[Pop] VÉRITÉ – Weekend


Sultry. Seductive. Sensational. VÉRITÉ embodies so many descriptors with her captivating voice that it’s hard to imagine this is just her second release. Dropping just hours ago, “Weekend” is a stunning follow-up to her debut song, “Strange Enough.”

Showcasing her vocal range, this NYC artist displays a smokier side to her vocals that remind us a bit of Lana Del Rey in the verses. However, in sheer pop brilliance, she flaunts the higher notes in the choruses, which provide tremendous amount of energy and vigor throughout.

Written by VÉRITÉ and Elliot Jacobson, produced by Elliot Jacobson, and mixed and mastered by Mike Tuccillo, this lyrically engaging gem will garner high praise from the blogosphere, fans, and new ears alike. Whether it’s the easily accessible lyrics, the uplifting pop nature, or VÉRITÉ’s vocals that tickle your fancy, you’ll find yourself pressing play again and again.

So we can hang our noose
under stars bright
ready to glow
and we can fall in love for the weekend
We’re on the edge baby
two hearts starting to slow
and we can fall in love for the weekend
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2014 Round #5)


Summer might be winding down, but it ain’t over yet. There’s still plenty of daytime hours and warm weather to soak in. Don’t let it go to waste. Just like you wouldn’t let an Indie Dojo go to waste. Someones gotta play it.

’Sego – “20 Years Tall”‘
’Flyte – We Are The Rain’
’ATTU – Don’t Sleep’
’Tower – Can’t Vibe’
Vinyl Pinups – ‘Gold Rays’
’George Bennett  – Calling You’
’Stuart Newman – One Big F’
’I.AM.L – Lionheart’
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Bipolar Theory – Polar EP [TMN PREMIERE]


A few weeks ago, we happened to stumble upon the Deep House sensation, Bipolar Theory (Whyel & JDefeats) and their phenomenal remix of Disclosure’s, “Latch”. Just when we thought the internet had had enough of hearing the the classic baby-makin’ song of the year, Bipolar Theory took a risk and unleashed a beast of a remix that we still have at the top of our playlists to this day. Their debut remix set the pace for their new side project as a duo in which Whyel and JDefeats are taking on an entirely new side of dance music by producing Deep House (which is essentially the exact opposite of what they make individually). Deep House has progressed to a point where it has put us all into a giant melting pot full of roaring bass lines, groovy synth melodies, pitched vocals, and a undeniable urge to go one deeper. Now that we have reached a shift in tastes as a culture, Bipolar Theory dropped in at the perfect time to take the world by their hand and lead us all down to the dance floor.

Today we are pleased to be premiering Bipolar Theory’s debut Polar EP and have been sitting on this release for much longer than we could actually handle. This EP has been something we’ve been waiting to have sent our way for quite some time now and just when we thought we had heard it all, Bipolar Theory takes their unique identities and sound to a much deeper level. After listening through all 3 tracks, we felt as if we had just got back from dancing for 8 hours straight in a hot and sweaty club in Ibiza.  The opening track of the EP, “Another Night”, is a combination of heavy-hitting synths, stabby piano melodies, and a bass line to make you feel some type of way. The second track of the EP, “Dreamers”, is a little less dark but still maintains that club nature that Carl Cox would be proud of. The final track on the EP, “Resusci”, closes out the EP with its dark, grimey, and filthy progression in which we are led down a rabbit hole of acid-like thoughts and images of DJ Hanzel spiraling around us. If you haven’t yet lived the magic of Bipolar Theory, we recommend you take the next 13 minutes and 23 seconds to introduce yourselves to the dark side by going 3 time deeper than normal.

’Another Night’
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[Neo-Soul/Pop] Caroline Smith & Lizzo – Let ‘Em Say

Caroline Smith & Lizzo
Let Em Say

The city of Minneapolis has been quietly carving out a name for itself as one of America’s most eclectic metropolis’ for years now. From their budding culinary and artistic communities to a thriving indie music scene; it’s safe to say we’ve had a watchful eye on the Minnesotan hotbed with a passion. So when we heard two of Minneapolis’ most revered female artists, Caroline Smith & Lizzo, were collaborating on a new tune to benefit the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota we had to wrap our ears around it at once. A gliding R&B laced pop diddy on the surface, “Let ‘Em Say” was recorded to promote the empowerment of girls and women around the world and after multiple plays, it was clear the tune’s lyrical content rolls much deeper than its inspirative instrumentation. Both vocalists’ respective incantations playfully bounce off one another to create a saccharine sweet listen; while it remains next to impossible not to add a little hip-wiggle while getting your aural fix on to this one.

It’s truly quite enlightening to see two young, burgeoning artists use their respective artistic mediums to get behind such a worthy and noble cause. Caroline describes this collaboration as a “celebration and recognition of all the ladies out there that were told they were ‘too this’ and ‘not enough that.’ This is for all of the mamas out there busting their asses and all of the girls and women out there that make us proud to hold a microphone”, While Lizzo added: “We’re liberating ourselves as women in this industry and as citizens in this industry and as human beings, and we’re so excited to be able to share that with everybody. When we made “Let ‘Em Say” it was so gratifying, because the song is everything we had been trying to get off of our chest.” Both performers will invest in their vision by donating a portion of the proceeds from this syrupy pop burner to the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota through a “Pay What You Can” on Bandcamp here, so why not do a little bit of good in this world and throw a few bucks to a pair of incredibly talented, altruistic and uber bad-ass musicians to start your week. Stream “Let ‘Em Say” above for the perfect Monday pick me up, and if you missed our lovely interview with Caroline Smith back in February, let her charm your socks off here while you listen.
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[Tropical House] De Hofnar – Shower (Bootleg)

De Hofnar
Shower (Bootleg)

Well, we have reached that day ninjas…the day where we have to hang up our bathing suits and trade it all in for real clothes because it’s the first day of school (for this ninja, at least) and our Summer is officially over. For those of you who are out of school and don’t really know what the concept of Summer is, well we’re sorry that this day means nothing to you. While you sit there at your 9-5 and we set our alarms to some ambitious hour, just know that in a few months we will understand your pain.

As we prepare for another Monday of monotonous hell, we really need something to wake our spirits and set the tone for our day. We decided to turn to De Hofnar and his latest bootleg of Becky G’s “Shower”. As soon as we heard his version we couldn’t help but feel as if we were driving down Highway 1 with all of our girlfriends and some Starbucks. This Summery, sax-heavy bootleg takes Tropical House to an entirely new level of “FETCH”. Make sure to grab your free download and take these tropical feels with you anywhere and anytime.

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[Electronic] Madeaux – One Time

One Time

All puns aside, it will only take one time listening to this track to fall in love with it. If you’re not familiar yet with Madeaux’s sound, this song does a pretty solid job of showcasing his talents. His range is eclectic at the very least, with influences ranging from garage to house to bass music. Throw in some soulful R&B samples and you’ve got yourself a Madeaux track, in this case “One Time”. The bass-bumping Los Angeles-based producer decides to take on Alicia Keys for his latest sampling choice and it’s a solid smash. He’s got an EP out very soon so be on the lookout for that in the future and if you’re still not sold on him as a producer, check out his other works.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #98

chill dojo

The Dojo is second only to the Ice Bucket Challenge when it comes to spreading chill across the internet, but our only nomination for you is to sit back and enjoy the infectious vibes we’ve got in store for edition 98. It may not leave you shivering, but you might just need a new change of clothes after this sweltering remix of Bondax’s ‘All I See’. Sultry Frenchman Darius has come up with one of the hottest tracks of the week, driven by a deep groove that pulsates some seriously good feelings. Also contributing to this week’s funk factor is dojo-favorite JNL, who gives us a sneak preview for a future release that’s packed full of classic smoothness reminiscent of the great MJ himself. ‘Only Lover’ is ready-built for an intimate dance-floor experience, so make sure you’ve got all your moves down pat when this jam is getting spun.  We’re shifting into anthem territory with these next two features, and kicking things off are NY duo Sava & Razz, who reignite the love for the 90’s Oasis hit with a tropical house revival. You know all the words for sure, but now your communal sing-along can be accompanied by smooth sax and pool-party vibes, and that is something this playlist lives and breathes every week. The catchy summer fun continues courtesy of Canada’s Shèmce and a rendition of the ever-popular ‘Teenage Crime’ that just oozes happiness. What was once a staple festival track has now been flipped on its head with a fresh nu-disco outfit, and from our point of view it’s never looked or sounded so good.

Goldroom’s ‘Till Sunrise’ was always meant for the tropical treatment though, and Pacifico amplifies the dreamy chillwave style with a captivating sea-disco ambiance capable of picking you up from where you sit and transporting you to the beachfront paradise of your wildest imagination. This is the kind of music we need in our ears all year long. Another welcome addition to the recent stream of ‘Higher’ remixes is another favorite in jackLNDN, bringing a more downtempo feel layered with sun-kissed chords and vocal sampling in all the right places.

It may technically be the final week of summer for some, but the warm vibes show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #98 zip

’Bondax – All I See (Darius Remix)’
’Soft Touch – Only Lover (JNL’s Monogamix)’
’Oasis – Wonderwall (Sava&Razz Remix)’
’Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Shèmce Remix)’
’Goldroom – Till Sunrise (Pacifico Remix)’
’Tobtok – Higher feat Emil Hero (JackLNDN remix)’
’Rubblebucket – Sound of Erasing (The M Machine Remix)’
’Hollidayrain – Let’s Stay Here Forever’
’Bebe Rexha – I Cant Stop Drinking About You (Eric Gitau Remix)’
’John Mayer – Waiting On The World To Change (Scheinizzl Remix)’
’Sam Smith – How Will I Know (SJUR Remix)’
’Coucheron – Deep End ft. Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne (Matoma Remix)’
’Wet – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl (Thero Remix)’
’Ji Nilsson – Heartbreakfree (Keljet Remix)’
’Anna Lunoe – All Out (Hotel Garuda Remix)’
’Cazzette – Sleepless (Vaux & Rivera Remode)’
’The Knocks – Classic (RAC Mix)’
’Dabin – Embers Feat. Jill Harris’
’Kilter – Coward (feat. Ngaiire)’
’ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra)’
’Galimatias – Night Owl’
’Alex Wiley – Vibration (Honest Remix)’
’Magic Man – Out Of Mind (Tontario Remix)’
’Satin Jackets – Gelee Royale’
’Chevaliers Liqueur – Tropical Screen’
’Royal – Royal’s Theme’
’BEEMO – Makin’ Love 2 U Feat. Kyross’
’Jungle – Time (Lxury Remix)’
’froyo ma – sidereal (feat. off.white)’
’sam gellaitry – reflectionz’
’huxley anne – sex in the daytime’
’Luca Gache – Giants’
’MadBliss & silo – space girl’
’El. Train – U Say 2 Me’
’Dave Luxe – Move That Dope’
’Tycho – Spectre (Bibio Remix)’
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