[Show Review] Pretty Lights – Red Rocks, Colorado 8/16, 8/17


There are some combinations that just make sense in this world. Peanut butter has jelly, macaroni has cheese, chalk has a chalkboard and socks have shoes. Now, what if you scale those combinations up a notch, and you add bananas to your sandwich and bacon to your mac and a sidewalk to your chalk, what happens then? Everything just gets that much better.

Red Rocks was recently named the best outdoor venue in the US by Rolling Stone Magazine. So let’s start there. After nearly three years, Derek Vincent Smith, the man we love as Pretty Lights, released an incredible new album “A Colored Map of the Sun” earlier this summer shooting Smith into another category of music genius. Smith took a year to go back the roots of music and work with real musicians and singers to create his funky, hip-hop sound he is renowned for and the risk paid off. Alright, so now we have Red Rocks and Pretty Lights.

Let’s add a live band, something Smith has never done before, and an insane laser and light show.There, there it is, the combination that just makes perfect sense.

This past weekend, Colorado’s EDM man himself came back for back-to-back shows on Friday and Saturday, to start the beginning of something truly special. Smith talked about wanting his fans to have a new kind of experience, a unique experience that will continue to grow into something magical for every person at every PL show. And in true PL fashion, he brought along some other talented musicians to shower the crowd with musical love. On Friday Talib Kweli and Blue Sky Black Death worked their magic while Saturday was full of PL label love, Michal Menert and Supervision showed why they are part of the PL family with their funk melodies and body dancing electronic beats.

Each night consisted of Smith playing with a live band that included a drummer, pianists, a trumpet player and a trombone player. Together, they played many of Smith’s new songs from his album, showing just how much more a live set can bring to a show. During the middle the band would take a break and Smith would play many of his beloved tracks such as “Sunday School” and “Hot Like Sauce”. Then the band would take over the stage again and carry the crowd until the end, never stopping to let any song linger, the feeling in the crowd was pure musical pleasure. This is something new for Smith, and there were people who were disappointed or unsure of his new concert approach but the truth is, Smith is being true to what he believes is great music and will continue on his journey to keep producing inspiring songs and shows for his loyal and new PL fans.

And that, well, there’s no better combination than taking one’s passion and combining it with a new journey.

Pretty Lights
A Color Map of the Sun: Deluxe Version
Love Me (SuperVision Rmx)
Michal Menert
Real Hiphop
Talib Kweli
5am In Brooklyn
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Celebration – Tomorrow’s Here Today [TMN PREMIERE]

Tomorrow's Here Today

Soft fairy like synths lightly welcome in Katrina Ford’s sultry vocals in Celebration’s latest track, “Tomorrow’s Here Today”. This catchy gem, which calls on references like Florence and the Machine, has a delicious pop arrangement that beckons on you to snap your fingers and bob your head.

Celebration is made up with a number of folks, Katrina Ford obviously, but multi-instrumentalist Sean Antanaitis, drummer David Bergander, with a number of additional rotating members as well. Each play a significant part of their infectious sound: Walker Teret plays bass, sometimes guitar, percussion and backing vocals, Tony Drummond, plays keys, percussion and backing vocals, Tommy Rouse plays guitar and percussion, Ed Harris plays guitar, bass and keys. And we write about it. Ha!

This tune has a classic sound that crosses genres, playing with electronica and traditional arrangements, and the end result is something with a depth of sound that’s truly remarkable. And as good as it is through a set of headphones, we’re going to make sure to hear it live at their next show.

August 29th – Bowery Electric w/ Light Asylum. Buy tickets here.

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[Groovy] RAC – Let Go Ft. Kele (of Bloc Party) & MNDR

Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)

Being a long time fan of Bloc Party, we’re always drawn to anything Kele puts his hands on. When you add in RAC to the mix, it’s pretty much a guarantee that we’re going to fall in love.

RAC is dropping “Let Go” tomorrow for new music Tuesday, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer up a preview. This tune has that classic RAC chilled out groovy vibe which flirts nicely with Kele and MNDR’s lyrics. The tune, written/produced by André Allen Anjos, is the perfect way to enjoy the last weekends of summer.

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[Banger] DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami (Original Mix)

Tsunami (Original Mix)[DOORN Records]

If you want one heck of a banger festival song, put this one on your radar.

DVBBS and Bourgeous teamed up to make the hard hitting, storm brewing song “Tsunami”. This hard hitting track has all the makings of a get up and dance mix that every festival needs so it is no wonder the beat was the #1 played song at Tomorrowland and Ultra Croatia while also being featured in Billboard/Rolling Stone Magazine. The song starts off with just a simple beat pattern, like any storm would, very calm before the crashing melodies of thunder drums and intense flashing of electric lightening. And finally, the water comes in the form of strong pounding beats and loud rushing waves of everything new school hard house.

One this is for certain, this is one tsunami I would not mind being in the middle of, dance on you crazy storm you.

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[FRESH] Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons (Prod by Madeon)

Two Door Cinema Club
Changing Of The Seasons (Hottest Record radio rip)

Any release from Two Door Cinema Club is sure to be a hit, and adding Madeon to the mix is sure to make things even more glorious. This was premiered on Zane Lowe‘s show on BBC Radio 1, and he declared it the “Hottest record in the world right now”. The production is nearly flawless, Madeon some how stays true to the TDCC sound while still throwing in subtle electro influences. “Changing Of The Seasons” will be off of TDCC’s upcoming EP, no release date yet. Cheers.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #49

chill dojo

Chill music is like that friend in your life that can make light of any situation. The best tracks can bring a smile to your face when it’s needed most, or can make a good moment even better. So here’s to the people and music that make us happy.

If there was ever a melody that embodied these sentiments, it’d be from our track of the week courtesy of LA artist spazzkid. ‘Getting to Know You’ is infectiously joyous, the kind of music that looks to spread all the good vibes you can possibly fit into 5 minutes. The kind of tune that could even tame an enraged bear (wouldn’t recommend testing that though). Continuing the positive feelings is the young talented Parisian, Stwo, with a silky smooth remix of some classic Nas.  The up-and-coming producer hasn’t been in the game for too long, but is already getting plenty of notice for his soulful skills. It’s a magical thing when well-crafted lyrics are matched with a track of equal quality, and this one certainly has it all happening. If you’d like another example of such a perfect pairing, bootleg specialist DJ AA has done it again with a super chilled mix combining the vocals of Ben Harper with Affelaye’s ‘Never Felt Real’. We bow down to you and your genius ear for stellar mashups. We’re certainly not short of fresh talent this week, our next feature highlighting an amazing Ellie Goulding edit from Australian duo, LatchlessFrom their self-description as “Full-time Ninjas”, we could already tell they would fit in well here, and the track certainly ticks all the right boxes. Just perfect. And we’ll end this week’s features with another perfect note, this remix from Henry KrinkleThe production on this future-sound is just too good, with a soundscape that is oh so sexy.

So definitely plenty to smile about in this week’s playlist. And we’ll do it all again next time. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #49 zip

Getting To Know You
Nas ft. Lauryn Hill
If I Ruled The World (Stwo & Fitzroy Remix)
Ben Harper & Affelaye
No Sunshine (AA Never Felt Real Bootleg)
Ellie Goulding
Tessellate (Latchless Edit)
Cyril Hahn
Perfect Form (Henry Krinkle Remix)
Joel Compass
Astronaut (Ghost Loft Remix)
Flowers Groove
Strange Feelings (Moose Fusca Remix)
Holy Models
Swimming (Tesla55 Remix)
St. Ides Heaven (Elliott Smith Cover)
Tensnake ft. Fiora
See Right Through (Yaaman Remix)
A$AP Rocky
Fashion Killa (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Heads Up
Sweater Beats & Arnold
Jello Drip
Catching Flies & Ifan Dafydd
Dont Know How (Free DL)
Tiger Tsunami
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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #64


Happy Friday, ninjas! Another week has gone by, and another weekend lies ahead. Once again we’ve sat down, scouring the internet, in an attempt to find you the tastiest selection of party tracks you can find. So press play, pour a shot, and get down to business.

Vinnie Maniscalco
Wildfire (Koyote Bootleg) Skrillex// Dog Blood// Birdy Nam Nam// A$AP ROCKY// KRUNK!
Work Drugs
West Coast Slide (Gazzo Remix)
X5IGHT & Offset Noize
S.W.O.D. (Original Mix)
Asura Clarity (Tom Swoon & Filtercrush Edit)
Eric Lam
Wall (Original Mix)
Eric Lam
White Noise (Original Mix)
Eric Lam
Scream (Original Mix)
Live My Life (Extended Vocal Mix)
If I Lose Myself (Lush & Simon Bootleg)
Mumford & Sons
Hopeless Wanderer (Xristo Remix)
Reload Unity (Leo Laurettis Mashup)
Shinedown Feat. Justin Martin
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