to questioning the waste of young years. It is not many times that I use beautiful to describe an electronic piece, but Sound Remedy truly finds the beauty in this remix, playing to the feeling and lyrics of the song with a vengeance.

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