[Mixtape] Danny Seth – Perception


If the name Danny Seth holds no meaning to you, now’s the time to get familiar. A British invasion on the hip-hop front has seemed imminent for a few years now, but there’s always seemed to be a cultural barrier preventing any UK artists from truly being able to break through. With up-and-comers like Seth and Little Simz knocking on the door–and Skepta finally reaching a new audience stateside thanks to a co-sign from Drake–2015 seems like the year they finally cross over. This brand new project by Danny Seth hopes to be the first step in altering your Perception of UK rap.

Perception is an album three years in the making from a young emcee who hopes to share his unique narrative of moving from London to L.A. in pursuit of musical success. It’s rare to see an artist dedicate such a long period of time into crafting their debut effort, but that kind of dedication and patience has certainly paid off. Danny does a stellar job of merging American and British styles throughout the 17 track effort. His rhymes are often witty and playful as he fearlessly tackles brash, aggressive and haunting instrumentals throughout much of the project while also showing a softer touch on toned-down records like “Danny Darling” and “On This Trip”. The refinement on Perception is clear from start to end, and the album establishes the UK native as a true force to be reckoned with. Take a listen for yourself below and it’ll be clear to you that Danny has all the tools necessary to be an extremely successful figure in the rap game.

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Danny Seth
Monumental (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
How I Dream (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
I Arise Because (Prod. Ducko Mcfli & Jgramm)
Danny Seth
T.I.O.T.E. Feat. Collard (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Never Forget Feat. Jimmy Johnson (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Our City Feat. Louis Mattrs (Prod. MD$ & Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
I I (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Stay Feat. Su Bviley & Jace Of Retrosushi (Prod. MD$ & Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
With Me (Prod. MD$ & Fwdslxsh)
Danny Seth
On This Trip Feat. Cassow & PJ (Prod. Zach Nahome & MD$)
Danny Seth
Past / Forever Feat. David Stewart (Prod. Zach Nahome Vs. MD$ Vs. Sevn Thomas)
’Danny Seth – > (Prod. MD$)’
Danny Seth
Danny Darling (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Be (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Safe (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Remember (Prod. Zach Nahome)
Danny Seth
Homecoming (Prod. Zach Nahome)
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[Video] Tory Lanez – B.L.O.W.

Tory Lanez

In case you hadn’t already caught on yet, this is your last chance to hop on the Tory Lanez bandwagon before he gets ready to “B.L.O.W.” As part of his Fargo Fridays series, Tory dropped some visuals for a brand new number that promises to be yet another hit for the tireless emcee. Produced by frequent running mate Play Picasso and Sergio R, the trap infused banger follows previously well received singles “Initiation” and “Say It“, the latter of which recently hit #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart.  The single is already available for purchase on iTunes, so make sure to grab yourself a copy to hold you over until Tory’s proper major label debut drops via Benny Blanco‘s Mad Love imprint on Interscope Records next year.

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TomorrowWorld TMN Playlist #1 – Bixel Boys [EXCLUSIVE]


With TomorrowWorld slowly creeping up on the collective dance community, we reached out to a few of our favorite performing artists to commission a playlist for our listeners, their fans, and all of the festival attendees who are counting down the days till September 25th.

To kick this series off, we roped in Bixel Boys to pull together a selection of tasty tunes. Everyone dance fan out there should have this LA-based DJ/Producer/fashion duo on their radar at this point. With a slew of top notch remixes, impressive originals, and the seemingly everywhere #FREELIFE brand, it’s hard to go more than a week without being reminded of this multi-faceted, extremely talented duo.

Before you press play on this artfully crafted “classics and throwbacks” playlist from the Bixel Boys, please do these two things:
1. Put their set time in your lineup schedule (Mythical Frames stage on Saturday, September 26th from 7:15PM-8:45PM).
2. Pick up tickets for the Gathering, which is a Thursday night party for those camping at TomorrowWorld. While it doesn’t feature the Bixel Boys, we’re pretty damn sure you’ll want to pre-game here before the full festival gets kicked into gear.

For those of you not heading out to TomorrowWorld, but still wanting to catch these two live, hit up their show with Ookay and Astronomar, tonight, at Webster Hall.

Kid Sister
Pro Nails (Dirty)
Cool Kids
Champions (Gone Fishing)
DJ Mehdi
Signatune (T. Bangalter Edit)
Boys Noize
Carte Blanche
Gare Du Nord
Switch ft Andrea Martin
I Still Love You
Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden
Crazy Love (Todd Edwards Underground Remix)
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[House] JAHKOY – Hold Your Hand

Hold Your Hand

Toronto’s JAHKOY brought another bipolar sound track to the table with the original “Hold Your Hand.” There’s so much going on in this song, it’s amazing. It’s like house, hip-hop, pop and indie-dance all had a baby together; this is what came of it. A beautiful, but upbeat production sets the stage for the vocal work that first comes as a more singer/songwriter style, then moves to a rap verse at the end. Fans of eclectic records just found what they were looking for. The great thing about “Hold Your Hand” is that it is balanced with its influences, not ranging too far out for picky genre-heads to not like it. Look out for JAHKOY to put out more great work in the future.

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[Hip-Hop] S’natra – Love To See You Smile

Love To See You Smile (prod. Ivan Jackson)

Hip-Hip & Rap is being dominated right now by variations of trap and party music. Feel good hip-hop has been less sought after, however with S’natra‘s single “Love To See You Smile” he’s shaking up the place. A soulful Summer hit is what he created with producer Ivan Jackson and vocalist Natalie Cressman. This is what I’d rather hear on the radio than Fetty Wap; although “Trap Queen” is pretty catchy, this is better. It’s just got too many good vibes emanating from it not to love unconditionally. Over the past few years, hip-hop has been a genre that I’ve been very picky about, and this is one of the best records I can recall by far. S’natra and company get two thumbs up, ten out of ten, five stars, and so on. “Love To See You Smile” is magic.

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14 Unforgettable Sets from Outside Lands 2015 [Festival Review]

CoverIt’s been nearly a week since we first stepped into Golden Gate Park for Outside Lands, but with the return to the daily grind it feels like even longer for most of us. This year’s festival, yet another record-breaking one by attendance, featured all the amenities that make OSL special–amazing food, craft beers, a star-studded comedy lineup, the beautiful backdrop of Hellman Hollow and of course a top-notch bill of musical performances. With its rapid expansion came some growing pains as well, though, and our main gripe was the inaccessibility of the Heineken House, which featured some great DJs, due to overcrowding. At the same time, the greater depth of the lineup made the previously overlooked Panhandle stage the place to be and when the crowd came together at shows, the energy was unbelievable.

In the stupor that follows music festivals, it can be easy to allow your precious experiences to fade in the rearview of your memory bank, but there will always be sets that you’ll never forget. We’ve recounted 14 sets that have been stuck in our minds all week and also tried something a bit new with this review by asking random fans to review our favorite sets. If you were in attendance this year, we hope this brings you back and, if not, it might just make you want to check out OSL next year.

All images by Ninja Dominic Powell. All writing, unless otherwise noted, by Ash.

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Dinner With Gerald: G-Eazy Talks Lollapalooza, Endless Nights In The Studio & The Golden State Warriors [TMN Exclusive Interview]

G-Eazy (1)

Oh Well

G-Eazy‘s ascension to hip-hop stardom has been anything but typical. In just four years the Bay Area native has gone from indie rap darling to selling out nationwide tours. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact moment where fantasy crossed over to reality for the rapper, though if you take the name of his debut album literally, you may be inclined to just assume These Things Happen. Except they don’t. Whether you enjoy his music or not, you have to respect the man’s hustle and the way he’s been able to expand his fanbase organically through a steady release of free music on his SoundCloud page. The hype is very real, so much so that G-Eazy was the only hip-hop artist to headline a stage at this year’s Lollapalooza, a testament to how far he’s already come.

I had a chance to catch up with Gerald prior to that performance as he prepared to take the stage Friday night at The Music Lounge 10 Years After-Party presented by Renaissance Hotels, BMF Media Group and Billboard. Having just landed in Chicago after playing a set at Osheaga Festival earlier that day, Gerald was about to dive in to dinner when we first shook hands. Like many rappers, Eazy’s persona is one that’s built on bravado, but in reality Gerald is an incredibly humble and pragmatic dude. At one point during our interview we were interrupted by a few friends and admirers who wanted to snap a couple pics, which G was more than happy to oblige as he posed with a huge grin while hilariously flaunting a stack of $2 bills (which he subsequently used to make it rain during his set about half an hour later). During this exchange an older gentleman pulled me aside and assured me that in all his years working in the industry, Gerald was one of the nicest individuals he’d ever met, also emphasizing that he was special and always made time for people. Perhaps it’s that charisma and magnetism that draws fans to him in the first place. It certainly translates to his live performance, as G-Eazy had one of the more entertaining sets all weekend. In my conversation with Gerald we touched on what it meant for him to be closing out the festivities on Saturday night, along with plans for his new album and some of his early Bay Area influences. Find out what he had to say below. 

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