[Indie Electronic] Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight (Togetherness Remix)

Tokyo Police Club
Hot Tonight (Togetherness Remix)

Is it hot tonight or what? Considering it’s about 100 degrees over here in hell (Southern California) and there are absolutely no signs of it getting any cooler anytime soon, we would have to say it’s pretty damn hot. Adding to the unbearable heat is a remix we stumbled across by NYC’s very own Togetherness. Made up of St. Lucia’s Nick Paul and Ross Clark, Togetherness appears to still be under the radar – but not for much longer because these two are taking the indie electronic sound to a much more sophisticated level. Taking on Tokyo Police Club’s, “Hot Tonight”, Togetherness adds the perfect amount of heat to keep the fire burning and our body’s movin’. After giving this remix a few good hundred plays or so, we might have to go grab some sunscreen because it’s literally and figuratively going to be hot tonight.

We’re pretty stoked to have come across Nick and Ross’ little indie electronic side project, so mark our words now because  Togetherness is well on their way to being the next TMN all-stars like some of our favorite artists, RAC and The Knocks. Keep your eyes peeled on them, ninjas, because we guarantee they’re going to take off before we can even press play.

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[Disco] Justin Faust – Spellbound (NTEIBINT Remix)

Justin Faust
Spellbound (NTEIBINT Remix)

Coming off of a successful release from last week, Justin Faust is back with the first “Spellbound” remix from fellow Disco producer, NTEIBINT. Taking us on a more mellow, yet moving journey, NTEIBINT casts a new spell on this enchanting number by spicing things up with some 80’s style synths, orchestral horns, and a classic Disco vibe that has us levitating like never before. With this being a little teaser remix to get us all pumped for Faust’s upcoming Album, Spellbound, he sure did give us something to get down to in the mean time. Spellbound is set to be released on September 19th on Discotexas, so make sure to pre-order your copy today. Whatcha waiting for ninjas?

Just say the magic words ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ and groove it on up!
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[Experimental] Son Lux – Easy (KLYN Remix)

Son Lux
Easy (KLYN Remix)

The ninjas are out on the prowl and we just keep searching deeper and deeper into the cloud only to find you the talent that deserves to be recognized. With only 1 song, 58 followers, and roughly 1,600 plays in five days, Vienna producer KYLN hasn’t quite lit that flame…until now. After perusing through endless amounts of sounds from all over, we stumbled upon his one and only remix of Son Lux’s “Easy”, and needless to say, he gave us exactly what we want to hear at this time of day. Combining such deep rhythms with melodic elements, KYLN creates an aesthetically atmospheric setting for all of us to zone out and get lost in the moment. It is evident that he has many sources of inspiration including Hip-Hop, Soul, Indie, and Electronic music; KYLN merges these different sounds together and turned “Easy” into a the type of song that makes you want to sit outside at 4 in the morning and ponder your surroundings. Enjoy the eerie ambiance with KYLN and stay tuned for what’s to come for this talented producer.

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[Future Trap] Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (IckyBob Bootleg)

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (IckyBob Bootleg)

Who needs a little Tame Impala to make us feel like we only go backwards? Sounds like you ninjas need a daily dose of some hipster heroin – you know, the kind that makes you pull out your high-waisted shorts, a rugged Pink Floyd crop top, and a floral headband to make you that much more basic. Before you go and start your countdown to Coachella, we must prepare you for easily one of the illest bootlegs we’ve heard of Tame Impala’s winning song, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. Located somewhere in the US is the internet’s next winning sensation, IckyBob. The young producer took this oh so charming original song and sent it through a massive vortex full of heavy-ass 808’s, a flawless build, and a breakdown that will shoot you to the moon and back. We’re not saying that this wins, but it wins. That fact that this only has 254 plays in a month blows us away…guess IckyBob is about to have a great day because all of you are about to experience this kids magic.

On. Repeat. Forever.

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[Chill] Only Girl – Feel It (Thero Remix)

Only Girl
Feel It (Thero Remix)

Thero has been on a tear recently with his own unique brand of tropical house remixes. On the surface, you may not think much of it due to everyone and their mother wearing a Hawaiian shirt and calling themselves a producer these days, but Thero truly has the production chops to make a career in this business, even in other genres. On his latest spin, he takes on relatively unknown indie starlet Only Girl, transforming the soulful original in an energetic tribute to the final days of summer. Obviously, I can’t personally insure his staying power alone, so be sure to check more of Thero out; you won’t be disappointed!

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[Electronic] Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat – Be My Baby (EASY GIRL REMIX)

Ariana Grande ft. Cashmere Cat
Be My Baby (EASY GIRL REMIX) Waxhole Exclusive

This song is about to be all over the blogosphere (and rightfully so), but I feel like I needed to be the Ninja to post this, as I’ve been following Easy Girl for years. The Angeleno producer has been in the remix game for quite some time, taking on industry favorites like Grimes, R Kelly, and TMN favorite Ellie Goulding. He has showcased his own brand of futuristic remixes in the past with a signature style of revamped percussion lines and vocal chops, but it seems to us like he’s onto something new. By taking on not only Ariana Grandbae, but her Cashmere Cat-produced single off her new album, Easy Girl is clearly trying to make a serious name for himself by taking on some great new challenges. Like most of his remixes, there’s certainly no shortage of reproduced synth lines to be found here, but it is a certified Easy Girl classic and something we’ll remember him by as he continues his meteoric rise to stardom.

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[Electronic] Flume & Chet Faker – Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)

Flume & Chet Faker
Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)

There’s no denying that the Flume & Chet Faker collaboration from last year was one of 2013’s hottest tracks. It blended the two artists together; raw,soulful lyricism from Chet and sensational production chops from Flume. In a year when the Australian electronic music scene was bursting at the seams, we got our crowning achievement. Fast forward nine months and across the Pacific, and we now have this. Sweater Beats, well-known around the world for his work with the Symbols and HW&W crews, takes on “Drop the Game” and drops it on its head, changing it nearly instantly into an absolute heater. If you thought Flume’s work on the Lorde remix was next level, just wait until you hear this. I’m guaranteeing that this won’t be the last time you hear this song, or Sweater Beats.

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