[Electronic] DPTRCLB- I Wonder

Really satisfied by my recent finding of DPTRCLB (The Departure Club) and their latest single ‘I Wonder’. From what I can unearth on the Internet, DPTRCLB began as a monthly clubnight and transformed into a musical project lead by Connor Nestor. This serves as a follow up to single ‘Horizon‘, which features some majorly impressive vocals from Auckland native Sam Allen. This laid-back tune is for the reggae/club fans and is best to be listened to with some quality headphones/monitors. I love how minimal this track can feel at times. It serves as a great reminder that less is more in many cases. Head over to the DPTRCLB soundcloud to find some great edits in addition to this relaxing joint.

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The Chill Dojo #115

New years often bring about declarations of resolutions that never come to pass, but one thing you can count on in 2015 is that the Chill Dojo will continue to share the music that will make you smile.

On that note, we’re kicking off this year’s editions with the ‘Bright Side’, a feelgood collaboration from French groups Mozambo and Basic Tape, featuring the catchy vocals from Julia Church. Whether it’s reflecting on a stellar 12 months just past, or gazing forward with a positive outlook, this jam has the perfect vibe to get you in the right space. More than that though, the funky jazz riff ensures this one has plenty of dance-ability to keep it on heavy rotation. In much the same way, ‘Movin On’ carries similar sentiments of positivity melded within an incredible groove courtesy of Twax. Released on the eclectic Bearded Man Recordings, it’s the perfect upbeat addition to your music addiction for 2015. Acoustic melodies and deep electronic vibes have always been a guilty pleasure for the Dojo, and French artist RÆVE has definitely reconfirmed that with ‘The Sweetest Sin’. The tropical tinge combines with the suggestive lyrics to make this a very heated affair, and one best enjoyed in the right company.

2014 highlighted a massive progression for TMN favorite Glastrophobie, so it’s fitting that this year began with a premiere of his latest remix of GEMOLOGY. He continues to impress with his unique arsenal of glorious melodies, all while retaining the elements that make the original so great. We were certainly blessed with a year full of amazing sounds, but right before things came to a close, Bondax unleashed this funky weapon to put the icing on the cake. The talents of this young duo needed no reaffirmation, but it’s definitely got us psyched for what’s in store for playlists ahead.

All in all, whatever 2015 brings, Dojo #115 will give you the sounds to take it all on with the right attitude. Peace out.

’Mozambo & Basic Tape Ft. Julia Church – Bright Side’
’Twax Feat. Solomina – Movin On’
’RÆVE – The Sweetest Sin (Original Mix)’
’GEMOLOGY – First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix)’
’Bondax – Dusk Funk Ft. Ayah Marar’
’Patrick Baker – More Love’
’Sprill – All My Love’
’Toby Gale – Hawaii Wifi Tiger Moves’
’Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (Canblaster ReMIX)’
’Banks – Stick (Myles.William Remix)’
’XXYYXX – About You (DIVERSA Edit)’
’Gladys Knight & The Pips – If I Were Your Woman (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)’
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[Chill] Oh Wonder – The Rain

Oh Wonder has always kept a mysterious profile, as there’s little known about the British indie duo. What we do know, however, is that their release of a new song on the first of every month is always something to look forward to. For their first release of 2015, we have “The Rain”, a chill piece featuring a lo-fi approach and the group’s distinctive vocals. The way the they harmonize in octaves is highly addicting and the pure acoustic vibe of the tune, in some ways, resembles the sound of Daughter. As the synth comes in, the feel-good melody sounds oh so mellow. Even with its minimal vibe. you’ll be impressed by the complexity towards the end of the buildup, further cementing their original sound.

I’ve given all my love to you.
These chilling words will hit you right in the feels. Even though Oh Wonder only have five releases, they’ve quickly become a TMN favorite and accumulated well over a million spins on their SoundCloud page. Their album, an accumulation of these monthly gems, will be coming out in September 2015. Let your emotions marinade for a second and enjoy this relaxing goodness.

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[Indie] Rude – Heatbreaker

Don’t you just love it when you come across an act that leaves your completely enamored? You know the ones. It’s those bands that you’re waiting with bated breath, meticulously checking their soundcloud, facebook, and twitter in painful anticipation. Well, get ready for another one, because Rude is ready to make another splash in the blogosphere with their second release, “Heartbreaker.”

We’ve been head-over-heels for this funky act since we stumbled onto the eccentric tune, “Disco.” That tune and all of its quirky stylings have been burned into our brains permanently with a musical branding iron, and we couldn’t be happier. To throw a cherry on top of this Rude swoon-fest, we’re beaming to bring you an early glance at this newest tune.

Taking a departure from the happy-go-lucky indie pop vibes from their debut, this intriguing British act has a more sobering message to share. Set to the backbeat of a near drum and bass soundscape, Rude carries brooding, whispery vocals over buzzing basslines and chattering percussion. It carries stern intensity, yet still maintains acheivable elements of everyday listenability.

“Heartbreaker”, not surprisingly, is available on iTunes on Valentines Day (14th February 2015).

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[Future] Louis Futon – Sir Rock (Kasbo Remix)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably experienced a relaxed, laid back work schedule for the past two weeks. Maybe there were a few hours of work here and there, but for the most part, emails, phone calls, and meetings came to screeching halt. While this may make a lot of you hustlers nervous (as it does this one) it’s been a nice break from the daily grind.

While there is definitely a shortage of tunes out there at the moment, there have been some top notch ones to come out over the past few weeks. One of which comes from aspiring Swedish up-and-comer Kasbo. Following up on “Kaliedoscope” and “Reaching,” this youngster has flipped the script on a tune from one our favorites, Mr. Louis Futon.

In this future bass rendition of “Sir Rock,” we’re left feeling inspired, ready to look Monday straight in the face and say, “I’m going to own you.” The uplifting synths and playful bass pattern helps mold the vibe of a perfect “start of the week” tune. So, turn out your lights, head to bed, and open this page back up in the morning. We’ll be waiting for you.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 130)

It’s finally a new year and you know what that means…”NEW YEAR, NEW ME”. Before we get into that cliche nonsense, let’s just ruin your resolution of cutting back on partying with some bitchin’ tunes to get your weekend going strong. As we celebrate the first weekend of 2015, we hope that you ninjas are ready to get down with your bad selves.

As always, #danceirresponsibly.

Unti next week, ninjas.

’Max Styler & Retrohandz – Something Fresh (Original Mix)’
’BVNDITS – Hostiles’
’JumoDaddy – Black Horse (NGHTMRE Remix)’
’Kayoh ✖ Space Captain – Dimepiece’
’Take U There (King Henry Remix)’
’Say No Diggity (ODESZA // Blackstreet)’
’F3TTO – Drop That A$$ (Free Download)’
’Luzcid X Zagor – Empathy’
’Vaccid – D0pe’
’Lemaitre – Wait (Rootkit Remix)’
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[Dance] GEMOLOGY – First & Last (Glastrophobie Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Back in September we had the blissful opportunity to debut the first ever release (and one of our favorite singles in 2014), “First & Last” from Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff’s stirring synth-pop project GEMOLOGY. The tune, with its schooled instrumentation and clinging assortment of eclectic electronic sounds was a sitting duck for remixers across all genres to try their hands at, and the first entry into GEMOLOGY’s remix catalog comes from another TMN mainstay; German born Glastrophobie, in the form of another welcome ‘TMN Premiere’. The clearly schooled dance-smith equips the tune with a delicate balance of the original’s alluring hook with another pattern of airy uplifting synths that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Kygo remix. Furthermore, Joanie Wolkoff’s vocals echo across as initmately as ever amongst Glastrophobie’s sonic sound kit; sounding as close as a shared conversation across a pillow. It’s lovely to see a tune’s original soul kept intact while also shifting cadence and mood simultaneously, which to us solidifies Glastrophobie’s grasp on a developing and unique sound. Stream Glastrophobie’s remix of “First & Last” above, and check out more sounds from the budding artist here.

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