[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 119)


Do you know what time it is? It’s time to stop everything you are doing so you can get into party mode. In fact, i’m currently sitting in the library fighting the urge to just throw everything on the ground and start dancing. Despite the possibility of getting escorted off campus, you don’t need to have that daunting thought in your head because it’s Friday and we know that you could really care less about being productive. In the perfect world, we all would be shotgunning beers, floating in pools, and doing everything in our power to NOT do anything work related on a Friday.

So, go be a rebel and cause a scene today because we’ve got a playlist full of riot-worthy anthems that will literally blow your mind. Literally. Make sure to not spew your brains all over the place…that might be a bit yucky to clean up.

Until next week, ninjas. Stay classy, stay sassy, and most importantly, make sure to #danceirresponsibly.

Spenda C
Best Be Believing (TYR Remix)
House Of Pain
Jump Around (Jantsen & Dirt Monkey Re

808 Conglomerate × Jerrih Charlson
#FTN / Trap Sounds Exclusive

Ice Cube
Drop Girl ft. Redfoo & 2 Chainz (ƱZ Remix)
Nicki Minaj
Anaconda (Bassel Remix)
Snails x Antiserum
Wild (Buzz Trillington Bootleg)
Deorro & Dirty Audio
Hit It (BENTZ Festival Swang Bootleg)
Stranger (Thrizzo Hybrid Trap Remix)
Major Lazer
Jet Blue Jet (Phat Deuce & The Reef Remix)
Wait (Elephante Remix)
Maejor Ali, Kid Ink, & Trey Songz
Me And My Team (Maison Cartel Remix)
Ice Cube
Drop Girl ft. Redfoo & 2 Chainz (ƱZ Remix)
Victor Niglio
Elvis (Original Mix)
Be Ourselves (Instant Party! Remix)
Feel Good Inc ( TrapZillas Remix )
Throw Some
Zeds Dead X Hunter Siegel
LOUD (Dubsefs Remix)
King Shit (NSTY Remix)
Tiesto ft. Kay
Work Hard, Play Hard (Fratellos Deep House Bootleg)
Jack (Audiobot Bootleg)
Anna Lunoe
All Out (Hotel Garuda Remix)
Cashmere Cat
Mirror Maru (Melvv Bootleg)
The Cardigans
Lovefool (Goshfather & Jinco vs. Dr. Fresch Edition)
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[Pop-House] Blonde – I Loved You

I Loved You

There’s something awe inspiring about stumbling upon acts already armed with a polished and mature sound. So when Bristol duo Blonde dropped their first single on FFRR Records “Foolish” and followed up with the incredible “Higher Ground”, it was fairly safe to say that we’d be on top of their catalog like an major league designated hitter at a PED convention. Okay, that may have been a bit much; but Blonde’s latest offering, “I Loved You” is, much to our delight, another carefully crafted dose of upbeat fizzy house goodness. Fueled by a prominent and soulful vocal from Melisa Steele, “I Loved You” plays as equal parts 90’s house anthem and present day club groover. The duo’s slick utilization of a carefully keyed lead piano harkens back to the earliest days of Chicago house, but is executed with a tad more luster and all of the intellectual melody we’ve become accustomed to. We’ve received word as well that after their incredible 2013-2014, the Bristolian tag-team are back in the studio working on a debut LP, which has us salivating like on of Pavlov’s Terriers. Stream “I Loved You” above and start your weekend correct with three minutes of bubbly house.

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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 8/28 – 8/30


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Head to the front door and enter the club before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier (Valid for 21+ only)

That’s it! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Head to Beta and see for yourself.

Maor Levi + Oliver Smith - Aug 28
The Escapist (Maor Levis Starlight Mix)

Mt. Eden - August 29
Mt Eden & Reign Ft. Diaz Grimm
Hash Tag It (OUT NOW)

Amine Edge and Dance - August
Amine Edge & DANCE Feat. O.D. Flash, Roach Gigz & Kreayshawn
Pussy Magnet (Original Mix)
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Keys N Krates on their new EP, their influences, and Ligers [TMN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Keys N Krates
Are We Faded

TMN: Hey Guys! Thank you for taking some time to sit down with us today. First off, let’s talk about the EP, which is due out September 23rd. What can people come to expect from Every Nite?

Matisse: Weird rap beats that are emotional but still warrant a dance party. Pitched up vocals, morphed samples, synths, bangin rap drums.

TMN: Following up on that, is this EP more of a concept piece, or a collection of songs? Do you envision people listening from song one to the finish, or shuffling it up a bit?

Flo: Yes definitely! We set out to make a sort of mini-album that has some interludes and is a good listen all the way through as opposed to just some cool tracks thrown together. The whole thing is meant to capture the vibe of the night. With regards to how ppl listen to it, we know that’s sort of out of our control, but we hope ppl take it in as the entire ep.

TMN: You just released the first single, “Are We Faded,” which is an absolutely monstrous tune, which focuses highly on a beautiful combination of melodic synths, future bass, and expert vocal sampling. Where did the inspiration come from on this particular song?

Tune: We wanted to make something bangin and beautiful sounding at the same time. We also wanted it to sound optimistic and summer-ish, as the rest of the ep is quite a bit darker. We definitely took some influence from guys like Nadus, Cashmere Cat, Lido, Waveracer and Minnesota on this one cause those guys are all so great with pad synths and emotional chords.

TMN: You guys flexed your musical muscle with a diverse blend of styles in this EP. How did that come to be? Did you intentionally set out to cover different styles music, or did it just flow naturally in the production?
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[Chill House] LANY – ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix)

There’s no doubting that the heartfelt original from LANY delivered some unreal emotions and powerful lyrics for the lovesick individual. But for those craving a little more groove to go along with their feels, Ferdinand Weber has bumped things up in that signature chill style we love so much. He may be without his partner in crime Fabich this time, but even without all its parts, there’s no stopping this German machine from producing quality summer vibes for your listening pleasure. The bright leads and bouncing piano melodies would fool you into believing the vocals were always built for a track like this, and that’s the kind of polish that makes for the perfect official remix.

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TMN Unveils the Mystery Behind Zola Blood [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Zola Blood

A few weeks back, we knocked on Zola Blood’s virtual door, in hopes of shedding some light on this previously mysterious group. With little information out there, many were inquiring about who was behind this chart-topping hit, “Grace,” which climbed its way up the Hype Machine charts. With droves of music enthusiasts enamored and eager to learn more, we’re overwhelmingly excited to be the ones who get to deliver.

TMN: Hey man/guys/ladies and gentleman. Sorry for the generic intro there, but we’re not really quite sure who we’re talking to! Usually we have some research to base our interviews off of, so forgive us if these questions are a little basic!

ZB: Haha, no worries that’s how we like them.

There’s four of us. Matt (vocals/guitar), Ed (Synth), Sam (drums) and Rob (guitar).

TMN: Let’s kick things off by talking to us about how you got into what the world has come to know as Zola Blood. How did you guys come to be?

Zola Blood was born in October last year, after a few months sharing dodgy iPhone recordings between the four of us. We found a little box studio out in Hackney Wick and have been writing, recording and procrastinating out there ever since.

TMN: Where did the name stem from? Any hidden references we should know about?

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[Synth-Pop] Lincoln Jesser – Untold

Lincoln Jesser

L.A.’s Lincoln Jesser has been a regular amongst the pages of TMN for the last year, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to expand your palate and consume his downtempo brand of repurposed, Vince Clarke & Martin Gore leaning synth-pop; well it’s not too late to start now. Jesser’s latest tune “Untold” was the choice prescription to kick off our Hump Day. There’s just something about a chunky bass line and expansive, gliding kick drum dispersed amongst brooding pop instrumentation (tastefully executed of course) which hooks this writer without fail. While some feel the synth/indie-pop reservoir may be drying up a bit over the course of the past few years; it’s spacy, sophisticated compositions like this which immediately rejuvenate our love for those 80’s pop revivalists. But; referring to Lincoln Jesser’s music as 80’s revivalist would be doing him a disservice to the sonically textured soundscapes he’s able to manufacture while keeping it pop in structure. On “Untold” it’s difficult to not be reminded of an early Com Truise configuration while vocally it’s as if Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo and Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford were mutated into one lush inflection. “Untold” comes as the first single leaked form Jesser’s next LP, Modern Color  (preorder on iTunes here), which is due out on September 23. So until then, stream “Untold” above and we’ll be bringing you more singles before its official release.

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