[Summer Nostalgia] Follow Me – Sophomore Year Mix

Follow Me
Sophomore Year Mix

As we transition back to school and work, Follow Me, the kings of sensual deep house and nu disco, are back again with their “Sophomore Year Mix” to help make the transition a bit smoother. Follow Me‘s “Sophomore Mix” features a wide array of unreleased records and remixes from the duo alongside some of their favorite deep cuts from the past few months. Stream the mix below. Enjoy!

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[Electronic] AllNight – Mile High ft. Laura Brehm (Paris Burns Remix)

Mile High
AllNight- Mile High ft. Laura Brehm (Paris Burns Remix)

Back in the middle of July, Global Dance Music Festival took over the Red Rocks of Colorado for three whole days.
Today, Colorado natives Paris Burns released their remix of the GDM anthem “Mile High”.
If anyone has been to Red Rocks to experience an EDM show, this song will speak to all those volumes. Paris Burns turns up the heat on this song, adding their own heart pounding electronic beats to coordinate with the vocals of other Colorado native Laura Brehm.

Representing their state, the boys can proudly say this song is Mile High every night.

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[Majestic] Juan Cristobal + Blake SmiTh – Confessions

Juan Cristobal & BlakeSmiTh

Maybe it is because he resides in Paris, the city of love, but Juan Cristobal has discovered what it is to make downright sensual and smooth majestic music. His latest song,“Confessions”, with help from Blake SmiTh, takes vocal samples from Ginuwine, Tyrese and Miguel and mixes them through a song with silky electronic beats, nothing too fast with just the right amount of slow. Grab that special someone, turn this music on and watch the magic happen.

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[Wonka] Free n Losh – What We’ll See

artworks-000056884719-c6dsn7-original (1)
Free n Losh
What We'll See

Gene Wilder would be a proud man if he could hear this take on one of the most iconic songs from a classic film of the millennial generation. Yes, we all remember yearning to win a golden ticket. The funny thing is, Free n Losh have just served you up with one. Even funnier, this isn’t the first time the Toronto producer duo have only been on our radar for a few months, and they keep serving us up with golden tickets.

If you’re not familiar, here is their formula. Take a classic tune that is far out of the reach of most producers’ will to remix, remix it and remix it well. Their interpretations still maintain enough nostalgia and enough classic feel that you don’t really notice that you’re hearing something different. You’re transposed into a different part of your life, a time where that track held a significant place in your mind.

Some of you may think we’re touting Free n Losh a bit much, however, we politely disagree. Take “What We’ll See” for example. We might have deeper childhood associations of fantasy and grandeur associated with these gracefully sung lyrics, but take a gander at the gorgeously composed synths, the sexy saxophone, and the large cinematic, buzzing bass line. It’s deliciously current, yet still gives you the warm and tinglies that you recall from the first time you saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And on top of everything, it’s a free download. So pick it up, and reminisce on simpler times.

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[NEW] Brodinski – Gimme Back the Night (Feat. Theophilus London)

Gimme Back The Night
Gimme Back The Night ft Theophilus London

French producer Brodinski and Brooklyn emcee Theophilus London set out to take over the dance floor with their latest single “Gimme Back the Night.” Not to be confused with the groovy “Take Back the Night,” this new track drips with a seductive techno rhythm and dark undertones. Playing back some spoken-word sound bites and synth beats, this fusion of electro, rap, and dance is sure to become a night club anthem. This haunting, yet infectious track will be physically released Sept 16th and featured on Brodinski’s upcoming full length on Bromance Records.

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[TMN Resident Artist for September] It is as simple as TJR

TJR @ Wet Republic
Las Vegas, NV

As another month passes and summer slowly fades away it is time again to present a new Resident Artist for the month of September.

There are many things to say about our new artist, for starters, this is not his first rodeo musically speaking. He has been DJing since his college days discovering that he loved making beats more than his other love, which was golf at the time. He moved from his home on the East Coast only a few years back to pursue and push his music making but he did this with his own sound. He started making bootlegs and sampling anything he could get his hands on and the biggest thing he could do for his music, he stopped caring what other people thought about his music.

If you haven’t figure it out yet then I guess I had better spell the letters out for you: ladies and gentleman, the incredible artist we know simply as TJR.

A product of the 90’s, TJR continues to show his originality in his music, DJing and producing sounds that blur the lines of house, techno and electro. Just like other musicians out there, TJR made all these beats for his own pleasure and then those songs were picked up and played by other artists such as Chuckie and Fatboy Slim and from there, TJR’s fan base and admirers only grew. That little known (or renowned) TJR tune called “Funky Vodka”? We were honored to premiere it on TMN and the song inevitably made its way to the #1 spot on Beatport, with great reason. And his recently released “What up Suckaz” also climbed its way to the #1 spot, again, because it is a song that deserves to be up there.

Besides being an amazing producer, TJR is also known for his captivating live performances. He has said that he realizes many artists today just stand in front of a computer screen for their shows but he believes stage performance is just as important as the music itself.

TJR is a musician who has made it a point to make the music he loves and in return, he has captured the hearts and ears of many fans. This month we are excited to get weird with this artist and learn just a little bit more about the man behind TJR and his undeniable success.

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[NEW] Madeon – Ubelkeit


Prepare for the most aggressive track that you have heard from the French prodigy, Madeon. His normal approach to production went out the window for this this one, and he still nails it. Delivering a Acid/Electro infused sound design that that features flawless chord progression. This track was ripped from Dog Blood‘s Set at Coachella Weekend 2 (hence all the “Dog Blood” samples being dropped through out the track). No news on the release date yet, but as always, we will keep you posted. Cheers.


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