[Remix] Flume – Sleepless ft. Jezzabell Doran (Manila Killa Remix)

Sleepless (Manila Killa Remix)
Flume Feat. Jezzabell Doran

21 year old electronic Wunderkind, Flume, has seen his proverbial stock soar to unimaginable heights since an assemblage of his singles went viral in late 2011, the ultra success of his debut album hitting number-one in his native Australia (recently ousting One Direction as a matter of fact) and specifically, the gargantuan success of “Sleepless” featuring vocals from Jezzabel Doran. Since charting one of our favorite purely electronic albums of 2012 with a self-titled LP, “Sleepless” has proven to be a track with which an absurd amount of producers have gotten their hands on the stems and remixed to a near coma. Normally a remix of “Sleepless” wouldn’t grab hold of our Ninja attention span, but today’s offering from D.C. by way of the Phillipines producer Manila Killa, was a production begging not to be overlooked. Quite the eclectic remixer, Manila Killa has touched up a number of contrasting bands and producers. From Coldplay to Chromeo to The xx and now Flume, this young beat savant has shown quite an affinity for the remix game, breathing new life into every one of his impeccable selections. Manila Killa comes at “Sleepless” from a picturesque, “Nu-Gaze” angle and has delivered one of the most pure and catchiest remixes of the Aussie’s classic tune. Download the track, for the price of a ‘Facebook Like’ here, and be on the lookout for more hot sauce from Manila Killa in the not-so-distant future.

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Crystal Fighters – You & I (Gigamesh Remix)

Crystal Fighters
You & I (Gigamesh remix)

 Few DJ’s and producers are fixed with that coveted “dance-floor tastemaker” tag more so than Minneapolis native Gigamesh, and with such an eclectic range of original compositions and impeccable choices in remixing, it is pretty clear as to why. Recently, the electronic trendsetter wrapped up an impressive worldwide tour with stops in Asia, australia and the U.K., and it didn’t take long to flex his production muscles once more.  His latest track, a remix of Spanish folktronica trio Crystal Fighters‘ “You & I” is carried into a Nu-Disco frenzy by a very Night Rider-esque synthesizer, exaggerated percussion and a four-to-the-floor heartbeat. The bait to our ears on this one comes at about the 3:00 minute mark, as Gigamesh boldy breaks the track down to a near screeching halt before launching back into more danceable instrumentation. A little deviation from the rules on a club track always puts a smile on the face of this Ninja. Crystal Fighters have been large proponents of the remix treatment, even going as far as to release a complete remix album to go along with their last LP Star of Love, and Gigamesh has done them justice again painting his patented sound onto theirs.

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Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom (Major Lazer Remix) [Trap Anthem]

Dada Life
Boing Clash Boom (Major Lazer Remix)

Major Lazer really have outdone themselves with this massive remix of Dada Life‘s track “Boing Clash Boom”. Tweaking the vocals on the original then dropping into some booming 808′s and insane pops that Diplo is so well known for. The vocal splicing is just flawless and mixed with the quirky synths from MJ this one is sure to be on repeat. This was ripped from Dada Life’s May podcast, to listen click here. Cheers.

Dada Life
Boing Clash Boom (Major Lazer Remix)

via Sound Is Style

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[Funk/R&B] DE$iGNATED – Valentine ft. Kyiki (Kyogi Remix)

Valentine ft. Kyiki (Kyogi Remix) (forthcoming on Shifting Peaks)

The age of up and coming producers appears to keep getting younger and younger, which is not a bad thing by any means. Especially in the Electronic/Dubstep genre, many young musicians are tapping into their musical backgrounds to take on this type of composition. Today we’d like to introduce 15-year-old Kyogi, an up and coming producer from Totnes, UK. When he isn’t taking on the demands of school, Kyogi is busy developing music in his bedroom. His remix of Designated’s “Valentine” has a very whimsical R&B feel to it. Kyogi plays with Kyiki’s vocals to make a catchy tune that causes any listener to sway as the soft electronic sounds weave a layering dream throughout the whole piece. Young and dedicated, we can’t wait to see what this talented young artist has in-store for the future.

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[Trap] Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Cord (Hucci Remix)

Gabrielle Aplin
Panic Cord (Hucci Remix)

I love a good remix that has some unbelievable female vocals.
Hucci, the 17-year old producer from Brighton, UK, released a stunning remix of Gabrielle Aplin’s “Panic Cord”. The original is an Indie/Folk piece about a broken relationship and Hucci has kept the feeling of the song while putting his own personal touch on it, which includes a little drumstep, a little electronic and even a little trap. Hucci starts the song with some delicate xylophone before quietly bringing in Aplin’s beautiful voice. At 1:12 he inserts a soft drop followed by drums and electronic beats. My favorite part of the song starts around 2:40 when he puts Aplin’s voice on repeat with the lyrics “me” before turning it into a short trap section of the song. Hucci continues to show he is expanding his musical repertoire and is not afraid to continue showcasing his many talents.

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[NEW] Empire of the Sun – Alive (Zedd Remix) [Preview]

Alive (Zedd Remix)
Empire Of The Sun
Alive (Zedd Remix)

Australian duo Empire of the Sun astounded us with their comeback single, “Alive,” when it dropped last month. Now, they’ve commissioned TMN favorite, Zedd, for a brand new remix. It has all the typical ingredients of a guaranteed Zedd banger: a buzzing build up, a cascading bridge, and finally a boisterous, captivating drop. Although it’s just a preview, this might be the best two and a half minutes of music you hear all day. Make sure to look out for the full version when it drops on May 21st. Also, don’t forget to purchase Empire of the Sun’s sophomore effort, Ice on the Dune, when it hits our shores on June 18th.

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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #50


Let’s start off first by apologizing. Last week we had some technical difficulties, and unfortunately couldn’t provide you with a banging party playlist to carry you through your weekend’s festivities. We’re sorry. As you’ve seen in the past, we like to beef up a party playlist the week after we missed one. With that in mind, we have for you a larger than usual selection of rage inducing tracks. So lace up your drinking shoes (which should also be your dancing shoes), grab a pint of Fireball and get after it! And, no. Fireball is not an official sponsor of CFPP. We just happen to enjoy it.


FYOR & Night Crime
Rage (Original Mix)
Daft Punk
Get Lucky (Hot Mouth & The Frederik Edit)
Daft Punk
One More Time (Candylands OG Remix)
Goodies (BORGEOUS Remix)
Thrift Shop (Crizzly Remix)
Electricity (Candyland Remix)
Always Wonder
Skrillex vs. Bruno Mars vs. Mutrix
Awakening Monsters of Heaven (Kastra Bootleg)
Vicetone vs Nico Vega
Chuckie & Dzeko & Torres vs Nicky Romero vs Dannic
Human Down To Viper (Joshua Ray Mixup)
Phantom Pt. II (Kastra Remix)
Ummet Ozcan VS Jacob van Hage & Saint Liz ft. Dash Berlin
Voodoo is On The Run Now (Mashup)
The Hood Internet
All Gold Shuriken (Trinidad James x Madeon)
Bruno Mars
When I Was Your Man (Filtercrush Remix)
BOOM (Main Mix)
Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister
Cool Without You (Dave Silcox Remix)
Quintino & Alvaro
World In Our Hands (The Two Friends Remix)
K Theory x Chrome Wolves
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