[Vibes] Samuel Truth – Emerald

Samuel Truth

Having teamed up with one of the most well-respected collectives, Darker Than Wax, Auckland producer Samuel Truth gives us a taste of the future in his newest original, “Emerald”. Simply pressing play to this gem (pun intended) has us floating in the universe with a bunch of intergalactic species. Samuel Truth gives us every reason to take off in our own little rocket ship and venture off into the vast nothingness ahead of us. “Emerald” fuses together a mixture of genres such as chill/future wave, bass, and trap elements, however, all we can say to describe this song is ‘PURE VIBES’. As vague as that sounds, this soul-enriching original clears the mind, seduces the soul, and allows the body to organically flow without any conscious effort. Darker Than Wax has a solid reputation for a reason and in short, have released a compilation album to celebrate reaching 10k likes on Facebook. Their message to listeners was plain and simple –

“These few months have been truly inspirational; with our movement gaining ground globally, forming new communities in different corners, and interesting opportunities unfolding, it is to say the least, extremely gratifying to know that despite staying pretty much under the radar and not dabble heavily in that PR game, we can still evolve and touch others simply by sticking to our guns – that music should be diverse and expressed in various forms.”

Samuel Truth is just one of many talented artists to be featured on this compilation and “Emerald” just happened to resonate something loud and clear to the ninja fam. Enjoy the rest of the free compilation here and support DTW as well as the rest of the artists!

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[Indie] White Arrows – Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares

It’s been a long four years here at TMN. With well over 1,100 posts, 70+ interviews, and countless playlists built, I can honestly say that I’ve seen it all. Amongst what I’ve seen, there’s plenty of which I have a hard time describing. Calling back on my earlier days, I remember a tune by The Canadian Gobble Gobble, which was an experimental act that gave me a run for my money, as far as music blogging goes.

Here I am four years later, and this Los Angeles psychedelic pop outfit has me reeling in my seat. White Denim is a four-piece outfit that most Angelenos should be familiar with. Is their progression bizarre? Yeah…it’s not your typical pop song structure. Yet, in the midst of the math-rock style guitar sample and unconventional bassline used in the apathetic “Nobody Cares,” there’s an undeniable charm that floats along with each distorted lyric.

While it may be a bit experimental for some, most should gravitate to the sheer musical talent boasted by White Arrows. They have a truly unique sound that dances along genre lines, casually flipping the bird to purists on either side.

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[Ghostly] Seekae – Monster


Future Classic just keeps pumping out music that’s just way ahead of our time (literally). After an incredible response from Seekae‘s last tune, “Test & Recognise”, a remix from the legendary Flume himself, and an incredible interpretation about that remix from our fellow ninja master, Clayton, the young Aussie is becoming an unstoppable force to reckon with. Less than a day ago, the Future Classic rising gem released a haunting new original titled, “Monster” off his new album, The Worry. Seekae really took his production to the next level with this mellow, yet ghostly masterpiece. “Monster” intricately paints an eerie story full of vivid imagery, internal monsters, and an eerie voice leading us to a certain darkness. This elusive track sends us straight to the monster himself.

I’m in the corner of your room
theres something coming, something soon
I only wanted to explain
I feel this way today “

Grab your copy of The Worry out now on Future Classic today.

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[Rock] Ted Zed – Believe

Ted Zed
Believe (Single Version)

If you haven’t been paying attention to The Music Ninja today, then you probably are unaware of the fact that we’re entrenched in a blog-a-thon. What does that mean exactly? Well, all of our writers are facing off against one another, trying to find the the greatest tunes they can find. The person with the highest amount of posts at the end of the weekend wins it all.

At the age of 30, I certainly don’t expect to win any contest when placed against younger adversaries. However, I’ll give it the ol’ college effort and track down some tunes that truly impress me. Speaking of which…have you heard of Ted Zed? I hadn’t, but I’m sure as shit glad that I stumbled across them.

“Believe” has one of those anthemic structures that’s instantly infectious. A flurry of traditional instrumentation and electronic elements comprise a pop-centric indie rock tune that demands your attention. It’s grin-inducing. It has that undeniable, hip-moving quality. It has that thing that you can’t quite put your finger on. Regardless of what that quality it, it makes me want to believe.

Get inspired by “Believe.” Three minutes of this catchy-as-hell tune is all it will take to be sold on this Castle Cary outfit.

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[R&B] Tory Lanez – Henny In Hand (Prod. Noah Breakfast & Matti Free)

Henny In Hand
Henny In Hand (Prod. Noah Breakfast + Matti Free)

Tory Lanez is a multi-faceted star, and in the last year or so, has quickly become another one of our favorites to hail from the land up north. While many musicians these days attempt to toe the line between hip-hop artist and R&B singer, the Toronto native manages to execute both roles flawlessly. His latest single, “Henny In Hand,” is proof of that, as the Canadian crooner operates in falsetto for most of the sultry number over some silky smooth production from Noah Breakfast & Matti Free. It’s not until the end of the bedroom jam that he hits us with some bars, choosing to close out the track with a quick verse.

“Henny In Hand” is the third single from Tory’s upcoming debut album, Lost Cause, which will be available September 29th. He also has a corresponding tour set to kick off later this month in Austin, Texas. Make sure to check out his website to find out when he’ll be making his way to your city.

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[Ambient] Bon Iver – Heavenly Father (Outburns Remix)

Bon Iver
Heavenly Father (Outburns REMIX)

As the sun starts to slowly creep its way up across the horizon and the birds start becoming a bit more vocal than normal, it’s a sign that we may have just spent our entire night wrapped up in the wonderful world of music. At times it’s important to take moments to truly feel the music we listen to and enjoy it for what it’s worth in that moment. Typically, music sounds and feels better the closer we get to sunrise because we tend to feel things on a much deeper level. Whenever a Bon Iver song comes on (especially at hours like this), it’s almost as if there’s a little fairy inside our mind that sprinkles pixie dust full of feelings all over the place.  When it comes to Bon Iver remixes, those are typically an off-limits area because, well, it’s Bon Iver and he is a lyrical and melodic genius. We came across a new name on our news feed a little while back by the name of Outburns. The Seattle native decided to re-work the massive Bon Iver track, “Heavenly Father” and ultimately made us stop what we were doing and get lost in the beauty that flowed into our ears, our mind, and our soul. With a subtle, Tycho-like feel, Outburns intricately weaves in soothing elements and blends them all together to form a cohesive mass of euphoria. Bon Iver’s flawless voice over this properly done remix just takes us to Swoonville and we aren’t coming back. Outburns has made this song available for download, so do yourself a favor and download your copy today – we promise your soul will thank you.

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[Indie] Visuals – A Pixel

A Pixel

A broad spectrum of influences can be picked up from Visual’s latest release on Other People’s compilation, which is due out on September 28th. While the gleefully clumsy walking bassline supporting the playful xylophone-style synths and occasional guitar chords are enough to tie you into “A Pixel,” it’s ultimately the vocals that provide a lasting impression.

Full of whimsy and engaging celebration, this tune has all of the amusement one would need at the start of their weekend. It’s obscure, culturally significant, enchanting, and in ways, heartwarming. A few listens over, and it continually builds upon itself, giving us more and more reasons to love it.

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