[Deep House] Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

Florence + The Machine
You've Got The Love (Dennis Kruissen Remix)

The iconic voice of Florence Welch has been a staple of club mixes and DJ sets ever since the release of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ back in 09. Some may think it worn after its fair share of handling over time, but five years later and it’s clear that the electronic scene still has more to offer this timeless anthem. Enter Dutchman Dennis Kruissen, wielding a slick blend of deep garage beats to breathe new life and dance-ability into the heavily rinsed original. Forget the long-winded buildups and generic base-filled drops, every part of this track has been crafted with the vocals at center stage, leading the listener into each new surprise that the producer has left in store. That sweet sax breakdown is our favorite shining moment and caps off the unique interpretation that this song truly deserves.

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[Chill] Emily Wells x Mapps – Juicy (AA ‘Elation’ Bootleg)

Emily_Wells photo Deb Lopez
’Emily Wells x Mapps – Juicy (AA Elation Bootleg).mp3′

It’s been a little while since our last dose of bootleg action from DJ AA, but he’s broken the drought with one of his best efforts yet. Seamlessness is the best indicator of a top notch vocal mix, and he definitely has us believing that this indie-style cover of Biggie from Emily Wells was always made for this glorious instrumental from Mapps. It’s a perfect match to our ears, and another downtempo success to add to his library of chill goodness. Soundcloud may not appreciate his craft in the same way that we do, but we’ve got the exclusive free download to make sure you can have this ready whenever you’re in the mood for some serious lounging.

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[Electronic] ODESZA – In Return LP

In Return Megamix

Never heard of ODESZA? Well, here’s an album that deserves to make you sit up and pay attention. Released on September 9th via Ninja Tune subsidiary Counter Records, “In Return” is thirteen tracks of some of the finest electronica to be heard this year. An absorbing and utter engrossing listen from the get go, ODESZA members Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, who formed the outfit back in 2012, have an ear for melodies, samples and beats. There are wistful tracks like album opener “Always This Late”, the choppy funk of single “Say My Name” ft. Zyra, and even tinges of dubstep on the superb “Echoes”.

With guest vocalists such as Zyra, Jenni Potts and British born singer Py, “In Return” balances instrumental and song-led tracks perfectly. A stunning collection of music, “In Return” is a welcome addition in any music lovers collection. You can purchase a copy here

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[Indie with a teaspoon of Pop] Prinze George – Don’t Speak To Me

Prinze George
Don't Speak To Me

“Oh, don’t speak to me, I don’t want to know…” are the starting lyrics to this wonderfully whimsical single ‘Don’t Speak To Me’ by the trio Prinze George. Made up of Naomi Almquist, Kenny Grimm and Isabelle De Leon who currently reside in Brooklyn. The melody of this song is a mix of soft electronic beats mixed with the quietly seductive vocals. I would encourage you to listen to more of this groups songs, they are one to keep on your radar and one you would definitely want to speak to if you got the chance.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2014 Round #2)


Worried about the Zombie Apocalypse and/or the Robot Uprising? Yeah, you know who you are. The one who’s got their survival kit packed in the trunk of the car as you read this. Well, we don’t want to throw any more anxiety in your head, but have you ever really thought about what would happen to the world if music just died? Nothing new could be created and all musical talent disappeared? Yeah, we don’t like to think of it either. There are not enough survival kits in the entire world to prepare us for such horrors, except for maybe some Indie Dojos. We’ll just keep building up our arsenal of songs, so if there is ever such a tragic event (we don’t like to think about it, but at least we are prepared), you know where to find us. We will be more than happy to share our lifeline with you.

’Xavier Dunn – Fuckin’ Problems (A$AP Rocky Cover)’
’Brijs – Tell It How It Is (with Ben Bishop & Dandelion)’
’Mid Ayr – My Mayhem’
’Little Shoes Big Voice – Nightfall’
’Lectures – Talking In A Vacuum’
’Sundara Karma – Indigo Puff’
’Natalie McCool – Dig It Out’
’Woodlock – Lemons’


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[Electronic] Zella Day – East Of Eden (Samuel Truth Remix)

Zella Day
East Of Eden (Samuel Truth Remix)

Whenever artist’s post remixes of their songs by other artists, usually I would say nine out of ten times, that remix is going to be really good. That is exactly what happened after artist Zella Day posted the remix of her song ‘East Of Eden’ by New Zealand artist Samuel Truth. Known for his electronic sound and for having a way with beats, Truth takes the original Indie song and adds his flair, giving the song a bit of a hard-hitting melody. Beautifully done, Truth shows he is a person to turn to for really good remixes and as a Zella fan, he has really won me over.

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[Pop] Ang Low – Wild Horses

Wild Horses

Ang Low, heard of him? If the answer is yes, then just press play because you already know this is golden. If not, take a seat and let me introduce you to a pop artist whose sound is one for the books. With a strong voice that covers a range of notes, Low invites us to ride along with his new single ‘Wild Horses’ which is set for official release on Super Recordings mid-October. The song is co-written with Laura Welsh and has a melody that is addicting to anyone who likes to dance and will make non-dancers want to join in. Keep a look out for this Brooklyn boy and what he has in store.

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