[Nu-Disco] Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

Over Your Shoulder

Don’t look “Over Your Shoulder” but 2013 has pretty much all but flown by. As daunting as that may sound though, we still have plenty of time to soak up some good tunes this year, with a few of our favorite artists still yet to release their highly anticipated projects. We can now add one more group into the mix as Chromeo returns onto the scene with a smashing new single (yes, I did just use smashing there). In all seriousness though, this funky new track continues the disco revival we’ve been hearing all year, and I can assure you, we are definitely not complaining. Do yourself a favor and download a free copy of the single above, and check out the trailer for Chromeo’s upcoming album, White Women, below.

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[Chill] Four Tet – Parallel Jalebi

Parallel Jalebi
Four Tet
Parallel Jalebi

“Parallel Jalebi” has to be the most brilliantly titled track of the year. For those of you unfamiliar with what jalebi is, it’s basically a dish made of fried batter that’s coiled together and soaked in a sugary syrup, generally found in India and certain surrounding countries. That contradiction in the name alone though isn’t what makes the title so clever. If you take a look at the waveform of the track on SoundCloud, you’ll be able to see that the “strands” of the beat basically look like straightened pieces of jalebi (especially since jalebi is orange). That amount of complexity in such a simple song makes it all the sweeter to listen to.

Remain on the lookout for Four Tet‘s upcoming album, Beautiful Rewind, set to drop on his label, Text, sometime this year.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2013 Round #3)


Pumpkin Spice lattes. The telltale sign that summer is getting kicked the hell out. Except for those cities where the cool, crisp air seems like a distant dream as you continue to wipe away your sweat ‘stache on the reg. It’s ok though.  No matter if you are sitting in front of your portable air conditioner that only hits one room of your house or you’re snuggled up in layers, many, many wonderful layers, we’ve got a playlist for ya to fill up the hot or cold space around you.

Let It Go
Whilk and Misky
Ady Suleiman
Why You Running Away? (Demo)
Perera Elsewhere
Everything is fine
Matt Hectorne
Coming Around




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R. Kelly

Returning to the classic seductive bedroom-anthem sound, the legendary R.Kelly drops his latest single, “Genius” this week. This new cut is reminiscent of the 90′s … Continue reading »

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[NEW] Azealia Banks – Count Contessa

Count Contessa
Azealia Banks

With the release date and tracklist for her debut album unveiled, YouTube sensation and NY femcee Azealia Banks is ready to drop two new projects over the next year. Although unconventional, the Lone-produced single ‘Count Contessa” holds the similar tongue-twisting rhymes and high-energy electro synth rhythms that made her track “212″ such a hit. Her debut Broke With Expensive Taste drops early next year and her follow-up mixtape Fantasea II: The Second Wave is set to release July 11th, 2014.

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[NEW] Sleigh Bells – You Don’t Get Me Twice

Sleigh Bells
You Don't Get Me Twice

Loud, brash, abrasive, yet ultimately sweet. That’s what you’d expect from a Sleigh Bells production, and the pair don’t disappoint with their brand new single, “You Don’t Get Me Twice.” Utter chaos is abound, as screeching guitars and thumping percussion lead the charge on this ice cold breakup anthem. Check out the track above, and prepare yourself for the pair’s upcoming third studio album, Bitter Rivals, in stores October 8th.

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[Hip-Hop] Danny Brown – Side A (Old)

Danny Brown
Side A (Old)

Danny Brown‘s new album, Old, is due out at the end of this month, and we’re eagerly counting down the days until its release. Today we’re treated with the project’s intro, “Side A,” a menacingly manic single that fits right in the Detroit spitter’s lane. The track’s style seems to be a throwback to Danny’s 2010 breakout project, The Hybrid, and a chorus that claims “They want that old Danny Brown” all but confirms those suspicions. Check out the single above, and make sure you have your pre-orders ready for Old‘s September 30th release.

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